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  • Togiola threatens to dissolve LBJ hospital board by Wednesday   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Amen!! your comments are right on the ball. SO sick of all the money that is thrown away there. Nothing but Selfish people trying to point fingers back and forth while our people suffer.

  • American Samoa All Stars fundraise for Brisbane trip   4 years 42 weeks ago

    I think this is just a waste of time and money. I don't think the trip to Australia would help these guys get a scholarship. Its just a waste of time and money. Just stick with the Samoa Bowl.

  • Word ‘impeachment’ used in Senate on Friday   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Yes the boat is sinking and the leadership abandoning ship. The governor refuses to go down with the ship, blaming the Fono for its problems. The Fono on the other hand, is blaming the governor. Well, look to your left and look to your right members of the Fono, you are ALL to blame for this fiasco Mickey Mouse ASG. Let the good times roll? For years, the People have been complaining and NOW you "react"?

    Does anyone know what "proactive" management means? I think it is time for the voters to vote all of you out and start fresh. Keep voting for crooks to run ASG, nothing will change. Get the kovana out of office NOW. The DOI needs to intervene and save this sinking ship. This kovana is as dumb as a bucket of rocks and has no clue. Karma is a bitch and she is returning all your misdeeds. Now the People are suffering for your sins.

  • Togiola threatens to dissolve LBJ hospital board by Wednesday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    It's time to make good on your threats. You have done NOTHING but bite and complain right back into the community and for what? The complaints go up the chain of command not down.

    I want you to disband the hospital board if you can with your mighty and empty words. You are no better than a spoiled child! Time to impeach you. So much bad has happened on your watch and with all the failures it's pathetic to say American Samoa has come a long way.

    You point fingers, play the blame game, deny things, spend unauthorized money, sneak out back doors, complain to the community (on the radio), made airwaves with Hawaiian Air and got nowhere, bad business choices, anti-American (no flag saluting zone), Veto Bills with a lame excuse, no proper long term solution for the Manu'a people (transportation), purchase useless boats, raised taxes and broke the economy.

    There's more, but then what the hey, you'll only complain even more

  • Director Tusi Tamasese goes to Sundance Film Fest   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Director Tusi, it was beautifully presented, showing a glimpse of what makes a Samoan woman, man or child because of the upbringing what is expected from each individual through whatever the problems of their lives may bring on a day to day basis, similarities to any other culture in the world.

    Based on Scripture, philisophical words, powerful words from one, the "Orator" as in the old days, my sister reminded me the competition of who has the best speech, during what ever the activity, a wedding or funeral, etc. this one would be given with whatever he wants money, fine mats, food, tradition, she would travel with our father, who was an Orator for his family in the 60's. Thank you Director Tusi for the movie that focuses on the good things, loving one another, and fulfilling your destiny because of Love! And not only the way we Samoans in past generations lived/but live presently, is so beautifully presented in the movie for present generations to admire! Sincerely, Litia

  • Togiola threatens to dissolve LBJ hospital board by Wednesday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Always remember the body count at the morgue. Togiola has just told everyone, in his eyes we are all DEAD. Recall is the only hope for the people.

  • Hawkeye: Workin Like a Dawg   4 years 43 weeks ago

    The fellas are in the helm at the meantime are knuckle heads. They don't have no remorsed, nor any compasionate for the people. They are total tyrants of course, and they need to be disciplined by the people in some fashion way I shall say., would probbably put some sense in their heads to do what is right.

    Amazes me about this whole ridiculous deal with LBJ. Where is the Department of Interior (DOI) stands in this mess? They are all silent about the chaos. I thought the Governor himself went and meet with the Secretary Salazar not to long ago in Honolulu, Hawaii....Was it really!, or was it a vacation for him and his wife? And not a meeting with Salazar? I wonder what were those meeting subjects.....Because I don't see anything changes, but more into chaos problems still.

    I think those guys at the (DOI) better come out those closets and do something, instead of collecting all the money coming to American Samoa, and no help given to relegate problems with (LBJ) and more.

    Hawkeye, get ready, lets go and rescue the island or it will sink along with its funds. These fellas will get a reward of ignominous death from the Lord., according to their service they render here dishonestly toward the people of American Samoa. They are not going to get away with it.

  • Groups demand new probe into Marine photo   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I don't think the group of Sniper Marines has nothing to do with Nazi, or any type of alludeness toward the article above. United States Marines posting in this article are prepared for a mission. Someone is putting more thoughts to what the Marines are doing on their mission., the Marines are doing is to defend the U.S.A. and its allied.

    There is nothing to be investigated of what the Marines are doing unnecessarily, or out of the ordinary by the snipers team. We had done the very same thing in Vietnam 40 and some years ago, and so what makes it different now? Get over it, and also stop over looking combat activity toward defensing our freedom from terrorist activity. It is the spirit of the United States Marine Corps is to kill, kill, kill. That is the Marines' main mission we were training for to do in the past and present always.

  • Togiola threatens to dissolve LBJ hospital board by Wednesday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I'd like to challenge the kovana to list the things that are "good" going on. Maybe "the newspaper" would cover these stories if they were brought to it's attention... Sorry Governor, the LBJ mess IS your administrations fault. OH I just thought of the good things going on, Flag Day is coming up, and the Lt. Kovana is busy laying out plans for giving out money that the government does not have! PEOPLE! Fa'amolemole THINK before you vote the next time!

  • Community Briefs   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Believe me when I say, "It's the people in your own church that have stolen those items". Who else would know of when to surgically strike and remove those items taken? Know of anyone who has a new PA system? or a family who never could afford A/C suddenly get one being used in their room? These people will live with hunger everyday of their lives because they will always want what they could never have. EVER! 'E ola lava ma le fia 'ai 'e pei o gi magu ma pua'a 'ai vao 'e fia ola i aso 'uma ma le fia fai mea. Your curse dudes.

  • Op-Ed: Occupy EOB LBJ Style— “Ua o se galu e fa’afua ‘ae le fati”   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I remember that disgraceful faipule from Manu'a who tried to make a joke about the very serious subject of LBJ's financial crisis. He thought he was funny with his joke. He also was trying to humiliate Board member Moananu and the palagi CEO just to get a laugh from his fellow faipules. Hope Manu'a doesn't re-elect that one. Ua ma'imau le nofoa o Manu'a i lenei faipule ai valea.

  • Hawaiian Airlines changes Monday flight to Sunday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    SO for once Hawaiian Air is actually doing us a favor by flying on a day we want? WOW! If it came with say like $150.00 off from the air fare, then I would kick myself in the ass, but wow. They switched days like it's REALLY gonna matter what days the flights come in on. In doing this, are they gonna upgrade their personality?

  • Fono News   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Title 42
    Domestic Relations
    Chapter 01 Marriage
    42.0101 Requisites of valid marriage.

    To enter into a valid marriage contract:

    (a) The parties must not be related to each other nearer than the fourth degree of consan­guinity.

    (b) The male shall be at least 18 years of age and the female at least 14 years of age.

    (c) If the female is less than 18 years of age, she must have the consent of one of her parents or her guardian.

    (d) Neither of the parties may have a lawful spouse living.

    (e) A marriage ceremony must be performed by a duly authorized person as provided in this chapter.

    If Statutory rape is considered for anyone under the age of 16, then the marriage is considered what? Does the married couple need the consent of the parents for the underage minor child to engage in sex acts as a married couple would? Where would one draw the legal line of the law here? A minor who is married having sex with her lawfully wedded spouse is still legal or illegal? If it's legal, then under what law? Rape is rape no matter how you try to define it through marriage.

    The 9 that defied the Over stayers Bill MUST be the ones guilty of the crime. If you can't change the wrong, then my guess is that your county will have to change you out then so SOMEONE with the testicular fortitude can actually make a difference in making things right for a change.

  • Word ‘impeachment’ used in Senate on Friday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    What did you say Sen. Fonoti? You want to sit around while we have this crisis? Get out of the Senate already if you don't know what you are there for! Rest of you senators, show you have guts "for once." You talk impeach? THEN DO IT! QUIT TALKING WITH NO ACTION! This crisis will snowball with people dying.

  • Samoa wins USA Sevens with last-minute try   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Wow, what a great tournament and effort by the Manu Samoa boys. You have made all of us proud once again in your achievement at Las Vegas. It was not easy, and through the past tournaments you were almost "there" but not quite to the ultimate goal. Well as Coach Betham has said, you deserve it. Hard work and resilience does pay off somewhere along the way. Thanks for another outstanding performance and digging deep for that extra push at the end.

    All Samoans across the globe are cheering you on, and through thick and thin, win or lose, you have carried our island name with pride wherever you go. God bless you with the remaining tournaments, and we'll look forward to the next effort at the Hong Kong Sevens. Tafe toto outou ala, 'ia pouliuli le tino 'ae 'ia matua'i ma'ai le va'ai. Fa'afetai, fa'afetai ma toe fa'afetai!

  • Hawkeye: Workin Like a Dawg   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I read the Samoa News to catch up on everything back home.... BUT mostly look forward to reading Hawkeye's articles more than anything and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate reading ALL i read in this particular section and that Hawkeye inspires me everyday as a critical thinker and wild imagine-er. Much love to you Hawkeye and Bless you and your family... :)

  • Governor vetoes $1.6 Million appropriation for LBJ   4 years 43 weeks ago

    (Setting aside all political issues and camps, lets think here a moment.

    In the event all the off island U.S.(7) Dr's annual wages is $100,000.00 and the newly hired palagi Nurses, Physician Assistant, Medical Records Manager and the LBJ lawyer (convicted of DUI) garnishing between $80,000.00 and $100,000.00 each,(hired just 2 months ago) then tack on the CFO and CEO wages....gawly gee....there goes the $800,000.00.

    My weenie thoughts is no wonder there is such a push for a quickie solution. It deals with only their pay. Its not about services to our people or bills to pay..its to insure their wages are not compromised. I personally think these guys should be embarrassed how they tip the scale with out any conscious thoughts for the people they are supposed to serve.

    E sili mamao le poko faa gaka(snake) o le palagi le'o le Samoa e maga'o e koso mai lalo oga ia lava kagaka oga o le ika, po'o le loko leaga, po'o le faafoliga i le l'e malamalama. (Na o se fa'amanatu)
    Manuia le vaiaso

  • Senate entertains idea of re-establishing the SSIC   4 years 43 weeks ago

    This is at least a good step in the right direction. It is hard to believe that the governor controls all the financial reports and the Fono does not have concrete figures. Cant the senate summon the chief financial officer to produce financial reports of ASG funds and expenditures to the Fono? And shouldnt all this information be publicly available to inform Am Samoan citizens? The people of Samoa need to be informed of the true financial decisions being made by its government and its financial standing through actual financial data and reports. Hopefully as the senate gets a hold of the this information they will also make it available to the public.

  • Word ‘impeachment’ used in Senate on Friday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Thats a terrible attitude to have from Senator Fonoti.It is clearly no rush for him because he probably makes enough money to pay for the price hikes.

    What about the poor in Samoa, or at least those who dont qualify for low income assistance but still dont make enough money to go to the doctors? Its not like LBJ is cutting edge in healthcare, sometimes if you wait too long, conditions worsen and that ER wont be able to save anyone.

    This is really reckless attitude to have for a senator that is supposed to represent and look out for the people of Samoa. Have you forgotten that that was the reason you secured your seat in the senate? The most desirable quality of a leader is how much he cares for the people he leads and represents. With power comes great responsibility. And that responsibility is to care for your people and make decisions that are in their best interest not yours.

    Thats whats been missing from all the leaders that have been voted into office the last few decades, once they made it to their cushioned postion, they forget the people that put them there. Govt officials forget they are there to serve the people of Samoa, not act like kings looking down their thrones and act like they shouldnt be inconvenienced by "our needs"...go ahead, take your time Senator. Come next election, you will have alot of it.

  • Ritaea Tofa Valasi Gaisoa   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I salute one of the finest ladies with the highest level of professionalism for her service to the people and government of American Samoa. She is a very intelligent lady with integrity and a heart of a lion. She has always served our people with complete confidence and the utmost respect for her cultural and traditional upbringing.

    Thanks 'Lasi, you have done well for so many years. Wish you a very deserving retirement to enjoy with your talented and one of Samoa's best athletes in his younger days, Pi'o Gaisoa. Best of luck and please enjoy your retirement, I have no doubt someone or some leader/s will call you back to serve in another capacity in ASG in the near future. Malo tautua, malo fa'aeaea, fa'amanuia le Atua i lau ritaea. Ua tu'u manumalo aupega o le taua, leaga o le fitafita tau ua atoatoa lana tautua mo lona atunuu ma ona tagata.

  • Governor vetoes $1.6 Million appropriation for LBJ   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I know for sure it is the law....and the House of Representatives as well as the Senates has have all the Power of Impeachment to impeach the Governor from his admininstration, as well as the Lt Governor for their conspicuous Dishonest service. And in order to do so; under [PREAMBLE].....ARTICLE 1 Section 2. Parenthesis [5] The House of Representatives shall chuse their speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment. Stop the fa'asamo culture, but to do what is right to serve the people and the government altogether.

    Put the fa'asamoa away while at work within the Government....Leave the fa'asamoa home until the government works time is over. Sovereign immunity shall not grant to no one, unless otherwise money provided to help such government are from their own immunity process. And not from the federal government as we speak. So therefore, No exempt to the rule of law. But to follow law guide-lines as far as prosecution is concerned. If there was no help from the federal government providing all the funds and grants money....Sovereign Immunity can be the case to exempt.....But as long as the federal is involved and providing nmoney to American Samoa government....They shall not exempt and free from prosecution.

    Respectively Submitted

    Tee Masaniai Jr.
    Vietnam War Veteran
    Purple Heart Recipient

  • Word ‘impeachment’ used in Senate on Friday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    What good will that do? Just don't vote a crook to take his place, OK? Vote for who you think will straighten things out. Mose

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I agree with you regarding respect for others no matter what nationality you are. It is sad when teenagers behave without respect to another individual because they are giving the impression that all Samoan teenagers are like them....but that is further from the truth. Those individuals are just a handful who have no sense of directions. Good luck to you and pray to God he will show you a way how to resolve your issue.

    P.S. I am not sure if you are married because I know someone you can hook up with who will resolve that issue with those bullied teenagers. She can put those teenagers in their place.....

  • Togiola threatens to dissolve LBJ hospital board by Wednesday   4 years 43 weeks ago

    **if the government would have paid the subsidy the past years, then the hospital wouldn't have gotten this far
    **if the hospital board didn't pay these people so much (CEO, CFO, etc), then maybe LBJ would have some money (but Taufete'e Faumuina I believe got the same pay as them? did people complain then?)
    **if the hospital played frugal on their part with traveling expenses of so and so and limit on a lot of unnecessary expenses, then some money could've been saved

    at the end of the day, who's to blame? i for sure don't want to see the day LBJ goes back to ASG. it'll take forever for medications to get in, people to get paid, etc. and the list goes on! ASG can't even run their own departments!

    thanks! that's just my two sene!

  • Man receives six months for burglarizing Tafuna High School office   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Which does more damage to society? A burglar or a user of an herb? Mose finds this justice pathetic. The burglar get's 6 months and the herbalist serves 5 years. A sure sign of a SICK society. Mose

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