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  • AG's office on the hunt for IP vehicle and equipment   4 years 40 weeks ago

    With all of the issues that have been on hold for years at the AG's Office, why would they waste good work time on conducting this search. Open your eyes and you will probably see the damn car on the road. The equipment was transferred to other ASG offices. It was not sold or taken home for personal use. Now forget about citing statutes and move forward and do some real work.

  • Senate passes resolution establishing new SSIC   4 years 40 weeks ago

    If this is to improve government you have my vote. If this is to play Catch em, forget it.

  • “BY THE LAW OF INSANE ‘FREE’ MEDICAL CARE”   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Mr. Lafaele is absolutely correct in looking at the "overall" problem that has been longstanding with LBJ. He has provided a very solid analysis of the whole dilemma. There is a a dark side to the equation also as many of the LBJ "upper management" received raises and the Bonanza hiring of management positions just prior to going public with the LBJ fiscal short comings.
    Funny thing is, many of the people who got notices for lay offs were the employees who had much seniority over the new hires. Lets ask for that information as well. I agree change needs to happen, but if management isn't going to do it fairly then lets get someone who has a real interest in serving the people of our Territory. Hiring of immediate family members is a Samoan thing. I didn't know palagis do the same. Shame on all of you who took a raise when you knew the coffers were drying out!

  • Senate passes resolution establishing new SSIC   4 years 40 weeks ago

    arent you the same group that decided to get rid of the previous SSIC because it was bringing too much heat to the executive branch and also members within your ranks?
    maybe if the previous SSIC was still around we wouldnt be in this bad of a predicament. what are you going to do when this current SSIC "discovers" the fono is part of the problem? checks and balances that are suppose to be in place with having 3 branches of govt doesnt work here in american samoa because you, the "leaders" of the territory have been working in concert to get as much as can you can at the expense of the people.
    a perfect example is that sham you call an office allowance. how many favors did you guys owe the governor at the time for him not to veto that b.s. of legislation. how many of you were sitting v.i.p. at the samoan flag day a few years ago in hawaii, but sat quietly as others in the fono were in an uproar at the $200,000 that was illegally spent. how many political and traditional "leaders" had a grand ole time during the pacific arts festival and dont seem to see the importance of having a financial report years later? finally, where were you when it was time to pay the hospital its share for the subsidies? too busy finding ways to profit from the fiber optic? by the way, hows that sham working out for us?

  • Eni introduces bill aiding U.S. Nationals   4 years 40 weeks ago

    based on what i've read from the article and the comments, the reason for the bill seems okay...but i worry about the FUTURE implications.

    our communal lands are what i worry about...the more U.S. American we become, the more likely we will become subject to being a U.S. Citizen, ie: federal taxes, subjugation of our lands to property taxes,increaed seizure of our lands for public domain, federal this, federal that...

    the esteemed Congressman is the reason why our American Samoa economy is poor and getting poorer. he is the one who made himself the self proclaimed champion of the 'worker'. it is because of Eni that the U.S minimum wage has come to our territory. well, he said to fight for higher wages and what did we get? Samoa Packing left and took thousands of jobs away, Star Kist has laid off thousands of workers and may still leave the territory...so while a FEW people got a raise, most of the rest lost their jobs, lol, that's what you get for voting for him and listening to him.

    hidden agenda? i think so. all politicians have hidden agendas. so, while i agree that U.S. Nationals in the territory should have an easier at it to become a U.S. Citizen without leaving home...we need to be careful what we wish for.

    the last time Eni got his way, we all became poorer. if we are wrong again and Eni gets his way again, our children & grandchildren may end up homeless just like the native Hawaiians.

    Lagolemu Banner S. Fanene

  • AG's office on the hunt for IP vehicle and equipment   4 years 40 weeks ago

    I don't think you know what you're talking about. But, it is instructive that you would accuse Mr. Masaniai of being the source of the unsubstantiated DOJ rumors when you have no source for that wild accusation.

  • AG's office on the hunt for IP vehicle and equipment   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Of course Moi Masaniai would give the vehicle to his sister in law, the Public Defender. The vehicle has to stay in the family or the "aiga". What I would like to know is how many other people were part of Moi Masaniai's conspiracy--were the special agents who work with Moi Masaniai involved in the illegal transfer? How many of Moi's buddies at the AG's office knew that Moi was transferring the equipment illegally? And Samoa News--have you been able to verify with the DOJ if Moi is really "assisting" the DOJ? Have you verified with the IP Appointing Division is Moi is really still the IP? Or are the people of American Samoa still supposed to believe the unattributed story that likely came from Moi himself.

  • Senate seeks to override another Togiola veto   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Or any Director at all..Stop nominating crooks, hoods, liars and thieves that are also not qualified to lead a department and its' people. History repeats itself and in American Samoa, it seems to repeat itself with every new administration.
    If you are going to nominate someone for a Director of ANY department, ensure that they have no past criminal money issues, Fraud, Waste and Abuse charges that are documented and on their permanent reocrd files. Anyone with a shady past will do whatever it takes to get into that position of power to do more damage behind the scenes. Nepotism, runs rampant when you get into such a position and abuse of POWER.
    The DOH should be run by a certified and qualified "PHYSICIAN" not a nurse either, who has the knowledge in all facets of medicine and healthcare both in the community and hospital worlwide. Not someone who only wants to take trips and take the per Deim then send someone else in their place to sit in meetings and answer questions they have no idea of how to...Next issue

  • Extra 2% wage tax set for mid March   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Guess what people of American Samoa? Basically what this says is, because the Government failed all these years to give the Hospital the funding required to run it, YOU WILL PAY for their incompetence. Get it now?

    Guess what else? Even though this measure is in place to fund the hospital...the hospital WON'T GET THE WHOLE MONEY!!! lol. Hey governor, why don't you explain THAT to our people. You're a PR mess!!!

  • Extra 2% wage tax set for mid March   4 years 40 weeks ago

    So this is what it's come to? The only way we can generate revenue is to rob our own people? What happened to any revenues being generated from those "other" ventures?


    He said, "No matter what the Fono does, it ends up on my desk and if I don't like it, it's not going to work".

    That statement just boils my blood!!! If YOU don't like it???!!!! Get a grip on your ego and your self-righteous, pompous, conceited, holier-than-thou, wanna be king complex. Just because you have the title "Governor" doesn't mean that you can also see into the future. How do you know it's not going to work??

    You need to pray to God and ask him for forgiveness before he punishes you and your family because of your sanctimonious attitude.

  • Togiola departs Territory for meetings in DC, SFO and SEA   4 years 40 weeks ago

    What a waste of government money!

  • DHR director: Calls ASDOE hiring process “multi-faceted and complex”   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Let's see. You mess it up, you clean sista girl.

  • Togiola departs Territory for meetings in DC, SFO and SEA   4 years 40 weeks ago

    10 months or eternity

  • DHR director: Calls ASDOE hiring process “multi-faceted and complex”   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Holding DHR responsible for the bottleneck in DOE's hiring process is just ridiculous. Why the Acting Director continues to hold on to personnel's strange HR manager (one of Claire's minions) is beyond me. Great job, Kalulu!

  • Extra 2% wage tax set for mid March   4 years 40 weeks ago

    It is no wonder this place of ours will never see the dawn of anything good for the long term. The Executive starts it, the Fono follows it, and then they end up taxing our people to death while they are barely making ends meet. While not looking within the Executive and Legislature and even Judiciary on ways to save money and help the hospital, the leaders of this territory just went the easy way, tax the hell out of our people.
    When is it ever going to end? When are we going to see leaders who can come up with something fair and just to implement so that we have a long term solution for the hospital?
    So, we just tax, tax and tax our people while the government in all branches eat the pie and go about their business as if there is nothing is wrong.
    I feel sorry for the next generation who will end up with all this mess to clean up. Maybe even our grandchildren will have to foot this non-sense.

  • Indy prosecutor called to work with DOJ on trafficking   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Is someone out there Jealous about what he made? Doom and gloom is within this person's mind according to his jealousy against Masaniai and his job. according-poster here.
    Thank you samoanews for publishing positive,and negative article....I don't understand some of the personal attack from some people toward one another.....Why not base all the comments toward the people who work for the government in general? Meaning the leaders, and forget about the workers, the workers are only doing what the $200,000 yearly salary + pick pocket told them to do. And this is true, according to these guys per diem, etc.,Is beyond measure plus their SUV and more can't even measure.


    You are correct to say that healthcare is a business, just not in American Samoa. Health insurance companies exist to make money. That is their only goal: profit.

    Here in American Samoa, with all of the obesity related illness and costs that those companies would have to shell out for the healthcare that is needed to treat it, one would be blind to think that any private company could turn a profit here.

    With everyone crying about $10 co-pays well before they went up to $50 (and now thankfully back down to $10), do you honestly think that people in this territory would be willing to pay hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per month for health insurance? Surely premiums for people with the amount of preventable disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks, dialysis, etc.) will be sky high.

    Us doctors that come here to work from the US with good qualifications, board certifications, etc., are here working for half price already - no matter what the governor may think about our salaries. (I can literally get a job back where I came from tomorrow and double my salary, but I choose to work here for other reasons than money.)

    What you are asking for - a commercially driven healthcare system - will cost heaps more than what is available on this island, and heaps more than what the people of this territory are willing to pay. What we have is certainly less than optimal and lacking in many respects. But you get what you pay for.

    If American Samoa wants better health care, it's going to cost money. Newer medicines and treatments, specialist care, and newer technology for diagnostic equipment is extremely expensive. I would love to be able to offer those things to my patients, but we simply cannot buy them without the funding.

    A private insurance company would likely pay for those things, but at the price of very high premiums to this population. I promise you that it will not escape the attention of any of those companies that the we have the 2nd highest rate of obesity in the world. And that would likely translate into the some of the highest insurance premiums in the world.

    So there's the opinion of someone with one of those fancy doctor degrees. Dr. Mike

  • Extra 2% wage tax set for mid March   4 years 40 weeks ago

    A completely known result of the socialist polices of democrats and liberals. However, they will eventually run out of "other people's money".

  • DHR director: Calls ASDOE hiring process “multi-faceted and complex”   4 years 41 weeks ago

    This girl is so into herself, self serving and short life span if she had real job. She is saying, everything so messed up. I am the one that knows how to fix. This is Togiola 101. Blame everybody else that I was in charge. Oohhh boy.

  • Indy prosecutor called to work with DOJ on trafficking   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Come on folks....use your brains. This guy, Fagogo Masaniai, made $70,000+ per year. After over two years of banking a salary like that while you and I paid for his car, his office, his off-island workations, his paid staff of yes-men at OTICIDE and AS Dept of Homeland Security and his supersized Carl's Jr. meals 4-6 times a day, Fiamoe Masaniai finally saved up enough kupe to pay for his gastric bypass surgery at a top notch bariatric clinic in Washington State. Cuz, you know middle aged men like him who weigh 400+ don't last too long.
    So take comfort you Masaniai sheeple. After a year or so of recovery and losing more than half his body weight, Moi will return with his lost magical external hard drive to hunt down the evil human trafficking Matais and the Chinese Triads who are shipping in container loads of chinese children to work in the bubble gum factories of American Samoa.
    Oh wait, there are no bubble gum factories in American Samoa. Just like there are no container loads of children, no triads and no organized crime syndicate trafficking people through here.
    On second thought Moi, stay in Washington and peddle your fagogo to your federal pals. At least when you're there, we won't be paying another million dollars for your tall tales and wild goose chases.

  • Gov. Togiola signs $3 million interest free loan to LBJ   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Well Governor that's LBJ. But don't forget the mess at DOE as well. How long more will Faoa be acting as well as Jacinta being a Designee. So sad that the most important department is being treated this way. Ia kala a Kigaiga..."fai a se'i ka le lua". Ae aua le galo le tala fo'i lea, "E fai aso Le Alii!"

  • Gov. Togiola signs $3 million interest free loan to LBJ   4 years 41 weeks ago

    i like chicken noodle soup ;D

  • “FA’AFETAI TOGIOLA, O OE O LE TOA”   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Muamua faafetai i le Atua ona o le Kovana ma lana kapineta ma nisi o le vaega o le falema'i i filifiliga ua i'u i ai e tusa ma tulaga o pili ma tagata faigaluega. Ma o le mea moni lava o se tasi lea vaega taua lava i totonu o le malo, o le falema'i. Tele ni tala faanoanoa ua ou faalogo i ai i mea e tutupu i le falema'i; toatele tagata e o mai i Amerika mo a latou talavai ona e le i ai ni vailaau po'o togafiti e mafai ai ona fofo o latou tino. Tele tupe a le falema'i o lo'o sau i fafo ona e leai ni foma'i e agava'a mo ma'i o tatou tagata.
    O le a le mea e le filifilia ai e le malo(contract) ni tama ma teine popoto o le tatou atunu'u e o mai i Amerika e aooga i galuega faafoma'i o lo'o misi pe manaomia i totonu o le falema'i? Ma o le mea moni lava e aoga le foma'i mo e mama'i. Faamaoni e totogi a tatou pili, o tupe ia e fesoasoani i le totogi ina o foma'i ma tagata faigaluega. Si au fautuaga foma'i ma au faigaluega o le falema'i fai la outou galuega ma le alofa. E le o tupe a'o le alofa i o tatou tagata.
    Faamanuia tele le Atua ia te outou mo le tausiga o tagata o si tatou atunu'u i mea o lo'o outou faaaogaina. Sina toe fesili atu lava e faaaoga Medicare i le tatou falegasegase?

  • “… BY THE LAW OF INSANE ECONOMICS”   4 years 41 weeks ago


    .. even with much sarcasm, i couldn't agree more to this. let's start implementing! =)

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