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  • Hawkeye: Clinging to the home-front   4 years 13 weeks ago

    This has been a problem since we first landed in Pago in 1965....

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    You know what? That was well put. I rest my case.
    Your point seem more viable within our territory. Its better to have a job to pay the bills than nothing at all. Unfortunately, Am. Samoa is included in the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. With millions of dollars from federal grants pouring into the territory, ASG has no choice but abide by these stipulations or face punitive action. A higher minimum wage will, unfortunately, increase unemployment. But maybe this will influence ASG to hire competitive, qulified personnel instead of "ghost employees". Hopefully, this will keep us true and honest. What say you?


  • CAC calls for citizenship for American Samoans   4 years 13 weeks ago

    I dont understand why the lawsuit of having Am Samoa citizens who are living in the US be given the same rights as US citizen have ANYTHING to do with an assault on our culture.
    The organization is not bringing assault to Am Samoa and our way of life, its just asking that citizens of Samoa living in the US be granted the same RIGHTS as US CITIZENS!!
    Not sure, what Eni's opposition is but more coverage is needed to get at the truth of this matter. Certain samoan cultures as it relates to ASG needs to be changed because it is NO LONGER SERVING THE AM SAMOA CITIZENS!! But in general, I dont understand WHY Eni is against this basic right for our people who are living in the US. A third party opposition isnt going to legislate ANY change to our way of life so what is the issue that we are afraid of here???


    A sellout? Personal Gain? Obviously you do not know the man personally. Ask yourself this, is UTU working in Samoa to improve the Government even after his loss? NO! He is LONG GONE. There are those that are still here, like AFOA, working on Island because they still believe in the GOOD of people and want to see the Improvement in the Government. He has a long track record of Service in the Goverment and in his own personal ventures. It sounds like you are a quitter. Do not be quick to discredit the efforts of those who want to do good.


    Thanks for the verses. You should've been a preacher. But you totally missed the point. Your comment is an apparent attempt at trying to some of us feel bad about stating the obvious. Please try again.

  • Private school teacher back to work after suspension for alleged inappropriate touching   4 years 14 weeks ago

    This investigation is nonsense. It is a waist of time in trying to investigate in this nonsense scene. I am a student at this school, and I know for a fact that this teacher is innocent. You have no proof that he did such a thing. If you want proof, start asking the students at the school and stop with the assuming.
    I have two older siblings that are in college and are now married, and they are former students of this great teacher, that is how long this man of God has been teaching at the school. This man has been at the school over 30 years, and this student had just started her years at this school. In my perspective, this issue that is getting bigger and bigger is pathetic.
    It does not add up, don't you agree.
    I will stand by this man, no matter what the risks are. Thats how great this teacher has been to his students.
    His favorite quote to us students,
    "Look up for inspiration, Look down in desperation, but DO NOT LOOK LEFT OR RIGHT FOR INFORMATION."
    thank you,
    A student at the school :)

  • Emergency Alert Sirens get maintenance check   4 years 14 weeks ago

    so happy and grateful that we're making good progress on the alert system, but I still think we still need so more public awareness programs out there.Thank you Gov and the Fono.Lets keep focusing on the more important issues at hand.
    Next important issue is the hospital.I know this is an election year and I know this will be Gov Togiola's last term and many new candidates are running this year for Gov and Lt Gov . So please Gov Togiola, make a positive impact in your era before you leave the political arena with a high note especially for the good and the future of our people.
    A lot have been said and a lot has happened both positive and negative since your watch with our Lt. Gov, ae na o Le Atua lava na te faamasinoina ma le amiotonu ona tagata. I'll leave that part to him.
    We still have a long way to go si'o atunuu peleina ae lava mai pea le onosa'i, tatalo pea ma tuu i le Alii.
    We have new names running for the race this year. Goodluck to all of you who are running this year,I just want to add something a clergyman once told me when onetime I had an uncle running for election and a cousin and a brother at the same time and I asked him who should I vote for.
    He replied "tatalo i Le Alii e faasino mai o ai lava e tusa ma lona finagalo e agavaa i lea tofi ,ae aua e te tatalo ina ia malo le tagata ua e mana'o ai.
    Eventually the person you picked (win) will probably be the one you'll hate later when all is said and done.
    Ia ia manuia lava le tapuaiga a si o tatou atunuu ma le faiga faiva i lenei tausaga. Ia tatou tutumau pea i le Alii ona o nei aso ua faigata ma ua tele le suiga ole lalolagi ua tatou vaavaai nei i ai. Tatou nofo uta pea ma tatalo ma sauniuni poo a ni faigata ole a oo mai isi taimi amuli.
    Ia male ava lava ma le faaaloalo,soifua ma ia manuia.


    I'm not voting for Afoa by no means but when you question his character by siding with Togiola in 2008 and don't questioned Utu for leaving us in 2009, and then announcing to run this election and then opts to leave once again..........what does that say about Utu's character? Yup, he left for personal gain as well!! Pass judgement equally!! And quit with the Utu bologna....he's long gone - by choice!!

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    it's simple.. it really is.. 'NO!' to increase min wage... but, 'YES!' to NEW ADMIN!!! =) election time is near; please, people of Am. Samoa, rid yourselves of voting for family members.. it gets us NOwhere.. it has gotten us to NOwhere.. lets make a change this time around; save us our complaints about gov officials in the future.. look at what NEEDS to be done instead of focusing on pharmaceutical patch ups..

  • Gugulu nisi tagata faigaluega i le lafoga 2% ua toe pasia   4 years 14 weeks ago

    E tatau lava ona i a se auala e toe totogi ai le $3 miliona. Ma e tatau lava fo'i ona i ai se taimi e faamuta ai lea faamoemoe. Fautuaga i o tatou tagata; ua tatou i ai i taimi e fai lelei ai a tatou faasoasoaga e ala i le tamaoaiga o tatou maua.

  • “BY THE LAW OF INSANE ‘FREE’ MEDICAL CARE”   4 years 14 weeks ago

    I really appreciate and enjoyed your analysis on this matter.

    Talifaitasi Satele

  • CAC calls for citizenship for American Samoans   4 years 14 weeks ago

    See Mr. House of the dearly departed? You started all of this and now a lawsuit is in the makings and you want the people of American Samoa to decide on whether they WANT to become U.S. Citizens?
    You put that idea into our heads and the majority of us do not want this status except for the foreigners that were born here. You brought this mess to our shores and now you want to look like the hero in all of this trying to defend us? If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess!!!!

  • BlueSky and Pulei’ite sued by former employee, fiancée   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Do U know Bluesky does not pay Overtime? but they still work over time? do U know private companies have a foreigners quota? how many local people you have Bluesky?

  • BlueSky and Pulei’ite sued by former employee, fiancée   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Bluesky responses to lawsuit are in court now, Could you publish it Samoanews?

  • Gugulu nisi tagata faigaluega i le lafoga 2% ua toe pasia   4 years 14 weeks ago

    oe, fai mai o le kovana o le toa ina ua sainia le pili mo le aitalafu $3 miliona. fa'amolemole onosai ma totogi le lafoga .
    Malo Togi ma le Fono le taufa'ase'e


    While all "others" are being blamed, praised, jestized, and so on, the other critical question is, where does the Lt. Governor stand on this critical issue. He is now a official candidate for the Governor's race, and where does he stand on all of these? Would he do the same as the Governor is doing now, or would he do something different to solve this crucial predicament?
    While the island is in crisis across the board, where does the Lt. Governor and his partner stand on these issues? That's the other important component of the hospital saga.
    Oh by the way, when are all these candidates working for ASG going to resign from their positions?

  • DHR ‘Road Ahead’ mission: streamlining govt hiring process   4 years 14 weeks ago

    While this seems like progress, it took DHR last year of the administration to get this Road Ahead Mission in place, great job! It will be up to the next administration to see if this is effective enough to adapt, otherwise there will be another version of Road Before Us Mission before that administration is finished.
    It is amazing what we do around here, and it just gets better.
    In the meantime vacancies have not been filled, schools are three months before graduations, and then it's all over rover.
    Who pays the most injustice in all of this, it is our STUDENTS. Our students who are short changed and continue to struggle in classrooms across the territory, ending up with another graduating class of seniors who will be taking the entrance exams at the local college and 80% of them will be in remedial English. That's the result of all these shennanigans our government agencies go through year in and year out.

  • DHR director: Calls ASDOE hiring process “multi-faceted and complex”   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Just be happy that the solution for the HR hiring process is now identified. It took three years but what the heck. So that is why it has taken years to hire new employees in government. It was multi-crap and complex.


    Thank You G.M. Malala for your comments above.

    Kokomo, Indiana

  • Most ASG witnesses AWOL at latest $8M loan hearing   4 years 14 weeks ago

    There is quietness all over without a word or a peep from the ASG workers who pay in to the Retirement Fund. Why is that? Are they okay with continued borrowing from their retirement fund? Do they know the status of their Retirement Fund? That's the biggest problem with us, we usually wait until a tragedy occurs before we make noise.
    Right now the Retirement Fund is like a charity shop for the Governor and the Fono, and it is easily tapped for any financial need to salvage the incompetencies happening across ASG. In short, if there is no uproar about this loan, go ahead Fono, pass it, and let the retirees and potentials worry about it later. If this was America or New Zealand, this type of request would have been thrown out already.

  • Gugulu nisi tagata faigaluega i le lafoga 2% ua toe pasia   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Ua matua'i mata'utia le faiga a ta'ita'i o le Malo o Amerika Samoa. O le pili lea ua sainia e le Kovana e fa'ati'eti'e ai le isi 2% lafoga i luga o tagata totogi lafoga, o le le ALOFA o lo'o fa'ati'eti'e i luga o leisi le ALOFA.
    A leaga le Malo ona fa'afafa lea i tagata totogi lafoga, 'ae a fa'apefea le Malo ma ona tiute fai lena e fa'atamala i a latou tiute. O ai 'ea o va'ai i le pagatia o le atunuu ma ona tagata? O le sese ifo lava o lea matagaluega, su'e se fofo e i'u ane lava o le fa'afafa o leisi lafoga i luga o tagata nuu o le atunuu.
    Talofa e ia Amerika Samoa ma ona tagata, na'o le felafoa'i solo e pei o ni 'ato saito (se'i tulou) e le ta'ita'iga o le Malo lea e iai nei.
    E le na'o le Kovana ma le Lutena Kovana e pa'u iai le mamafa o nei fa'aletonu, e leai. E fafa fo'i i luga o le Fono Faitulafono ma sui uma o Maota ia e lua. Na'o le fai atu lava o le Kovana i le mea e mana'o ai, oso ma le atoa fai, 'ae tia'i ai le lautelega o le atunuu e pagatia ai ma tu'ulafoa'i ai.
    Talofa e, o afea 'ea o le a ea ai le pologa o le atunuu i nei ituaiga ta'ita'iga le ALOFA. Talosia e fifi i luga o ta'ita'i o lenei vaitau nei tulaga le alofa ma le le amiotonu o lo'o faia pea.


    Give this guy a chance, I think they both can do it. Jesus can change anything, character whatever you name it..

  • Hawkeye: Clinging to the home-front   4 years 14 weeks ago

    its not what you know its who you know... a better question that might get you an answer is, "which campaign should I join to get a list of ASG jobs?".

    Ok, write when you find a job!

    Good luck in hooterville!

  • “BY THE LAW OF INSANE ‘FREE’ MEDICAL CARE”   4 years 14 weeks ago

    You took every word out of my mouth. Im 100% agree

  • Hawkeye: Clinging to the home-front   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Are you referring to a star-light-scope? I used it several times with my two combat tour in Vietnam.....Shot in the Dark......It sounds like a threat

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