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  • IP says all transfer of equipment was done legally   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Did you just call Moi's wife's family poor and say that they have "stinky furnitures"? Stay classy Mr. or Mrs. Masaniai.

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Caller: is this the coast guard?
    CG: yes, what can i do for you?
    Caller: Some boat is dumping salt water in the bay.
    CG: Dumping what?
    Caller: Salt water
    CG: WTF? So what do you want me to do?
    Caller: Are you a moron? its illegal.
    CG: Why is it illegal?
    Caller: Its Salt water. S-A-L-T W-A-T-E-R.
    CG: And why is that bad?
    Caller: Because it was reported by Samoa news.
    CG: ah, don't believe everything you read in the samoanews.
    CG: Call the EPA, they have nothing better to do.

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 40 weeks ago

    umm... if it doesn't kill the fishy and people, then its all cool. its just fish oil and salt. does the freezer at starkist posing any problems at that site, then what's the difference if it moves to Fagatogo? and what's the deal with traffic congestion anyways? its not like these longliners come and unload everyday. and what about the cruise ships? the canneries are right next door... duh!... right next to the Fono?... and your point?

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 40 weeks ago

    This is simply wrong. Just move the damn freezer somewhere else. Who gives a rat's ass about either one of them? Move that filthy smelly crap somewhere else!

  • Fono News   4 years 40 weeks ago

    pure "REDNECKS" from da dirty South knows more about the use & importants of Headlamps on Vehicles, then this so called "Governor" who is having a "BLONDE MOMMENT" got nothing better to do then to sign a bill to banned "HEADLAMPS"!!!!!
    C'on, r u Serious!!!!

  • Most ASG witnesses AWOL at latest $8M loan hearing   4 years 40 weeks ago

    First of all...the Senate was the one that introduced the 3 million loan from the Workmans Comp without paying it back. It was the House who ammended that bill to be paid back because although it would be a quick cash infusion for LBJ it was money that needed to be put back for the ASG workforce protection.

    The 8 million loan from the retirement fund was introduced by the Administration and never was entertained by the Fono to be a source of funding for the LBJ. The witnesses needed to show up to enlighten the Fono on what the status is of other loans that were done in the past and what impact a loan would be on the retirement fund! Unfortunately, because the witnesses didn't show up and the Fono has only two weeks before their break theres a chance the hospital will run into another cash flow dilema and nothing was done!

    So anonymous you need to either understand the facts, before stating your obvious cluelessness, or try to support those people who are trying to do something to fix this problem caused by overspending and nonpayment of subsidies by the administration that put us in this predicament to begin with!!
    I don't always agree with the outcomes of some hearings but I do know they aren't just passing bills without intense research of financial reports and testimony from government witnesses!
    They are the ones who bring insight to these issues so that the best decision can be made on behalf of the people! I know because I work there!!


  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 40 weeks ago

    This report sounds like something written by Chris Chase of yahoo news. After reading it, you ask yourself why you wasted 2 minutes of your time reading his reports, and why is it news.

    Water & Salt? isn't that the natural content of sea water? Call the Coast Guard or call the EPA.

    Before we do this, let's work on the trash that comes from the stream in Pago Pago and Fagatogo that is dumped into the Bay every day.

    Oh Well, its your INK, and INK must be cheap by the barrel these days.

  • ASDHS corrective action plan gets an A+ from grantors   4 years 40 weeks ago

    Perhaps other government offices should borrow a page or two of the corrective action measures taken by Mr. Sala to get things back on track for his department. Great job Mr. Sala, its refreshing to see and hear good things coming from ASG for a change.

  • Most ASG witnesses AWOL at latest $8M loan hearing   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Hey, what about the President of the Fono's nephew went AWOL for a long time while he was still in Army himself; And he was arrested sometime ago in American Samoa Airport by the FBI!.....Wow! I think the FBI still got the spotlight on that issue perhaps.....until the light of justice serves its purposes on such Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) is finalize. smile.....

    Someone is involved in such case as a senior NCO at that time then... I wonder what the records showed during that time though. And who authorized it, and someone might have had known where he is, and not reporting, but abetting his absent for some reason (aiga) matter. It is like wise to such case here with the (FONO)'s Absentism (AWOL) deal. Someone in that Fono should know something about such AWOL case several years ago vs U.S. Army fella.

    Keep searching, might come out some day after so many years of AWOL.

  • IP says all transfer of equipment was done legally   4 years 41 weeks ago

    All Moi side of family are wealthy, there fella. Are you talking about his wife side of family? I don't think I will need any of those stinky furnitures, and else things mentioning here. His family has all that is needed, because we all worked hard for our own stuff, thank you very much....We don't steal it from the Samoan Government, or elsewhere. This is my testimony to your illicit comment Supporter of the impossible future, and well known Deceptive government of all, carnal agenda, and deceitfully misconception.

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 41 weeks ago

    You are just as GUILTY as Carlos there Rhonda, now you may have the right intentions for this...but Carlos has a whole different plan in mind. But if you are going to put something like this on the paper, how about reporting the boat name? How about reporting the exact impact a 'brine' has on our waters? How about all the oil and fuel already in the water?
    But you make this about your stance on the so-called freezer, when the environmental issues already exist on our waters. Do you ever make time to go out to the Shipyard and take pictures of the painting that goes on out there? Don't you think that is a hazard? Carlos of course does NOT care, he just wants more money in his pocket at the expense of others. Report the REAL story Rhonda and not your agenda, it what newspapers are suppose to do. Don't take sides even if you claim blood and cultural root, report real news without your opinion. Now we all know Carlos was the one that sent you this picture, he is so quick to look at what Star Kist is doing wrong to prove his point when he really should go after his FRIEND...the Governor who signed the lease 'without' his blessing. Be fair and be honest...in your reporting.
    [Editor's Note: Sir or Madam, I stand by what I put on the front page of Samoa News, and why I did it, and am willing to sign my name to it. Rhonda Annesley, EIC Samoa News.]

  • IP says all transfer of equipment was done legally   4 years 41 weeks ago

    As if he hasn't already been paid enough to sit around and do nothing, now we get to pay for his airfare from the states and per diem so he can appear in High Court and say "I'd like to ask for a two week continuance so I can be back on island for a family fa'alavehrumph....I mean so I, I mean the People of American Samoa, can negotiate a plea deal with the defendant, your honor!"
    This bozo is so transparent. Will the ASG still pay him a full time salary? I don't know. But I'm sure Masaniai will return to American Samoa at the taxpayers expense to fight for "the People of American Samoa" (in other words himself) on that issue.
    Time will tell if he followed the law, but I don't need to know the law to tell you that transferring government property to your aiga for them to use is shady as hell.
    While I don't know the law, I do know googlefu which is why I can tell you that Masaniai's claim that he's going to be working for the DOJ is complete BS.
    The information about Masaniai available on the Washington State Bar Association website (last updated on 1/30/12) says that he is still at the Office of the Independent Prosecutor except it gives his fax number as (253)859-2213. Google that fax number and you see that it is the fax number for some small time criminal defense law firm in Kent, Washington called Stewart, Beall, Macnichols & Harmell. Not exactly the glamourous job fighting with the feds against the Chinese Mafia and Human Traffickers that was described by the anonymous source in the article earlier this week eh?

    Someone at Samoa News swallowed that DOJ nonsense hook line and sinker. But me, just some guy from Ta'u, I'm not fooled. Masaniai did not leave to continue his fight against corruption in American Samoa. He left to go defend scumbag rapists and thieves. After collecting over $210,000 from the ASG in salary in three years for doing nothing but lying and misleading the people of American Samoa and not prosecuting his cases, I would say he's an expert in thievery. He should be great at his new job. Like someone said in the last article. Good riddance to this guy.


    Posting behind these articles ain't going to solve anything. Why not stand up and make a difference instead of pointing finger on who is doing what and what is being done by who was/is illegal. The comment by one, "only in Samoa" that's so low. That's a very general statement and we here in Samoa whom works in the government system are fighting for a change better yet a solution, but lets not start to point finger on the whole people of this island.

    The one's that usually post are the ones living off-island. Let the people here handle it. If you complain too much why don't you make a difference and move to the island and do something. Instead of complaining behind the screens and you are not here to help with our people. So minus well save you complaints, your pointing fingers and let the people here in American Samoa run the government to the best they can for the people here in American Samoa.

    I suggest all you posting, stop complaining and pointing fingers without back ups or facts. We tend to always hear it by ear and not knowing if it's really true or not. I have learned to find out the facts about something and make sure it is a valid one too. People tend to twist things around. If you don't like it voice it out in the public. If you complain and want to make a difference post your name up. Why hide behind without a name.

    an irritated woman who dislikes people gossiping without back ups and people who loves pointing fingers without making a stand.

    Televise Aiava

  • Virgin Samoa touches down in Apia   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Can we have this airline/airplane fly over to American Samoa to take us to Hawaii? It's the only way we can get some decent treatment from Hawaiian Air.
    Oh, no, we have to get a clearance from the US on some type of relationship with "other" countries. Oh well, hope Stui and his government would work with Stogi and his group to make this work to benefit the poor people of American Samoa.
    In the meantime now the cost of airfare to and from Hawaii I hear is a whopping $1,400.00. Can you believe this?

  • CAC calls for citizenship for American Samoans   4 years 41 weeks ago

    The proposal to allow Nationals (American Samoans) to apply for US citizenship from their territory without having to relocate residence to a State of the Union, find a home there, live in the USA for the required time, before one is qualified to apply for citizenship, is financially cumbersome.
    The Simple reason, my mind processed, the benefit of the Congressmens proposal.
    This can be accomplished by congressional action without Court Orders, folks. The problem now, evident from the lawyers comments, are American Samoans who want to avoid paying naturalization fees. How shallow?
    What the Congressman proposed is completely different from a mandatory COURT ORDERED citizenship. Why blame Eni's congressional efforts on how peoples mind operate? Seek clarification or see a doctor, is what I'd do.
    The 'can of worms' some allude to as the result of the Congressmans effort is a figment of warped minds. Stop it!!!!
    The man in his capacity and as an astute lawyer knows what he's doing.
    Unless your single vote can determine the outcome of a US Presidential race, why encourage these 'wannabe' lawyers. The President of the United
    States is still out of your birth reach.
    Do the right thing and help say NO to this silly Court Order idea and support the Congressman if you value your Samoan Identity. Amen

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Great job Samoa News staff, are you now part of the infantry crew for Mr. Carlos Sanchez? Is this picture really worth putting at the front page of your paper? Who makes the determination (oh I forgot the owner of the paper)as to where these types of pictures belong?
    Wow, great job anyway. Now we ger it, you guys are the reconnaissance division for Mr. Sanchez's continued effort to relocate the cannery freezer to his side of the bay. Keep in mind Samoa News staff, there are alot of people also working in the background to support the efforts of StarKist Samoa.
    Keep your efforts fair and consistent, do not put your eggs in one basket, there is legit and valid reasons why the Governor decided to sign the lease for the cannery to built their freezer in Fagatogo.
    [Editor's Note: I made the decision to put the photo on the front page, as editor-in-chief of Samoa News.
    Samoa News has consistently spoken out against the location of the freezer facility on the main dock, because of environmental & health concerns; as a Fagatogo business concern; as well as the effect it will have on the cruise ship tourism industry. My family also claims blood & cultural roots in Fagatogo, and we have seen the changes from a picturesque and healthy bay area to an industrial sludge pool — all in the name of development.
    In this exercise of freedom of speech and the press — it just so happens Mr. Sanchez is on 'our side of the bay'. Rhonda Annesley]

  • IS THIS WHAT WE WANT FOR FAGATOGO & UTULEI?   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Hey kovana, where is the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDY? EPA, did the kovana ever request one? Where is the EPA on this? The FONO should fight this in court, stop this BULLSH!T project right in its tracks! Anyone out there with any balls, please do the right thing and fight this IDIOTIC project by the dictator togifiola!

  • LBJ projects $15-16 Million shortfall for fiscal year   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Now were these projections taking in consideration worst case scenarios like, say, THE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE? Just asking. Because it could put a damper in things.


    Jesus says it very well. knock and it shall be open, seek and you shall find, wait for days at the door of this governor and your answer cometh.
    Its like the rule of gravity folks, What goes up, comes down. Make a stand and believe in something. Believe that we WANT good leaders and carry the course to the end when necessary.
    lets see, grandpa grew coconuts in the last 4 decades so his grandsons can one day enjoy the fully grown tree in his generation. think about it. our village enjoys great nuts because of grandpa growing coconuts all over the dog gone village.
    I think thats so cool. Our leaders don't grow things for the next generation. They Kill things and that needs to be addressed First.
    Find the leader that Knows how to grow and has the team to grow something. Anything for God's sake, its not scientific folks. geeeez, all these quacks we have had for years, this guy and that guy and now this guy---- o God show us how to ballot box the right guy please for heaven's sake.

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Great short term idea. Long term, no. A huge domino effect starting at the canneries, then will eventually cost government jobs due to loss of jobs then tax revenues. I would think twice about enacting this.

    From the perspective of a business owner, if this goes through, I can afford to maintain my 3 or 4 of my entry level jobs for a little while. Eventually I will slowly lose one or two of my entry level workers because I can't budget (to include payroll tax increases) for it and I need them for the jobs that we do. For most of my entry-level guys, they are the breadwinner of their families. Absolutely good people. I can't imagine laying any of them off due to budgeting constraints. Please think twice.

    How many of you "private" business owners agree with this and are in the same boat?

  • Most ASG witnesses AWOL at latest $8M loan hearing   4 years 41 weeks ago

    this guy wants to borrow 8 million from a fund and has nobody to show up and tell us the who, what, where and how of his order. a government of no checks and no balance run like a dictator with a dress is whats happening here.

  • CAC calls for citizenship for American Samoans   4 years 41 weeks ago

    The CAC stay off my Constitution. WE have a 100 year old agreement in place. We are neither hebrew, american nor aussies. I am a samoan man from samoa. I travel far and lay on the land I land. But I will never be anything else but a man from samoa.

    Do you understand what an Identity is? to my death I profess, I am from parents of samoan heritage and will die as such.
    My land is rich in wealth of culture and joy of my people compounds me to send this force to the known earth. Paulo

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Hey dude, you're preaching to the choir AND you're point is moot. Chicken of the Sea left and Star Kist is about to follow suit. Let's talk about things we can control. Minimum wage is what we can control. Whether a company decides to make a more profitable move isn't a factor unless we make it more appealing by decreasing THEIR expenses by keeping the wages low.

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Some here have the case of the "institutional memory-loss". It was not too long ago when Chicken of the Sea left. Why do we want to get rid of the rest of our jobs? People are happy making some money versus none.

  • Are you in favor of putting a 'hold' on the next minimum wage hike, scheduled for Sept. 2012   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Yeah, makes theoretical sense. Did that help keep COS here though? Fact of the matter is...COS is gone because of the wage hike. We never considered that in the decisionmaking process. So where does all this theory put our people? That's right. In the toilet bowl...all 2,000 of us. ;)

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