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  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   3 years 38 weeks ago

    So what you're saying is that Savusa not involved in a church. Great, you must know. And he isn't involved with his family? hmmm...you must know. Run for Faipule? He's served thousands...what is being a Faipule going to accomplish? I think the man is capable of doing a great job as the leader of our own people. He's served and led many.

  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   3 years 38 weeks ago

    CSM (ret) Savusa. From one resident veteran to another, Time in Government does not necessarily equate to a good leader within the ASG. If this is true, then Togiola would've turned this ship around during his tenure. The Truth.

    What IS true is from the time you left American Samoa to serve the U.S. of A, there has been a deterioration of leaders. Mainly ones of which have had much Time in Government (TIG) to make a CHANGE. What has our village council, church organizations, or elders done as a collective unit to affect change in the government? Absolutely NADA.
    Right now at the darkest hour, the last thing we need is Scribes and Pharisee to validate your existence in the "church" world, or a corrupted politician to tell us we need TIG in order to serve.
    If we people of this island want to play CHURCH in the government, then get rid of BRIBES and elect virtuous people with integrity. If we want to affect change from the village council, then families need to RAISE good leaders from the family on up.
    I believe Savusa is the right guy at the right time. For all you other veterans that are siding with the other "Time in Government" veterans, stop drinking the family Kool Aid and recognize Savusa for what he truly is...A LEADER.

  • “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Well, today it's even worse if one takes a close look at all the debris coming down the streams during rainy days in all the bay area villages, containing but not limited to chlorox and chlorine containers, batteries, tide detergents and many others, pesticides, and countless other chemicals dumped in our bay today.
    So which is it?
    If the pollution of the bay is only blamed on the fishing boats one has to look a lot deeper than that to make such a feeble attempt to just get these environmental issues corrected.
    Start with taking care of all the streams during rainy days and finding a concrete solution. The fishing boats do not even come close to the immense amount of pollution and damage being done by our very own people in all the villages in the bay area. Yep, bay area folks!

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 38 weeks ago

    You can Stet or delete.

    Gee it is now eye candy, lower case said:

    The "old" format was, well for use so much better.

    Click on a day, go too.

    I understand, well maybe more income from "the eye candy'; but is this required for a regional paper?

    And letters to the editor as a direct option have vanished. This is probably one of a 4th estates more useful/important responsibilies.

    My two cents, if that is OK; ED

  • Umia Ofisa o Lafoga pepa lafoga sa faila fafo ua teena   3 years 38 weeks ago

    Tell me something! Why are we still in the age old bracket of yester-decades ago? Why haven't we moved our Tax bracket into the current year to file? Is their something holding yu peoples back or is it the money that you are worried about that the workers will be recieving? Which would be more?

  • LBJ moving ahead with reduction in hours per ASG   3 years 38 weeks ago

    So the fees are hiked and the public goes postally ape shxt!
    The fees go back down and the employees of the hospital are paying the debt to the government for a loan from them because the GAS couldn't keep their hands out of the cookie jar.
    So where is the public NOW?!!! You all bitched about the fee hikes and now you will recieve the care you all want because you wanted something you thought was for free.
    It's your life or lives that are in YOUR hands now and not the hospital employees that are getting thier hours reduced even if for a while. Less people to work more time to BINGO then I guess. Just don't expect any expedient services or miraculous cures anytime soon.

  • USDOI awards American Samoa $10MIL for CIP   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Enough "CIP" money to gamble again....Now look closely how those CIP monies will be spent....They show us the map of distribution.....But how they're going to put them into action, really!.

    Mini mini minemo, my money, your money lets go travel to Las Vegas gang....... What about another SUV? Oh, an apartment for business? Ummmmmmm, hey! where did you get those grants? I falsified everything I entered in that application of mine.....it was my half sister or whatever married an illegal fella from Upolu long time ago.....now on food stamp, and I help used them for my loan application to get the grant to built my business Motel....Wowwww, what a lucky guy.....Good luck to you fella, I wonder what the FBI think about that?

  • Fono News   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Bunch of STOOGIES more likely......Who on the first? and who is on the second? banggggggg......ooooooops

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 39 weeks ago

    They arrested 4 men so far for hacking the computer network, scaming to wipe out many computers....It maybe part of the problem samoanews has discovered, or vise versa otherwise. Cyberfraud....or could be cybersquatting, or either cybeterrorist more likely these idiots were doing. Thats alright, they can run, but can't hide.

  • Umia Ofisa o Lafoga pepa lafoga sa faila fafo ua teena   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Thats funny, because last time i check with the "IRS" American Samoa and Guam were the only territories that can file twice local and in the U.S.
    Why dont you go on the "IRS" and find out for yourself? It clearly says on the IRS website that American Samoa and Guam have to file U.S return AND local. Thank you very much, and you all need to stop threatin' our people.


    You did it Rita..Congratulations. Of course Laulii Elementary School did it again for three straight years and for the fourth time. Great Job Ginger Lei and Rita. To God Be the Glory.

  • Fono News   3 years 39 weeks ago

    I like good entertainment as much as the next guy.
    Let us, whenever your asking any question pertaining to fono operation, always start with "let us!"-- Let us, chase down some leads, shall we? Seize the computers at Retirement. Scrub and rub people. We need to clean up a little. Put a bug on every coconut tree in Utulei. Let's go to the bar and have a cold one, call it a day. It's only 2pm in the afternoonny senator. It's 5:00 O clockey somewhere on earth smart aleck kids. lololl Investigation completed---lololololol. mai si ka vailima fa'amolemole.

  • Court Report   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Its crazy how all these criminals have been sent to jail for a short period of time for something that supposedly be serving years n years.

  • “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Be honest. We cannot live down our corrupt politicians. Its in the DNA. You want a voyage? Catch the first plane out.

  • USDOI awards American Samoa $10MIL for CIP   3 years 39 weeks ago

    is there a fund for tax.....everytime i call they said check is ready but there's no money....leai se mo'i

  • “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Again, let's get the EPA to do an analysis on the bay area to put and end to this. Again, the bay area is already polluted from oil, dumped trash from our inland, and sunken metal waste. How is discharge of small amount of fish blood and brine (salt water) polluting the bay?
    We now have agencies (port administration, US Coast Guard and EPA) that oversee and regulate such issues. The dock have been kept clean due to their efforts. There's fishing vessels docked there everyday for heavens sake and will always be docked there with OR without the freezer hold. Why isn't that an issue if traffic congestion and unsightly view of fishing boats to tourist is a problem? We do know that frozen fish does not smell for a fact.

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Dear Editor,

    The new layout of this site is better, however; have you ever thought of putting a picture with at least one story? For instance, if you are reporting on a court story- a picture of someone involved in the case or a shot of the court room with the judge/prosecutor would enhance the story.
    Thank you,
    S/F E.P.


    Our big fa'amalo to you Rita Jennings and Coach Ginger and to the whole Lauli'i Harbor Lights for your support for Ms. Jenning and her coach. We have made it again this year.
    Fa'amalo atu ia te oe le susuga a le faia'oga ma le sui tauva....Ua ta fia FALEALILI fua lava....again...WORDS ALONE CANNOT EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE FOR THIS FEAT ONCE AGAIN FOR THE HARBOR LIGHTS...FAI MEA SILI....

  • Lavish ceremonies driving Samoans to steal, says employer   3 years 39 weeks ago

    I really do not blame you for firing those thieves, however, Samoans are good people. Those idiots that did that to you make the rest of us look bad.
    I can remember growing up back home 38 years ago, oka my whole family would chastise me for stealing from others and shaming my family and community. As you can see, we Samoans have a lot of pride for someone else to disgrace our race. Come on, Samoans are hardworking people who take pride in our race and tradition.
    The ones who stole from you should be ashamed of themselves and should take responsibility for their actions. And i have no doubt that their families already handled them accordingly.
    You can blame a lot on the fa'asamoa and the too many fa'alavelaves but this is our culture and the way that has always been there. So i would say blame it on the on individual and the shameful things they do.
    And im sure the Fijians and whatever race you prefer to employ, hopefully they will also honest and truthful employees.
    Nonetheless, please blame the person not my culture or the tradition of the people that has blessed me!!!! Fa'afetai and good luck! E

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 39 weeks ago

    To Samoanews Online Staff,

    While upgrading servers, can you folks put some real money behind your layout and remove those half naked Asian/Filipino girls modeling right below your center header? I live in American Samoa and I swear to God that none of those girls live in Pago Pago, Fagatogo, or Leone as advertised. Its a red flag for parents and an embarrassment that kids/youth access the site to be greeted by barely nude ads you folks allow to keep the site running. Fa'amolemole lava.

    A concerned parent
    [Editor's Note: Unfortunately they are google ads and end up on the site because of news stories (local & international) that mention key words. We will advise google of their 'non personna gratis' ads, but in the end they are most probably 'protected under the 'freedom of speech' etc., when dealing with such subject matter, even in advertising. ra]

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Talofa Samoa News,

    I am the ASCC ICT Instructor that called you yesterday afternoon, regarding that the website was not functioning properly. My students were researching information on September 30, 2009 and told me that they could not get on to the site. So that is why I called and notified Mr. R, that there was something wrong with the website. I do appreciate your prompt response in getting the website back up. My College students also thank you.

    One more thing, the archives only date back to 2010, is it possible can it go back a few more years, like 2008. It was very difficult for my students to find information on 9/30/2009 on the website. Some were unsuccessful. But for others like me, always emailed the webmaster for assistance.

    Thanks again

    [Editor's Note: We are still trying to stabilize the site and then begin adding on to archives. At this time, we do have our archive on our SN server. If they're looking for something specific like 9/30/2009, email us, and we will try to do a search and find stories for that day -- then email them. It may take a 24-hour wait, if it's a busy day — however we will get it to them when we can.
    Thank you for your kind words and we are very happy to hear SN is being use for such purposes. ra]

  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   3 years 39 weeks ago

    This is an interesting news, check the history and see if da foundation is solid. If the foundation is malepe then da future gov is gonna malepe too. If the pipe leaks, then its going to leak again. Theres no edumacation in the world to fix this kind of problem if your foundation is all wacked up(broken). No disrespect to the these runners, but like the majority says, good pair but its broken, and the people don't need that now.

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   3 years 39 weeks ago

    where is the search button. i used to be able to search an article by typing a title or name (i.e LBJ) and now i cant seem to find it on the new site?
    [Editor's Note: You have to go to archives, and then do a search. ra]

  • Bluesky Samoa pays $1.34m dividend   3 years 39 weeks ago
  • Sentencing dates for Pase, Solofa, Nauer all continued   3 years 39 weeks ago

    American Samoa don't be harsh and critical when our people make poor judgement calls. Mine is a mother with children, our brothers have families.
    He who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Prayers and love.

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