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  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   4 years 33 weeks ago

    What we really need to know is how these two runners were raised and how their lives were.
    Lets see their private and personal information and determine who is really the best for this job. Lets see what their priorities are, and who matters the most. We see the good part but wheres the UGLY truth at. Don't hide it, if you want attention then show everything.
    Evil hides the truth,but "show" no remorse to the concern of the innocent and the hard working tax payers. You wanna come out and show your success then show the rest — so we the people know, what and where, you are really coming from, rather than just a flashy decoration for both parties.
    When people like this surface, you wonder what their priorities are. Now YOU want to show, while back then you only thought of yourselves, while I sip my warm kool aid, and wonder, Salu you are the Sarah Palin of our island.

  • House queries Stimulus office about status of “1602” loans   4 years 34 weeks ago

    and am wondering how in the world a low income family could afford such a place. I think greed got in the way of this program.
    This program was dead in the water before it even had a chance to succeed. The federal gov't should just come here and have a thorough investigation of where the money went and have everyone that used the money illegally pay every cent back.

  • Fono News   4 years 34 weeks ago

    These House Reps are all "sell-outs". They don't know where priorities should be. Families & friends fundraise for these kinds of things! Why are you allowing the Governor to dip into tax money that is scarce and needed to pay the medicaid subsidy for LBJ, pay ASG ASPA bills, pay long outstanding vendor bills?


    Are sure that's not the her? You might be mistaken. Mose

  • House queries Stimulus office about status of “1602” loans   4 years 34 weeks ago

    All parties involved will get caught with their pants down, if they have not already. The business peope, or more like the big honchos of ASG and the community got the bulk of these funds. They end up building units believing it will be 100% paid for with HUD money. Little they know (or should know) it is 85% to 15% out of their pockets. Let's wait and see what's going to transpire out of this good golly Miss molly program on island.
    Oh Golly it never stops does it!


    You'd think that an example should have been made out of her and the entire situation but Nooooooo. Drinking while under the influence of driving, fighting and arguing with your husband after leaving a government fiafia, should be banned because it causes accidents and memory loss. She's eclipsed the 1st lady yet again in the papers.

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 34 weeks ago

    You are right Sen. Galea'i it is the ASG's fault. Let's be even more specific...it is Governor Togiola and LT Governor Faoa's fault.
    Governor is ultimately responsible for withholding the subsidy. LT Governor Faoa, has been assigned the job by Governor to head the health care commission and oversee healthcare for years now. Neither paid attention b/c they wanted the Tax dollars $$ to go for other priorities: fautasi's, off-island trips, 1st ladies staff, establishing new un-needed depts & staff positions, Fo'isia, Samoa Heritage in Hawaii, airplanes, and WOW $9 million investment so that every household can have fiber optic cable and faster internet service (Now why am I not jumping for joy at the last one?).
    Let's also not forget the UNPAID SUBSIDY which Togiola would like to distract the fono and the public from with his flurry of bills. THEY NEED TO PAY THE SUBSIDY, AND DO SO NOW!
    Also, besides LBJ employees being "punished" why also is the poor "wage earner" paying for the fiscal irresponsibility of this administration? Why should the ASG "pinch" from their hard earned wages to pay back loans from workers compensation or retirement fund. Why aren't others who are not wage-earners not taxed to pay for this administrations indiscretions and finance LBJ? Why aren't the incomes of these "non-wage earners" who use LBJ along with their families not being taxed? I'm talking about: the faifeaus, landlords that are leasing their land or homes, ASG retirees, land sales, etc.
    Why should the poor lowly wage earner be the only one to be taxed? TAX EVERYONE EQUALLY OR ELSE pass a law compelling people to buy either subsidized govt health insurance or private health insurance to pay for LBJ.
    Also, why does it take so long to amend the health care law which says health care is "free of charge"? We all know it is NOT FREE!
    Let's get on with it and make sense.
    Thank you for standing up for LBJ employees Senator Galea'i. Please also stand up for the poor wage-earner whose being asked to shoulder the tax burden. TOTALLY UNFAIR.

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Another parasite lurking around on the island.
    First off, you need to stay put in your $300-a-month apartment. Obviously you cannot afford a $600 house/apartment, so stop whining or work 2 jobs and maybe you will have a chance to rent or own one of those new houses. Need to stop asking for handouts and start earning something for real, not only will it make you feel good but you may start having some self-esteem!
    And on top of that you don't want to give out the information that is normally required of anyone who wants to rent. It is definitely the company's business to know some specific information regarding your employment and financial records. If you don't want to give that up, then don't apply for the house.
    It is the shameful entitlement mentality and stupidity of people like you that began the housing bubble mess, which in turn created the economic downturn that we are in now.
    The bottom line is, if you cannot afford the new house then be grateful and enjoy what you have now.

  • Local businessman who was robbed appeals to culprits   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Those two boys have to admit that it was them before things get messy and the police take it in there hands. If the two boys read this, I hope they will turn themselves in.

  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   4 years 34 weeks ago

    You OBVIOUSLY missed the point. One needs to spend TIG to actually witness, feel and know what goes on where, the who, whats, how come and the whys.
    The U. S of A is an enirely different animal than that of A.S. We are a people of a diferent race and have our own culture, land to own, heritage and family values whereas the U.S does not.
    I believe in the separation between church and state. It is within a person that he/she must find it within themselves, a personal conviction. Be, Know and Do. Know the fa'aSamoa in all aspects and facets, speak it's ancient tongue and dialect to understand when spoken to by Paramount Chiefs in a traditional manner of speaking and it's custom and ways to deal with them.
    Nobody is talking about bribes or kick backs. Ole ala ile Pule....'ole TAUTUA and that's NOT only in the military. Like I said but now YOU believe whereas I KNOW, Savusa is the right man, but now is not the right time.
    P.S. I drink "Country Time Lemonade" Not your watered down no taste or colored warm Kool Aid.

  • Local businessman who was robbed appeals to culprits   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Thank you Manu'a for giving these culprits another chance! They are very very lucky!! May God Continue to Bless you and your family!

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 34 weeks ago

    During my journey to land one of these 1602 homes, my delight was short-lived when I found that these homes were asking anywhere from $650 - $1000 per month. Bullocks I say! Can someone please explain how you expect low income earners to pay these ludicrous amounts?
    Egregious and despicable sense of humor here about low income will have to pay such an amount. This is biggest laugh, jesting toward such administration finagle obviously. This administration deserves to be mocked upon... according to how they're desperate for money set herein for low oncome people of their own island...
    Did you all remembered what Pita Sunia used as Logo on his campaign back in 2004 or 2006 if I remember correctly...."E Fa'amaoni le alofa" Meaning honest true love?... Kind of similar to what the other fella used for their campaign about the (Ti'a) e le lele malie... Yeah, because such (ti'a) never knows what truth means. And also a big marked and a broken nose or eye on such a flying stick (ti'a). These kind of people don't fear nothing when it comes to MONEY!!!!! People.....So watch out when Nov 2012 arrive.

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 34 weeks ago

    And the lamb blindly lays down with the Dragon not knowing that when the time comes, it will be devoured without hesitation. You can't sleep with the enemy without getting rearended and not wear (a) seatbelt(s) at that. And I thought "The silence of the lambs" was bad....


    It's just sad that the Governors wife still has that lady in the background on her staff when she crashed a government vehicle while intoxicated late last year after a government function. I could've sworn it was a "Prevent Underage Drinking" program Ta'ita'itama or something.

  • House hearing on $8 MIL loan from ASG Retirement Fund reveals conflicts with law   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Dear Hospital Board Members:
    Hike them fees back up and let the government figure out a way to deal with this. It was like I said from the beginning, Keep the fees up until you guys actually get the whole deal. Now what say you? Just Bring back the fees.

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Why is LBJ getting a loan from ASG that it will have to repay, when ASG was required under law to give LBJ the money?
    That makes no sense at all. Somebody must have stolen the money and now it is time to pay the piper and LBJ and the rest of the citizens are left holding the bag.
    [Editor's Note: It isn't a loan to LBJ, it's a loan by ASG to get $3 million from the Workmen's Compensation Account (interest free) to give to LBJ to help alleviate it's financial crisis.
    The government, however, is not just not giving the $$ to LBJ — ASG has made LBJ management agree to certain conditions, including cutting personnel hours, in order to get the money.
    At the same time, a 2% withholding tax has been levied on taxpayers to pay the ASG loan from the Workmen's Comp account; and after it is paid back, the 2% will continue to be levied, with the money earmarked for LBJ operations.
    The governor has made no mention of the fact that the LBJ Medical Center is not getting its monthly subsidy as required by law, in a timely manner, and it is in fact in 'arrears', which is what began the 'crisis'.
    But, yes, in the end, the taxpayers and LBJ personnel are paying for the government's priority — which according to the Treasurer, is its own payroll. ra]

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Still can't find the search function...even on archives. Why can't you just add a search function on the home page and every page. Its just a hassle trying to locate it.
    [Editor's Note: Agreed, and it's something we are working on. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully will be corrected this month. ra}

  • Drug raid finds marijuana planted at Nu’uuli home   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Is it really worth the time and money of DPS to conduct these "drug raids" on small time marijuana users? Where are the real "drug raids" on meth dealers and users. This drug involves more money and has more devastating effect on our island and people.

  • Local businessman who was robbed appeals to culprits   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Thank you Manu'a. Mose takes his hat off to salute your wisdom. Studies shows that such approach results to much better outcome. I don't know where your store is but consider me a customer already. Mose
    [Editor's Note: The Manu'a Store is located in Nu'uuli. ra]

  • Laulii Elementary student takes 1st place in historic win at Territorial Spelling Bee   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Job well done Miss Jennings.

  • Just Asking: What’s the tax refund situation?   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Thank you Ms. Melisa for asking the question, thank you Samoanews for looking into this. Mose is about to file taxes - as unconstitutional (thus illegal) as these taxes are. Mose

  • Hawkeye: Observing Presidents Day   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Perhaps we will meet up at the dedication ceremony of the new Fale. This will be a historical moment that we can talk about for years to come, as LBJ continues to crumble, and new churches are being built.

  • Fono News   4 years 34 weeks ago

    What kind of Chair this fella is using at the Stoogies' House? his own? It will never make!....The Fono Chair?....Ummmmm Both house?......Who will be interpreting the meeting? And what is their expeced agenda?
    Is it about more money for their pocket, or Donate more money to Fono President's Motel apartment complex he's building in Vatia village?
    Also the seawall in Vatia: Who authorized such seawall to be broken down, to have their boat race access out to the water? What has the National Park got to say about this? Are there any wise people left in the island at all? Or have they all left the island?
    American Samoa territory governed under the United States Rule of Laws or not? Salazar and Nikolao Pula can't rule out anything alone under conspiracy. Nor, do they swept fraud, waste and abused issues under the rug?
    What happened to the Congressman of American Samoa? Is he still around, or is he working as a Congressman of Guam now?
    Egregious and despicable everlasting conduct the island government is constantly performing here, it is beyond any, and all reasonable doubt.

  • USDOI awards American Samoa $10MIL for CIP   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Mine is not an issue w/congress approving these funds. I've seen incidents where congress has approved and implemented more than obligated here and it wasn't deserved or maintained properly thereafter.
    My concern is: Will DOI conduct a thorough audit and or quality assurance & final inspection of all of these projects as they SHOULD?..and if so, whatever the results hold people accountable whether good or bad??

  • MALOLO LE ‘AU #2 A PAGO PAGO...   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Faamalo lava le ta'alo i le tulaga maea o le tatou malo. Ia tau pea ina maua lava le loto fealofani ma ia alo i tapuaiga aua le aga'i atu fo'i i le sisiga fu'a o lo tatou malo.

    GREAT JOB :)

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