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  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    For a village that is steeply religious and traditional in its ways, it's a petty shame that they don't practice what they preach. I guess every village on island should follow Leone's greedy and arrogant attitude about sharing God's gift(akule) by limiting it only to their villagers.
    Hey, no problemo with me. I guess each village has claims on their land and waters. But, correct me if I'm wrong in my following assessment.
    Is there not a zone variance from the main road to the shorelines in every village that says the government has jurisdiction in that area? Because if this decision by Leone to disallow outsiders from fishing in their waters is a standard policy, then perhaps every village should also set their village boundries and prohibited outsiders from their village waters, etc.
    Thanks Leone for practicing the hypocrisy of sharing with thy neighbor and restricting God's gift to the rest of the island. And you wonder why the akule took 20 years to return to Leone.
    Well after this decision from the Leone aumaga, it'll be another 20 more years of akule drought. So ashamed of my village's decision.

    A Leone Villager

  • Umusa le Fale: Mapusaga mo Aiga   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I thought funds distributed from the Federal Government are specifically allocated for government projects, and not for Churches Organization as mentioned herein this article, written up in samoan language, so the Palagis wouldn't understand what is being said about such dedication celebration of open house as a LMS church function.

  • Comments to NOAA heavily oppose expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I responded directly to Agency NOAA....Document ID...NOAA-NOS-2011-0243-0164.....On Regulation.gov.

    People, you all need to voice your opinion here, and have your voice heard in the United States Congress about such issue. And any other issues pertaining to American Samoa, and its government.


    Ok, dackle and fasi the quarterbacky ok. Very simple instructions kids. Kill and destroy. That's all you gotta know boys. Thats the plan. Simple and plain.

  • House hearing on $8 MIL loan from ASG Retirement Fund reveals conflicts with law   4 years 39 weeks ago

    It's our money we are saving for retirement and the government wants to borrow it, correct? But for the government to pay it back they want us to give 2% of our income? uhh...Mose is confused. Togiola takes Mose's money and wants Mose to pay him the same amount plus interest FOR taking the money? Am I understanding this Editor? Mose
    [Editor's Note: The loan is interest free, but yes — that's it. ra]

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    In our short days on earth we must celebrate every chance we get. The Akule Festival, when will it start? If it hasn't why not? Paulo

  • Court allows Fuata family to proceed with burial   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Even in death we dispute. We tie up valuable time to mourn properly and dance with evil men. What has it come to?
    You can't even find a small space enough to bury our own dead, instead you run to courts?
    You may dislike the person while alive or discomfort with land issues. For God's sakes, waiting in a casket is no fun anymore. We have become more evil as we assimilate. We forget who we are. If you feel that way, than have all your politicians wait for days in their caskets to reconfigure the evil they have done to society.

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Not for sale! In this way everyone gets to eat. The poor, the old, the young, and the hungry. This by far is the more significant news from Am. Samoa. The reason are twenty fold. When we were masters of our destiny at one time. We knew seasons, tides, days and time. This is a Jesus, toss your nets to the right side. Where nets are so heavy, they have more than enough fish for all. Pray village. In your anguish, the Lord hears and sends the rain. Let it rain O Lord so my people don't go hungry I daily pray. The children are dancing at the seashore laughing with no more pain. They say God sends fish so after the storm and pain we can eat and number our days on this earth. Then every day indeed is to be rejoiced. Dance like our ancestors, shout like ours is victory. For everyday alive is a day the Lord God gives. Bring a bottle of the best wine, light a fire on the beach and cook the fish fast. Paulo

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Of course you need to attack and get rid of the stupidity and the entitlement mentality! Its OK to ask legitimate questions, but to suggest that these houses should be less than $350 a month plus he doesn't want to divulge the required information, come on!! That is a perfect example of the "what-is-the-government-going-to-give-me" mentality that needs to be eliminated period. He should've stayed in California and kept on receiving his welfare check instead of becoming another beggar in the motherland.

  • Fono News   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Is this a riddle? I don't get it. How can a bunch of Crooks investigate themselves for crook-ery? It would be very hard to kiss your own ass...the other ass of course is easier to... Mose

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    What did the Akule say to the Fisherman? "Treat me well or you can kiss my akole." - for another 20 years...har, har, har. Mose

  • House queries Stimulus office about status of “1602” loans   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Pls Madam Editor find out how such an amount was manipulated to suit this program .. 85% of families in this territory earn less than $30,000 annually and many are considered living on or below the poverty line .. an AMI of $26,000 would allow the owners of these properties to charge anywhere from $650 to $1200 monthly (depending on the total amount of their 15% share of the total costs of the project) and that madam is way beyond the financially abilities of your average(median) Samoan family.
    [Editor's Note: The AMI seems to be a well-kept secret, or else no one wants to talk about it — the feds, DBAS, the developers/ owners or the House reps (who didn't ask the DBAS president what it was at last Friday's hearing). Or else it's importance in determining rent and renters is not understood.
    The $26,000 figure is the one some developers/ owners told Samoa News. However, they couldn't tell us if that was the the AMI, which the 60% is worked from to determine 'low income', or if that is the 60% figure.
    What is known, is that the feds, through DBAS have the final say on who qualifies to rent the low income housing, which is why the application is so cumbersome, and very nosy. It is also why many remain empty, Samoa News has been told. ra]

  • Hawkeye: Observing Presidents Day   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Are those new churches being built helping to motivate the people toward christianity as they claim themselves to be? You brought up lots of legitimate issue their Hawkeye.
    What happened to their exemplification of christianity, morality of life? When is such example going to prevail from Sunday to Sunday activity 365 days a year? They can't wait until that spaceship landed on the top of Lutali Administration Building?
    The people never know that they are educating the Governor on his radio show....by asking, and giving him ideas,in his mind. to help create more fraud orchestration plans.
    If they stop involving themselves in such radio program, he will fall off the chair. As someone mentioned, the guy is using the Fono, who have never done a damn thing, besides LIP service is their ULTIMATE goal inside those blight Hooches, while money vanished and no upkeeping of any kind appears.
    Thanks Hawkeye for your continuous help with samoanews bringing what's happening in Fantasy island.

  • “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Is someone talking about the picture of this administration? Or the fellas in the HELM in the mean time? Or is it the picture of the island of Am/Samoa without development? The only development the public is viewing here, are their own personal gain activity, more likely. They bought businesses for themselves from stolen money they didn't earn. Is this what this person is talking about here? Or the picture of all the funds vanished and no beautification, nor development.


    This is news? O for God's sake get this lady a tuba already. Our people are unemployed and she and that guy you call a gurner is playing the ukulele in Washington D.C. Like Nero with his fiddle. Nothing new under the sun boys and girls, NOTHING New.

  • House queries Stimulus office about status of “1602” loans   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Start spelling ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT candidates for Governor, politicians, morons and "le au fai umu". Understand the Times we live in. American Samoa as a whole is unfinished business. Quality of Life folks. These and many other programs as good, should be promoted. Our politicians are not awake and I attribute that to unseasoned, un-reason and nobody with ideas. Look to the Northstar.

  • Fono News   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Investigate the Fono. House go take a trip to Aunu'u. You waste the people's tax money sitting there asking questions for nothing. Taotasi making tooo much noise for nothing. Save your malosi for the campaign.

  • House hearing on $8 MIL loan from ASG Retirement Fund reveals conflicts with law   4 years 39 weeks ago

    That's right Sene. Your fiduciary responsibility is to protect that fund for the retirees. That is the highest responsibilty and you do not want to get retirees suing you and your board members for breaching your fiduciary responsibilities.
    The ASG has been fiscally irresponsible and they are trying to get you to do the same to cover them. You are right to demand they should pay off their existing debt! Nowhere is it fiscally sound to loan more where all indications are the customer cannot pay the existing debt.


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....one is singing to the children...she is loving the children in Washington.
    The shadow in the background is smiling....she loves the singer. She says you go mama! Now we send the picture back home to let everyone know we are on a tour of duty.

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 39 weeks ago

    LBJ is in fact semi-autonomous. It depends upon and receives private payments for services and federal and local tax dollars to operate. It is therefore a contradiction for the law to dictate that health care services be "free of charge" and LBJ be totally "independent". How would it survive if it literally followed these words?
    The law needs to make sense. Fono ought to change the law before the wording of our law "snafus" us out of any federal $$ we may desperately need for LBJ in the future. Federal does not like to give $$ where local law of a state/territory just doesn't make any sense. We may get away with it now. Soon we won't.

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 39 weeks ago

    If this issue is dragged out long enough...... there will be a hero again, and it won't be Togiola. It will be the LT. The Treasury will release the subsidy around August during the Budget hearings and close to Elections and there will appear the Chairman of the Hospital Committee, Faoa claiming I did it. Hey House of Representatives, now that you tabled the kovanas $8mil Bill, surprise us and ask or force the issue of the subsidy to LBJ.

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    It's a legitimate question and stop attacking the person.

  • Dr. Salu Hunkin teams with CSM Savusa in Gov race   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I love how people keep mentioning that now is not so and so's time when a candidate's time is truly and ultimately decided by the people and voters. PERIOD.
    Salu & Savusa not only have a track record of PROVEN/EFFECTIVE leadership that is unmatched, they represent a breath of fresh air from all that has gone on in our government for decades and that will continue to go on if we keep voting in "more of the same" leaders who spit political rhetoric for votes come election then continue to do the opposite when it matters the most.
    Some of the other teams, DEFINITELY represent the STATUS QUO and a few of them just a continuation of what type of leadership has led our territory into the state that it is in.
    Sure the man may have not been living on-island and taken on leadership positions in the territory but that's not to say that he hasn't made a huge impact as a leader on a much grander scale for the US of A.
    Did we forget that we're a territory of the United States and our country's economy is heavily dependent on FEDERAL GRANTS from Uncle Sam?
    It baffles me that in a territory which rivals any other state/territory in terms of enlistment-rates per capita and that sees so many of our children join the service there are individuals that are downplaying his relevance or his ability to lead solely on the fact that he hasn't been here on island. Almost implying that he's an OUTSIDER.
    He was fulfilling his duty and calling while in the service and he EXCELLED at it, while overseeing over 350,000 personnel as a CSM before he retired. Again, PROVEN leadership.
    Dr. Salu also represents a breath of fresh air and change in that one, she's a woman, and two she's been known to stand up against corruption, greed, and policies that DO NOT have the best interests of the people and common good.
    I foresee education being a priority on her agenda and rightfully so being that the DOE is in such a HUGE MESS and has been so for a while. And those who are affected deeply by the plight of the government, let alone DOE, are our children, who have to live with and cope with the decisions made by the typical types of leaders that many in our younger generation have had to grow up listening to and seeing the opposite take place as we got older.
    NOW IS DEFINITELY THE TIME! And if it isn't then I don't even want to see when that time will be given the state of the territory.

  • Laulii Elementary student takes 1st place in historic win at Territorial Spelling Bee   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Congratulations, Chyna! Your whole aiga, both here and abroad, are all so very proud of you!

  • Galea’i : ASG is responsible for LBJ fiscal crisis, not hospital employees   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Why is the ASG even part of the LBJ if LBJ is INDEPENDENT? Why burden ASG employees with another 2% wage tax if they have their own funding to process their independent company.
    ASG should ONLY worry about money to fund enough their fiscal year? Leave LBJ alone, don't seek help since they are no longer under ASG.

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