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    1st Place - SPA, 2nd Place - Manumalo, 3rd Place - tied between Pacific Horizons and Tafuna.


    Ms. Park is the reason why SPA is doing so well in math. Congrats to Ms. Park for doing such a good job at SPA.

    What about public schools with more than 1,000+ students? What about public schools with teacher that are supposedly very good in math? They have degrees and being with the government for many years and still cannot train students in math like SPA and other private schools.

    Math competitions over the years has been dominated by private schools in American Samoa. What about public schools?

  • Samoa Speaker stops demolition of old Parliament over valuable pillars   4 years 39 weeks ago

    when i read about it, it really touched me. i mean i had tears by the time i read the article.

    To demolish a history site and a building that all the goodness of our country had been discussed in that old fale. Dont you have pride with what we are today? Did you ever think of our ancestors who put up that very hard work.

    MY own opinion, is to PRESERVE THE OLD HOUSE. Build a new one and leave the old one alone for Gods sake people.

  • Togiola seeks support of feds to expand Sanctuary   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Whoever conducted the scientific research for the kovana and wrote the message that he presented on conservation, ecological, recreational, archaeological , blah blah blah........qualities, missed the finer issue, the heart of our people. What does the majority desire?

    Listen and allow the heart to dictate a message to your brain. Exert the same amount of energy to promote the existing sanctuary with our people. Conduct more educational activities for our young people and senior citizens. Grow the appreciation and value of cultural and natural resources first here on our island. When the time is right the people will shout for the expansion of the sanctuary. Don't try to shove the idea down our throats that we need to expand the sanctuary. This is not about being a visionary leader...the big picture. Focus first on the details of the smaller picture. Make sure it is clear. The home grown people are not in favor of this proposal.

    This is not scientific research, it's called plain common sense!

  • Togiola seeks support of feds to expand Sanctuary   4 years 39 weeks ago

    We Never gave Our approval to this Governor as a People, as Voters, as citizens, as the aumaga, as a Village, as a Culture.

    We have a bunch of SOB's that have surrounded this arrogant governor. Who is trying his best to muscle thru his will upon our culture, our land, our oceans, our reefs, our Way of life damn it. Our way of Life is not a denial. It's a Way of Life that we have. We call it the fa'asamoa damn it. it's Our way. It's special to all of us.

    How far we travel on earth, how wide our dreams take us, and how ambitious our low life politicians can become. I assure you America. We as a People have not, did not, shall not, will not and Do not give our tacit Approval to our freedom and our rights upon Our lands and our culture. Our land includes our seas, our reefs, our ocean. It is Samoan ocean.

    I warn this governor. Shall he do away of the will of this people. All families will make sure his days as a governor is filled with a determination to banish him from our islands. We are the last Samoans on earth. We have taken care of our lands and seas for thousands upon thousands of years. This land was handed to me from my father, who's father handed it down to him. My family are no strangers to struggle of our land.

    America we have a deal. Go back to your promise to leave us, our land, our culture alone. No land, no culture. No ocean, no culture. Read the Deed. America our sovereign rights are in the determination of that Peace. When you read this remember. On your land your ancestors spirit returns. You have to be the owner to understand what I just said. Can you hear them? Your power is determined by their whispers. Paulo

  • Sorry for the technical problems on the website   4 years 39 weeks ago

    That sounds a bit odd! What does google have anything to do with your website? Many .com sites do NOT have these offensive pictures. I don't know much about the technicalities of websites and especially about google. If you will, please enlighten me. What I do know is that there are ways to run a site and maintain it without allowing offensive pictures or materials on it. Pornography has nothing to do with freedom of speech unless you are advocating for it.

    Another concerned parent.

  • Togiola seeks support of feds to expand Sanctuary   4 years 39 weeks ago

    So when our government is out of money, cutting payments and raising hospital bills, our governor makes an associate deal on a scientific protection of our land. This is just crazy, i mean why would he be basically pay more attention to such stuff instead of the behalf of our people.

  • ASNABC— Some good news and some bad for Tavaka   4 years 39 weeks ago

    My name is Billy Tavake,Jr. & I wanna let everyone in the Samoan Islands know that "King Henry" Tavake is the best trainer and best former amateur boxer to ever have laced on a pair of gloves.

    Back in the 60s, Henry exploded onto the S.F. boxing scene knocking out all comers and even was robbed on a decision with Mike Quarry for the U.S. Nationals.Those who were fortunate and old enough to see him fight know what I speak of.

    As a proffessional boxer, I never lost a single fight with the King in my corner, it's unfortunate to see that a boxer that he started from nothing to what he is today, has all of these ass-kissers and political backstabbers want to step in & take credit for what he has built.

    Long live the King!

  • Samoa Speaker stops demolition of old Parliament over valuable pillars   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Once it's torn down you can't go back. The building is nearly 100 years old!
    The way it was made, the materials, the people who occupied it over its life,
    the good and bad that transpired within and out its frame and time all make it
    special and worth saving. Don't lose the history, memories, tourist attraction and teaching tool you have!
    Save it not for you perhaps, but save it NOW for the children of the future.

  • Unanimous House vote amends ASPA BOD expiration terms   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Shouldn't this apply to all government boards?? What about the Retirement Board? There should also be a law to to prohibit the govt, officials such as the LT Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House and Directors from serving on the Boards. If they serve it should be ex-oficio without compensation and free trips with huge per diems. The LT is on the retirement board, big per diems. The ASG workforce should elect the members of the retirement board. Maybe it would make it difficult for the governor to keep using the retirement funds for loans. Hey rep introduce a bill for this.

  • Word ‘impeachment’ used in Senate on Friday   4 years 39 weeks ago

    The Fono; Senates and Representatives has all the rights to file an Impeachment court aforementioned, to removed the governor from such position. There are lots of discrepancy which are legitimately proved for his impeachment. Stop thinking about the (matai), but do the job according what you guys were elected for by the people to do in the first place.

    If they will follow under Amendment 1X, stated; The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. And on Article 1, Section (2)&(5) also support their impeachment process. Also Article 11, Section 4; is also appropriate for the house's impeachment process as well. Which called; Summary of the Original Constitution (ratified 1788) There is ample of violation in his adminstration to file an impeachment process.


    I am an alumni of SPA and had been part of the history in winning math awards many years ago. I want to leave some comments regarding this article. It should be a wake up call for many schools down here.
    First, I congradulate Ms Park and her students. Ms. Park is the main reason or so called the "brains" behind the winning teams since she became part of SPA community. She knows the strategies and she is very good at identifying students that are able to build a strong reputation for the school's math program.
    Second, to all public schools and some private schools (certain private schools are exception). You guys can't surpass or even keep up with SPA in math without getting really good teachers. I haven't seen a qualified math teacher with quality teaching in other schools like Ms Park. Also, most students in American Samoa lack a basic foundation in math. By the time a student reaches 9th grade, he or she should be able keep up with Algebra 2 and be prepared to tackle Geometry at minium by end of freshmen year. This is true for SPA but that's not the case for students in other schools. I've seen some students in other schools still struggling with fractions and basic algebra, which is amusing to me.
    Third, don't use the damn calculators until you tackle trigonometry. Meaning don't use calculators until students are in 11th grade. The more students rely on calculators, the dummer they'll become. Trust me, the early students use calculators, the more lazy they will be early on in solving critical thinking problems that can be done without calculators. No wonder a lot of students down here can't score over 700 in the math section of SAT 1 and SAT 2 subject test for math.
    Lastly, I doubt any school, especially public schools, or policy makers would take math seriously down here since education in general is not that much heavily stressed comparing to other parts of the world like Asia.
    Anyways, SPA will rule in the math field as long as it has a really good math instrcutor like Ms. Park and some quality students who enjoy math. This is the competitive advantage of SPA in math.

  • Togiola seeks support of feds to expand Sanctuary   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Where in the US Constitution does it say the Federal Government can hold own land or ocean? Yes NOAA is under the US Department of Commerce, but isn't USDOC a private organization? There is nothing federal about USDOC, just like the US Federal Reserve is run by 12 banking families. DOI is federal and perhaps that's why NOAA is now being oversee by them?

    I am sorry, Department of Interior has a pretty DIRTY, DIRTY, record with forceful take over of people's resources. Togiola, if your heart is clean, you will not pursue this. You want to do something good, but you are blind to the consequences. You are giving away what doesn't belong to you and great suffering will come of your decision. It has happened before. Mose

  • House hearing on $8 MIL loan from ASG Retirement Fund reveals conflicts with law   4 years 39 weeks ago

    So really, the people is paying these guys 16 million. The irony of it all, is a few reap the benefits and the majority pays for it.
    Mose yearns the day for a "Service Economy" to become. Where people do things out the goodness of their hearts & love of doing so. Well, nothing wrong with dreaming..uh, Editor? For the issue at hand, until the citizens quit being cowards, nothing will really change.

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    It's funny how you don't leave your name.....The 1602 program is for low income families...and there is no way a low income family can afford $1000.00 a month for rent.
    I work hard for my money and get paid a comfortable amount to just get by, and I still wouldn't be able to afford the $1000.00 a month to rent a 1602 house.....I can bet you anything Anonymous that you are one of the individuals that received funds from the 1602 to build a house and you are charging $1000.00 a month, knowing damn well that you only paid 15% of the house and the federal gov paid the other 85%. and then turn around and charge a leg and a arm to low income families...who's the leech now?

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Fa'amanuiaga, eseese ala a le Atua, atonu sa maua'i manuia ai le tele o o tatou Tuaa, tatou te le iloa pe ai se a na tu'ua ai e le i'a le Afioaga. O lea ua toe afea le Afioaga e lea manuia. "Ua patipati taoto nei Fe'epo". Ae a la pe a tu'u iai ma se lotu fa'afetai, e uma ifo le lotu ae ua o mai lava akule o sa'o i a outou cooler.

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    E eseese ala a le Atua e o'o mai ai ana fa'amanuiaga i ona tagata, ua toe afea le Afioaga o Leone e lenei i'a, o manuia ia sa maua e o tatou Tuaa ua momoe i ti'asa. E tatau ona toe afua le taeao Leone, fai se lotu fa'afetai. Aua le ai ulu tuana'i tausi, ina ne'i te'i ua toe oo mai fo'i se isi Sunami, a lae lava e tauvalaau Noa. Alu e tufa au mea i e matitiva aua e te le iloa le aso e amia ai oe e lou Ali'i, ae ai ma ai lena mau akule.

  • Fono News   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Advice to Senator Lualemaga..........this time start at the top....Governor, LT Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House. Well, maybe not the LT....let the big guns come after him.


    Look at me I'm as happy as can be. I can sing , I can dance , I can wiggle my .
    I go everywhere with my think machine.


    Good job Team American Samoa. Proud of you all and the big "W" you got. Way to go! Hope to see you all play in Texas! Wooohooo! GO TEAM AMERIKA SAMOA!

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Where did you relocate from if not Hawaii and the U.S. (pretty sure Hawaii is part of the U.S.)? SSN and bank accounts are required when becoming a tenant in most jurisdictions in the U.S. I truly think it would be worth your while if you went down to the DBAS and asked for information regarding the 1602 units. Exhaust all your options before you cry bloody murder.
    @Anonymous I don't believe that the 1602 homes are a way for the government to "desperately" seek money from low income people. The purpose of low income homes are to provide a basic necessity for those in the lower income bracket.

  • House queries Stimulus office about status of “1602” loans   4 years 39 weeks ago

    HAH...like there's anything hanging. No, thank you very much. Keep it among themselves. American Samoa is bad enough. Mose

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Go and work dummy.
    We are tying to work this problem out, and by the way, how much are you leaching from Uncle SAM; Parasite!

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    But a clearer picture from whom, the Fonotards? Oops SP mistake!

    I think not as it seems yet if not complicated but (yet anoher) real waste again from and to the tax payers money whom "OWN" 'merkin Samoa.

    Gosh 600-1000 a month; LOW INCOME. Yeah I guess @ 5 people a room. Now that is low income SLUM stuff.

    LOL owners of 'merkin Samoa.

    Sorry have another rat to catch in my "private" $500 abode.

    RA, ED and etal. "Please excuse the rant" ;however WE do appreciate your in depth coverage and possible expose; soon to follow.
    [Editor's Note: No expose, only questions with no answers. ra]

  • JUST ASKING: DBAS 1602 PROGRAM   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Is this this commentard for real?!; or just a connected GOV check collector?

    If you do not want workers and expertise on this Island, may I suggest say going to Mexico for you "Mr Parasite"

    Man, unbelievable and yet another black hole for the tax payers. Yes I am one.

    LOW income @ 550 -1000 bucks a month. I think I missed something there; ED. etal.

    In NZ we have a rent tribunal as not all can afford to buy and here as a worker\alien (TAXPAYER) we cannot buy freehold land; by law absurd as that seems given that this is the "Property of the USA"
    Merkin Samoa I am refering to "parasite"

    Standards and checks and balances for the non parasites. Those leaches whom rent, oops I mean those whom do the work here.

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