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  • ALJ rules in favor of ASG for terminating career service teacher   4 years 38 weeks ago

    I agree with the termination of Mr. Segi. His actions were totally out of line and unprofessional. His stating that he does not "believe" in a God, was his personal views which he should have been kept to himself. We Samoans are MOSTLY Christians. However, the issue here was his misconduct, not his religious view.

  • Miss American Samoa serving her community   4 years 38 weeks ago

    Ms. Skyline, you will bring much encouragement to our people if they see you out there by the road, along the beach, in work clothes picking trash, mowing the grass, etc...with Public Works cleaning crew. Just a suggestion. Mose

  • Eni cites deficiencies in NOAA expansion proposal   4 years 38 weeks ago

    Ua pei o le tu'umusu a le tama i le teine, le faipule ma lana ukulele, i le kovana. Ae ta'atia ai i tafatafa le laulau, tumu i keke suamalie. Sole, se a fai la le lua fa'aeva'evaga, a ua le tu mai o lenei e masofa la'o'ai o le atunu'u? Mose

  • Eni cites deficiencies in NOAA expansion proposal   4 years 38 weeks ago

    Throw all the Politicians in the ocean to feed our sharks. Sorry sharks for insulting you with the scums of the earth. I hope your fathers are turning over in their graves you bums from shame.
    Nobody left to defend our lands says the old folks. May they haunt every one of you low life bums. May you never sleep in peace for the rest of your days on earth.


    Negative is Rediculous! Not sure if it is the norm, but we Samoans are full of bad tongues. Even when someone is doing a good deed, never fails, a Samoan will find something negative to say.
    Wow!! You must be so bored to your ying yang that you have nothing better to do other than fuzzing. Stop the negative and get a life!!!

  • Eni cites deficiencies in NOAA expansion proposal   4 years 38 weeks ago

    When Congressman stops singing lullaby's to the governor, we can get finally get something done.
    Understand Samoa, this is a complete Encroachment of the federal power upon our waters. Completely uncalled for. You try giving the federal government land or ocean, then ask for it back, like we have done in the past.
    Go ask the Fagaima clan and others what it took to get their family land back. Ask families that got their lands stolen by outsiders thru side deals and theft. Ask yourself, if they can do it to our oceans where we get our food from, what do you think they will do to your land when they set a Precedent?

  • Senators hear of un-collectable $14M at LBJ   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Good idea Senator Velega and Mr. Mike Gerstenberger, CEO....Look at our country; we tax payers are struggling with teeny weeny pays. I believe 75% are low income and 25% are those w/good pay. I agree with the issue, but lets have some more moolahs in our paycheck before raising our hospital bills. God Bless you two and the people of American Samoa.

  • ALJ rules in favor of ASG for terminating career service teacher   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I have two girls that graduated from FHS. My youngest daughter stated that Mr. Segi mentioned that he does not believe that there is a God. The class was stunned and just looked at him like OMG, is this man for reals. What a dud...If this is really true, he is not a Christian..We samoans are Christians and respect each other. He needs to apologize and ask for forgiveness. We forgive you Mr. Segi for the bunch of weaknesses in you.

  • Samoa News Guest Editorial: “Toe Timata le Upega”   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I can remember to the date when dad can back to the village in tears. Said, this is a great day son. We manage to have elected our very own to be a leader. There was so much promise. Anything was possible. Our very OWN he said. A Samoan man with a Samoan promise. We have a FUTURE. We are still waiting for that future.
    The politicians we have today are unlike yesterday's, nor any other day. We had a promise! Now, here is the, WE have a promise. Radical change to unsupress the narrative for a better future of our people. New leaders to inspire the next generation will need to step up.

  • Marketplace is THE place to be on First Friday   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work for making our island beautiful and clean.

  • Lolo: DBAS administers Section 1602 by the rules   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Can someone drag Senatoris Tulifua from the poker table at the Bicycle Club. We need his big mouth to Ask a Question. Any question, just ask one damn question. Like, so Lolo, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Next question, do I raise, fold or declare bankruptcy? Next question, can the spirit of Tauese please show me how to cheat at poker?


    Malo ta'alo fatamali'i...malo lava le finau...Fai ia mafai..This is not the end, its just the beginning. And if we reach that dead end ? Don't stop, keep moving. When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.
    PAIN IS TEMPORARY PRIDE IS FOREVER. If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.
    "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on... SAMOA MO SAMOA... FUNKY ALUMNI c/o 05... #8.

  • Marketplace is THE place to be on First Friday   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I too LOVE 1st Friday and think it a wonderful Festival for our island. Unfortunately, i've noticed that the food vendors have become excessively unreasonable in the pricing of their food items. Since when was half a 'ulu $2? I mean, were talking about a ma'afala here, not even a maopo or aveloloa! Honestly! Help us, help you by putting up prices that are fair to everyone. We want to continue enjoying the abundance of 1st Friday. But not at these obscene prices.

  • College to host Miss ASCC Pageant this Saturday night   4 years 39 weeks ago

    your display picture for this article is inaccurate!

    Editor's note: thanks for letting us know, the photo must have migrated as we moved our archives from the old site.


    Congratulations Manumalo for winning 2nd place overall!!!

  • Governor vows to end DOE ‘high risk’ status this year   4 years 39 weeks ago

    You have vowed to do many things while in the governor's chair and have been ridiculed, cursed at, chastised, beliled and called a lot worse, but I NEVER once heard you uttered the phrase, "I Governor Togiola, do hearby swear, to supplant and end that which plagues our government and has infested our people to cause, Fraud, waste, abuse, nepotism, greed and corruption while in my position of power".
    I would have voted for you from the beginning, but you gave false hope, and you still do. May God show you mercy....

  • Samoa News Guest Editorial: “Toe Timata le Upega”   4 years 39 weeks ago

    What a wonderful tribute to a Leader whose qualities are no longer visible in the current administration. Credit is given to the person who has earned the respect of our people. When the fale is dedicated let us remember the humble spirit of Tufele who leaves a Legacy of Love for his people.

    Thank you Amata!

  • DHR director: Calls ASDOE hiring process “multi-faceted and complex”   4 years 39 weeks ago

    When words are used to appease the public, it than becomes multi-faceted (tele lava mea tutupu ua leai se faamatalaga faigofie), and complex (ua le faia lau suesuega i nei mataupu leaga o le o sa'u matata lenei).
    HR starts the process, HR monitors the process, HR follows up on the status, and HR provides policies to ensure compliances, and HR screens candidates, checks backgrounds, ensures job descriptions are not during the Roman era, and candidates are qualified and meets minimumu quals as determined by the department. Thats alot of complexities and multi-faceted.
    Why do we go through all this crap, because those hiring wants to remove the process and bring in the people they know. SO the BATTLE begins whether direct or indirect.
    Ms Langford just needs to find people who can do and work the process, instead of having major headaches and use words that does not really resolve the issue.

  • DHR ‘Road Ahead’ mission: streamlining govt hiring process   4 years 39 weeks ago

    It does not matter how many changes or upgrades on systems, bottom_line, people doing the work.
    Hiring should take no more than 45 days if the position is hired as "career service".
    Contracts can be less. The process may take longer depending on the candidates applying, but that can always be processed when you have a staff that is efficient and qualified to do the job. Otherwise, nothing will resolve the issue of hiring.
    To all this, the leadership must be there and knows the ins and outs of HR issues. It is also helpful if the leadership is direct, fair, formal and not political.

  • Bluesky denies all claims made by former employee   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Revisit the Contract? What are the terms, and does this require due process? Another, contracts, whether binding or not, can be "At Will". The Employer does not need to explain the reason for termination, and vice versa.

  • Nominations to fill LBJ Board's vacated seats introduced   4 years 39 weeks ago

    The nominees by the Governor for to serve as Board members is ineffective in most cases. This is based on observations and experience. Those who are selected are sometimes not qualified within the area, but due to political relationships, the Governor selects those he can manipulate or control.

    I find this to be quite disturbing and does not contribute to efficiency of operations of the organization. To include, the lawmakers who have no clue what to ask the candidate. So, ASG continues to deteriorate, and remain at high-risk.

    I believe Board members should go through a process of screening and interviews with those who are currently managing the administration and operations of their organization, and they make the recommendation to the Governor of candidates that will meet the needs of their organization.

  • JROTC Command Formal Inspection gives top marks to local high schools   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Each School should be allowed to give their own input, say a little something on behalf of their school and Task force/Battalion, and also be given a chance to personally thank their communities and school staff, especially the cadets for all their support.
    -C/LTC Jedidiah Fuiava


    Where are the samoan kids? You people blind? I love all kids. And think every kid should make it to the moon as far as education. Why in the world are we not teaching enough kids of Samoan decent to make it in math and science and being better politicians.

    God knows the smucks we have as politicians are just that a bunch of lazy smucks. How about making a personal mission to teach Samoan kids, not to be proficient or competitive, but EXCELL in math and science. You think you can do that? No really, is that to hard? Or is it better that they become proficient in cooking bananas and taro's?

    How about it SPA? Can you help a Samoan to the top maybe. Geeez, smart people we have in Samoa. Not your fault, just like my architects wife said when she arrived. Are there any Samoans here in American Samoa? Lol

  • Togiola seeks support of feds to expand Sanctuary   4 years 39 weeks ago

    The start of a civil strife has just occurred. Fermented by an Ambitious politician. The science you quote is construed by whomever pays for it. If Satan paid for it with blood, then rebellion is our own home. With dilated pupils, your eyes covet your neighbors property. You see what Fiji went thru? Only with blood do we comfort our misunderstanding. Nothing civil about war. Paulo

  • OIA director confirms $7MIL set aside for wharf project   4 years 39 weeks ago

    This so called lease agreement effectively VOIDS/CANCELS the $10.08 million in CIP funding and among the projects listed is $3.7 million for the “new service wharf”. The FEDS will not tolerate this underhanded/behind closed doors illegal deal to come to fruition. This is exactly like the McDonald's case at Utulei beach. Eni, need your help here Sir! In one year, this kovana will be gone and this cold storage deal, and his long, long list of FAILURES with him. Good riddance to the WORST kovana in history.

    Pula said, “I am informed by staff that any plans to place a cold storage facility on the proposed newly-renovated service wharf project would change the original intent and purpose of the project and would most likely require a full Environmental Assessment and/or Environmental Impact Statement before the project is implemented. Conducting a full environmental review of the magnitude of this type of project typically takes a minimum of one year to complete and may likely increase the overall length and cost of the project.”

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