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  • Manu’a traditional leaders sign in support of sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I AM JUST ASKING? AND ASKING? And this commentary has turned out to be a long venue of questions more than I thought I would ask from this beginning:

    So, if the 1900 Treaty is the absolute effect of funds from US etc. grants etc. etc. from US: Well, and it is true Manu’a hardly never got anything because of the 1904 Treaty with the US (legal semantics), then how and why does NOAA have such an effect of law and regulation of sanctuary development in Manu'a, Ta’u Island, NOW??? All of a sudden, it is okay for Manu'a to receive funds from the US, DOI, NOAA?

    This just seems hypocritical in purpose and in integrity of asking for something Manu'a has never received from the very very beginning of initial US Funding. Why is this happening because of some odd island Tutuila/Manu’a Matai vote??? Could this maybe a foot in the door, to be included under the 1900 Treaty because Manu'a is not included in the 1904 Treaty as posthumously historically agreed upon prior because of the 1900 Treaty??? Now, an exception is suddenly okay --- without the residents, village members, of NO Manu’a peoples/village voice in determining anything and other stuff way before?

    Is Manu'a hoping this enactment of NOAA funding will enable inclusion under FED Funding that never existed before with this protracted possible enactment of sanctuary development??? Is this what the village peoples of Manu'a really want? I remember those capital private enterprise environmental ideas of protecting and also developing the culture/environment of AS in Manu'a in the future --- Those ideas are good. What is the best to promote or enable this as long as it is all a legitimate cause of purpose and integrity??? Which one is it --- the NOAA FED sanctuary funds or private funds developing Manu'a in protecting the Samoan culture (and I am not talking about China Communist Funds)??? Where is Manu'a going? Please let me know, I just wanna know. People please be informed, and speak your peaceful vote-filled voice throughout.

    I thank you for this time to comment Samoa News.

    Respectfully submitted:


    Kokomo, Indiana
    United States Taxpayer

  • Manu’a traditional leaders sign in support of sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    13 so called Leaders signed the petition on behalf of hundreds of Manu'a residents who actually LIVE in Manu'a. This stemmed from a meeting that was called the day off the meeting and was heard on the radio during the 7 a.m. news.

    So a meeting was called and to follow regulations, it was announced on the radio. How can these leaders agree to the expansion when the majority of them DO NOT LIVE in Manu'a. Have you asked the residents of Manu'a if they would agree to this expansion? Was the expansion ever cleary communicated to the residents of Manu'a, let alone Tutuila and Aunu'u? or Are the "Leaders" making decisions because they hold the titles in the village and their families would have NO CHOICE but to follow?

    Fagatele Bay should focus on educating the people of Tutuila, Aunu'u and Manu'a about conservation and preservation. Why throw a dart blindfolded when you can open your eyes and find the bullseye. Manu'a residents rely on these waters for subsistence. They fish in the early mornings and late afternoons. All these leaders know to do is eat, they have no idea how to fish, let alone the hard work THEIR families actually put in to catch that fish or sea creature.

    In Manu'a, they can't just go to KS Mart of Aveina or Kruse or any of these Asian owned markets to buy a bag of chicken. They have to fish and farm for their meals. Something we, living in American Samoa, have yet to experience. All the people in Manu'a want is inclusion. They want to be included in decision making, BECAUSE, they are the ones living on the island. They are the ones that nurture the land researchers and scientists yearn to preserve.

    A GREAT LEADER is humble and considerate. A LEADER who will take the time to include the people in decision-making. Educate the people about research and findings on their lands and shores so they too can appreciate and take pride in what their land has to offer. Trust me, all it takes is 5 minutes of your time to explain and answer their questions and concerns. Put yourself in their shoes, or are your feet too big they can't fit anymore?


    Letitia M. Peau

  • Vatia’s Fua’o christened on Saturday   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I have respect to what the Governor is doing here for the Vatia race boat....But I also have alots of question to be voices about why, and how come they brought the boat shed and squeezed it right close to the school, and also to break down the seawall. While there are lots of vacant land areas in the village to do it.

    It is obvious because someone is building an apartment complex right there, it will easy excess down to the beach area I assume and presume, what the plans was all about. Devious, and also stupid as a three dollar bill..... I would like the federal government to look at this illegal orchestration here in the village of Vatia, and started investigated all aspect of it....And to find out where the President of the Fono Gaoteote Palaie got the money to built his motel next to the school....Suppressed, and cover-up of information to this project is against the law.....Should started from how he got his loan approved while lots of people are moan and groan about the unfair practice given to the people. Illegal, falsifies of information on those application should be enough to have them brought to justice and be prosecuted. No one is above the law. They were under indictment once before for immigration matter in my recollection....And they seems like no remorsed for their wrongful doing whatsoever. The FBI and the Congress should be able to look at this matter here closely so that the light of justice can prevail for prosecution aspect.

    Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.....Exclusionary Rule to the same extent as illegal obtained informatio that led to it. These matais are no better than (ACCOMPLICE) act and activity accordingly.

  • Manu’a traditional leaders sign in support of sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Ta'atia i lalo, ae toe tatao atu iai ma le kiki i foliga. Talofae. Isn't it that the majority of these Matai's don't live in Manu'a? Mose gets visited by the Tuimanu'a's segaula at time, and the poor bird breaks out in tears every time Mose ask about the status of her sacred Islands. Poor segaula...sad. Mose

  • Vaitogi, Futiga leaders support sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Aga o Samoa lea e fai ai mea ale au matai ia, ia ua fa'ate'a ese male nu'u. Nonofo tamali'i ae fai ele au small potato a Vaitogi le village council. O e fai mai se tou vasega ile Maoputasi o le mea e ta'u ole nu'u. E sili ai le na iloa e Tigaiga ma Staka. Ua fa'akau kou ola i laia galuega e maua mai ia Stogi. Saili le manuia ole nu'u male fanau aua lumana'i o Vaitogi ma Amerika Samoa. Soifua

  • Vaitogi, Futiga leaders support sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago


  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Shame on you HTC Maiava and Leoka for selling the akule koolers to Luisa's store in Nuuuli
    Where are all the alii's of Leone? Where are Salavea and Salavea ???

  • After long absence, akule have returned to Leone   4 years 39 weeks ago


  • Vaitogi, Futiga leaders support sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    As with all samoan customs. The actual landowners of the land is silenced. What chief come from what family, especially those chiefs that have NO Blood ties to a clan. No blood ties is a big thing you think? When your children need a fish, hope you're not the one that starved them NO blood chiefs.

  • Take 2: Views on the News   4 years 39 weeks ago

    More sanctuaries is what this palagi wants. Loud and clear I read and hear.

  • Togiola urges soldiers to think again about supporting CAC proposal   4 years 39 weeks ago

    The frugality of the situation may not seem as costly to the Samoan people, however; it does have a severe impact upon our culture in the long run. Think politically! Although the advent of the federal government to take automatic actions didn't shunned us away out of fear of reprisal from our local government and domestic laws. Despite of being u.s nationals, the idea of attaining a U.S citizenship does sound remarkably satisfying to the heart. More opportunities and less headache to say the least.

    Rule of thumb-- America is a egocentric government thrusting for immediate extension of imperialism. Samoa is partially owned by the U.S, but the truth is, they have no entitlements to our lands. It's one commodity that 'we' as Samoan should take pride of. Say 'no' to taxation! Second, the u.s constitution is intertwine with our culture in our contemporary government of today. I take no further heed to what the U.S government whether they have labeled us as an "unincorporated and unorganized government".

    Let it be known, I stand firm that I will not support or take any furthering sanctioned into the CAC proposal 100%. If suing us is their last resort, let it be known there are other alternatives to their political motives. It doesn't take an individual to demolish their political thoughts and actions, but note this, it does take a valor unity of the Samoan people to do so. On another note, our samoan soldiers should take this matter into full considerations rather lightly. Of course, it's such an amazing experience of having a permanent stamp on all of your foreheads of being U.S Citizens by the utmost reverence done by Uncle Sam, without spending a cent or whatnot.

    Take a serious look at the overall spectrum of the situation my fellow soldiers. Have pride in our culture and say no to the American idiosyncrasy.


  • AS-EPA signs need to be taken seriously   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Beside E.coli, what else did you test for? Isn't this bacteria part of the normal flora of our large intestine? Mose understands that there's a whole family of these bugs. Which one did you find, ASPA? Mose

  • AmSam targeted in Romney’s quest for delegates   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 if you want REAL change! Romney, Obama, Gingritch, Santorum, they are all the same as George W. Bush, have you seen a change in 4 years? Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

    RON PAUL has been defending the Constitution for 20+ years and believes in less gov't and more freedom! RON PAUL predicted the housing and market crash of 2008, he has been a major critic of these unlawful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  • Take 2: Views on the News   4 years 39 weeks ago

    It sounds to me like Mr. Wolman is actually arguing *against* the Fagatele Bay expansion, at least for now. It sounds like he's saying, "this shouldn't be done when this many people oppose it." True, he says it should be revisited in the future, but he seems to me to be fundamentally respecting the people who oppose the expansion.

  • Hawkeye: Pre Flag Day Blues   4 years 39 weeks ago

    You lost me in your comment about Pep Boys in Am. Samoa there Anonymous. THX

  • Local Bar Association will closely monitor CAC plan   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Which one of these events will give away our lands and oceans faster. Togiola wants Sanctuaries and National Parks-- it must mean he still worships at Tauese's altar of holy reciprical church. Somebody go tell Togiola, His lord and savior Tauese is gone.

  • Togiola urges soldiers to think again about supporting CAC proposal   4 years 39 weeks ago

    So force citizenship we must. Why,you got to give us a choice to say, me national, you go right ahead if you want citizenship. I am a national--- a samoan with samoa blood, with samoan fingers and hands and feet. My identity is more important to me than who we can aspire to be. WE aspire to be chinese with chinese passports go right ahead. I live in another world called the past. It is my past birth place that detemines what my mind is saying. I am a village boy from a village setting, raised by village people, in tune with village characters and flaws.

    God save the village way--- the REAL village way of life. Go live in downtown Los Angeles for all I care. I would rather we never left at all, now that we KNOW what the other side looks like.

  • Governor defends calling Fono back for special session   4 years 39 weeks ago

    in your face says Togiola the Dictator. Call Senator Tulifua back from Las Vegas somebody.

  • Vaitogi, Futiga leaders support sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    When the people of Vaitogi and Futiga come to steal your fish, give them rocks for food. -- its not the whole village just a few greedy matais like Togiola--- oooppss did you people forget. Togiola is one of the many matai's, not the ONLY one people. Get it thru your heads-- he is not a leader, but a tyrant. What happens to tyrants over the years? ooohh yeah, thats it people, that's it.

  • Vaitogi, Futiga leaders support sanctuary expansion   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I don't recall Gaea, Allen or Soa asking my family for our opinion... as we live on directly beside the bay and are direct stakeholders, if they are going to sign a letter on my behalf - I expect that they at the very least approach me, my designated elder (my father), or my duly elected representative (my matai) for our opinion. As I don't see my matai's name on the short list of names, I'm not enthused at having my name, however indirectly, associated with support of NOAA's proposal to expand their sanctuary as I am most certainly opposed.

    And I strongly oppose this expansion. My father opposes the expansion. My cousins and various members of our aiga who I have spoken with oppose the expansion. We all live in Vaitogi and have land that borders the water of the bay.

    I think they actually need to call a session of the Village Council, who I don't think has formally met in quite a while, which calls into question how the village council can sign anything... officially or unofficially.

  • Apple unveils 'new iPad' with sharper screen   4 years 39 weeks ago

    I think technology are great, but sometime also come with lots of fraud orchestration after all. The abused has been involved makes it dreadful....Because it seems kind out of control to chaotic danger of causing humongous problems everywhere.
    As long it has a good security to all they made will be fine, other than that, be monitored closely for errroneous and schemes, fraud activity, etc.


    Looks like a beautiful island, I consider visiting such island of Fiji in the near future myself, for curiosity purpose first. I want to know a comparison to Am/Samoa for that matter....According to millions and millions of dollars has been waste in Am/Samoa still isn't develope yet vs Fiji an independant island of the south pacific I presume. And I saw a lots of TV commercials vacation to Fiji lately here in America was my reason wanted to visit there in the future. Just for comparison, acquirement purpose.

  • Senate approves administration bill for $100K   4 years 39 weeks ago

    The Honorable Senators Velega Savali, and Fuata, Dr. Iatala are to be commended for their staunch position regarding this bill. We support your views on this issue.
    Too bad the Senate President was thinking about the faletele.

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 39 weeks ago

    yes good answer from anonymous.. PRESENCE is everything. and preferably a samoan security guard, since those punks think they can walk all over a foreign national. my guess is those kids will not want to pick a fight with a big huge samoan stud standing at the door. boo yah!

  • CJ Floor to represent territory in Olympic qualifier   4 years 39 weeks ago

    "Lia" Mata'afa with parental roots from NUUULI is also in Morrocco representing American Samoa as a female wrestler in the Qualifier for the London Olympics 2012

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