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  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Since we are digging up articles...here's one that you may find interesting...


    Editor's Note:  A not guilty verdict returned in Jones’ rape, sexual abuse trial on March 2, 2007 after a jury trial.  Here is the text of the Samoa News story from March 3, 2007, written by La Poasa:

    A six-member jury found businessman Tim Jones, 41, “not guilty” of rape and first-degree sexual abuse yesterday at the High Court, bringing to an end a year old case that has caused hardship for all involved -  the 14-year-old complaining witness, Jones, and their families.

    The jury deliberated for more than three hours before reaching its decision. Immediately after the clerk read out the verdict, Jones  let out a sigh and his attorney, Sharron Rancourt was in tears.

    Rancourt said she’s happy that the jury did the job they were entrusted to perform.

    “Mr. Jones maintained his innocence from the beginning and I hope he can put this behind him now,” Rancourt added.

    Jury foreman John Lafaele said this was very difficult case and the jurors closely reviewed the evidence to reach their verdict. He said the government’s case could’ve been stronger and there were questions that came up unanswered and most of it revolved around the Attorney General’s Office as to whether a thorough investigation was conducted.

    The government’s case was based on the victim’s statement to police in January 2006 and there was no physical evidence as the alleged rape occurred December 2005.

    “It was very difficult,” Lafaele said. “I’m thankful it’s over!”

    Assistant Attorney General Fa’amomoi Masaniai, who prosecuted the case on behalf of the government, said he was very disappointed with the verdict.

    “Basically what the jury is telling the people of American Samoa is that if a little girl is raped, don’t come forward. Don’t say anything because were not going to listen to you and that’s disappointing,” said Masaniai. “I still believe in the victim. I believe her.”

    He said it’s unfortunate now that victims do not have an outlet.

    “There’s no justice for them and that’s something we’re going to have to address in the future,” the prosecutor said.

    The complaining witness told the jury that Jones called her over to his truck and when she got there, Jones pushed her in the truck, drove her to his home and had sex with her.

    Jones testified that he never had sex with the complaining witness and never touched her in a sexual manner.

    Jones had faced between five to 15 years in jail for statutory rape, and up to five years for first-degree sexual abuse.

    The trial was heard before Associate Justice Lyle L. Richmond and associate judges Mamea and Saole.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Better verify...because I believe your man Tuika Tuika was still at Department of Treasury until just recently. If this case goes through, he would also be disqualified, leaving only Save Sandra...just saying...

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I humor u not when i say that after Tuesdays hearing all ur candidate will be out... and when this happens Tim Jones and Tuika Tuika will rise to the occasion and Bring American Samoa out of its dark regime days.....Best of luck to Tim Jones and Tuika Tuika

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Afoa is a lawyer. Not a bad person and very likable but a lawyer. Not a money manager or business person which we so desperately need. We have seen first hand that lawyers as Governors dont do well in managing money. Afoa made his fortune in land by taking cases and payment in land from people who couldnt afford to pay cash. Lawyers make money on the conflicts and hardships of others. Thats what you want as a Governor? Too funny.

    But that isnt what disturbs me about Afoa. Any politician that repeatedly runs and loses is completely disregarding the will of the majority. Its all about him and not what the people want. You think it will be any different if he actually does get elected one day? The situation we have now at the courts with all the candidates getting disqualified. If Afoa's team wasnt one of them, he could have actually been elected this time and not truly by the majority of the people that wanted him. And then you would get your wish.

    Everyone has thier favorite candidates for one reason or another. Lolo is no doubt very popular (especially if you got a bank loan from him)and Faoa who is a very struggling candidate as an incumbent has a strong following for all the people he got jobs for in ASG.

    But when you say "JONES WHO", you clearly have not researched him. You can probably start here at the United Nations Web site about Jones. http://www.un.org/smallislands2005/tonga.html

    After that if you really want to see what one man can do with out asking for any praise or public notice, just keep digging and you will see. He has fixed our roads with his own resources (documented by Samoan News), he has built from scratch two international companies.

    I spoke to him about a month ago. I asked him if he was still running as there were no signs up and no bumper stickers. He told me that signs and bumper stickers are the mark of a politician "something he was not" and the beginning of the first lies.

    I dont know about you but thats not only funny but very true! He also said he was waiting for the right time to launch his economic recovery plan for American Samoa. I heard a little piece of it and Im pretty sure you wont be saying "Jones Who" when you hear this. It is pretty amazing and nothing like any other candidate is saying.

    Like you, Im tired of the lies and promises during election time. Politicians are so full of it. But dont discount Jones until you meet him. He is stronger than you give him credit for and will make his move soon enough. Right now I will tell you this, Im a strong family member of one of the other candidates. I walk the villages and have my family candidate bumper sticker on my car. But, Im voting for Jones. The Governor needs to be good for everyone. Not just one family. In my humble opinion.

  • Oral arguments in candidate challenge set for Tuesday   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Junior everytime you talk all I hear is blah blah blah. Why do you insist on bringing up what someone could have done in the past... that is such a lame argument. The "allegations" that these candidates resigned after actively campaigning is public knowledge due to the fact that it was publicized on Samoan news. The people of intrest here are not even going to argue that matter in court. Now your argument on time constraints is also absurd because Save and Sandra wrote a letter of complaint 6 months ago and Soliai decided to wait to the last minute to give his response, obviously in hopes that their team would not have enough time to present their case.

    Then you go on about the influence the federal government will have on our election process??? Really??? It is in our very own laws, the same laws that went through our fono... are you saying that there are some laws that we shouldn't abide by?

    In the mean time, Save and Sandra have been out and about campaigning and getting their platform out daily...wait a minute ...I thought you weren't demeaning their campaign, or is it time to go back on what you said because you have no leg to stand on?

    Hang it up Junior, your out of plays. Your decorative words are not fooling anyone here. Your arguments hold no weight, they're as valid as an expired gallon of milk...and smell just the same. It's Sunday so ... Mr. "Tama faiumu", go handle your business.

  • Oral arguments in candidate challenge set for Tuesday   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Malo Mr. Sole. Thanks for the journalistic entertainment and conjectural hypothesis. Reading your fictional story-book conclusion of the supposedly scenario to this Save Sandra complaint, is what tabloids are made of. Your presumptuous arrogance in assuming that this matter has already been concluded with the Save and Jones team being the only gubernatorial candidates to legally run for office is “clownish” and fodder for amateurs.

    Instead of concentrating on their campaign and sending their platform message to the voters of the territory, the team of Save Sandra have decided to stir up the ire of the people by crying “FIRE”, when there’s less then 50 days left before the November election. It’s as if they are saying that the people of the territory, along with it’s leaders, are not capable to run their own government or legislate laws.

    For over 30 years, since we’ve been electing our Governor and Lt. Governor, the territory has enjoyed a smooth and harmonious transition of power in between. Albeit, that the style of campaigning has changed a lot during these past years, we have managed to operate and run our election system without federal intervention or local manipulation.
    That was then, now we have a relatively unknown gubernatorial team in this years election, trying desperately to unhinged our election process, by crying foul.

    Their challenge is that the election laws have been violated by a few candidates who they “alleged” did not resign from their government jobs, prior to their campaigning for public office. Although, this suit is against the few gubernatorial candidates and the chief election officer(CEO), the ramification of this mess, if there ever is one, goes beyond just the gubernatorial election, if proven true. It also questions the legitimacy of the House of Representatives and their respected Faipules. But, more than that, this matter has a southward trickling affect to the days of our first Governor, Peter Tali Coleman.

    My question to the Save Sandra team is “why did you not bring this matter up in past elections?” I am sure that the former Judge Save must have had some insight understanding of this particular campaign legislation during his term with the judicial branch. Why did he not argue this with the Fono membership for their investigation, or for that matter, why did he not being it to the attention of the CEO back then? Sandra is versed with our local laws, why did she not bring this matter before the Fono, during her prior employment at Speaker of the House, Matagi McMoores, administration?

    If the court upholds this claim by the Save Sandra team, what does this say about our past gubernatorial elections? Are we to expunge and undo the people’s hard work all these past years to elect their leaders, because a team of newly, amateurish political pundits cannot strategize their campaign to come up with ways to challenge their opposition? As sad as this may sound, but, in my opinion, this is their last stand in making their position known.

    If the court rules against their claim, the team of Save Sandra will be the laughingstock of the territory and political circles. It behooves their cause that they win this argument before the court. A lot is at stake for them, but, especially for the territory. Because failure for them, at this moment, will not only be devastating, but, it would be strategically beneficial for their team and supporters to start looking towards other teams to support. But, I know that in the end, the court will rule in favor of the people and put this matter to rest, once and for all.

    JR Faaola

  • Governor tells cabinet he supports election of senators   4 years 12 weeks ago

    On March 3, 1945 the U.S. Congress first used the constitutional provision allowing congressional overrides. This also represented Congress' "parting Gift" to President Tyler as he left office.
    Two weeks earlier Tyler vetoed Congressional bill that would have denied him the power to appropriate revenue to build cutter ships without Congressional Approval. Let's give Governor Togiola a parting gift and approve the veto override referendum in November.

    Another great parting gift would be a kick in the _ _ _ to speed the process since he wants to get paid for excess leave.

  • VELEGA: TOGIOLA, fa’auma lou taimi ae alu ese   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I totally agreed with Senators Velega and Galea'i concerning Governor Togiola's idea to select Senators for the Senate by the general votes rather than through their respective Districts.

    As a matter of fact, our forefathers originally established the selections of Senators by Districts for a good reason. It is the only way to maintain and carry-on our samoan cultures and traditions.

    I've seen so many well educated young Samoans graduated from various prestigious Universities that have no clues on our cultures and traditions. They are smart, but too pride and arrogant to cherish our way of life. Therefore, please don't change the way we have been selected our Senators...Let's yield to the way our forefathers already established for the selection of our Senators....

  • Governor tells cabinet he supports election of senators   4 years 12 weeks ago

    "Serve your time and Get Out"

    The Kovaga probably got a standing ovation from his cabinet for his opinion on Senators being elected by the people. Senator Velega Savali gets a standing ovation from hundreds of people for his opinion on the Kovaga. Serve your time and Get Out Togi.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I did not say that I researched all the candidates ... I was questioning the 'research' that individual claimed to have made. As for Afoa, well all I know is that he went against his word last election and ended giving into the power house that is leading us now. As far as their qualifications as a team...well i guess that remains in the hands of the courts now huh? At least Save and Sandra are standing up for what is right and what is legal...no other 'clean' team is taking a stance..

  • Palau credited for U.S. success on Pacific tuna treaty   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Is that peso's or like Swahili rock money dude. Nome of that stays in American Samoa nor any of the island nations mentioned. Bull-crap Kagan. We get crap for the fish we own.


  • Oral arguments in candidate challenge set for Tuesday   4 years 12 weeks ago

    The ballots have already been cast. Shut the doors, the club is about to go bumping.


  • Governor tells cabinet he supports election of senators   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Elderly abuse is rampant in the islands. I regret, that we have developed a sense of entitled speech. Unlike, other cultures, we demand that our old dudes be treated with much respect. Just overheard from the governors mental mentors, the governor wants evey senator to go get a real job---LOL---

    Se malo foi Togiola, ua fia ata foi lenei fanau. Ua uma upu ma tala.


  • Governor tells cabinet he supports election of senators   4 years 12 weeks ago

    This is the most important issue in all of the territory, progressive change must be implemented or else our culture and way of life as we know it could be in jeopardy or lost in the fog of skepticism/naivism ?

    with all due respect to our local cultural leaders, I strongly believed in debating the issues in a competitve process. It is a basic fundamental right of a true representative democracy, when important issues are discussed, evaluated and put into the fire, reasonable and logical results emanates.

    When Senators are elected by the mojority, it's a good feeling that all not the few have a part of it. It is the fullfilment of one's inalienable rights/ oblications and citizenship, that He/She is part of something that is so important. Resulting, People feel better and supportive of its policies toward progrssive growth.

    I've been a strong advocate of local leaders as culture consultants advising the fono in such matters and could very well asserted their cultural influence/experiences in formulating inportant policies/issues. However The notion that our ancestors upholding/securing our culture by clinging on the old fashion way, with due respect, is naive and irresponsible, we just can not hold on the old ways, or return to it, and expecting progress and better results.

    This is 21st century, we must find ways to improve and make things better. We must not be held bondage by such untrue and fictional conclusion that such notion guranteed the safegaurding of our prestigious culture and way of life. In fact electing senators by the ballot box in the general election not only brings out the best of our culture, our faith, our litercy, our trust, and whom we are has nothing to do with deminishing our culture nor depreciating our way of life! in fact we all benefitted and move FORWARD!

    I'm with the Governor on this one. It's important folks that we have a call of duty and a devine obligation to ELECT our leaders not/never selecting by the few!

    respectfully SL Unutoa.

  • Oral arguments in candidate challenge set for Tuesday   4 years 12 weeks ago

    We see here a situation where real potential for elimination of powerful Gubernatorial candidates is before us. If the court enforces the law which is very clear in this situation,the remaining Gubernatorial candidates will be Save and Jones.

    What does this mean? It means no run off and change is guaranteed. It means the people that have been in power and the corner stone for all corruption in the territory will be powerless for at least four years. Or will they? If they get to Save or Jones and make a deal, they could be back in power but behind the scenes.

    It would seem unlikely that they would turn to Save and Sandra since they were the cause of action that got this disqualification process happening. But it also seems unlikely that they would go to Jones because he is a palagi and which means they could not control him or his actions through cultural channels.

    They could try to broker a deal with Tuika but Tuika is not the front runner. He is the Lt. So a deal with Tuika may not fly with Jones.

    With out this control they (the status quo) are still powerless.

    It is also unlikely that the super powers of American Samoa are going to sit out the next four years and do nothing. So it is my opinion that they will swallow their pride and go to Save and Sandra to make a deal because it is still possible to control a Samoan leader using Samoan Cultural channels.

    But what about Jones? If he wins will he unleash Tuika to audit and prosecute freely all the old corruption? Or will he do as he said he would do and forgive the past to focus on the future?

    Jones vs Save guarantees change. But will Lolo and Faoa get to them to make a deal limiting real change? I would like to see this question asked of both Save and Jones in a public forum. Will they deal with the power houses of Lolo and Faoa to assure a win?

    Has American Samoa every seen anything like this in the history of the free elections? Im one voter that is amazed and excited for change. I have not made up my mind to go for Save or Jones. I would like to speak to them both in person so I know what kind of men they really are. Forget rumors and gossip. I want to talk to the man behind the name.

    Are you kind enough and strong enough to lead my country?

  • Governor tells cabinet he supports election of senators   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Our Elder Fathers & Mothers in the Fono are abosulutely correct in that we should continue with the election / selection of our Senators by traditional Samoan custom according to our traditional districts.

    Doing so will ensure the preservation of our promised Samoan culture. Anything otherwise will be the beginning of the end of our sacred culture.

    Our traditional method of selecting our Senators should NEVER EVER be changed.

    Thank you Elder Fathers & Mothers of our Senate who are keeping our Samoan culture intact for me, my children, and my children's children. And thank you for honoring the promise of our Fathers who have already gone on before us.

    May God Bless us all.

  • S & S attorney calls on AG for probe into resignation issue   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I applaud Save and Sandra for what they are doing in the midst of everything that is going on. It is good to see this team stand firm in upholding the law right from the start. A new governor has not been elected yet and here the S & S team is showing courage and integrity by ensuring that the law is being upheld; this is a wonderful display of leadership especially within our SAMOAN community.

    Our people should not just look at this case or this act as it is but to take a deeper look at what it stands for. Many a times has political power been misused and inappropriate acts been conducted right in front of us (ex: mistresses, misuse of funds, lying).... Weird thing is, they know we see them....... (Samoa is actually pretty small). I know a lot of such things are done elsewhere but I'm talking about the people that we call "mo Tama o le atun'u." The people we call fathers or mothers of our culture, our villages, our people.

    Dont get me wrong though, I am not referring to all of them but to those who do not live accordingly to the standards that they CHOSE to follow when they decided to take on such an position of influence. Such positions of influence does come with power and other great things but it is not for their personal gain but for the betterment of the people.

    So far, the gov't is in debt, Medicare is still 1970's, sexual crimes burglaries and drugs are common now. I mean after the billions of dollars we received from the US over the past years the Samoan people and the community are not living as they received such funds. I mean, some potholes that we drive in on the main road have been there for over 5 years and the money the people gave the gov't to fix it is paying for a nice expensive vacation off-island.

    The decision made by S & S and their team is admirable because it is telling the people that we should stand up to being treated unfairly and that we have the right to equality despite how big the bully is. Good job team S $ S! Good job leading by example. This is what the people need, more action.
    I pray the best for American Samoa.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    So what was your research which led you to endorse Save and Sandra? Because they are 'clean'? Half the candidates running are pretty good citizens of Am. Samoa with no bad records. Havent heard anything bad about Tuika! And why is Afoa not qualified? Because he endorsed Togiola? That's it? ... Anything else? If you actually do some REAL research, you will find ALOT of these candidates' lives intertwine personally and professionally... That includes Save and Sandra!

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I find it interesting that Tamaoletumua states that "after reading all the bio's.. Etc of all the candidates" the best candidate would be Lolo .. But then goes on to say some pretty witless comments about the other candidates... Really?!?! Did you REALLY read ALL the candidates platforms and bios?

    ...I'm afraid ... you just don't understand what you're reading and pretending like you have an idea when you actually don't. I am even willing to bet my next paycheck on the fact that you have no clue what the other candidates platforms are... And most likely don't even know what LOLOs platform is!!

    Why don't you educate yourself by ACTUALLY reading what each of the different candidates have to offer? ... maybe talk about why YOUR candidate is the best and most qualified person for the job at hand!!
    Like the saying goes "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance"

    ~best of luck to all the candidates!!

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Did you do a full research on all the candidates or just on Afoa and Lei? I think you are probably just related to one of them. And they are the most qualified because they are lawyers? Togiola was also a lawyer. I guess based on your research...he should have steered our island well. I guess you should have more on the qualification list before you determine who the best choice should be. Didnt Afoa endorse Togiola after the last election? Hmmm.... I think there is yet a better choice out there....and it sure is not going to be Lolo.

    I dont want our first business at hand to be our govenor defending himself against the federal government. He already has enough on his plate, and enough people to support like his wife and girlfriend ...seriously???? Really is that the kind of leader that should be in office?

    I say vote for the team that is already striving to make people accountable for their actions, and the team that is doing things the right way...not the way that it has always been. Save and Sandra have been underestimated but they are showing some great courage right now and they have clean records and an extensive background.

  • Notre Dame's Manti Te'o mourns loss of 2 loved ones in 2 days   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Our hearts to this boy. We are reminded how life is like vapor. O God, Let me count the days of this lifetime and reminded that you are the time keeper.


  • Notre Dame's Manti Te'o mourns loss of 2 loved ones in 2 days   4 years 12 weeks ago

    May God be with you as you play your most dificult game. May God comfort you and family during this most difficult of time. God bless.


    Togiola is the Problem. When your looking for men of country whom God has made, don't look to Togiola. That's not a Leader.

  • Pago A edges Vaitogi to retain cup   4 years 12 weeks ago


  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    i've been reading all these comments about who should be the best candidates? But what happens is we never took the initiative to sit down and think of all these candidates promises. I am sick and tired of promises that never came true. I think it's time we give Afoa a chance. It's been a long time and no one bother's to give him a chance. I believe in him because he has helped me in the past. Where was Lolo and Lemanu when i needed help, How about Faoa and Taufete'e?

    Afoa and Le'i to atu lou pulou ia te oulua. Fa'atuatua i le Atua, e to'atele tagata o lo'o sapasapaia oulua.

    So, if someone ask me who should i vote for? I vote for the person who helped me individually. Did not care what my status in society, or how young i am. He helped me out and I am forever greatful for that.

    You got my Vote!

    Afoa and Le'i !

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