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  • DPS Deputy Commissioner says Asst AG should have been arrested   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Ms. Phillipe should withdraw from her position as an assistant attorney general. It is appropriate when you have brought discredit to your office to resign, you then can rehabilitate your career. Shooting stars fall to the ground with great velocity.

  • DPS Deputy Commissioner says Asst AG should have been arrested   4 years 35 weeks ago

    I have to admit, I was on the bus. I am often called on to speak, and this was a time when we were commanded not to speak.
    When others are around, it is not always pack mentality that drives behavior. Sometimes you have to be a best friend and stick up for the underdog.
    There was a previous article that had a commenter stating: "If you lie with animals you wake up with fleas". I think that is very disrespectful. If we paint with broad strokes we will never see the beautiful details of people. Like Wyland's mural- it's not just a whale- it's a whole community!
    Ms Phillipe was not interfering with anything. She was diffusing a situation while the police were hounding her friend.
    The Deputy Commissioner should stop trying to be "top dog" and be thankful that it was such an easily diffused situation.

  • Miss Samoa hopefuls - step right up   4 years 35 weeks ago

    What is your point Mataava? Miss Samoa NZ does not represent all of Samoans but the Samoan communities in New Zealand. Your ideas of sending a Miss Samoa New Zealand to visit communities in Samoa sounds nice but this is part of the role given to the Miss Samoa, the girl that is crowned Miss Samoa.
    I overheard on the Samoa radio in Auckland that since you took over the chair for the Miss Samoa NZ you have decided by yourself not to send any more Miss Samoa NZ to compete in Samoa for the title of Miss Samoa.
    I could not understand nor can I comprehend why would you stop these hopeful girls from fulfilling their dream of becoming the Miss Samoa to represent our country to Miss South Pacific. It is sad really when you think about it.
    I wonder if you tried to compete and you didn't win and that is probably the reason why you decided to do this and demolish every other Samoan girl's dream of Miss Samoa.

  • Prosecutor alleged to have interfered with arrest following another woman’s public peace disturbance   4 years 35 weeks ago

    OK, it's funny how they (Friends of Philippe) are jumping in for the rescue. Look guys, if Philippe (your friend) understands the law as she's suppose to, all these complaints that only now are surfacing would have been filed from the get go when the officer arrived on scene, if there was any case of misconduct (assault/harasshment) from the club staffing. Yet you and your so called party try to flee the scene before police arrived. Now the merits of your actions speaks louder than your poor agruments. My advice to all friends of this poor/selfish attorney (Philippe), you can't fight stupid.

  • Ouch! Another petroleum hike — across the board   4 years 35 weeks ago

    We do well when we think of the future. A future not controlled by some Arab sheik in the middle of the desert.

  • Op-Ed: Meet Bahrain’s Best Friend in Congress   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Wow...the non voting delegate of American Samoa is traveling overseas paid for by Bahrain government while still on US taxpayers payroll? supporter of the Arab Spring? while American Samoa is struggling for survival? Are you kidding me? paid by US taxpayers and promoting violence overseas?
    Malo Eni Faleomavaega Hunkin. Lets see how many more who are on the congressional payroll & traveling and enjoying 'taxpayers' money without actually working for the people of American Samoa. It is time for a 'spring, summer and fall 2012 clean up in Washington D.C. and congress.


    how many times? he's been trying for 16 years...

  • Private sector testifies before Fono on $10 Mil bill   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Vote Togiola. Hey psycopants, your job is next. Now that's funny man.

  • Private sector testifies before Fono on $10 Mil bill   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Understand for me and get me the nearest Economist you can find. Maybe behind the coconut trees in Sailele, sit the Sailele Economist down and have a chat with him or her.
    As you talk, embrace the Economist and say, now I won't hurt now Economist, but tell me before I throw you into the bay, what happens when you raise prices on consumer products drastically across the board?
    Then the Economist starts thinking, thinking, thinking and blinking. He looks at you and you look at him staring and staring for hours. And with one sigh, he says, you're up shit creek brother. Ok ok bad news good news. Taxes go up and business shuts down, but at least when you're drunk, you got a hospital to go to after the village fafafines beat the crap out of you.

  • DPS Deputy Commissioner says Asst AG should have been arrested   4 years 35 weeks ago

    So the Deputy Commissioner hasn't read the report but he thinks he knows what should have been done. How can he know if he doesn't have the whole story?
    Is anything going to happen to the officers that did the wrong thing according to the Deputy Commissioner? Or will they get off with nothing for doing the wrong thing?
    Why does it takes so long to write a report for something that happened over 10 days ago. Why does it take so long to get a report? I know people who have to wait months to get a report from DPS after they were robbed or beaten up. Why isn't the report done the same day?
    And isn't Marion Fitisemanu an ex-cop that resigned for wrongdoing or something? Was he trying to get the cops to do something they shouldn't have been doing? This whole thing stinks, no one is clean in this.

  • Revenue projection for $10 Mil tax hike goes to Fono   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Raise taxes is the solution? Your in a hole, so the idea is to dig more? Are you kidding? Raising taxes does the complete opposite of the desired result. Creating an environment to create jobs is the solution. The playbook is a conservative cost cut of government non-essential services as well as the creation of new industry.

  • Private sector testifies before Fono on $10 Mil bill   4 years 35 weeks ago

    It is well known among the politically enlightened that
    American Samoa is not unlike the United States Federal Government in that they don't have a revenue problem (amount of funds collected from grants and taxes), they have a spending problem (amount of funds wasted by the ASG). Increasing taxes in a depressed economy is not only harmful to the economy, it will no doubt reduce the pecuniary value of total tax revnue.

  • OP-ED: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE FONO   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Once again read the report and review the Health care 101 Course. The go back to law school and review negotiations 101.
    If all else fails call for another special session .

  • NHHC Career Fair reveals telemedicine as jobs focus   4 years 35 weeks ago

    It says, telemedicine, "could" create other opportunities. Does this mean, we ar trained, but have NO jobs? Or does this mean, well trained Samoans in telemedicine will haveto wait for jobs? Where are the JOBS?oooops, somebody forgot to ask soldier girl, when and where do I report for duty. Yikes, we shall see.

  • 2012 Fautasi Committee has new chairman   4 years 35 weeks ago

    We need help to raise money for the falemai Chiefy? How about raise some money for LBJnjust in case you just might get sick from all that excitement of who will win, because after all that may change history to know who wins a fautasi race righty?

    Heres a quick question. Who won the 1983 fautasi race? Don't know? Neither does the rest of the world dudes, neither does the rest of the world. But, hey hey hey, let's put efffortless efforts in things that matter right, like a few fat guys in a boat paid for by taxes and loans, but it's just me now, or is it?

  • Samoa Victim Support Group to open local office for the territory   4 years 35 weeks ago

    More duplication. They are already funded by World Health Organization, England, New Zealand and Australia.....Why come and skim off from what we have.
    After the dust settles from a glorious entrance, we shall see what couldve been prevented.

    Were going to be stealing and enticing victims from each other just like the churches to fill the benches, quotas or data all in the name of stealing grant support.

  • “LBJ FRIDAY CRISIS”   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Where do you think the other half of the 3 million is going to go....Its already being funneled out to pay the back wages and to the $100,000.00 plus to all off island physicians, CEO,CFO etc.

    Instead of looking at the government, these admin LBJ people who are paid the mega bucks are responsible for everything in the hospital. If there is shortage you dont shake and bake the people while your outside the oven turning up the heat, you improvise and find ways to help alleviate the problem. You donot commit Institutional violence against helpless people you are sworn to help and protect. There is only one hospital.

    By the way why you never get your high paying grant writers to apply for other sources of assistance. Instead of squeezing water from rocks and paying huge salaries for the off island nurse that was newly hired super for Recovery Rm, the attorney that took over the Records management and the DUI attorney for LBJ???

    Oh by the way when the Fono investigation began, these three were allowed to run away back to where they came from.
    U guys think Ur slick........

    The writer is talking about a mute leadership allowing substandard care to force people to become lynch mobs.

  • McConnell Dowell works on Hope House Rd   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Ask a question and get a evangelic to answer a simple little question, like, where does all the church money go to? You cannot advance an army if the general keeps taking the money supply. The War is on earth, not in heaven folks.


    It's such a shame that the judges did not know that Egyt is part of Africa.

  • OP-ED: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE FONO   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Since Mose's question is a good one (although hypothetical), I'm obliged to respond. My response will be in the form of an LTE or Op-ed so to reach a wider audience as Mose's question deserves such, and people need to get in on this important dialogue. Mose himself need to open up and share his wealth of knowledge, opinion, and what not with us and be involved in effort to bring the conversation to the Fono and Kovana (and prospective candidates); such is where the "rubber hits the road". At some point, we need to take this conversation there...where it counts!

  • Avele Club will compete to “The Best of Our Ability”   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Story of my life. If ever a book was to written. I would start with the Battle Uphill at Aoloau.

  • “THE DARK SIDE OF NOAA”   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Papalii, thanks for your insights. Totally agree. The environmental impact statement for NOAA's Fagatele Bay expansion even admits that it is Samoan custom and tradition for villages to exercise jurisdiction over their waters. To date there is no documented proof, that the U.S. took away our village councils' traditionally exercised sovereignty over the waters. It is only people like Governor Togiola, the local DOC people, and the blogger that called you 'upu sa who don't know the meaning of native rights and who are quick to give away our mea sina for $$$. I challenge all of them to find documented proof that our traditional governments lost the pule over their village waters.

  • Gov reveals ASG talking with company to manage LBJ   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Get a new Governor.

  • Tusi Fa’alaua’itele i le Fono: “Tautai poto oe, ina ne’i malemo le fa’amoemoe o le atunu’u”   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Tu'u ia lenei pili se ia maua se kovana fou a le atunu'u ae 'aua le fa'atopetopea ina ne'i goto le va'a o le atunu'u. Faafetai.

  • Federal offenders monitored in the territory, more coming   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Indeed, let justice prevail.Cheers!

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