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  • “HOLD ON TO OUR CULTURE”   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Like many Samoan families we all have families holding the fort in the motherland and families abroad. If there is a degree of 'loss' of the culture and fa'a-Samoa then the answer is found in the nucleus or center of the faa-Samoa: The Aiga. Our families. That has never changed in the faa-Samoa. It's where we first learned how to eat and walk, how to love, how to respect. Teachings and practices of culture behavior and knowledge of the culture begins at home and it fails when those beginings fail at home (unless an individual makes bad decisions when they leave the home setting). 'The Aiga' in another form is the village, the church, these groups that made up the structure of Culture and Religious beliefs.

    On the same token, the world never remains the same. Samoans, like any other culture in the world, have to find the balance to keep the culture at heart while navigating the changing world and embrace the array of cultures that in their environment. it's waht makes this world such a colorful creation that we live in. The more you know the better you get. Welcome the different cultures and be a master in knowledge of our own. Go back to the beginning -- the nucleus of the family.

  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So when the law is violated, who upholds it? I mean the judges say that the subsection was intended to prohibit certain activities of the gubernatorial candidates not to establish additional qualification or eligibility requirements. Yet these certain candidates committed the acts under subsection f which the judges acknowledge that are prohibited....so what now?. If subsection f is meant to prohibit certain activities by the candidates and it falls under section 4.0102 QUALIFICATIONS for gov. and lt. gov.......would the candidates qualify if they violated subsection f? 

    So, it is in the law (subsection f) that these acts done by these certain candidates are prohibited but it cannot be enforced because it does not say "not eligible," in the subsection that falls under qualifications. Doesn't the section "qualifications" determine eligibility and the  subsections are meant to clarify it.

    Its weird, the court didn't say, that what these people did were not against the law. Instead, by acknowledging that section f prohibits certain activities, the very acts committed by these certain candidates, the court is acknowledging that the law was violated. Question is..... how is it being enforced so that justice, equality, and fairness is ensured? The court decides that a candidate can not challenge the qualifications of the other candidates referring to section f. Ha! If we looked at it plainly.....it goes like this, Save and Sandra did not just challenge the candidates, they did their duty as citizens and reported that certain people were violating the law; certain candidates were committing acts that are prohibited under section 4.0102, qualifications of a gov and lt. gov. It's amazing though how the people turn to the courts for justice and yet we get an fancy explanation that may sound extraordinary but in reality, if you slowly unwrap everything, you find an excuse, an excuse to hide fear, fear of what justice might bring. Well, that's my opinion.

    What we see here is an illusion of justice within society so that we feel safe; and so that when we wake up in the morning we can say that our system works. If we don't vote for a leader that has the heart to fix the system instead of adding to its malfunction......where in for trouble. Look at it now, we are borderline broke, funds are being misused, Medicare is still 1970's, and the crime rate is moving up. Kalofae Samoa, who did this to you.....in reality.....we chose them. Let's vote right this time!

  • “SHOTGUN APPROACH”   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Im confused about this 'Shotgun Approach'. Trying to make sense of the keywords: Samoa's future; culture; teachers teaching world history; top of the food chain; what are you trying to say?

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    What's so normal about creating a law, breaking it, and then brushing it aside because it has been the "practice" for several years? Oh wait...that is normal for the territory.

    That's why American Samoa, it needs to stop somewhere and this is the beginning of making things "normal". An "Awareness" is what came out of this ruling...whether it be for Save and Sandra supporters or supporters of any of the candidates everywhere...it is an awareness of the political injustice that exists in our territory.

    Why vote for those who claim they are "working hard" for your vote and support when it becomes "null and void" if you have to break the law to do it. Be smart. Vote for Integrity.


  • DOH has been dysfunctional for long time, says doctor   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Dr. Tuiolosega is a good man, and a true doctor at heart. I believe what he is saying about the lack of health care in Manu'a. Dr. Tuiolosega is a true professional and loves his people, especially the people of Manu'a.

    My grandmother Fa'amalo Lemafa Puailoa has close ties to Manua'a that she even gave birth to my mother Tuitogama'atoe Puailoa Fanene in Olosega, Manu'a March 17, 1936.

    The Faipule from Manu'a have been getting their paychecks regularly for the past several decades, yet the healthcare in Manu'a continues to be a very heartbreaking problem. I think the Faipule for Manu'a should work for no pay and that money should go to pay for the medicine, vehicle, etc. needed for the people of Manu'a.

    When the healthcare problem in Manu'a is soleved, then the Manu'a Faipule can be put back on the payroll.

    Respectfully submitted.

  • “NEW KIND OF FONO”   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Great wisdom from a veteran public servant. Hurry up and retire from the private sector and render yourself available to the next governor at whatever capacity appropriate. In restrospect, the governor's staff that you were a prominent part of was the best (hasn't been emulated since, and compared to the current one, well...) Your tribute to the late Tuanaitau Tuia says alot about your knowledge of local people, leaders, and government. In short, get back in. We're of age that we need to prepare this place to make it better, then hand it over to our children.
    Manuia le aso.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    It’s amazing how many amateur legal eagles are out there. There’s no satisfying of some people, despite the Appellate Court’s final ruling on this matter. Of course, one can’t really blame these so-called legal critics, if they were ever versed in the law to begin with, and their opposition to the ruling. I think it’s safe to say that these critics are either supporters of the Save Sandra team or individuals who have disdain and contempt for the defendant’s or plain rejects who failed miserably in law school.

    Now that the Appellate Court has ruled against the Save Sandra complaint, the territory can get back to normalcy with it’s political campaigning. Due to the Save Sandra conundrum, every gubernatorial team has lost some votes due to supporters leaving the island on flights to the mainland and elsewhere. It’s quite sad how things worked out for the Save Sandra team in their desperate attempt to nullify and void the candidacy of a few candidates.

    So the big question now is “was all this effort worth it?” My response to that is “besides losing a few voters to off-island commitments….absolutely NOT”. All the Save Sandra team managed to do was delay the inevitable for just a few days of inconvenience. Now the reputation and credibility of their campaign has been tarnished and the butt of inner circle jokes.
    All their hard work to establish themselves as a viable political force to be reckon with is now new fodder for tabloids and sensationalism journalism. There’s even talk on the coconut wires of renaming their camp the “Campaign for Complainers”. There's no fooling of the people by a team that cries FIRE in a crowded movie theater.

    For those supporters of the Save Sandra team that are contemplating elsewhere for a good choice to represent their interest, I say, please take a good hard look at the other gubernatorial teams that are working hard for your vote and support. Be smart. Vote.

    JR Faaola

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So we have a law mandating that candidates must resign from their government jobs prior to active campaigning, yet there is no penalty for not resigning prior to active campaigning? What happens to you if you break the law? Nothing. Is that what the Legislature intended? What would be the point of such a law? The Justices just didn't want to kick candidates off the ballot.

    The challenged candidates violated the law, but suffered no penalty for having done so. That's the Samoan way. We have a law, but if you break that law, there are no consequences. So basically, the Justices are telling us that this law is not really a law. It's more of a recommendation. "Don't violate the law, but if you do violate the law, it's ok." That's an incentive to break the law, not to follow it, because nothing happens to you as a result of your unlawful or illegal activities.

    So these candidates could be working for the government right now and still remain on the ballot. Is that what the Legislature intended? Might as well delete 4.0102(f) as it has no affect. Note also that the decision initially refers to the code section in question as 4.0102(f) and then later refers to it as 4.0201(f). Bad call by the Appellate Court.

  • Joint budget committee proposing cuts of $6 MIL plus   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I just want to commend the Senate and House in American Samoa for taking bold steps in trimming down our government. Kudos to all of you for this courageous work. Continue to work for the people of American Samoa and keep doing positive things like this. The U.S. Treasury is now pumping newly printed U.S. dollars into the economy at the tune of 40 billion dollars a month. People, it's only a matter of time before the U.S. Dollar collapses altogether! In order for American Samoa to avoid this disaster, is to shrink our budget, pay off all of our debts and prepare for a future without the help of the U.S. Government.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    American Samoa Code Annotated
    Chapter 01. Governor and Lieutenant Governor

    4.0101 Election of Governor
    4.0102 "QUALIFICATIONS" of Governor & Lieutenant Gov.

    (f)Candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor who are employees of the government in whatever capacity and for either the executive, or judicial branches, must resign their position with the government before commencing active campaigning.
    So if title 4.0102 says Qualifications for Gov, and Lt Gov, than all the subsections that follow are written according to the title, right? I dont need a Law degree to understand that.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    ASCA 4.0201(f)of the code annotated is under Candidate qualifications title. What else could it mean other than a qualification or disqualification? The FONO (legislature) took the time to vote on this ASCA 4.0201(f)and insert it into the law under qualifications for Governor Candidate.

    Judge Kruse and the rest of the panel have chosen to ignore it because they have the choice to do so. This is "common sense lost" You gotta love court room foolishness and Cultural Politics. Anything is possible and nothing is as it should be under the Samoan system.

    However, while I think the law has just been stepped around by the highest voice in the land, the election will be better for the people as they have more choices. That should not come into play in the courts ruling but the end result I think is best for the greater good. The most popular candidate should be elected.

    What we almost had was the most popular candidates disqualified on a law that has never been enforced before and caught everyone off guard. So shame on you Kruse for not following the law as it was intended.

    But congratulations American Samoa voters your choices are plenty and all on the ballot. Lets get on with the games!

  • Molimau Dr. Olosega i le pagatia o feagai ma tagata Manu’a   4 years 10 weeks ago

    O la'u faitau ma lo'u loto faanoanoa ile molimau a si alii foma'i mai manu'a ona ole tulaga matuia oloo faafeagai ai lana tautua alofa mo manu'a. O la'u fesili, o fea o iai Faipule a manu'a? Silasila ile molimau faavalevalea ale alii faipule sa vaai mata o savali le foma'i e ave vailaau i fale o aiga ona ua leai se taavale, olea la sau galuega sa fai iai e fo'ia ai lea mea mata'utia sa e molimauina? ona e fesiligia lea ole 30,000 ae leai mase follow up? letioa a le mafai galuega asi foma'i olea ole'a uma le tausaga e pe ai le tupe. okaoka, ile nofonofo male tafafaovale.

    Fai lea ose tou fuafuaga. O lena e sa'o le foma'i, ave iai la outou faamanuiaga ma lagolagosua uma iai outou ile mea e manuia ai manu'atele.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    all's well, end's well!

  • In Samoa: Tafa’igata prisoner tells all   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I'm not saying this guy is lying or making up all these stories, but i wouldn't be surprise either if it's true; all of it. Don't mean to degrade our people, but aren't we suppose to be moving forward and not backward. I am not going to talk down on the people who are involved in this, because it already happened, but we need a stronger system or laws for prison guards to abide by , that way the prisoners are safe;and not being harmed .

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I completely disagree with the high court/appellate court's explanations. They are just playing on words now. This entire section is titled, "Qualifications of Governor and Lieutenant Governor." And it lists these qualifications: a, b, c, d, e and f.

    Basically the high/appellate court is saying that section f does not apply because it does not have the words "not eligible" in it. But sections c, d and e apply because they specifically have the verbiage "not eligible."

    Newsflash!!! Sections a & b don't have the verbiage "not eligible" in them either so does that mean they don't apply? Come one now! This is an easy cop out. And then they have the nerve to insult those legislatures who adopted section f by stating that this section really is supposed to be directed to Human Resources.

    This should have been an open & shut case because the letter and the spirit of the law are evident here in this section. Unfortunately Save and Sandra underestimated the reach of cultural influences even within our high court system. Either that or we have to get some justices with backbone.

    Best of luck to the Save and Sandra camp. Don't be discouraged because of this one pitfall. You keep fighting these giants and you will come out victorious because the righteous are never forsaken!!!

  • To ensure continuity during transition years, LBJ set to hire local C.O.O   4 years 11 weeks ago

    I think our hospital need a new leadership position,as well CEO,CFO for the benefit of our people. They share all the good things they have done before but not the bad side. Thats why, the government must look in to it, they just here for money and thats it. If we trust God and do the right thing..God bless

  • Tala mai Samoa   4 years 11 weeks ago

    E le sa'o i lenei ripoti. Faamolemole lava Samoa News vaai ifo lelei i le faasalalauga sa fai i le Susuga ia Papalii Petoni Alailima ma le Susuga ia Papalii Malietau i totonu le Samoa Observer 9/11/12 "Malietoa title claims dismissed".

    Talofa e i si au Uncle peleina ia Papalii Petoni i lenei avega mamafa. Faamalosi mai Uncle! Aua lava nei e vaivai! Ia e tausi pea le filemu, fealofani, le loto alofa ma le agalelei!

    Alofa tele mo oe Uncle!

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Be careful about selecting a candidate just because they are palagi (Jones)!!! It is actually quite foolish!!! Just because someone is white and/or born and raised in America does NOT make them better candidates!!! Please use these last few weeks to do some valid research on the candidates and read up on their platforms and make your decision based on that!!! Not based on the color of their skin!!!! Because I don't know if you know: white people who are Americans are also susceptible to corruption!!!! By the way, have some flipping pride in being SAMOAN!!! Elect a Samoan to help lead SAMOA!!!!!!!!

  • Gov says let voters decide how senators are selected   4 years 11 weeks ago







  • Romney tries to stem damage from new controversy   4 years 11 weeks ago

    I know this commentary is economically off subject concerning ‘economic redistribution’ in reference to the news article above, but it still relates because it includes ‘free speech’ and what is confusingly perceived in the world this day. As I write this, with all of the violent demonstrations happening, worsening and continuing since last week around the world, I thought this citation was an ‘on the mark’ editorial from The Wall Street Journal’s online version published yesterday, September 18, 2012, concerning Muslims, Mormons and Liberals by Bret Stevens:


    We are all blessed with the God-Given right of Free Speech! A You Tube film trailer to cause this much chaos and fear throughout the world enabling any radical terrorist an excuse to kill, is certainly insane and certainly unwarranted. The Libya attack was pre-planned.

    Thank you Samoa News for this time to comment.


  • Oral arguments in candidate challenge set for Tuesday   4 years 11 weeks ago

    I came to late. I tried to get in to the court today to see the hearing on the Governor candidates. But there wasnt a seat in the house to be had. Wall to wall people. I found Jones later after it was over and asked him how it went. He said there were no real surprises. The candidates didnt deny they were campaigning before they resigned.

    The main argument seemed to be about this sub section (F) and if was in the right place in the annotated code. Jones said he thinks the law is clear and all candidates should be held to that law and 4 should be disqualified. But he also said this would mean the most popular candidates would not be available to be elected which in his opinion was a tragedy against the spirit of the election.

    He said he felt that Kruse was in a lose lose situation. Either way he rules there will be massive consequence. It was Jones's feeling that Kruse might try to find an administrative way out of not ruling. Maybe saying the court doesnt have jurisdiction due to some technicality or something like that and kick it back to the Election office to figure deal with. I guess a decision could come as early as tomorrow.

  • Taste Samoa in northern Calif   4 years 11 weeks ago


  • Governor proposes to reapportion House districts: One faipule per 2500 voters   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Election season is close at hand and yet you come up with more dumb decisions. It's either your just delusional or just getting old. There are so many things in our government that needs attention but it's ok, hopefully the next lucky candidate changes what needs to be changed. YOUR TIME IS UP, THANKS FOR NOTHING MR.TOGIOLA TULAFONO.

  • Gov says let voters decide how senators are selected   4 years 11 weeks ago

    First of all I agree with Otelemana that the govenor is pretty late in his urging the senate to have residents decide whether or not to vote for their positions (senator of the Legislator)in the senate just before the November ballot. I don't know if 6 years is appropriate or the current 4 years each seating member serves.

    Second, I agree with tmauga that the origin of selecting senators to the senate as agreed by our forefathers should still be in effect and preserved because to change it would be like rewriting the United States Constitution and that is a no no.

    Thirdly, I agree with samoa larry on the original selection of senators to the senate Legislature as agreed upon by our forefathers only Tamali'is and in this case only one Toeali'i to hold the senator position till certain individuals of the fono decided to change it to allow Tofa and Tulafale matais to hold the same position. Unlike Samoa Larry, I feel the original method of selecting senators to the senate should remain the same and village leaders of their county select only Tamali'is as our forefathers intended. If no Tamali'i is available for the senate seat of a district upon selection, then select the Tapunu'u, otherwise leave it vacant till they have a Tamali'i. It is very dangerous to rewrite constitutions. It is like changing the meaning of marriage as a union between man and woman to between you know what and what..Our forefathers knew what they were doing. I agree "times" do change and we should also for improving our life styles like leaving our island for continuing education and employment career. But some things are better off not changing to preserve our culture and traditions.

    Fa'afetai tele.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Was that the reason why the Faoa/Taufete’e youth rally looked deserted on that day? For a minute there I thought it had something to do with the fact that youths of ethnic background in the territory were considered inferior to their Samoan counterparts, or the fact that the current administration, of which Faoa is the Lt. Governor, has never given the time of day to the needs and requests of the minority, or the fact that, despite the many foreign ethnic youths who were legally born as American Samoans, they are still recognized as “aliens” by Faoa’s administration.

    It’s funny to hear Faoa say that he wants to reach out to these youths and to call them part of a family in the territory, when his administration has been deporting many of the relatives, friends, mothers and fathers of these very youths that he wishes to embrace.

    The only word that comes to mind is “fa‘alata”….to befriend, appease, to get closer to someone by false pretense. There’s an old saying, “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing”. My advice to the minority youths out there, who’s voices have long been forgotten by Faoa’s administration, is to use your time wisely to listen to the platforms of the other gubernatorial teams and decide for yourselves what team offers the best future for you and your family. Seek and evaluate the team that best represents your ideals. Do not be fooled by the glamour being portrayed as reality, by some of these teams.

    It’s nice to hear the “wish list” of these other gubernatorial teams, but, ask yourselves, is this reality? Unfortunately, the majority of the answer to that question is a flat NO. But if you want straight answers, the truth, no matter how disagreeable you may feel about with their views on issues affecting you and your family, then I suggest you take a real hard look at the team of Lolo and Lemanu. They offer real solutions to real problems. They will not diddle-daddle with the truth or give you a sense of false hope.

    During these trying economic times for ALL our people in the territory, we are looking for a leader that can lead us to a better life. We are looking for a leader to fix the many problems that the territory is currently amassing day after day. We are looking for a leader that will realize the dreams and hard work of non-Samoans and their contributions to the local economy. We want a leader that will treat ALL PEOPLE equally and without prejudice. And we want a leader that will recognize the hardships, long journey, civil strife that our many non-Samoans from overseas have endured, physically and mentally, for the chance to come to our shores, of this tiny island we call home, in order to experience a better life for their families, but, also a chance to experience real FREEDOM from tyranny. If this is the kind of leader you want to represent your interest, then it’s time we, as a PEOPLE, stop playing with the future of our children, and elect the team of Lolo and Lemanu to champion our cause.

    JR Faaola

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