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  • CJ Kruse issues sentence as warning to youth   4 years 30 weeks ago

    financial hardship, limited job opportunities, low pay, what else will people turn to?...it's very simple...anyway, the drug dealers must be laughing at us...i see all these busts on the newspaper but as anybody knows, these are low level busts...these are street dealers...they never bust the distributors...why?...we can all take a good guess at that...distributor level bust is what we should go after...and it's so easy to spot a drug dealer in american samoa...these guys are either stupid or they really think our police is a joke...come on?...traveling around in nice cars and buying expensive things with no job or business...yeap!

  • Junior Seau, son of the Territory, dead at 43   4 years 30 weeks ago

    well, though i do share in the sadness upon hearing the loss of one of our own. I totally agree with the fact that Jr did not care for his own people here in Am. Samoa. It's sad that he had to go this way and even worse, people, family were oblivious to his cries for help. Yes, Troy Polumalu will never compare to this great player but at least Troy has given back to help our ever corrupt and struggling government.

  • Op-Ed: High-Tech Fautasi   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Yes, I did read it clearly my anonymous friend. I don't think you're grasping the entire gist of my point.

    I am aware of the past challenges posed by Aeto's non-fiberglass fautasi and the fiberglass fautasi's from other villages, of which Aeto was the victor.

    I also understand Faipule Sesepasara's argument that our culture must change with modernization. The point PM Tuilaepa was trying to make, and I agree with him to a certain extent, is that our traditions should not be swayed by western technology.

    I don't know if you catch my meaning. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or disrespectful, because I respect your point of view, as long as, it's civil in nature.

    If we break down your interpretation of introducing fiberglass in to the argument as part of culture-changing, as you and the Honorable Sesepasara are alluding to, I'm afraid it's not.

    We can no more change our culture, then we can change our DNA makeup. It's who we are. It's our identity. We are identifiable to the traditional fautasi, then with the fiberglass technology.

    Just because Hawaii is doing it, are we to follow suit? You catch my drift so far?

    Where's the challenge in racing a fautasi, when at a minor swift of the arm with the oars, and the fautasi is gliding like a hover-craft on water?

    I'm not taking away the hard work by all the fautasi crews across the island that trained very hard to be a crew-member. I appreciate all their hard work and efforts. It's not easy. All I'm saying is, perhaps returning to the more "traditional", bareknuckle, down to the bone, way of racing is the way to go.

    Yes, it's harder to race in a traditional fautasi then a more advanced one. Of course, I'm sure you're going to rebutt my position and you're more than welcome to do so. If you do, then lets agree to change subjects afterwards, ok? It gets boring after a while for me.

    JR Faaola

  • Op-Ed: High-Tech Fautasi   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Mr. Faaola, Did you read this article clearly? Or is it your intepretation that is misconstrued? Faipule Sesepasara had clearly stated that all fautasi boats have moved from the old style and are now made of fiberglass.

    He also mentioned that years before they moved to the fiberglass, Aeto, when competing with their old style boat, they still beat other fautasi's in American Samoa, as well as the Tongan boats and the fautasis in Samoa both in American Samoa's race and Samoa's race.

    Understand that is man's nature, regardless of culture, to advance their cultures through technology. You talk of tradition yet you don't knock down the tradition of tattoo where now the needles/machines are used compared to the old style of ta ta.

    The culture and traditions remain the same however with the use of advanced technology. We can continue to honor our culture and traditions but still move our people and its culture forward. We can teach our children both the old traditional ways and with new technology. It will show our children that we still honor our fore fathers but are not afraid to advance forward.

  • ASG seeks help to bring more airlines to territory   4 years 30 weeks ago

    It is voting season and here's our governor wants to score some cookie points on his way out so his Lt. Gov will get his job.

    Hawaiian Air is among the best and the safest airline in the market. I'd rather paid the HAL airfares and be safe than some no-name airline that will provide crappy service. By the way, that $500,000 grant would be better spend on improving transportation between Tutuila-Manu'a-Aunu'u.

  • Op-Ed: High-Tech Fautasi   4 years 30 weeks ago

    "Nuff said"...

  • Op-Ed: High-Tech Fautasi   4 years 30 weeks ago

    As an avid fautasi fan, I think both the honorable PM Tuilaepa and Faipule Sesepasara from Pago have valid points of argument on their side. After all, if the PM is going to ridicule the fiber construction of the Tutuila fautasi's, isn't he by the same token ridiculing his 2 villages of Falelatai and Apia for adopting these same technology when they pleaded with the village of Pago Pago to help them?

    And the PM is correct in his assumption that by having the Tutuila fiberglass fautasi's participate in the Apia races, isn't this defeating the entire purpose of having a race built on our bonding, traditions and culture? I don't recall having the fiberglass technology as part of our humble culture or tradition in it's roots, do you?

    It's the difference between a highly, gifted, professional athlete who works out naturally and an athlete who uses "steroids" to boost a win. There are many of these nightmarish stories of these types of athletes on ESPN, who have and are currently being investigated by the U.S. Congress.

    Here's a suggestion, let's suppose the honorable Faipule Sesepasara were to use the non-fiberglass and traditional fautasi, similar to what the PM is talking about. Is American Samoa afraid to take up the challenge or is the fiberglass fautasi they only way we can beat Samoa? I understand the Faipule's argument that this is the modern age and we must adapt. But for the sake of tradition, are we not willing to test strength FOR strength, skill FOR skill and seamanship FOR seamanship?

    Just curious....don't beat up the messenger.

    JR Faaola

  • DOC and TPC undertaking first major revision of economic development 10-year plan   4 years 30 weeks ago

    "Déjà vu!" More and more US tax dollars might be assessed, attributed and aggravated again in updating Fed grants to justify and qualify again and again later with no accountability in this CEDS? I am assuming, of course, here, but gosh, I hope accountability is in there somewhere. Maybe that would be an "A" for progress with the US Government in her ledger books. Are there still green cloth books in the US too? Are these green cloths books also at the US Dept. of Commerce too? Easy penciling in and erasing therein? Conjecture… It has been noted that AS still has ‘em.

    The first ten years have obviously not been accounted for in AS. Why should this new revision be any different under the US Department of Commerce? --- All of US Congress please step in and at least take a look see on this one: American Samoa’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and where this is actually all going under the US Department of Commerce? I Thank You.

    Respectfully Submitted by:

    Kokomo, Indiana


  • ASG seeks help to bring more airlines to territory   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Here we go again with wasteful spending on an issue as old as this territory. If DOI want to make use of these grants, it's best to use it to pay for a certified and safe boat for the Manu'a islands or land it with the scholarship board for some well-deserving student to attend college.

    Didn't we go through this ordeal with former Governor Waihe'e of Hawaii a couple of years ago? I believe a Dr. Avegalio(former President of ASCC) was also an official. It was a study conducted by the University of Hawaii of which Waihe'e was a chairman or lead of this special committee to study the economic development stages of American Samoa. What happened to that study and the hundred of thousands of wasted federal funds that went in to that disaster?

    Perhaps it's sitting in the cabinet, next to DOC Deputy Lelei Peau's desk...sitting alongside the Tourism Master Plan and other studies conducted throughout the decades, with no development.

    Now that it's election season, this Administration wants to promote their traveling concerns with the Cabotage Law? Is Fofo looking for fodder for his brother Faoa's platform again?

    It's public knowledge that both U.S. Senators Inouye and Akaka of Hawaii are the main investors in the Hawaiian Airline stocks. It's to their advantage to continue with the Cabotage Law to discourage and federally mandate violations against foreign crafts from landing in American Samoa. This is Economic 101. No competition, more money and monopolization of local traveling....Hawaiian air wins(again).

    Thanks to our esteem Congressman Faleomavaega and his close relations with Senator Inouye, we will never see an ending to this Cabotage fiasco any time soon.

    My advice to Togiola, stay put and enjoy your last few months in office. You've done enough damage to our beloved country. Let a new team take over the helm in November.

    JR Faaola

  • Junior Seau, son of the Territory, dead at 43   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Would the person who made this comment, please resubmit it. It was mistakenly deleted.


  • ASG seeks help to bring more airlines to territory   4 years 30 weeks ago


    That's the link to the DOT complaint form, which anyone can fill out online.

    I think those of us who've had enough with the Hawaiian Air monopoly and the DOT's refusal to allow foreign carriers like Virgin Samoa and Air Pacific to do business here should fill in one of these forms EVERY DAY. The DOT is just shrugging us off. They don't care that the Cabotage Law SEVERELY limits not only our ability to travel at a reasonable cost, but also our economic growth.

    The Cabotage Law was passed without a location such as American Samoa in mind. Before the Cabotage Law, it was easy to get to New Zealand, Fiji and even Tahiti from here. Now it's hard just to get to Hawaii.

    We are not even a state and our circumstances are different from anywhere else in the USA. The Cabotage Law CLEARLY is doing us more harm than good, so why can't we have an exemption? Just who is the Cabotage Law protecting, Hawaiian Air?

    The laws are supposed to function to our benefit, not cripple us, and the Cabotage Law is crippling us simply because the DOT cannot be bothered to take a look at our circumstances and grant us some relief. It's a clear case of "what applies here has to apply there, even if it makes no sense". I can't believe we fought the British for our independence only to end up with this kind of stupid federal government.

  • ASCC Art students fund raising   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Great Job Alex "Adi" Tuato'o. Your uncle and entire family here in Colorado Springs, Colorado take alot of pride in your accomplishments and willingness to pursue your passion. Remember, your only as good as your last art work. Babe Ruth once said that yesterdays homerun, will not win today's game. So stay hungry and keep the fire burning! Thirst to get better and stay ahead of the competition. Lord knows I might see you in Texas! With God, Nothing...is impossible! Nothing!

  • With a little more than six months before Election 2012, which gubernatorial team is your choice?   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Se, JR Faaola, don't you know they are fixing the problem? The problem is how much cut each person will get. The solution is splitting the money equal ways. Simple as that. And don't you know they're trying to make history. For the first time we're going to see the Lt. Governor and the Governor handcuffed. "I don't really want to mention any names", but let's not kid ourselves, What are we going to do? I don't really have an idea. That Utu - yes, I'm still pissed he abandoned his people - left us to fix the problems of another people. Sixteen years of frustration and losing, can you believe that?

  • Junior Seau, son of the Territory, dead at 43   4 years 30 weeks ago

    It's a tragic thing that Jr. Seau decided that his life was no longer worth living. His reasons for ending his own life may never be known. He meant a lot to many people for many reasons. He was a great football player who gave a lot back to the people of Southern California. He was a father and a son. I don't know what was in his mind or his heart, so I can only look at what he said and did and draw my conclusions from that. So look at what he did for the people and the youth of American Samoa and what he said about himself and his Samoan heritage. When I look at that I can honestly say that he didn't give a damn about any of the kids here who idolized him. I also remember watching him on the Tonight Show in 1994 when he told Jay Leno that if he could change anything he said he would change his skin color and not be Samoan. The fact that he never did a camp or donated a football or pair of cleats to any one of the tens of thousands of kids in American Samoa that looked up to him is fine. The fact that he left American Samoa when he was 7 years old, turned his back on this place and lived his life as a palagi was his decision. I don't fault him for any of that. He made his own way and didn't owe anything to the people here. So let's be honest about him and who he was. Let's stop pretending, like Mauga in the article, that Jr. Seau either was or was going to be some champion or advocate for the people of American Samoa. Seau was drafted in 1990. He made close to $30 million and had 22 years to show love for American Samoa and Samoan pride. He did neither, and that shows that he had neither. People like Sopoaga, Toeaina and others are the same way, and that's fine. But please, let's not make up BS fairy tales about how they cared about and supported programs that helped the people and youth of American Samoa. It's an insult to people like Troy Polamalu, Domata Peko, Rey Maualuga, Joe Salavea and others who not only care, but actually pull out their check book and do something.

  • Fire damages container storing campaign T-shirts   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Hey Anoai, let's correct our facts, ok? It was the Faoa and Taufete'e headquarters that was close in proximity to the burnt container NOT the Lolo & Lemanu HQ. There was no container within the perimeters of the Lolo & Lemanu HQ site in Matu'u. Perhaps an oversight on your part. May I advise next time to "read" properly and "sponge" the words more accurately next time you read from Samoa News. I wouldn't want people to think you're trying to be a political spinster in such an honest misread, a ea?
    JR Faaola

  • Faga’itua High School hosts first of candidate forums   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Let's be fair and give Taufete'e Faumuina his just dues. OK, so the Faoa and Taufete'e team were not present at the Faga'itua High School gubernatorial forum. There's a logical explanation to this absence by both candidates.

    The opening speech at the Oceania Customs delegation was being presented by, Lt. Governor Faoa, on behalf of the territory at the newly built Fale Talimalo in Utulei at the same time as the forum. I'll accept that, after all it is Faoa's duty and responsibility to represent the territory in these types of important conferences.

    And by the same token, even if Taufete'e was not involved with this conference, in his capacity as the head of Criminal Justice, I don't think it would be fair to the gentleman to be present without his runningmate Faoa. After all, you can't expect to get answers from the tail without it's head, correct? No pun intended.

    I'm sure Taufete'e is well aware of the political issues surrounding our fragile economy. The only fault I can ascertain is his abuse of alcohol in public places. I hope Faoa can help his runningmate by counseling him to Alcoholic Anonymous(AA).

    I know we all have our personal demons and pet peeves, but, considering this guy is running for the 2nd highest office in the land, this is something the people should be worried about. We need leaders that can step up to the plate in a sober state, without compromising the welfare and safety of the govern. The PEOPLE demand only the best to lead and manage it's affairs.

    JR Faaola

  • With a little more than six months before Election 2012, which gubernatorial team is your choice?   4 years 30 weeks ago

    jr, lighten up...but samoanews, he does make a good point...so, are you guys going to conduct something like that?...it would be nice.

    Editor's note: We are working on a serious survey conducted here in the territory rather than online where I would guess a majority of the responders are from off island.

    We're going to give it a little time before we begin however, so voters have the opportunity to read and study the platforms of the various candidates.

  • With a little more than six months before Election 2012, which gubernatorial team is your choice?   4 years 30 weeks ago

    democracy is where we get to vote for our own dictators!...anyway, people need to realize that corruption will occur no matter who is in office...the reality is that those in leadership positions need to figure out how to minimize it and keep it in check, which i honestly believe the current administration has failed to do...1 billion dollars over 4 years?...and a whole bunch more...and one thing that i have always said, is that the MAJORITY rules!...we can't blame these people who get into government for being good at garnering up MAJORITY votes!...we need to do the same, or we're stuck in the minority no matter how much we believe in our candidates.

  • Faga’itua High School hosts first of candidate forums   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Why didn't Taufete'e at least show up to represent his gubenatorial team? Courtesy is you also explain why your 2nd mate couldn't make it too. I would like to hear this team explain why they think our economy is fine, our health care is fine, employment fine, which is what their platform seemed to say at their kick off. Come and debate this position with the other teams. Hope they will appear and explain at the next public forum.

  • Make drug paraphernalia possession illegal, says cop   4 years 30 weeks ago

    We don't need laws making straws, 2 liter bottles, rolling paper, or even bongs illegal.

    We need to end the corruption that lets meth into the Territory. Also, there's an enormous difference between meth and marijuana. One is ruining the territory, and one is less harmful than beer.

    Also, if you want a law passed, (even a bad one, like this one) then talk to the Fono. You're going to wait for the AG's office to draft a bill and then wait for the Fono to magically pass that bill?

    Do you think the Fono likes the AG or any of the Governor's higher minions? After being lied to for 10 years by this governor, anything from his people will likely be voted down.

    Use your head.


    This is not to offend anyone but I am personally looking from a Christian perspective. There's no doubt that Seau was born and raised in a God's family. He was blessed with a God given talent that elevated him to the top. He became a role model for many young Samoans who have been aiming high to accomplish their goals. Why Seau decided to take away God's life is a mystery but not to our God the Creator. We are still faced with temptations in our daily lives and if we take time to ask our Lord Jesus Christ for help, HE can save us from taking this tragic path. This is NOT the only way to solve our personal problems. We can only pray that our Heavenly Father will forgive Junior and allow him to enter eternal life in heaven. Alofaaga mo matua ma le aiga mafatia o Junior Seau.

  • Back and forth on citizenship and political status   4 years 30 weeks ago

    A thought: The Ancients saw into the future in deeding cession to the US in 1900 and 1904, inclusive into and over the 112 years in which they believed the US as being a wise protector materially blessed and gifted in response to any security problems which may arise into the future in the wide dimension of the entire Pacific Ocean.

    The Ancient’s eyes maybe saw wisely into this particular present moment of wondering about the muddle of the statement of: ‘Unincorporated and Unorganized Territory’ into the future. Your, AS’s gift of Territorial Cession to the US, is still warranted and recognized. Please continue to think about its acceptance with the understanding of the prevalence of security continuing as 112 years ago, present day and into the future.

    It is an interesting fact that Congress never approved over and over again enacting never more voting authority for AS. Looking back and what is currently going on in the world today, my thoughts are that the waiting by Congress has been good. Discussion is still warranted and to be commended. Things always work out for the best, as I sense today. This whole scenario was so very frustrating for those wanting progress during the first twenty years of AS after the first Deeds in 1900 and 1904. What is meant to be will be meant to be? The discussion, the communication and the thoughtful decisive intuitive democratic agreements ought to continue inclusive of all past US security Epiphanies.

    I thank you for this time to respectfully comment.

    Kokomo, Indiana

    PS. Your security is mine also.

  • Fire damages container storing campaign T-shirts   4 years 30 weeks ago

    OK....about 40feet from the container that "somebody" tried burning in the early hours is the Headquarters for LOLO MOLIGA & LEMANU PELETI MAUGA'S campaign committee! Not trying to blame anyone but, its odd that a "person" would get rid of the camera first before breaking the locks (can't be done by a child 10 - 12 year old) and burn the items in the container. Nice where this year's Elections are heading... Faamolemole, i le ava lava e tatau ai, a ou maua seisi o loo faapea ona nofonofo i luma ane o lea fale'oloa ile vaeluaga po, ole a e pe tou te fetaui loa ma le susuga ia 2x4 po ole uaea uila e ta'i'ai i lou papatua!
    E to'atele tamaiti po ole fanauiti ma o latou aiga o loo faapea ona nonofo latalata ane i lea nofoaga o loo faapea ona fai ai lea tulaga mataga!
    Campaign faalelei faamolemole, ae aua le faia ia tulaga le manuia.






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