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  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    You got my vote.

  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 10 weeks ago

    The gesture was great and very in line with their trying to make themselves out to be the "police of the campaign" and or the "untainted team" and I am happy they took a stance against the teams who knowingly "Actively Campaigned" prior to properly resigning from their Government posts.

    However, I also think it was very irresponsible of them and/or their lawyers to simply make assumptions & a copy/paste of Salu Hunkin-Finau's bio without properly looking into her classification with the Government. She has long resigned from the ASG and has been working as an independent contractor with her own business license which does not make her an ASG EMPLOYEE.

    Lumping everyone into the same category without thoroughly researching the facts is not only unfair but irresponsible as a lawyer and a dangerous accusation as now they've probably just added to the frustration, cynicism, and distrust that the public is already in with regard to the Government, ELECTIONS, and even voting. BOTTOM LINE: They are not the ONLY trustworthy team. And that is my own humle opinion.



    Supporter of Salu & Savusa in 2012 "NOW IS THE TIME"

  • Wrongful termination lawsuit against Mobil Oil going to trial   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Its a big difference between regular employment and contractual employment coz if you are only a contractual employment its easy to them to terminate and nothing will happen while regular employment if they terminate them the company paid the number of years that they have worked of their company e discovery services.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    HONESTY and TRUST is the key to it all, and the difference from when he says it versus the other candidates, is that he means it.

    I, for one, have seen how everyone has thier own technique and approach to influence one's vote, but after listening and thinking things over for the Good of our people and community, Afoa is the man to make that change. I pray that all voters realize how vital this election is, and how bad our island is needing help. I very much appreciate the fact that this team realizes that people do make mistakes, but we learn from them. HONESTY, that's all I can ask for in a true leader.

    God bless us all, for he IS the Only Authority...amen!

  • Togiola stresses importance of ASG's middle mgmt   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Togiola is very right, the weakest LINK is himself. The Government is only as strong as the Leader. So ASG has failed to protect the rights of the employees and democracy cannot be sustained and the ASG workforce is incompetent as quoted by the Governor.....hey Gov, serve your last three months and GET OUT!
    The workshop that is needed in government is micromanagement. Should Directors have backbones to make their own decisions, or just be a rubber stamp for the Governor.

  • Wrongful termination lawsuit against Mobil Oil going to trial   4 years 10 weeks ago

    They must have provided all the needs of their workers and that is also part of their insurance and benefits. They must pay Fulu for that damage being done. I hope they study quality assurance certification in Texas for them to know all aspects of employment matters.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh! Lord save this Territory from further embarrassment! We will now have the names of 3 persons who violated the election law (f) on the gubenatorial ballot this November! (Salu Hunkin's status as an ASG employee is unclear).

    How ridiculous that the people of AS are now expected to play along with this big FARCE and PRETEND when we see the ballot in November, that Taufete'e, Lolo and Le'i didn't violate (f). What kind of charade is this? We are being asked to play it all because no government agency will step up to the plate and prosecute (no thanks to the weak court).

    We saw what we saw and very public too....blatant, "in your face" violations of (f). We are not a dumb people. If the broken corrupt system won't prosecute let's PROSECUTE THESE ELECTION LAW VIOLATERS BY DENYING THEM YOUR VOTE IN November, 2012.

  • Togiola stresses importance of ASG's middle mgmt   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Start with self respect. Then advise. Twelve years of bad calls is not new.
    With retrospect. Finish your time and get out. Nextttt. The legacy is the act.


  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Agree with you Paulo. 100%.

    What surprises me here is Kruse works for the Secretary of interior. So he was free to make the proper call but didnt. The election officer is appointed by the local cultural mafia so his hands were tied. Kruse had the chance to man up and failed. The end result could mean another four years of who you know government.
    Save and Sandra took a shot. I applaud that. It would have been awesome to see Save and Jones debate as the last candidates standing. Change would have been guaranteed. Now change is still a question mark.

  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Life is short. Move on. For the sake of the country, take the hand of these complaints brought forth and use your brother and sisters concepts to better the country. Take their ideas and sound platforms and integrate. We can learn to work together which is truly Leadership. Think about it.


  • “SHOTGUN APPROACH”   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Once rules has been changed, it cannot be restore back. Now since it is now American Samoa, the best solution is to totally run by palagi's? Local leaders influenced by American system will never succeed. Corruption in the hands of local leaders will never end. Hawaii used to be like that, until the island was totally ruled by american law and order. Young American Samoan, will not come back and adopt the old culture. Because those kids was now protected by the law. Suggestion: re-locate the prison on the other side or to the other island? These may discourage those law less element to think twice? If life is boring in the island... it will be HELL in prison, away from the main population.

  • “NEW KIND OF FONO”   4 years 11 weeks ago

    The wisdom and integretive dignity our forefathers had do not reflect any from those who are in today. It is a different generation and Time has change.

    We as people of american samoa needs to adapt to new and fair representations. We need the change for tommorrow's generation. Unicameral Legistature is perfect for our small island, it saves wasted monies need for healthcare and other medical assistance for better living for everyone. I for one and anyone that understant what Steve is suggesting deserves better solution for our future. Malo Steve and God Bless American Samoa.......

  • Wrongful termination lawsuit against Mobil Oil going to trial   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Will make the pain go away. Pay up. Move on and rape your customers more Mobiliere.


  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 11 weeks ago

    You say lets ask the 13 year old? My God. Isnt that what the courts did? Then she got busted lieing and Jones was found innocent. You post this to discredit him? How about Lolo and his 1602 housing loan to his Pe'u. Or Faoa getting off on a hung Jury because one Juror wasnt sure. At least Jones was found innocent by 100% unanimous vote.

    Someone needs to speak up for Jones on this matter. The Accusor's 13 year old friend came into the court room to testify that the she (the accuser) had been bragging about how she can control a Palagi businessman just by saying he did something to her. Then she got busted again lieing about being to his house.

    What really was amazing is a year later when the prosecutor became the Independent prosecutor for American Samoa and was key speaker at a common cause meeting, he told everyone there that the Jones case was a good example of how power and corruption is a major problem in American Samoa. That the Jones case should have never been to court because there was zero evidence and the AG's knew her story had serious flaws. But because the girl was related to the Sunia's, the case was forced to trial.

    The thinking was that the media would draw an ugly picture of Jones because any sex related case gets the absolute worst attention by media. That means it would be impossible for Jones to get a fair Jury and convict him with no evidence because he is Palagi and they were angry. You know how I know Prosecutor Moi said this in that public meeting? I was there and so was Jones. I was right there afterwards when Jones approached him and begged him to go public with that information. But Moi said he still worked for the Government and couldnt do it beyond what he just did. He would lose his job.

    Also this is the only kind of case that requires no proof or evidence to send a man to jail for 15 years. The Jury only needs to believe the story of the accuser. Nothing more. You know how I know all this? Because I also know one of the Jurors. (Small Island.) And he told me that the Police didnt even investigate this issue at all. Yes. Not one minute was spent investigating this case beyond taking teh girls statement. Can you believe that! They had zero case. It was clear that Jones had been set up after the accusation by political means. He even said the AG's office tried to manufacture evidence because they had none and trained the girl to testify on it. (Something to do with a drawing of where the act supposedly happened). But at 13 she couldnt remember everything they trained her and when she had to answer questions from Jones's lawyer she couldnt. The Juror also said that Jones did something no one every does if they are guilty. He took the stand to testify. He actively fought with his lawyer in the court room about this. His lawyer did not want him to take the stand. Jones demanded from the Judge to be heard and the judge granted it because it was his head on the chopping block.

    When you post something like this about a candidate who has overcome the worst our society has to throw at him and he still cares enough about us to do right by us, its shameful. He was found 100% innocent by 100% unanimous jury vote by Samoan Jurors who, thanks to the Media, already hated him and thought he was guilty before they became Jurors.

    Our media sucks like that. The media reports anything they see filed in court. Anyone can file anything in court. It doesnt have to be true. There are always two sides. Thats why we have a court to sort it out so Gossip and rumors dont rule our island.

    FOr example Sami. I could say I saw you having sex with a chicken and file a court case for animal abuse. Doesnt mean its true. (Also doesnt mean its not. Im suspecting it might be true...haahaha), But once filed in court, the Media will report that you are being tried in court for "Allegedly screwing a chicken". Even if you didnt do it you will have to hire a lawyer and defend yourself. Mean while, the media will make a circus out of it because its sex related. People will be in shock and you will be the worst person on island. The result will be you are humiliated and disgraced and will be on the internet for the rest of you life labeled as a chicken molester because someone accused you. No one will care that you were found innocent by the court. All they will care about is the media report about the accusation. ( Headlines "Sami is a chicken molester").And some idiot like you will post it over and over again to continue bringing pain to your family and friends about something you never did but were accused of.

    Shame on you.

  • Road projects a go says DPW head, but no dates provided   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Thru Public infrastructure a nation is built. Roads, transportation, ports, and independent business builders is the answer.


  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Financing is the plan---- get an understanding of how it works.


  • Faoa, Lolo and Save teams no shows at Disability Forum   4 years 11 weeks ago

    The debate I thought was really good but could have been better if all Candidates were there. Why were Lolo and Lemanu not there. Save and Sandra lawyer told them not to come? Thats stupid. Why not? Lawyers are idiots.

    I noticed something at this debate. All candidates except Jones and Tuika had prepared answers. Salu and Savusa were reading from Lap tops and Faoa and Lei were reading from prepared papers. I dont know about everyone else but when politicians read stuff to me its the fastest way to put me to sleep. The only time I was able to really stay awake is when Tuika started talking (you know how Tuika is) and when Jones turned on his Microphone.

    Jones is a different cut of politician. I hear than man when he talks. One thing he isnt is full of crap like so many others. I dont think I have heard him one time talk about himself or how qualified he is. He is always talking about us and how we can be better. I havent heard him either put down the Government or bad mouth anyone. (Maybe because his partner Tuika is the King of that lol). But Jones still gets a positive message out there even under fire. He has no billboards or banners up. He is not like anyone running for office I have ever seen. Not showing off just being there for us as a matter of choice. I feel pretty good about that.

    I want to see another debate. This time with everyone including Lolo, Save and Sandra. Lets do a debate where the candidates have no warning about what questions are asked so no preparation time. Lets see the candidates tell the truth on their feet and not have time to give us the perfect written answers. Too boring. Time for Gov candidates to go LIVE!

  • “SHOTGUN APPROACH”   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Adapt or Die. Ask a Dinosaur when fueling next time.

    From Hammurabi, to the toenails of Athens. We Romans, we do mightily Romans.

    IF we wish to preserve, we Live longer.


  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 11 weeks ago

    Lawyered up candidates usually get what lawyers dispel. You took the shot, you live with it. Follow the law---- let me add. Past practice is an informal law that lawyers calculate decisively.

    Lawyers got us all in this jam. From Laufou, to Marisco, to the sullen management of government

    That's a Lawyer running this governement. That's why we are in the hole we are in.


  • “HOLD ON TO OUR CULTURE”   4 years 11 weeks ago

    I agreed with what your saying. It begins from home. Rb8nf

  • “SHOTGUN APPROACH”   4 years 11 weeks ago

    I don't know about you " elevenbravo" but, the message is simple and clear. One of these days a foreign will run our system and where will our culture be standing at? I'm just saying.

  • Op-Ed: E Lafulafu Tama Seugogo, Part 2   4 years 11 weeks ago

    This is too true! Thank you Mr. Lafaele for this piece. Finally there is a local brave soul who is able to make some sense on here (*ahem looking over at the general comments*).

    It still amazes me how ASG is able to function and operate over the past decade. Your mention of checks and balance and the operatic dance that the two government bodies take during budget reviews and passing hits it right on the head.

    It is sad that most faipules, before getting into office, are outspoken and promise to "do right by their constituents". However, as soon as they're voted into office, it is a different story. I guess like one of the faipules said, "it is a different ball game on the inside from what it is looking from the outside".

    So in other words, your values and all that you stand for as a "servant for the people" get pushed aside to make room for the political dance needed to survive in the Fono as soon as you're in office? It's a farce. Most budget hearings, most Fono hearings for that matter, are a formality and a presentation to justify the tax-free "bonus" income.

    It's sad and pathetic.
    If the administration is not effectively doing its job to provide services, and only give vague justifications for its budget, we hope that the faipules that are supposed to represent our interests would stand up to question, thoroughly review and assure that our interests as the 99-percenters are secured. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is no checks and balance in the government, and there hasn't been in a while.

    Sure, there are the sporadic SSIC committees when a faipule (that's representative and senators alike) gets a nudge in their conscience, but its not consistent. Well how can they be? Their house is not so clean either so as far as the administration is concerned, "don't throw the first stone in a glass house", right?

    It will be a sad, sad day for American Samoa if the current leaders are voted back in come this November election. The general 99-percenters have gone so complacent and apathetic in what the leaders do in government that people are just now going with what they are used to - incompetence and failure in sound, effective government. I can only hope my generation has better sense.

  • With fiscal responsibility holding steady as the issue poll voters find most important, which team best exemplifies this trait?   4 years 11 weeks ago

    yes of course, at least Save and Sandra are standing up for what is legal...I totally agree on this statement...so true, very true, definitely true...go team clean, chooohooo!

  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 11 weeks ago

    WHAT DO U MEAN THE APPELLATE COURT MADE THE RIGHT DECISION...THAT'S B/CRAP!!...FYI, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW...THE LAW CLEARLY STATED THAT under ASCA 4.0102 subsections (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) of the qualification for governor/lieutenant governor law, “the opinion clearly states that qualified electors cannot make the challenge under subsection (f) which requires employees of the government in whatever capacity to resign before actively campaigning.


  • High Court dismisses Save & Sandra challenge appeal   4 years 11 weeks ago

    What is wrong with making every effort to do what is right and that includes calling fire when the law is being broken. JR you are just like every corrupt politician out there, when the act of justifying the law is in conflict with your wants or needs, you make fun of the person doing what is right. Believe me though, if someone did something wrong to you by violating your rights, you would yell fire or thank those that did it for you.

    It's in plain view that the law was broken. Subsection f prohibits certain activities by the gubernatorial candidates during a campaign (acknowledged by the courts), the very activities done by these candidates. It would be nice if there were some brains behind all them fancy words. We all know that you use fancy words to make up for what you lack. Look hard, what is suppose to happen when the law is broken?

    If someone treated you or those close to you unfairly by violating your rights as a citizen......what would you do? What would you expect your fellow citizens to do? The right thing? Would you make fun of them then? Or, would you like it if they made fun of you for doing what's right?

    Again, the law was broken.....What's the right thing to do?

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