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  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So are you saying that Le'i did not violate this subsection along with the other candidates? Then maybe you should tell him that because he himself knows...just ask him. What other laws are you referring to that will make this story any different? Afoa may not be the worst choice, but he definitely is not my choice. So lets just agree to disagree, because you can't convince me that your dad (or your uncle Afoa) has the backbone to do right beside the people. To me he is still a "sell-out"

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Didn't know we have so many certified judges and lawyers on here! Pretty cool! One of you should have represented either Lolo or Salu since they both shared the same lawyer.

    Otherwise, rather than sticking on the same section (f)...read the arguments that were made as well as the decision. There are several other sections of the law. And, think carefully about the intent of the election process, and why it was created. If you haven't learned anything about the judicial process, it boils down to interpretation. Otherwise, the courtrooms would be empty on a daily basis. Since you all obviously do not have any background in law, I suggest you get one, so you can fully understand the statements you make, focusing solely on one section and disregarding ALL other laws that exist.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Vote for Afoa ...He won't go back on his word and if you break certain laws, its ok, he will ignore it and still make you a Lt. Governor

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    AFOA & LE'I have just announced on V103 (103.1 FM) that if they are given your blessings and elected as Governor and Lt. Governor, they will work hard to improve the services for our people and to get all high-risk statuses removed. They will work FREE with NO SALARIES for up to ONE YEAR or earlier if they can get such a high-risk status removed sooner. This is their commitment to serving the people of American Samoa and working to provide a bright future for our children and future generations.

  • Southwest Airlines to Hawaii? Is it getting closer?   4 years 10 weeks ago

    HAL management is shaking just about now. Guys, guys, relax---- its only competition. Step up to the plate or get off the field.

    Now how do you LCC the south pacific. Draw 3 points on a white napkin and keep repeating. It's the SWA way. Now, if somebody from Pago was smart enough and get to Love Field, maybe, SWA might think about it.

    Got LCC?


  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Fa'afetai Lava Afoa ma Le'i! Ia fa'amanuia pea Le Atua ia te oulua! Alu alu lava i le ala maualalo.

    O a'u ma lo'u aiga e matou te palota uma mo AFOA ma LE'I.

  • House members call on ASPA to refrain from rate hikes   4 years 10 weeks ago

    ASPA to be disbanded, to gain the services needed to the Public. ASPA has become the Medusa's Hydra that has suppressed the economy.

    Disband the Albratross.


  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    You bring up an interesting point! However, it is unfortunate that you were not present at the forum we hosted at our school this past May. This question was asked and I was also surprised to know the truth, which Afoa quoted directly from the American Samoa Constitution (of course I went and looked it up afterwards just to verify his response). The following is a direct quote from our constitution:

    “Article 5 Section 4. Revision of the constitution. In view of the changing conditions in American Samoa, the Governor shall appoint a new Constitutional Committee five years after the effective date of this Constitution to prepare amendments or a revised draft constitution to be submitted to the Governor who shall call a constitutional convention to consider the same. The delegates to the convention shall be selected by their respective county councils. The number of delegates from each county shall be the number obtained by dividing the population of the county, as shown by the last preceding Federal census, by 400, any fraction in the quotient obtained to be disregarded if such fraction shall be less than one-half and if such fraction shall be one-half or more it shall be considered to be one unit, provided that each county shall have at least one delegate, and provided further that Swains Island shall have one delegate selected in open meeting by the adult permanent residents of the island who are United States nationals. If the convention approves such amendments or draft constitution either with changes made therein by the convention or without changes, the same as approved shall be submitted by the Governor to the voters eligible to vote for members of the House of Representatives at the next general election; and if a majority of the voters voting approve the amendments or proposed revised constitution, the Governor shall submit the same to the Secretary of the Interior for his approval, and if he approves the same, then the amendments shall become part of the Constitution or the proposed revised constitution shall replace this constitution, as the case may be. Salaries of employees of the Convention and per them for delegates shall be provided by law. The Government shall furnish the Convention with necessary supplies and other necessary services.”

    As you can see, and as Afoa stated in the forum, he does not have the power to select the delegates, those are selected by “their respective county councils.” Furthermore, it states that whatever amendments the council makes, it is then given to the “Governor” to be submitted to “the voters eligible to vote…”

    I hope you find this useful!

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Junior, we ALREADY know who you are supporting. This is no surprise that you would be one of THE first ones to write a "F" rating BOOK regarding this article.

    Kalofa e ia oe! Try getting rid of the negative energy and the bitterness flowing in your veins...It is likely the main reason why your leg will continue to be the way it is.

    Do hope and pray that your goal of defaming Afoa and Le'i every single chance you get on a public forum gives you peace rather than continued sleepless nights and a build up of more self destructive thoughts and feelings.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Let's vote for Lolo! Because his values regarding infidelity completely rocks!


    Let's vote for Jones! Because we ONLY value the Palagi man...since Samoans are not good enough to lead Samoans!


    Let's vote for Save! Why not? Sandra will save and guide him through every decision he makes!

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Your completely right, everyone has flaws...I for one could have longer hair or smaller eyes. However, when the government is in dire need of someone who is honest and has values, someone with integrity and transperency, then we can not afford another 4 years of someone who says one thing and turns around and does another! You are thinking very little of the role he played the last election by endorsing Togiola, it was a huge turn in events and he helped Togiola win and look at what happened to our government.

    And now, again, he is standing by Le'i who is one of the candidates that are in violation of the law. So why should I chose Afoa as my next governor. He clearly says one thing and does another...so no he is not the best choice! You might think that his "flaw" is not as bad as what Faoa did in the past or the "flaw(s)" that Lolo is going through now pubically...and your probably right. But what about the other contenders. Don't see any integrity issues there, do you?

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So what do you suggest for those who have not yet endorsed a candidate? and what about those who have endorsed a candidate but still curious about the other candidates? I would think it would behoove you as a voter to read about ALL the candidates and participate in as many forums as possible so you can make an even MORE informed decision come voting day!!

    For example, if I was an Obama supporter, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to MEET Romney during a Town Hall meeting just because I'm a democrat. In actuality, there are plenty of voters who actually change their minds about who they vote for during any campaign season!! I encourage ANY and ALL voters to participate in these forums!! It is actually your responsibility as a voter and as a citizen to get as much information as you possibly can before making your final decision in that voting booth!!

    If your only problem with Afoa is that he supported Togiola at the last election.... Then I would say he is your BEST candidate if that is his ONLY flaw... Don't you think?!?! By the way, you are sounding very bitter about the fact that your last candidate didn't win... and even worse, he participated in the forum of his last rival...

    I suggest you take your emotions out of this... Spend some time reading up on ALL the candidates (minus the anger and bitterness).... Maybe participate in these "meet the candidate forums".... And THEN make your INFORMED decision!!

    Give me any of the candidates and I'm sure I can show you each and every one of their flaws... The question is: who has the least skeletons in their closet and who has the best interest of AS at heart!!!

  • Tafuna dominates over Stallions, Leone having a hard time with Marist   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Please note that the player who scored both touchdowns for Samoana's JV Team was Paula Mafi, not Paula Passi.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Concon debacle under Afoa leadership...a person who should know across the board representative delegates is a must for true concon, and let himself look uneducated with presentation of yes or no for all concon items---like the people of AS are stupid; no burial place for Leroy Lutu on family land; betrayed supporters in 2008; ...;

    #2 teammate forgot to resign before campaigning per requirement of the law or ignored it. This year the people are demanding men (or women) with "backbone" , genuine integrity, honesty to ascend to the 2 highest posts and get rid of the "mataga" we have had to endure with present and previous administrations.

    Two people who who do not betray their people and show compassion rather than vindictiveness. Two people who exemplify true qualities of leadership. Sad to say, but it most certainly is not your team.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    My vote is for the team that stands by what they say and are not afraid to fight for the people and not one the flip-flops when it comes down to the wire.

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So the Warden made sure to shoot the dog outside the gates of TCF, because guns aren't allowed inside. But then he brought it to his office and discharged it. Isn't his office inside TCF? And, licensed or not, should this guy really have a gun at all?

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    If the TCF can't keep dogs out, how is it able to keep inmates inside? Oh, right they don't. Fire everyone working there!

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Afoa totally sold out last election. It was pathetic. He let Togiola "convince" him to not support Utu. If he had we would have been saved the last 4 years of continued corrupt policies.

    Afoa has no values. That was made clear in 2008. No Afoa! No Faoa!

    Vote for someone else.

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    It should be pretty easy to see if the Warden has registered his rifle. I think Marion Fitisemanu already paid pretty dearly for not properly registering firearms, why should the Warden get away with it.

    It is the job of officers and prosecutors to take the simple step of checking to see if he registered the rifle. If he did, then please let the news know so the Warden can be publicly cleared.

    If it was not registered, get a warrant, take the rifle into evidence, take the Warden into custody.

    Registered or not, this was such a stupid lapse of judgment that he should be removed from his post as he clearly does not demonstrate the required decision making ability required for the job.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Nice speech Afoa. This coming from a man who in the 2004 elections was as fierce an opponent with fiery rhetoric of corruption and rampant cronyism against the Togiola and Aitofele team. Now it’s Faoa not Aitofele. This is also the same man who in 2008 continued his tirade against this same administration, Togiola and Faoa, for it’s substandard policies and anti-business practices. Then in a strange twist of events, decided to “flip-flop” on his values and ideologies and supported the team of Togiola and Faoa because newcomer’s, Utu and Nua, defeated him on a simple platform of grassroots in the run off’s. Which, as history has dictated, was the turning point for the Togiola/Faoa victory in 2008.

    This is also the same man that counseled the Constitutional Convention to adopt the election system of elected amendments to our constitution, of which the people of American Samoa denied and rejected every single amendment sent to the polls. They tried to shove their political agenda down the people’s throats, but, they failed to count on the people’s resolve to see right through their scheming games.

    Then we have another man, Le’i Thompson, who claims leadership qualities, but, how can one claim such a bold recognition of entitlement, when the entire men and women’s restroom system at the Executive Office Building (EOB), is publicly known for it’s filthy, slimy, dirty, smelly, infected, sewage-smelling area in the entire EOB, for that matter, in the south pacific. If Le’i can’t delegate leadership qualities to clean up a few restrooms in a government building, how can we expect him to delegate leadership to lead a country?

    Are these the types of leaders we want for American Samoa? Are these the types of values we are to expect from such men who claim such high decree of ethics? I can understand Togiola’s last hurrah by supporting the Afoa camp. I feel for Lt. Governor Faoa and what he must think about his current boss’s support of his political opponent. What astonishes me is Utu Malae’s presence at this event. Has the former ASPA CEO, DBAS President and CNMI Utility Chairman lost his directional compass? Did all that stress from CNMI and his resignation mentally wreak havoc on his values? Correct me if I’m wrong, but, just a few months ago, did Utu Malae endorsed the team of Save and Sandra? This must be making the former supporters of Utu go berserk with bewilderment…..I know I am.

    Yes, I do understand that it’s a “Meet The Candidates” event. I also understand that anyone is entitled to be present, despite their gubernatorial support for other teams, but, just the “appearance” of association with former political enemies at their campaign event also has an appearance of “no class” and “political indecisiveness”. The political apparatus and groups on island may understand this and not give it a second thought, but, what about the grassroots and common, every day man and woman, who are not “in-the-know”. What must they be thinking about this messy chaos?

    I ask American Samoa to do some deep soul searching and pray to the Almighty for guidance in the November elections. We need real leadership, unfortunately the Afoa and Le’i team are not the answer to our problems.

  • Hometown News: Air Force Airman Panapasi Taala   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Your parents are so proud of you and so are we. Take it to the next level,and never give up sis. Pray and depend on God to accomplish your goal. We love you and always aim high.....

    Auasi family.

  • 10th Arts Festival officials surprised by expenditures   4 years 10 weeks ago

    The original 2008 organizers of the Art Fest are not at fault here, obviously. So to interpret the end justifies the means? This makes me-mine very angry! As beautiful and well presented this Art Fest might have been way back then, memories of corruption will prevail not only with the administration at large but with those peoples/villagers/volunteers who took advantage of a good thing. Shame on YOU! Or did the volunteers really receive compensation? Obviously the minions of this current administration OUGHT NOT be elected again!!! People please pay attention to this corrupt current AS government culture in which I am sure the ancients would not be very proud of. Oh my, whatever did the ancients create? I suppose the world knows now. I hope I am wrong within these statements herein, and integrity will reign in American Samoa and into the future with this your very own next 2012 election. The people/villagers have the power to vote with integrity in mind. GODSPEED Voters, this is your very own personal and private right to vote individually and hopefully not as a group of being told how to vote next.

    Thank You Samoa News for this time to comment

    Kokomo, Indiana

  • Team Save-Sandra hope in future elections law obeyed   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Great Gesture? Is that how you look at a violation of a law? They are asking for the law to be enforced, no one should be above the law especially those that are going to hold the highest office on island. Its people like you that like to down play the law that keeps our government in the turmoil that it is in now.

    "Now is the time" to bring everything out in the open...Is Salu really just a independant contractor? You can call yourself what ever you want, but if the government withholds any taxes, or has control over any part of the job, whether it be how things are going to run or even the hours you work...then you are an employee. Whether or not that is the case, the Save and Sandra team still had the legal right to keep her in the case.

    On a side note, you also stated that she has her own business license. What license is she using? Is it a license for the job she is doing for the government, research and development...or is it a rental property license that she is using? Now why don't you go back do a "thorough research" of your "trustworthy" team before you irresponsibly post on Samoan News.

  • UPDATE: Candidates certified   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Where else will names of violators of election law appear on a ballot because governmnt is too connected with each other to remove names of election law violators? We are being played for fools until we wake up and do something about it.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    We witnessed believable media reports show Le'i, Taufete'e, and Lolo actively campaign before resigning from ASG employment. It was mandatory for you Le'i to do it before you campaigned! Just because Human Resource director and Attorney General refuse to do something about it doesn't mean you shouldn't have followed the law (f). We are now a laughable Territory because names are on ballot that blatantly violated election law (f). That was a big test of honest leadership. These names on election ballot should not get anyones votes. Sorry, but that's my opinion and me and my family will not vote for your team because of that.

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