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  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    You obviously cannot tell when a person is angry or laughing. So, I am putting "LMAO!" as my title, so it is the first thing you read!...Hope you know what that means too!...lol...oops, I did it again, hope you know what that means!...here...let me simplify it for you:

    Dude, I AM relaxed, especially when reading your comments...because they are purely entertaining!

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Wow! are you seriously using that argument? The constitution is pretty explicit as to what steps ANYONE should take when revising the constitution. Not sure how you cannot distinguish between the role of the committee and how delegates are selected.

    But you are right about no written guidelines a district shall use in selecting their delegates - Welcome to Samoa! But since you must have been absent from our territory forever, it defaults to the traditional way -- which, each district meets (families, chiefs, etc.) and they agree on who THEY want to represent them...just picture a bunch of individuals sitting in the Samoan Fale and exchange thoughts and food, or however each district handle their affairs. If it was not handled properly from your perspective, then that blame is on them and not the committee...AND you should have definitely voiced your concern during the district meeting.

    BUT if you were mute throughout the process of selection, then there is absolutely no one to blame but yourself! You really need to rid of the perception that the committee had all the power and control...because they really didn't.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Sorry to put a sour lihingmui on your face Lia, but sounds like you want to be a star.hahaha...se speak the truth! Star only has made two statements...and both are true. Dont beat a dead horse Lia, add something that hasn't already been said.

  • Sonny Joe Sappa — Ekalesia Katoliko i Aua   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Those who knew this guy would probably agree that Sonny is a humble soul. To me he is the epitome of the word 'friend' in all of its greatest.

    I was the first day of the Fall semester in Funky-Town, a rainy September, 1981. We were those anxious, excited and nervous Freshmen, stepping into the Halls of the Vikings for the first time. It was the time when you find Zapp and Roger in the aiga buses singing 'Electricity'; you are serenaded by Earth Wind & Fire's 'Let Us Groove', KC dropped down 'Get Down Tonight', and the King of Pop MJ moonwalked even on the green grass at Fagaitua High. But the grass was wet that morning as it poured like crazy. As a freshmen you can't sleep the night before school. The excitement and curiousity builts up through daybreak. All you could think of is getting to school and the thrill of what friends you will see and what new friends you will make. It was the time when ACT from Aua reigned supreme as the infamous crew you don't dare mess with.

    That morning at homeroom I was the first to find my seat. Unsure if i was in the right classroom. I took the last seat at the corner near the door - thinking that the exit would be easier. A few minutes later a flock of students sped across the classroom chasing each other and some jumped on the desks, the chairs and laughing as they chase each other. I thought to myself -- hmmm! so this is what high school is like. I noticed that the two guys chasing each other wore airbrushed sweaters with ACT airbrushed on it. I thought - Okay then! I finally have a face to put on the ACT phenom! (haha). I then saw a guy walked up and took the very first seat on the edge of the first row in the front. He was just laughing at the guys chasing each other. One of the guys called out to him 'Sonny block that side'. I figured okay so he is from ACT as well. When the teacher finally showed up and told the boys to calm down, Sonny stood up and walked over to my row and asked if anyone is sitting in the seat next to me. I gladly told him 'its yours'.

    The class was already full when a girl walked in and stood at the door while the teacher was talking. The teacher then stopped and told the young lady to take a seat at his desk. Sonny stood up and offer his seat but the girl, very shy, walked over and sat at the teacher's desk.

    There was a round of introduction and that confirmed Sonny is from Aua. When the bell rang everyone exit immediately while Sonny was still writing stuff on his notebook. After i put my stuffs in my bag, swung it over my shoulder, i turned to Sonny and asked if he was okay (just because everyone else left). Sonny said, 'yes thanks. My next class is in this same room so I am staying'. I introduced myself and left the building. Only to find out that i have to return to the same room because that is where my next class is held. When i got there Sonny asked if i forgot something and i said, 'i just found out this is where my next class is too.'

    Since then, I and Sonny became friends. After high school we went our separate ways. We never kept in touch until after college when i returned home. We picked up our friendship from where we left off until I left the country again. But we never lost contact this time.

    Sonny is so missed. May you rest in peace.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Se malo Fetu! Alo pea i ou faiva! Fai le faaiuga a faamasino ae fai fo'i oe ia! Get it, girl! Keep the day job ma sulu lou titi fai facts!

    Fan of the day,
    Lia M.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Wow Star, do you day-dream at the Library of Congress? Because you have a lot of so-called "facts"! I was a Utu supporter in 2008 but I don't remember the Afoa/Velega team ever endorsing us during the run-off, or was it before the primary election? (A leitioa fo'i a le malo si vaega!) Sis, if there WAS a violation of the law, the court would have upheld the lawsuit, right? Se soia ia... let's stick to the facts and not pull anything out of the air. Unless you were "there" or it is a proven fact, stop stating hearsay on this forum. It's so unbecoming for a Save (me) Sandra supporter.

    Ia manuia lou aso!
    Lia H. Manuma

  • “SHOTGUN APPROACH”   4 years 10 weeks ago

    ... I get that the writer of the article stated her/his thoughts about wondering how and what Samoa and our culture would be like in the future. Im not sure what is wrong with teaching World History in school. I dont know if the mixture of cultures amongst us is a bad thing either. Im not sure if these were the factors to be blamed for the reason of our culture 'hanging on a single thread of existence'.

    I am not against the teaching of World History in school. Why? Because it broadened my knowledge of the world and makes me curious about the world. It allowed me to have a high school diploma and college degree.

    I am not against the mixture of cultures amongst us because their cultures enriched my knowledge of the world and made me appreciate God's creation of the world we live in that I know we can all co-exist. I pass on unique values of our culture to my friends' cultures and it has also enriched their lives because of the cultural exchange we've had. My family, like every Samoan family I know, kept the nucleus of the Samoan fire burning in their lives -- RESPECT. Even if we live abroad we carry that innate feeling of RESPECT and LOVE and we live to show that in what we do everyday.

    I believe our culure will never be lost. It's just impossible because I know our people have a stronghold in our values. Realisticly, a foreigner would only take lead of our islands if our people decide to let them lead. In this 21st century, no culture will lose it's existence without the World not doing a thing about it. If Samoa ever gets there, the world will respond. It is why Uncle Sam is all over the world. Not to take over and occuppy but to better the world.

    So i hope you do get to know a bit about me reading this response. Don't be afraid. The Lord always looks after good people and I know many Samoans are great people. Our culture is NOT hanging on one thread of existence. That is just too dramatic for me. Take care and enjoy the NFL season. BEST-- 11B

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thanks for enlightening us!! We now know that:
    1. Afoa changed his mind last election on who to vote for(not illegal)
    2. Le'i violated section (f) but is not disqualified
    3. Star is voting for Save & Sandra (absolutely not illegal-your choice-but we wont hold it against you should you change your vote in the end *wink*)

    Are we all in agreement on these issues?? can we move forward now or are we going to go back and beat on this dead horse??

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing that information. Just curious, as I am a petlover myself, --- how have pet owners get their pets checked, spayed/neutered? Has public health department ever put this on a high priority? Is there a Humane Society on the islands where people can get help with their pets?

    It just sounds so sad that we preach our identity to the world how great people we are and our pride in our culture and yet our government neglects this vital segment that can say a lot about what we are about. I grew up with dogs everywhere - i get that! But Samoa has changed and so as most things.

    It's time to create some kind of humane society or even a charity to establish a system to help animals, even if its to put down strayed dogs, but at least do it in a humane way. This kinda boils my heart. Thanks so much.

    Editor's note: Yes we have a very active Humane Society that works hard to bring volunteer vets on island and also keeps some supplies of essential medicines for animals.

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I feel a great connection with my fellow Samoans commented below about animal cruelty and their references about ASG! This type of news is downplayed in our islands but it would dominate the major news network at a national level. I don't have Facebook nor a Tweet account. I highly suggest those who care about animals to share this story with friends and perhaps bring it to the pet lovers and those who can help take action, reps, and political candidates.

    It is a shame that in our way of living we worship our creator and yet people don't show compassion towards animals whom God created (if that's what we believe in). This is plain ridiculous. The issue isnt just about the shooting. ASG owes it to the public to protect animals and enhance public health. I can't believe there isnt a vet in town. Im sure there is an overpopulation issue for strayed dogs. Cruel actions by killing them with guns or cars will not solve the problem.

    What example will Samoa set for their children to follow --- show no compassion for animals? Then they migrate to more westernized society and find themselves in akward thoughts when they see how people value their animals as they were their own children and family members? I cant believe the reporter fell short in reporting the story by not referencing any information about cruelty. Shame Shame Shame.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Just pick one that MIGHT not be a disaster.

    Afoa and Faoa have no credibility.

    Lolo is crazy, but pick him if you want. Or Jones, or Salu, or even Save if you must.

    I can see that you are voting for Afoa. Well, that's better than Faoa. I'll give you that. But I think Afoa's ship sailed when he sold out.

    Anyway, relax.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    What difference does it make if they give up their salaries for a year? That's nothing compared to the mess we are in.
    Afoa could have helped by supporting Utu, but he sold out. That's enough for me. No Afoa. He has no credibility.

    ...and do you think Faoa wouldn't give up his salary too? Like that's where he makes his money...

  • DOE has no protocol for teacher-student interaction   4 years 10 weeks ago

    This is not justice, is a slapped on many innocent kids. Tupua should be punished for this crime, terminated from his job and not to teach kids in any school.

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    What makes this idiot think it is legal to fire a riffle out in the public, on a public road? Just because a dog was walking in front of the jail doesn't make it a stray dog, maybe it belonged to someone and was just innocently walking by. Maybe that stray bullet that fired off in his office should have shot himself in the ass!

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Warden Maifea I hope you stumble upon this. I guess

    Block wherever the dogs are entering through. If there is a hole in the fence, fix it!Don't open fire on those poor dogs. In reality, I could care less of your problems. I hope those stray dogs get all the food they can get out of your facility.

    The issue here is: no laws against animal cruelty. Animal fighting still permitted in American Samoa. Wow! That really does set us back. Doesn't anybody give a damn about these animals?

    Why isnt there an animal shelter on island? If everyone made a community effort to have all their animals spayed and neutered, we would minimize the trouble and stray animals. It also happens to be trouble we started. Every time we pass up on the opportunity to help these animals, we have another stray walking the streets. Those poor animals are being abused and its ok.

    How can the government just sit when animal cruelty is done so publicly. i dont get it. Please help these animals! As a community we can make a difference in these animals lives

    Editor's note: Just so people know, there is no longer a vet on island, so there is no longer a way to spay or neuter. The gov't has closed the vet clinic because of no funds. As seldom as the vet clinic had the drugs necessary at least if you were persistent enough, eventually you could get your animals spayed or neutered. Now we have to wait for some charitable organization to send a team to help us out. Malo Humane Society and also Tanya — let us know what people can do to help.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Choosing who to vote for is completely up to you...and you are absolutely correct that Afoa had every right to vote for Togiola. You are also correct that the candidates were cleared to run, and I also applaud Afoa for saying that he will waive his wages for a year...but that doesn't sway my vote.

    Again, you all are still making excuses for Afoa's past actions.

    #1 As old as the argument may be...Afoa said that he would endorse Utu and turned around and gave into Togiola after campaigning so fiercely about how corrupt the government was under his leadership. So that tells me as a voter that he sold us out!

    #2 No one, not even the candidates themselves are disputing the fact that the subsection (f) was violated. The only thing that was questioned was that the violation was grounds for disqualification. That is it! Lei himself said knows..just ask him.

    So I would rather have a team like Save and Sandra, who are not afraid of standing up for what is right, in office. They have no integrity issues and their background in law and justice is the type of people we need in office. Someone made a comment about Sandra guiding Save through some of these decisions....well then you have obviously haven't done any research on him. Sandra complements Save well...and who better to advise you on issues then your running mate.

    I am not trying to attack Afoa, I am giving you the reasons why I wouldn't vote for him. Good luck to all the candidates.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    So I find it interesting that even with the announcement made by Afoa and Le'i to work For FREE for the next year if they are chosen... I see NO positive remark about it! I am dumbfounded that ALL I keep reading about from these OBVIOUSLY non-supporters is that Afoa endorsed Togiola at the last election!! REALLY?!?!?!?!? I guess if you say it, repeat it, and repeat it some more... It will be TRUE that Afoa is a bad bad man!! Boy, if you have made up your mind about your candidate... Then by all means, stick to it.... But it is so unnecessary to make mountains out of molehills... I would much rather enjoy reading of WHY your candidate is better?? Would THEY work for free too? Or are they in it simply for themselves?!

    And as far as I'm concerned, Le'i along with the other candidates were cleared by the courts and all who have a say-so to run for office. Would that not squash that argument that he's a "law breaker"?! That is the beauty of why we live in a democracy, we believe in every person being able to defend themselves against the charges laid against him/her... And I believe that's called due process... Point is: the case was dismissed and that answers that question right? If you wanted to keep bringing up this "violator of section (f)" then it gives others the opportunity to present the fact that Jones was accused of raping a minor... Forget the fact that he was cleared by a jury of his peers...

    We are now a bunch of "low information" people and we will continue to fixate on just one side of the argument and completely forget that he was pronounced innocent!!! ....you getting the drift???? ....

    Make a valid argument for WHY your candidate is a better candidate... And please, get over the fact that Le'i is now "a criminal" because of section (f) And that Afoa supported Togiola at the last election (which is of ofcourse his right)... That argument is getting old!!! and as far as I'm concerned as a voter... That is not as bad as some of the baggage other candidates bring to the table...
    Please bring up valid points and/or suggestions... it makes for a MUCH better use of your time, and most importantly: MY time as a curious voter!

    Heres to hoping your day goes well!

  • Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thank You Samoa News for bringing these issues up. These little issues go a far way and its always the little things that matter. And its always the little things that the everyone overlook.

    Our 4 legged friends should be protected. The Government should have neutering programs and educate the public starting from schools. Dogs have been protecting mankind for thousands of years and we owe it to them by protecting them. Without Dogs we most definitely wont be able to sniff out bombs, illegal drugs and most definitely give us comfort in the most difficult times in our lives spiritually and physically.

    May the Lord reach out to the Police Warden to give him some guidance. Dogs have hearts and yes they beat just like ours. Humans have hearts too. They rely on us for food and security.

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
    ― Will Rogers

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    dear .....

    You obviously seem to have an issue regarding who Afoa supported last election. Correct me if Im wrong but is this not a democratic society? meaning we are free to choose and elect who we feel at the time is the most qualified candidate.

    At the time, Afoa felt Togiola would better serve the people over Utu. We should not question why people choose the way they do because those are their constitutional rights.

    On the same note, Utu & Togiola have a right to appear wherever they chose to or publically support whomever they chose even if they will vote for someone else in the end. You talk about how the people will be in the "know" about the candidates. The best way for them to know is to get out there, talk to the candidates and do their own research. Reading biased opinions from others will only cloud their judgement.

    If we dig deep enough, we will find a slew of faults for EVERYONE that is running for office. Noone is perfect. The real question is, which candidate is best qualified for the position? I am amazed with all the investigations regarding Faoa and Lolo all you are harping about is who Afoa supported years ago. If that is the only fault you can bring to the table, then I will definitely chose him hands down!!
    Bottomline, each voter will have to make an intelligent decision by being open-minded about the candidates.

    AND I too pray to the Almighty to help those that are chronically judgemental on who we vote for to respect whom we chose to support.

    Lastly, I pray for the Almighty to bless the brave and courageous leaders that are willing to walk through fire and take a stand for what they believe in and are able to withstand criticisms and attacks unnecessarily by people that do not contribute positively towards the betterment of the community.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    This provision of the constitution does not mean the county councils act without guidance. There are no rules or guidelines to guide county councils on how to select delegates. That is most certainly a job of a committee preparing the Territory for a constitutional convention to prepare rules and guidelines for the county councils. As it was there were none. They selected themselves, their political allies and friends. This defeated what the concon process was about. Wasted money. Tragic lost opportunity for change for the better.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    LOL You are funny trump80. I take it you are still bewildered by Utu's appearance to Afoa & Le'i's "Meet the Candidates" event. You seem to have a personal issue with Afoa. What, did he not represent you in a case? Did he win against a case you were involved with? Don't be astonished with the Governor and Utu's appearance at the event. Maybe you should setup a meeting and find out why they even appeared at the event and then exaggerate the hell out of their answers. lol. Maguia lou aso. Soia ia le fa'aleaga kagaka.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thank You Afoa & Le'i. This is COMMITMENT that we need and shows genuine intentions to serve the our people. Fa'afetai.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Thank you for the advice. At least we've settled that you are neither a certified judge nor a lawyer. Hence, any argument you have regarding this issue is invalid and not good enough...sorry! Again, I am extremely proud of you and your successes...which is why I said for you to stick to your day job! It looks as if you've misunderstood me, but as I've stated before, stick to it, you're better at it than trying to be something you are not!

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I am well aware of the judgement that it was not the election officers duty to enforce subsection (f), it remains in the control of human resources, and by violating this subsection is not grounds to be disqualifued. The FACT still remains, that they were in violation of it. There's no question about that.
    Im not asking you to do my homework, I am merely questioning your logic to read all the other laws, when in fact wouldn't change a thing.
    And I must say that I am pretty successful at my day job, successful enough to not sell out. You on the other hand might want to pursue a career in law being that you are already on the track of trying to defend a violator.

  • Afoa and Le’i are ready to take on the role of leadership   4 years 10 weeks ago

    Afoa is NOT my father nor my Uncle. I am just an informed voter. And I will not do your homework for you, especially when you have already established your own paradigm about the elections...Again, do YOUR homework and read more than just the headlines...Read the different arguments that were presented in court, read the ruling by the judges and read the decision by Soliai. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can comprehend what was presented.

    FINALLY, Good job on your decision! I am not going to sway or try and persuade you in who you should vote for, because it's obvious it's neither Faoa, Lolo, Salu or Afoa...I sure hope it's not Jones because Tuika was also just working until recently. But hey, that's completely okay, it is your RIGHT in this democratic government. Just get off trying to be a certified judge or a lawyer, because it's obvious that you are neither!...Stick to your day job, you're most likely successful in it, because there is no way you could win in court if you only stick with ONE section of the law against ANY other contender that has studied more than that!...Just a suggestion.

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