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  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    To say someone has seen better days when YOU are not sacrificing your time and money for the betterment of our island is careless.

    All of the candidates running are capable men and women. They all have platforms and plans for improving American Samoa. To say Togiola is a non leader is absolutely ridiculous.

    If you are a bystander and have not contributed to our island, then do your part and stay positive. Provide constructive critisim and not negative feedback. It keeps communication exchanges productive and not confrontational.

    Please note that those elected are by votes cast by the MAJORITY. Even if you disagree with the majority of the voters, those are the LEADERS people elected into office.

    Informing the public on issues that are relevant and important to the island seem to be the most critical issue yet challenging task at hand. As far as I know, I have not read about Afoa being mentioned in ANY of the investigations or money-related cases of our Government. He continues to keep a low profile and yet still serve our people directly and indirectly through other means. He has accomplished more than you can ever fathom to accomplish in your lifetime.

    I know this because I have personally done research on the man. I find it admirable those who want to serve our island. Especially those who are not involved in any scandal/investigation or have had previous encounters with the authorities.

    Wishing all our candidates the very best.

  • “THE APPLE NEVER FALLS TOO FAR FROM THE TREE”   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Your letter is right on point. Let's not forget that that the wrestler sent to represent American Samoa did not compete due to his lack of training by qualified coaches. The training he received in London consisted of eating as much as he could in order to compete in the 96kg weight class. He was only able to reach 88kgs and was forced to do no cardio or actual wrestling activities to prevent him from burning calories. This along with his lack of experience and being completely out of shape led to an injury inevitably wasting an opportunity to competitively put American Samoa on the map. This type of behavior by ASNOC officials cannot be tolerated. It is evident the ASNOC does not have any consideration for the athlete and holds no accountability of the coaches selected. There is only one real experienced coach and one true wrestler on our island and neither were in London. In the end it's our athletes that suffer.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Thank you Sina for your thoughtful advise. It is sad that you are obviously surrounded by people who do not respect nor value your peace-making attempts. It is more sad that they hide behind the "First Amendment" to justify their hate and ignorance.

    What's more ironic is their proud claim of being a Samoan...yet, they commend and quickly forget the teachings of our Samoan culture and our values and beliefs in how we treat each other as well as the whole concept of "Aiga" and "Lotonu'u."

    Bottom Line...if the the message of change and putting people first means accepting rude, hateful and downright disrespectful behavior from adults to push forward their personal agenda...especially against individuals who have been trying their best to improve conditions of our Territory, then I really am worried about our future generations.

    Finally, the First Amendment does give us the right to speak our minds. However, it does not specify "HOW" we should...Maybe it is due to the fact that our forefathers understood that it is COMMON SENSE for individuals to have common courtesy and be mindful when voicing their opinions and concerns. One example: the Second Amendment protects the right of people to keep and bear arms. Yet, guns still end up in the hands of idiots as reflected in the recent events in Colorado, New York, etc. Moral is: people really need to stop hiding behind Amendments, and twist it in a way that justifies their actions.

    True, it is an election year...but people should not misuse it to justify uncivil acts/behaviors...nor accept such egregious behavior...for so many reasons, but especially because it is against everything the Fa'aSamoa and the Bible teaches us!

    Elinor Lutu-McMoore

  • Savannah State recruited two players from American Samoa to help on the offensive line   4 years 13 weeks ago

    That is so awesome! Extremely proud of you Epa!! So very happy to hear about your positive influence on Savannah State. Keep up the pride in your culture. It's who you are. Your identity. Be careful and be safe. Lots and lots and lots of love for you from us here at Home of the TOA. You make us proud!

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Let me try this again. Afoa has seen better days. End of the story.

    Analyze this --- Are you better off in the last 12 years of Togiola Economics or is your grandpa the better choice? It comes down to age and maybe the likability of the candidate-- maybe his record, maybe. AmSam elected a non leader with no record in Togiola. What does that tell you?
    don't blink now, truth might hurt some of you.


  • Fono: Tri-Marine revenue won't be realized until 2014   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Well then, lets see the contract rafter Togiola signed to give these great guys, that have not hired yet. The replacement was for the missing 3000 that left with COS. Your at zero point.

    Let's see why we need to give them tax exemptions. Come on, do this right guys.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Sorry about that, web editor's boo boo.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    "FOCUES", hehe lol :)

  • SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden death   4 years 13 weeks ago

    The whole show is a display of Psywar public relations. The man was never a thread and he passed a while back. End of story.

  • Savannah State recruited two players from American Samoa to help on the offensive line   4 years 13 weeks ago

    so proud of you Epa and JOhn...Keep up the good work and don't forget God in everything you do....
    We love you and prayers are in full effect for both of you...

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago


    Or maybe it's just me.


    Really? Isn't this the same lame excuse the guy who totaled that bus off the shores of Lauli'i said too? Mose drives the roads here in Tutuila and buses are the most bullies. They not only drive in the middle but often will shoulder you all the way over your edge of the road. DPS need to put their foot down, now that one of their own is killed.

  • AS Shipyard forecasts a profit of over $100K   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Giving credit where it's due. Thank you both for your hard work. You obviously silenced the many pessimists and critics of the shipyard with this news.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 13 weeks ago

    I agree with your suggestions. I think those are practical ideas that are doable. Great job on the suggestions.


    Well said as above. Sincerest heartfelt condolences. I was also told by a female observer that was there that the driver was on the phone talking to someone. I don't know if it's true, but that is what I was told. Talking on phone and Texting is a REAL problem and will lead to fatality, which should be illegal and BANNED in the Territory. Representatives, get on this and do right . People need to report or take pictures of those talking and Texting as well as carrying children in their arms without seat belts or child safety seats in the cars... Tang ewwww

  • AS Shipyard forecasts a profit of over $100K   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Fanene? Well, given the facts of the report from the Fono SIC -- I hope the gov't will address these issues with all involved, and held those involved accountable for their actions. Sad to read this story knowingly the state of the economy were at. If I was the gov't. I will strip Fanene from any sort of retirement benefits, etc... from the gov't. I always beleive that for every roach you see on the wall, there's a million more behind it. -- With that been said, I wonder how many more of the same was Fanenen involved WITH.


    First, I would like to send my condolences to the victim's family. May the peace of God dwell in your hearts by faith, and may you folks be comforted by God's Holy Spirit in these hard times, in Jesus's name.

    I've read the bus driver's poor excuse here, "He fell asleep at the wheel." However, operating any vehicle while sleepy is NO EXCUSE. It becomes a health & safety issue. An innocent life is gone becaue of this. Whatever your case may be. Mr. Bus Driver, YOU (knowingly) that you do not have enough rest from the night before should've used your common-sense, instead, you ignored your issues and still went ahead and operated the bus, thus, an innocent life you've taken due to your poor judgements and lack of common sense. This is a "Wake-Up Call" for most of you bus drivers out there (you know who you are). You folks get behind the wheel of a bus and all of a sudden; you folks become "Speedy Gonzalez" on the road. Why? What is the point when we only have two-lanes? Most of you bus drivers drive too agressive on the road; cutting corners and love to "overtake" other buses that's picking up passengers on your time. Some of you folks would pass-up another bus you dislike and release a cloud of black-smoke from your mufflers towards another bus due to whatever differences you folks have. Yet, when you release that cloud of black-smoke, do know this...you folks are releasing poisonous gas in the air which not only pollutes the air we breathe, but also, causes people to get sick immediately. Thus, anyone doing this should be charged with accordingly in the court of law.

    Let's work together folks. Be considerate of others. Drive safely. Cause, Together we can make a difference. Soifua and God Bless America and the Pacific Islands.

  • Court challenge filed against Gov.’s 2007 vehicle ban   4 years 14 weeks ago

    It's funny how so many things are happening in our territory and the governor comes up with a rule about vehicles. When he can't figure out what to do to help our hospital that is in a poor financial state, he turns to old vehicles. I await the elections because you really need to stand down.

    [Editor's note: The Governor's XO on vehicles was issued in 2007, it is not new.]

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Whoever the next Governor/Lt. Gov. is that comes into office will definitely have their job cut out for them.

    Here's just a few ideas and I welcome any feedback:

    1)American Samoa Government needs to be downsized. Judging from the multi-million dollar budget shortfalls, I think everyone would agree that the government is living way beyond its means. Get rid of dead weight and consolidate departments, smaller governments are almost always more efficient and more streamlined than fat, over-bloated ones.

    2)Begin the process of selling off expensive assets (not really assets) such as the local television station, ASPA, ASTCA, and other entities that can and should be run by the private sector.

    3)Cut down on the number of government vehicles being issued to government employees. Sell off the government vehicles! The lease payments, insurance and fuel costs alone would save much needed dollars.

    4)Cut out the bureaucratic red tape and make it easier for local American Samoans to start up, own and operate businesses. It's the "people" that will create the jobs and grow the economy, not the government.

    5)Invite new "environmental friendly" industries to come to the island such as solar energy manufacturing, sport shoe manufacturing etc. (talk to the Chinese, maybe we can pick up some spill-off business from them).

    6)Explore the possibility of getting more cruise ships on island, not just for a few hours but for a night or two...anyway, just saying.

    whoever it is that gets voted in deserves our support and respect. To quote one of the greatest US Presidents in history, "It's the governments job to protect the people, not run their lives." -Ronald Reagan.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Thank you for your lecture of the 1st amendment rights. I ask that you read my suggestion to Paulo, as I did not suggest that he keeps his thoughts to himself. I merely suggested to provide some ideas instead of insults.

    Tell me, which part of Paulo's comments had anything to do with our cause for a better government or change? Are you suggesting that our position for L&L is that Trimarine is Not a good company to have here in American Samoa as Paulo stated? Or is it our position Not to support fisheries initiatives?

    I kindly suggested to be mindful of our candidates when he's bashing others. Do these attacks really work to gain political support? Frankly, I agree with what you alluded to in your comments, that nations are built on ideas and thoughts for the betterment of its people. I dont think that Paulo provided anything that would fall in the category of "nation-building" ideas.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Why don't you do us all a favor Sina and put some thought behind your remarks. I too am a L&L supporter and I see nothing wrong with Paulo invoking his First Amendment right to free speech. As a matter of fact, you're enjoying that very right now by remarking to Paulo's remarks. Sina, this is the 21st century. The days of having one's voice dictated by others are long gone. It is individuality that builds societies and it's developments. If everyone was to stifle their beliefs and ideologies about what they think of the world and it's leaders, where would America be right now? May I suggest you stop listening to others and start thinking for yourself. Don't follow the norm, think outside the box. Believe me, it's so refreshing when one uses their own mental capacity without being policed. Do you think that the local businesses have not heard these types of political critics before? Did you just arrive on island? You mentioned wanting to make changes, well how in God's green earth does one make changes, if one is too afraid to speak up? Listen Sina, if you are not up to date with the local issues, may I suggest you start reading the local newspapers or talk to someone that is versed in local politics? If the candidates running for political office cannot endure the insults and innuendoes, then perhaps they are in the wrong game? Politics is a vicious game that knows no boundries. If you haven't learned that by now, then you should educate yourself quickly.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Just curious as to your remark that for Lolo & Lemanu to depend solely on Uncle Sam for funds is ridiculous. So if this economic idea to tap into federal funds is so ridiculous, just how do YOU propose the territory will get funding for it's development and operations?

    I don't know, perhaps I'm a bit backwards , but, where does the majority of the grants ASG receives on a yearly basis come from? Where does Capital Improvement funds come from? Where does approximately 80% of our fiscal budget come from again? Correct me, but, where did ARRA funds derive from again? I'm curious as to where departments like TAOA, WIC, Women & Youths, TEO, ASPA, etc., get the majority, if not 100% of their funding, from again? Is'nt the other 20% or less of local funds provided by our taxes, including businesses, a minor contribution to our economy?

    I'll bet if you asked Afoa/Le'i, Faoa/Taufete'e, Save/Sandra, Salu/Savusa and Jones/Tuika Tuika teams the same question you posed to the Lolo/Lemanu team, they will practically say the same thing as well....Uncle Sam. Doesn't sound too ridiculous now, is it? Do some reading on governance and get back in the debate my friend.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. And because of this amendment, I applaud Paulo for exercising his right to free speech.

    There are a lot of you in here that are clearly exercising this same God-given right, just like Paulo. Just because you don't like Paulo's ideology of what he thinks good government should be, does not give you the right to censure his thoughts. You seem to forget that there is a political campaign going on in the territory.

    Either it be a gubernatorial, congressional or representatives for the Fono, the individuals who decided on their own recognizance to run for public office are open for public scrutiny. If the President of the United States is open to public scrutiny, what makes our local candidates any different? Every individual has the right to speak whats on their mind, as long as it does not cause physical irreparable harm to the recipient of said remarks.

    Was there any physical harm or "proven" untruths committed by Paulo's remarks? Listen, if you are not the recipient of these political attacks, then perhaps you need to step aside and let the person being challenged defend themselves....or is that too much to ask? After all, if these candidates cannot defend their political positions, then why the heck are they running for public office? Leave the back-seat driving to the one thats doing the driving.....comprende?

    We are a close knit community, and as such, we have a tendency of defending our families and friends. And that's where the problem lies. Let those competing for office defend their positions in person. Let them do battle(rhetorically) with their critics. We don't need "pro-bono" activists to be involved. If you are running for public office, then I suggest you get in on the discussion and debates.

    There is no harm or distraction from Paulo's comments that would be volatile to any campaign, especially the Lolo & Lemanu team. If this is the first time you've been involved in political wrangling and debates, may I suggest you sit back and learn from these discussions. Educate yourselves in the latest issues and think outside the box. You can always tell the wanna-be political novices from their wanton attacks and lack of competency. There is no such thing as a "safe-zone" in a political campaign.


    Typical of people to complain and throw fits when they are not the ones who actually do the work. Great Job Carlos. I wonder where all your haters are at now? No comments on this article?

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    You obviously don't have any BETTER suggestions. Depending SOLELY on Uncle Sam for funds is ridiculous. That is what Lolo and Lemanu offer as a solution to our Economic Problems. Be constructive and positive. So what are the other industries are you referring to? Please enlighten us with your expertise. You fit in the category of complainers, pessimists and those who criticize yet fail to provide any constructive solutions to problems. Save yourself the energy and go do something good for yourself and our people.

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