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  • Gov asks PLG to endorse climate resolution   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Governor, proportion to the collective amount of green gases, water vapor makes up the bulk of green gases. CO2 is less than 1% of green gases. Have you ever asked the question of "What is green gas?"

  • Local man charged in four different burglaries   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Let's groom this kid to be our future Governor. Why not? At least he's honest about it. He admits to doing the stealing.

  • Sixty candidates will vie for seats in local House race   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Mose wants to know the names of people lining up for seats. Can Samoa News list 'em? Fa'amolemole Rhonda.

    Editor's note: We will have the complete list in Tueday's edition.


    Ia aloa pea le atua ia te oe !!

  • Two charged in alleged burglary spree in Leone   4 years 14 weeks ago

    I agree with you folks... blame it on those child protection act law that messed a lot of kids now a day? Those kid knows they have rights above the law.All the police can do to them is send them back to their parents? There is a local Fono who can make amendment to create a different law that applies only in the territory? Make their parents liable for their crime, and make their parent punish them in a shame full ways.

  • ASESRO executive director takes exception to Samoa News’ 1602 story   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Thank you Samoanews for this revelation. This report should really rattled the Lolo Camp and for many of us undecided voters, the trust has been breached with Lolo for Governor.... along with his integrity to offer honest government and "transparency". Our people have experienced this corruption virus with the current governor and Lt. governor and now Lolo has revealed his own evil tendencies. Samoa, ala mai!...the cat is out of the bag with Lolo for Governor. Fortunately, there are other choices. Soifua.

  • Samoa News Editorial: Welcome to American Samoa — Land of the Potholes   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Land of potholes manage by b_ttholes. What's new? I hate to admit it but me Mose lives in Pothole Land as well, manage by Bu__holes. Now what does that makes Mose? Knowing that Mose has nothing to do with the management. Another "pothole"? uuuuummm.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Let every man and woman Account for thyself. First rule is to KNOW thyself before you can rule men.


  • Samoa News Editorial: Welcome to American Samoa — Land of the Potholes   4 years 14 weeks ago

    It is Happy to know I'm not alone, "cries"


  • Togiola: O Amerika Samoa o motu o le Pasefika   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Ua silia ma le 100 tausaga o fa'alagolago Tutuila ma Manu'a ia Amelika e faia fa'ai'uga uma mo ia. Ona o le tupe ma le manuia o saga maua mai pea i nei tausaga e tele, ua sili atu ai ia Amerika Samoa le tupe nai lo le tamali'i'aga (money is more important than pride) o Amerika Samoa o se atunu'u tuma'oti.

    E anoanoa'i fa'amanuiaga e maua e Amerika Samoa pe'a tuto'atasi nai lo tupe o maua nei mai ia Amerika. E tatau ia Tutuila ma Manu'a ona avea o se atunu'u tuma'oti ina ia avea ai lona lava leo e saunoa ai i mata'upu i totonu o tauaofiaga a le lalolagi nai lo le tulaga o i ai nei ua na'o se "atunu'u Pasefika e fa'alogologo" (Observer). Avea ma fa'ata'ita'iga lelei le Malo o Samoa ma lona atina'e saosaoa o i ai nei atoa ai fo'i le anoanoa'i o isi atunu'u Pasefika ua tuto'atasi ma ua amana'iaina ai i tauaofiaga a Malo Aufa'atasi.

    Ia fa'amanuia pea le Atua i le faiga Malo o Tutuila ma Manu'a.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Thank you for understanding...:)

  • Report: 1602 recipients allowed to profit in a 3-layered scheme   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Hey Lolo, can I be your girlfriend too???? (I'm kidding readers!! Chillaxx!!)

    Well...I say, leave Mr.President alone. He's human, and I can surely tell you he ain't the Only man on this island who's married with girlfriends.hahahaha Just a matter of time when candidates try everything to put each other down and bring out the 'Dirty Dirty' from their opponents.

    Majority rules though on this issue,,,to stand in that position my dear Lolo, you need to go in squeeky clean, or at least try to keep the 'Dirty Dirty' out of the public eye, which here in Samoa, is very hard to do. You serve as a Leader who will be under a microscope from the day you enter, til' you're booted out of that seat. Guess you lost hope in a lot of voters on this one my friend, but good luck anyway,and good luck to ALL candidates. Whoever wins, just make sure our Roads are on your REAL list of 'things to do' please!!!! MUCH love to every Samoan out there, and may God help us all.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Okay I see...So ONLY people with higher income can qualify for this loan, not the low income. Ok, I understand. Thank you for the insight. But, I have seen A LOT of empty houses covering 50% of the island WITHOUT low income taxpayers living in it. WHY? Because, they would not be able to afford the LOW INCOME RENT...So how much more low income can we go.

    Dont get me wrong editor Im just laying what I have on my mind. This does not mean to attack you.

    Editor's note:  I don't take any offense, I can tell you are just looking for info.  I'm not sure of all the rules and regs for the low income housing, but that is something we will be looking into in the future.  We've had a number of calls since the first story was published from people who say they have tried to rent the houseing, but were told they do not qualify and also calls from people who are saying that they have houses and apts for rent (not in the program) but are having a hard time renting them since the low-income apts were built.  Hopefully we will have more information for you in the future. 

  • ASESRO executive director takes exception to Samoa News’ 1602 story   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Even if items were "flagged" to be removed from the "DRAFT" Report, I doubt if this will explain how the "girlfriend" of the President of the DBAS (Lolo) was approved sub grants and how her siblings were all approved sub grants as well. It would seem necessary that the only way to recant this story and to clarify any conflict instances, is if the "girlfriend" and her family members provide proof that the applications they submitted for the 1602 program fully satisfied all program requirements. This is definitely disappointing news. Thank you Samoa News.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Federal Acquisitions Regulation is quite clear on "Conflict of Interest". The American Samoa Administrative Code (ASAC) reiterates the same regarding the strict standard of conduct towards government contracts and "Conflict of Interest."

    Regarding this matter, I am entitled to my OWN opinion. Here is goes.

    The Losers:

    1. People of American Samoa and the applicants who weren't afforded due diligence in their application review process because they weren't with the "in" crowd.

    2. The followers of Lolo & Moliga (Families or otherwise). Regardless of how they counter, the efforts of many took a gigantic step backwards due to what has come to light from DBAS President and his on-going affairs with women. It's no secret the Mrs. came back into the public scene to save face for the sake of good PR and the perception that they live a happy life and healthy marriage. Is this Lolo & Moliga's approach towards Transparency, Accountability, and Responsible Government? Don't bother. Its a rhetorical question. Your credibility to the undecided voter has gone to hell as far as i'm concerned. Here in DC, its all that matters.

    3. The Economy. With so many LIHTC 1602 projects completed, on-going, or incomplete, the simple fact is that the market dictates the value of property housing and the saturation of the housing industry has left the economy in a bind. We have more land lords with houses they can't fill and if by the end of the year, they aren't occupied, are subject to repay the loan back with interest and fees (1602 guidelines).

    The Winners:

    1. The sub-grantee(s) who eventually became project owners with the same contractors who built their new homes, 1602 projects, or renovations because Office of Federal Program's Compliance team couldn't distinguish the separation between any of them. You know....the girlfriend, the girlfriend's sister, and brother, etc.

    Just because the developers aren't necessarily low income, the rates they charge makes it nearly impossible to for low-income to rent. Even with the rate categories outline by LIHTC (Hawaii region/rates) because there is none for American Samoa (1602 guidelines).

    2. Lolo Moliga, DBAS senior management, and the Board of Directors (Lemanu Mauga is also a serving member). They failed the tax payers who funded this project for Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC).

    3. Contractors. They made a fortune with construction projects even if the project owner reporting says "complete" and money drawn down yet there's only landscaping done on the property without any housing built. Don't believe me? Ask Gi Malala.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    What a sad day to read about this. What happened to transparency and honesty in our government? This should be a requirement no matter who the leaders are. If this is what is done with $30 million dollars, can you imagine what will happen with a budget of $500 million.

    If this is the next leadership, then this clarifies the meaning of the theme "people first". It actually means their girlfriends and girlfriends families first, then wives then families and friends then at the end of the line, everyone else. So, if you dont qualify under the first few categories, then sorry you are out of luck!!

    Governor Togiola is a saint compared to this scandal. He's been there for 12 years, and I haven't read about houses, trips or any perks for any girlfriends. I haven't seen him build a multi-million dollar house for himself either after all these years! This is a great reality check.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Im entitled to my OWN opinion, but I just want to say this: DBAS President, did you use your position and power to approve loans to families and friends so they could help you out with campaign? Because thats what it looks from here.

    Federal grants are given every friggin year to our territory to help out the people of American Samoa and this is how we abuse the opportunity given? I know some of the people that got their loans approved and have houses but does NOT qualify to be considered as a low income. How is that possible?

    Or your debate will be, the fortunates build houses for the unfortunates? I am sad and disappointed with how things are being handled back home.

    Editor's note:  Low-income housing is to rent to low-income people, not necessarily to be built by low-income people.  The idea of the stimulus money for the houses is to stimulate the building construction industry, give job opportunities and in the end have low-income housing for low-income people.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Malo Samoa News. I responded to a few critics in the political campaign aspect of the argument, but, I guess your paper deems it necessary to censor and erase comments you don't want affiliated with your legal counsel Afoa Lutu. So much for freedom of speech. I guess Afoa could use all the help he can get. As they say, what goes around, comes around. A ea!

    Editor's note:  Afoa is not the Samoa News legal counsel. 

    We don't know what comments you're referring to, but resubmit and we'll take a look. Comments that are deleted are usually deleted for being off subject of story to which they are attached, possibility of libel, repetitive, or unnecessarily rude to other commenters.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Sadly, typical and common in American Samoa.

  • TAO finds DPW failed to comply with ASG sealed bidding process, ARRA rules   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Please see January 15, 2007 Opinion from the Office of the Attorney General issued to and at the request of the Chief Procurement Officer. This opinion dealt with the same issues as in the audit of the fuel station and with the same violations of the American Samoa Administrative Code and American Samoa Law.

    The Attorney General's Opinion concerned a government agency's conduct of its own procurement, that agency's lack of a proper procurement bidding process, that agency's purchases from a company owned by the immediate family of several of its highest ranking employees, the fact that those employees took part in and were in control of the agency's procurement process and the non-disclosure of the family relationship between the two entities, all of which were prohibited by Territorial Law.

    The opinion called for, as required by Territorial Law, institution of a proper bidding and contract awarding process by that agency, disclosure of who among that agency's employees or the immediate family of those employees would benefit from a procurement and the removal from the procurement process of any employee of that agency who had a financial interest in or whose immediate family had a financial interest in a procurement.

    Basically, one family was operating a very large American Samoa Government agency or department, attempting to prevent any competition with that agency or department and making purchases of millions of dollars, with taxpayer money and without competitive bidding, from a company that was owned by members of that same immediate family. No action was taken by the Legislature, the Governor's Office, the Treasury Department or the Procurement Office as a result of this opinion.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 14 weeks ago

    We are talking about ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. The funds provided by the US is a given. We've been tapping into federal funds since Am Samoa became a territory of the US. It is managing those funds and proposing ideas to develop those funds into sustainable solutions to keep a viable econonmy within American Samoa is the topic being discussed.

    The US provides so much funding to the island. And the last time I checked, this is why we have send a Representative to the US Congress - to look out for funding needed for our territory. What can we, as a people, do to develop those funds into profitable ideas so we can self manage our own economy instead of relying solely on the US?

    If you haven't read the news lately, the US is in trillions of dollars in debt. The housing market, stock market and any market for that matter are experiencing extreme losses (note*: please go online and do a simple google search and you will find all the information you need).

    Lots of cities and even states are running out of money (i.e. Cities are declaring bankruptcies and states including California, New York and New Jersey are in debt crises). Heck, the whole entire US needs money.

    So my friend, I do not need to read up on governance as I am very much aware of what the issues are. The issue at hand is how to develop OUR economy. This discussion is productive. Thank you again for your input. I look forward to your response.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Quite interesting:

    "For example the draft report says there was a subgrant to the girlfriend of the DBAS president; a subgrant to the sister of the girlfriend; a subgrant to another sister of the girlfriend and a subgrant to the brother of the girlfriend. The report alleges that these applications were “dubious” as each “did not have a completed Evaluation Criterion.”"
    I feel sorry for the Mrs. but I am also wondering if Samoa News contacted Lolo for a response to this Draft report.

  • “THE APPLE NEVER FALLS TOO FAR FROM THE TREE”   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Three sports we should excel at, wrestling, boxing and weightlifting. Mapu supposedly runs boxing but has no boxers, Ethan Lake and his wife run wrestling and we are aware of that fiasco and we have no weight lifting program. ASNOC should at least provide a weightlifting program that every sport can benefit from. These guys make me sick.

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Way to go Lolo. One stunning of a politician you are. Me tonu lava lea o le gaoi pupula. Mose knows of families with low income who applied but were told they don't qualify. Well Lolo makes much much more than these families...but again, they don't qualify. Fai la outou. E papala la le tino i le lauele'ele, ae fa'apupula le fanau.

  • SIC hearing with ASG Treasurer closed to public   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Very interesting topic to follow, I love Money issues!! Personally, I believe a Hacker can easily be traced by a computer Wiz, and seems the Fed's found out who it might be.

    Can't wait to find out who the Master Mind is that was behind this bank transaction scheme. Why the Fono closed off this hearing session to reporters, boils down to my assumption of a possible 'Inside Job'.

    WOW!!! Looking forward to the outcome.

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