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  • ASPA’s FY 2012 budget hearings begin on Monday   4 years 45 weeks ago

    it would be the same results. current aspa management are puppets of the board. The board has a puppet master that dictates and script all their answers. Please don't waste public money for these silly hearing. No one has respect for the fono... leave it alone... drink your coffee and get some panikeke from the market and read the paper while pretending that you are actually doing your jobs.

    move one...next please!

  • Only one ASG witness shows for Senate hearing on LBJ bills   4 years 45 weeks ago

    If their leader does not respect you, our senators, then why should these peeons respect the fono?

    AS, vote smart next time. November 2012, vote with you conscious. We the people are sick of the drama but no solutions. These people thinks that they are doing us a favor.. Please... get a real job.

  • Petition against cold storage unit on main dock   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    My name Lemaefe Fosi, and I am originally from American Samoa. Now, I am retired and a small farmer here in Bishopville, Maryland. I got into this debate because of the issue at hand is at utmost important to me. And the discussion got heated and insulted to everybody. It was intentional to draw attention to my opposition to the location of the facility where the Star-Kist wants it build.

    Therefore, I would like to offer an apology for my offensive language and vulgarity to all whom I offended during this exchanged;especially to the Star-Kist employees. I know you all have worked hard to earn a living, to make ends meet, and never ending fa'alavelave. Again, I apologize for my hurtful comments.

    As for ASG, you the people have the power of the vote. Use it to put honesty and integrity to the government. It seems our political leaders have lost its moral compass to delivery the people any hope for the future. Time and time again, ASG seems to be having an accountability issues with people's funds. And from all accounts that are in the media, it all pointed at the very top of the political hierachy in the government.

    One thing for sure is that if our political leaders continue to siphon the life out of everyone, our future and dreams will be gone. And who's to blame? US! You got the vote. Corruption is a moral disease, and can only be cure by your vote. The media also has a vital role of asking the right questions so the citizens can be well informed of all the issues that are affecting it citizens and the country.

    My fellow country men, you have the power, use it.

  • “STOP BOASTING”   4 years 45 weeks ago

    I agree with Jim on the points he makes above. I couldn't have said it better, and I'm very glad someone else is saying this as well. Nevertheless, I have respect for Carlos Sanchez for engaging the public in discussing this issue to degree that he does. More than what we can say about most public officials like the governor who believe critics are just jealous or selfish instead of having legitimate disagreements.

    I disagree with Carlos that folks should sign their letters. It could be very intimidating to sign your name, airing out your concerns in a small island-family community highly reliant on government jobs of who-you-know-who-knows-you.

    But at the same time, I cringe every time I read comments that are rather vicious when the author is anonymous. I believe that if you are not ready to say what you write to the person's face, than you shouldn't say it at all.

    As difficult and unsavory as it may be, I will always have faith that free speech will ultimately produce the right results.

  • “STOP BOASTING”   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Thank You Jim & Paulo, I agree with your comments.

  • Mom gets 30 years in baby's scalding death   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Truly a selfish woman thinking about smoking and food in her belly and not the safety of the children.

  • Op-Ed: DOES STARKIST REALLY NEED A COLD STORAGE?   4 years 45 weeks ago

    I most definitely agree with Mr. Lem's article, it make alots of sense to me.....According to how things are happening with ASG vs StarKist. It sound very true and legitimately supportive by what we see and saw where all the funds (Monies) have gone to. I think I'll support the Starkist better than ASG if we go into a vote for a better productive and betterment future for all. At least the Starkist are running by real businesses people, who knows how to make plans appropriately toward progression for future benefits for all and not a few. Lem got what it takes when it comes to comparison wise.

  • Afoa opposing site for Starkist cold storage   4 years 45 weeks ago

    That is not an adequate location for a freezer to be placed, and to be built in the first place. It is more applicable to have such freezer proposal built close next to the star-kist rather have it across the bay from where star-kist located at. I am glad and support Lutu's idea and objection about what the Governor is doing here.

    What is this guy (Governor), is thinking so futilely about structure wise in the territory?

    I think he maybe thinking more about his pocket than thinking wisely about what will benefit the island and her people.....To which is none in his administration. More troublesome than ever that I can see and read about everything for the last eight years of wasted of time and money. I hope they will hurry up with that mental health building they've been proposed, so these leaders can be treated for their serious psychological problem obviously.

  • Op-Ed: DOES STARKIST REALLY NEED A COLD STORAGE?   4 years 45 weeks ago

    You think you so smart. Now let me tell you a thing or two. My father was born in Moata'a, Western Samoa, and my grandparents( mother's side)came from Vavau and Aleipata, Western Samoa. So I said what I said and I am not changing my story.

    My father and my mother were both retired from the Star-Kist. Do you think they had enough money to live on?

    Mr. JC Kim can build his Cold Storage, and it won't be on the main dock. How much money Mr. JC Kim gave you? That is how it works in Korea. You must be making good money, because the average person at the cannery is not making any.

    Mr. anonymous slavery is illegal. If you don't like ASG, then why don't you do something about it. If you don't like Mr. Sanchez, then go talk to him, and ask him about his outrage.

    Mr. anonymous, my point is this. You and Mr. JC Kim can build your Cold Storage with American Taxpayers money somewhere else-not on the main dock. By the way, what part of the phrase-NOT ON THE MAIN DOCK-that you and Mr. JC Kim don't understand.

    That is my argument-NOT ON THE MAIN DOCK. I worked in South Korea from 1984 to 1999. Mr. Anonymous I know how they operate; corrupt and they look down on others, because they have that false sense of superiority.

    You have a very happy and prosperous New Year.

    Thank you

  • Fa’afofoga Faleomavaega i atugaluga o le atunu’u   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Ia o le malosi lava o le loko vale, i kagaka mai fafo, ae aga le iai le au mai fafo e fesosoagi i le kau akigaeiga o le malo o Amelika Aamoa, ma kau kokogi aikalafu. Semagu ua kakau oga pulea mai oukou mai le malo Kukoakasi o Samoa, faimai leisi kala o le lagalaga ma'ae ai ai e Loaka.


    My Condolences to Jimmy and the rest of the family. Keeping everyone is our prayers and heaven has gain another angel. May the Lord comfort you and the family during this time. Ia alofa le atua fa'amafanafana atu i le tina o le aiga ma le nofo i alo.


    Thank you Ma'ilo for all you have done...Your legacy is the impact you have had on others; me and my family included. Rest in peace...

  • Only one ASG witness shows for Senate hearing on LBJ bills   4 years 45 weeks ago

    they don't mind not showing up for you don't matter dis-honorable senators. Like Rodney Dangerfield says, I get know respect no repect from these guys. Helloooo they never did. Are you guys grandstanding again?

  • Leai se laisene avepasi na lavea ai le pasi   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Ia talofa,
    O lau ia manatu i ai ua tatau ona su'e uma ave pasi a Am.Samoa ina ia mautinoa lelei le saogalemu le tagata lau tele.

  • Afoa opposing site for Starkist cold storage   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Afoa should do a bit more research before he came out with this, maybe he should have met with the Star Kist people first. Great respect for speaking on behalf of the villages though, Im sure all options have been exhauseted before the Governor agreed to this space for them...

  • Op-Ed: DOES STARKIST REALLY NEED A COLD STORAGE?   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Mr. Lem,

    Your message referred to foreigners, from what I read - you were referring to those working at Star Kist which half of which are from my home in Apia. My Parents came here to American Samoa to seek a better life, a better living so that we can become better people. Living here has made me realize that those who come here are doing exactly what my Parents wanted, a better life.

    Mr. JC Kim I have no worries for him and by him, he has provided jobs for the many people from AS and WS...I am grateful for that because this so called gov't known as ASG has done nothing for our people in the last 20 years.

    Why is ASG so broke, that they cannot even pay for their overblown salaries? Where has ALL the money that Uncle Sam sent to ASG to keep us afloat gone to? Stipends? Per Diems? Business Trips to Las Vegas? How about the 6 bedroom homes theyve built for themselves and the gas guzzling SUV's they're driving? Where is all that money? What does ASG have to show for with all that money?

    Oh, how about we raise our taxes to supplement the Governor's payroll so he can payout all those workers he promised jobs to when he was re-voted again? How about all those programs his First Lady has created? Where is all that money going to?

    Bottom line is, Carlo's and his agenda is all about swaying public interest and focus on him, nobody else but HIM. His center of attention in everything he puts out there is HIMSELF, he spoke of being greedy - hmmmmm, if the shoe fits Mr. Sanchez.

    Cold storage or no cold storage, we should educate ourselves as to the negatives and the positives of this. Cold storage means just that, to STORE fish. Fish comes in frozen from every boat and is then or should be moved into this storage, I am sure that is what this is. My home in Apia has one right in the nick of town, boats unload frozen fish right into the freezer and thats it.

    No smelly fish anywhere around, public perception is easily swayed when there is not enough knowledge in the subject matter. Carlos is an expert at that, change public perception so that there is plenty who will go against anything he opposes.

    You speak of Mr. Kims intentions just like Carlos speaks his mind, like he knows everything. Do your research first before you begin bashing other people like Carlos does, its worth the hour of your day.

    Should Star Kist leave, that will leave more than 2000 people w/out a living and w/out support. As far as Im concerned, Star Kist is the only one that is at least proving to be more stable than ASG...your call and your choice.

    Youve said your piece and now Ive said mine, in all fairness...we argue the validity of this cold storage but we should never take away the value of the jobs those people do for Star Kist.

    Whether it be Kim or Butler or even those that work on those fishes every single day so they can make a living, they are earning an honest and a decent living. For someone to question whether Star Kist should be here or not, should ask the same question on ASG?! Do we need Star Kist? Do we REALLY need ASG?


    I would have love to have known him, I think I would have been more educated by the time I left. god speed sir.

  • Afoa opposing site for Starkist cold storage   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Thank you Uncle for standing up and saying something about this mistake. When one leader is wrong, we need other leaders to step up and say the right thing.

    A Tourism attractive progress is not in the making if this storage is allowed to be built. It does not make sense whatsoever. Location location location. And the the people at Starkriss knows this is the wrong location. This is not Korea guys, you don't smick smack all over the place. You don't build a Strip Club across the street from the Saint Paul's Holy Roman Catholic Church. An industrial site is where birds of a feather flocks is where this belongs. Let me see-- how about Atuu guys? geeezzz smart guys we have at Starkriss.

  • Lauli'i accident: Bus driver has no valid license   4 years 45 weeks ago

    OMG----- somebody visit the children for heavens sake. It is time to regulate all buses. Create conditions to take all the bad actors out of business. People will Die in the future if something is not done. For god sake and unlicensed driver was probably driving for a whole year with no one checking to see if he was breathing for heavens sake.

  • ASPA’s FY 2012 budget hearings begin on Monday   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Senator Galeai is funny man. Just plain funny. My father would answer the same way. Why are you here if you know nothing says our Senators?

    Furthermore, we have a non-valid board of directors that in reality does not exist. But, hey, if their there than we here 10-4 over and out.

    Now let me see. FEMA gave you the generators and 90 percent of your budget for a new Satale facility. hmmmmmm. does that mean we pay less on our electricity in the future? WHY not?

    when the price of fixed gas at your pumps went down, was that cost passed down to the ratepayers as you agreed? hhhmmmmm, the new solar units paid for by ARRA funds, was the cost recaptured and is that savings of FREE Solar, unless of course, if Togiola has not figured out how to charge us for the free sun yet, is the savings for free solar passed down to the grandma and grandpa of the village? and why not?

    lets see, free money from Feds to install panels, and wait a minute, ASPA still charges 43 cents per kwh. It seems to me, that the management of ASPA only understands what electricity is when they enter a dark room and turn on the lights. Oi, that's what electricity is? se sole, soia ia.

    See why Privatization makes more sense.

  • Senate hearing highlights issues about LBJ funding   4 years 45 weeks ago

    I was asked recently by my brother what I thought we should do about LBJ. First thing I said, is, problem is not service, service we can improve with changes, people power is our best side of humanity. Samoans are kind when provided for.

    What we have is a business model that does not work. That's the thrust of the problem in a sentence. It is not a business! This is why it does not work with the current lack of funding status. I believe we can take good care of people, not all mind you, and also provide fundamental required service of the greater community.

    You privatize the hospital and it functions. You rebate for 5 years all current government fundings set for the hospital. You create a tax base for 10 years that stabilizes its finances. You create a dynamic board half outsiders with build to suit business ideas, finance, accounting, value added actual hospital care experience, background for operations, e and m---engineering and maintenance, etcetc. You build that team in 6 months. Institute a sale process for evaluation. Shop the progress and make inquires. In one year you would have many inquires and a bill of sale.

    Of course if this is what you really want. I am a free enterprise soul, never one to think that a government understands business. A hospital is a business and community provider of care. There is so much more that an operational model from a business perspective can accomplish than what currently or has existed.

  • “STOP BOASTING”   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Talofa Samoa e, vaai ma faalogo i Upu moni.. The truth shall set you free. This is an aggressive attempt to overtake private enterprise with strongman conditions. Private enterprise does not have a chance to succeed with their success. Always remember what signals you send out to the public will impact employment for everyone.

    This is no different from a Hugo Chavez nationalizing certain sectors of the country. The problem is nobody lends under these conditions. The bankers run when they see a strongman banana republic type running the country.

    Who suffers in the end? The People of course that could have had a job based on someones entrepreneurship, idea, concept, opportunity, suggestion, etc.

    See the men at the Chamber of No Commerce should have had the decency to speak out. Do like Shakespeare and watch the magoo's skip rocks as it looks to run and hide from predators. But,they came for Masefau, you did not stand up. they came for Pago Pago and you did not stand up. They came for Futiga and you did not stand up they came for Leone and you still did not stand up. Then they came for you in Amanave and their was no one left to stand up.

    Moral of the story, stand up while your eyes still see. When the blind leads the blind, we are in big trouble.

  • ASPA’s FY 2012 budget hearings begin on Monday   4 years 45 weeks ago

    I agree with Senator Galeai. Don't waste your time with the Board members. Question those in management that might know the real operation in ASPA.

  • Petition opposing site for cold storage picks up steam   4 years 45 weeks ago

    Some days you ask yourself. What goes thru this governor's brains when he religiously courts his statue and prays to his obelisk? What in the world happens when sanity rifles thru insanity? is it like mixing your drinks at the bar at 2 am in the morning, wake up wondering, how did I end up hanging upside down on the cable car wires above the Pago harbor and how did I get up here for God's sake.

  • “AUNU’U DOESN’T WANT OR NEED SANCTUARY”   4 years 45 weeks ago

    protecting your beaches and land is more important than anything we have ever encountered in our lifetime. Listen people of samoa and blood of our country. Yet we are under the spell of the U.S.A and things that cometh with it, we have no choice and in this lifetime we have to fight for every square inch of our shores and our seas. That was the deal when our forefathers signed over the Deed of Cession. That was the friggin deal. We agreed to fly the flag and they and all their agencies and National Park and Sanctuary mobsters and stinking governor elected or non, agreed to keep their grubby little hands off our lands and seas. Togiola gave them the rights WITHOUT any Representation or Public discussion to the matter, with his brother the toss salad at Port our beloved Atolls and seas.

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