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  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Does Samoa News have to support L&L's side? No. Why? Because they are the media and that is what they do under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.

    Im defending Samoa News(eventhough I dont work there)because if they did not have proof, they would not post it all. Have you ever heard of Freedom of the Press? If not look it up.

    Plus, why all of the sudden, our senators are worried with what the federal government says or finds out? What happened, the draft report said too much and it needs to be revised before sending out the "FINAL REPORT"?

    I cannot believe how specific it was too, not that it mentioned any names, but that draft report looked like it was a final report to my eyes. This is one thing about some of us who are not honest. When things come up during election year, they blame the other side or whoever for not supporting ones side.

    Also, WE NEED TO VOTE FOR OUR SENATORS. No more handpicking and what not. We need to clean house!

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I don't think that we can fault Pat Galeai for a leaked report. He cannot control what people do. I'm sure he had his staff sign a Confidentiality Statement, but he cannot control what people do.

    Finding out who leaked the report shouldn't be the primary issue here. We should be looking to see whether there is any truth to these 'allegations' - that's the primary issue. And if it happens to be true and we have to pay back the money, guess what?? Then the money has to be paid back but it should be paid by those that used the money, not the innocent people of our territory. And then, of course, someone has to go to jail......tough love but, if we still haven't learned, maybe stronger sanctions should be placed on our little territory. That is why we have to be mindful on how we vote this coming election.

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Nicely put:). That's what development means, not just waiting for handouts but it's about pulling ourselves together as a nation (regardless of who we support in this year's election) to try and move forward to a future where we become more self-sufficient and are able to provide for our own people. We have to get out of this 'food-stamp' mentality.

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I would just like to add to your comments - yes, Samoa News posted this draft report but they weren't the only ones. It's also covered in several other media outlets on the web. Just google '1602 Draft Report'. It was also mentioned on KHJ News as well as on their website.

    Now as for playing fair? Do you think that Lolo was fair in his dealings concerning the 1602 program? If he did nothing wrong, why hasn't he addressed it rather than having everyone else address it?

    It doesn't matter who Samoa News supports...they just published a draft report that was given to them. It's news - why should they withhold it? They weren't bias in their reporting. They simply reiterated what was stated in the report.

    And playing fair means playing by the rules of the game? In this game, by order of statute in case you didn't know, he should've resigned his post way before announcing and actively campaigning. BTW, that was another article that Samoa News posted...

  • On the Campaign Trail 2012   4 years 12 weeks ago

    As many of you exercise your right to free speech, I feel obligated to do the same. Just a humble thought not meant to cause dissension, but to stimulate the thought process.

    Culture: (paraphrased definition) behaviors and beliefs that are characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group. Basically they are qualities in a person or society that are learned (not inherited).

    We are truly blessed as a people because we put God first and we are rich in culture. Culture is something we can be proud of because it is what differentiates us from other cultures. For example, when describing their culture, some Americans I encountered used the following words to describe the American culture: "Hot dogs, baseball and apple pie", other descriptive words were, "Entertainment capitol, Hollywood, models and money". I hardly think those words describe a culture.

    In describing our Samoan culture, you hear words like, "God, Elders, Family and Respect", etc, get my point?

    However, every now and then, there arises a sub culture (Smaller culture within the larger one). I will call this the "Campaign culture". We all know this sub culture. It rears its ugly head every election year. This "subculture" can be described with words like, "Vindictive, accusatory, malicious", and as a few of you eluded to, this subculture is "Cut throat".

    I agree to a certain extent that politics is "Cut throat", but not in its intended figure of speech. the only throats being cut are the people of American Samoa that have to endure the cycle of corrupt government, past and current administrations. Just read the papers and the reports. The saying holds true, "Be careful what you wish (vote) for".

    This political subculture (Starts at the Candidate and includes the supporters) is so obsessed with the negative attributes of the other candidates.

    So much of the Territory is intrigued by this negativity. Why doesn't someone accentuate the positive assets that a candidate brings to the table? Show the track record that each candidate has.

    I look forward to "Elections" on all levels of government, wether it be in the mainland or the islands. I think the adds on television and radio are quite comical. The postings (such as this website media outlet) are also amusing.

    I enjoy the creativity of political adds as much as I enjoy Super Bowl commercials. Both are equally entertaining and funny (depending on which camp you are affiliated with).

    Super Bowl adds target a wide spectrum of potential customers by using illusions of technology, sex appeal and alcohol. Politiciking, on the other hand, targets potential voters by using slander, character assasination and broken promises. It uses the "Jedi mind trick" to influence voters. It is saying only what people want to hear.

    A previous letter described a candidate as being "chained to the past" which in essence was being disrespectful because, it is our "Elders" that have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to preserve what we call a culture. The only reason we have luxuries to be who we are and pride to call ourselves Samoans, is because of the old guys with the old ideas. Our Elders have the wisdom, patience and the humility to do the job the way it is suppose to be done.

    By the way, what is the average age of all the candidates? Aren't they all from the same generation of leaders?

    When making reference to our Elders, please be mindful of their sacrifices and only make utterances with the highest level of respect.

    To my friend who made these comments, you can use the first amendment, but I humbly implore you to be tactful and factual in your abrasive comments.

    Positive accomplishments of a candidate should not be hijacked by opinions and innuendos. Stop pointing out the shortcomings of government (Elected leaders) and focus on what's right with government and suggest solutions to the problems. Like someone suggested, be part of the solution, not in the basket with all the complainers.

    There are always ways to improve in every aspect of life, wether it be on a personal level or a much larger scale, like running a government. Inaccurate information made by uninformed individuals will lead a potential voter to make bad assumptions and ill advised descisions.

    The irony of it all is, the previous writer is trying so hard to make the other candidate look bad, when in actuality, its a reflection on their own camp.

    As a Samoan on the outside looking in, it is discouraging to witness the "Campaigning culture" at its worst. We are not oblivious to what happens in Tutuila. We are just as concerned now more than ever.

    Because of these past letters, the right choice is clear. My vote would go to the candidate who has shown the most humility and perserverance (The previous writer described this candidate as "trying and failing many times"). My vote would go to the servant with a track record of being honest and has served in government and the private sector with dedication and integrity. The candidate who has been willing and waiting to serve our people. His time has come!

    Tutuila, it is time..."Give Him your Blessing", and stop the current "Business as usual" mentality. Let Afoa and Le'i navigate us into the future.



  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I know Samoa News is not for Lolo thats why they posted this report..you guys should play fair...your the only media who posted this so call DRAFT report

  • Local man pleads guilty to groping woman on plane   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Seriously? What in the world was he thinking? At what point did he think groping the other passenger was okay?
    I become more disgusted each time I read about an uncle, grandfather, teacher, etc. molesting our young girls. Is there a shortage of women in American Samoa that these men think its okay to prey on our young?

    I know this type of thing has been going for years; but because of the awareness programs implemented this last decade or so, its become more public. What a disgrace.

  • ASG employees vying in guv’s race must resign   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Your background information is incorrect. Former Judge Save Tuitele retired back in the fall of 2011 PRIOR to announcing his candidacy for Governor at the beginning of 2012.

    Editor's note: Thanks for the info

  • US Treasury investigation recommended for 1602   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Sadly, such corruption and thievery is common in American Samoa.

  • Gov asks PLG to endorse climate resolution   4 years 12 weeks ago

    ...popoto outou ae tamavlea a'u. But can you answer simple Mose Leaga's question why Mars is also warming up? Besides, was it necessary to write the full "greenHOUSE gases"? Every vale understands what Mose was referring to. And this is your blindness. E fa'avalea outou i le lelei o le Igilisi. Fa'amolemole, e le'i aoga i le igilisi Mose, ma tua-a o Mose, o e na latou fa'afoua le aga'i i luma o Samoa.

  • With a little more than six months before Election 2012, which gubernatorial team is your choice?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I have read all the comments and frankly, I've heard it all before. Sounded just like a broken record! I have the up-most respect for all the candidates and their efforts. Sadly, I don't believe that anyone can fix or pull out a magic wand and make everything alright again.

    In my opinion, none of these candidates can honestly say; "in the name of God", that they will do whatever they've promised.

    Here's an idea! Allowing local people to open up businesses, working with local banks to finance them will help resolve our jobs and business problem. There are lots of resources in our territory for imports & exports. Bring in agricultural resources & other means for farming, again, exporting and providing local jobs, revising agricultural policies. Our poorly dated hospital need upgrades, staffing & equipped to perform surgical procedure rather than the family paying for air travel for their loved one.

    Medicare hasn't comply with their medicare part B for Medicare recipients such as supplies & services covered under medicare part B, look it up. There are resources out there in the mainland that will help the schools. For example, "boxtops"! These are seen on most cereal boxes and other grocery products bought from the stores. They can be redeemed for monetary rewards or incentives for the school. All schools can participate and pull in funds.

    Our roads should not be a priority at this point due to lack of funding every where. And last but not the least, fiscal responsibility will soarly heal, eventually.

    That's just my opinion, but it doesn't take a lot of people to buget, it only takes one honest soul to do the right thing.

    God Bless our Territory!

  • Local man pleads guilty to groping woman on plane   4 years 12 weeks ago

    He should be thankful the flight is not to the Philippines? Otherwise he will end up in a local city jail where he would be beaten badly? Where is the manners and Good conducts of those Samoans?

  • Fono will take a hard look at projected tax revenue, ASPA budget   4 years 12 weeks ago

    ASPA charges sewer line fees for Manu'a and yet there is no such thing. What's up Senators & Representatives?

  • With fewer than 100 days until the general election, on which issue would you like to see the gubernatorial candidates focus?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I am greatly disappointed and sadly hurt how our government has taken an enormous leap backwards from prioritizing what is extremely important for the well-being of our small territory.

    I would say that priority should stand firm on focusing to renew our one and only hospital, staffed with more educated personnel that have had moral & ethical training, facility advanced & better equipped to perform surgical procedures, and supplies vended from other resources.

    It is a shame when you are told that there’s nothing they can do for your Mother but to keep her comfortable as possible. My Mother had an aneurysm and became terminal. Due to the fact that our hospital is "NOT Staffed and equipped to perform this surgical procedure", it was entirely on the family to seek other options, but then it was too late. Her condition was in a non-operative state.

    Why? Why does it have to be this way? Our government has faced so much set- backs due to irresponsible greedy people. Yet, the public pays the price for lack of better judgment & the least of moral and ethical values. It’s a shame!

  • Philippines Counsel General visits territory   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Mose hopes you were well received by the Government of American Samoa & people. A reminder to Samoans that there are Samoans living in the Philippines. Thank you sir for visiting our territory.

  • Gov asks PLG to endorse climate resolution   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Why is Mars warming up also?http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/02/070228-mars-warming.html

  • Draft Report cites serious problems with 1602 project   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Kalofae ia Mauga. First he gets shut down when questioning a dubious payment charged as a consultant fee by Lolo and then he faces this hit because someone's intential misuse of power and authority for gain, whether direct or indirectely. So much for the four pillars that they stand by. That's why we and many others have left. I hope that the money that the 1602 recepients received isn't so much as to blind them from doing the right thing.

  • ASESRO executive director takes exception to Samoa News’ 1602 story   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Disappointing news? Actually, it's great news. I mean we don't want someone that just might be our next governor begin his term off facing federal charges. Hopefully, our people are paying attention to what is going on.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the DBAS staff go back into their files and fill in the missing paperwork, and then say, 'oh, it was an oversight by the ARRA compliance officers/auditors, and there is nothing to substantiate the claims made on the report.'

    Here's the thing...why would anyone go through all this trouble to fabricate a story like this? I know its campaign season but these allegations stem from rumors that started early last year before anyone even thought about running for office.

    I just hope our people see what lies ahead if this camp makes it into office.

  • Gov asks PLG to endorse climate resolution   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Fa'afetai Tamaolevasa......fa'alogo lelei oe le tamavalea! Faigata le fia walking Encyclopedia le kovaga ae wrong, wrong and no understand. Google or ASK?

  • ASESRO executive director takes exception to Samoa News’ 1602 story   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Be it as it may. The reality of political obsfucation is the higher end for we have acknowledged throughout, that the ends always justify the means.

    It is never the journey for some of us, it is the expediency of that journey that makes shortcuts the envy of our society. Nothing stands still for long, especially when truth is in the way. Yellow journalism is the same. It is the third rail of politics. People see, people read, people react.

    We then have to insist that our news is correct as best and sources of the correctness is never compromised.

    If an allegation is just so, then what do we call the truth?

    A Final Report is forthcoming and the truth is in its shadow. Without sound and truth finding for what is worth, you can never progress forward a society.

    May the real candidate stand up. The future is waiting.


  • Samoa News Editorial: Welcome to American Samoa — Land of the Potholes   4 years 13 weeks ago

    A few things in life you don't do. Never play poker with a guy name Lucky, and never vote for a guy name Tulafono. They become their namesake. A law unto himself.

    Lucky an irony of course, there is a fix. It takes effort from everyone, but the fix is clean and purposeful. With no roads, no cars and access. With no cars or access, no monies rotating into economy. With no monies into economy, no jobs. NO jobs, no need for a governor.

    What bothers me is no one has any historical revelation that outdates their personal reality. See, their is divergent thoughts, and then their is real men and women grinding to put education, integrity and knowledge to work, to assure we have something to leave the next generation when we pass thru on.

    The Plan is simple. The Fear of the God is essential for without it, we fear only knowledge. When we fear Knowledge, we fear man. And that's not a good starting point.


  • Samoa News Editorial: Welcome to American Samoa — Land of the Potholes   4 years 13 weeks ago

    The leader does not use the Prius when traveling to and from the airport. He uses the suburban, with more cushion. His a_ _ doesn't feel the bumbs.

    Basic protection and a moral responsibility to our people? Are you kidding? He's to busy executing memorandums and traveling. All of your insights Editor requires a leader to Think and ACT !

    We are not going to see that happen from THE FEARLESS LEADER. The astronomical increase in the local government budget for 2013 is for salaries not improvements to the government infrastructure. Potholes....for American Samoa until 2013!

  • PM makes stand on Fiji, Forum integrity   4 years 13 weeks ago

    This Guy, That Guy, NOT MY GUY, is dream’in about China! If you don’t think so, please prove me wrong!!!!! Check out that very ENDING ubiquitous smile! An unfulfilled agenda waits forever. But, thank you Great Architect of the Universe for not letting this one happen! Freedom and Democracy will prevail in Fiji and throughout the Pacific!

    I thank you for this time to comment Samoa News.

    Kokomo, Indiana

  • Gov asks PLG to endorse climate resolution   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Just to clarify:

    It is "greenhouse" gases rather than "green." In addition, total water vapor in the atmosphere is "variable" and can only reach a maximum of about 4% in the atmosphere depending on factors such as temperatures. Even in the deep tropics, as water vapor approaches about 4%, it usually condenses out as precipitation. In other words, water vapor is small. Hence, when you are talking about composition of gases within Earth's dry atmosphere, the largest percentage is Nitrogen, which accounts for about 78% with Oxygen (2nd largest) accounting for about 20%. CO2 is the 4th largest.

    On other hand...when you are referring solely to CONTRIBUTION to the greenhouse effect, the most abundant one IS water vapor, with CO2 being the 2nd largest...But these values also vary, and CO2 contribution definitely does not account for only 1% but way more than that. One important factor to also consider is...even if CO2, Methane and other greenhouse gases have a smaller % of contribution as compared to Water Vapor, at least water vapor gets condensed out of the atmosphere in a matter of days whereas other gases remain in the atmosphere longer (in a matter of years), enhancing the strength of the greenhouse effect. As mentioned earlier, water vapor is a function of temperature, so when the atmosphere is warming due to increases of other greenhouse gases, it allows room for more water vapor...a.k.a "positive feedback."


  • Samoa News Editorial: Welcome to American Samoa — Land of the Potholes   4 years 13 weeks ago

    Yes! What more can we ask for but for more potholes from the next administration.

    Do not invest in an electronic massage chair or massage parlors, just hop in your vehicle and go for a drive down airport way. Sadly it a tourists first impression of our island. It's bad enough the airport is ugly but the pothole should add an authentic American Samoan holiday experience.

    Welcome to our Pothole Island!

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