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  • High school students jailed for fighting   4 years 44 weeks ago

    I hate to say it but the leadership team at Tafuna High School needs to be replaced. This is really getting out of hand. There needs to be a stronger team there beginning with the Principal and the whole administration. We cannot continue to blame only parents when now the fighting is on school grounds. What has become of this school? This school used to be the pinnacle of good things, and now all we hear is fighting, fighting, U tube embarrassment, and more fighting all over McDonalds, ASPA, Laufou, CBT Ho Ching, and many other places. I think at this point we need "new blood" for Tafuna High School.
    Hate to say it, but the local Dept. of Education should get on it immediately before a student or group of students are violently beaten up, probably end up near death, and then everyone will be up in arms. Make some hard decisions Department of Education, these unruly students are ruining the good name of a lot of good students at Tafuna High Schoo.

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 44 weeks ago

    If this article is true, I'd like to see these punks do this in the states. "Say hello to my little fren..."

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 44 weeks ago

    I feel sorry for this guy. Perhaps Samoa News can publish the name of the village where this is happening to put some pressure on the community to help put a stop to this. Is it because this man is of a different race that our cultural and religious values don't apply?

    Talifaitasi Satele

  • Togiola comments on LBJ, StarKist, Fono, media   4 years 44 weeks ago

    With 10 months left in his administration, let the man do his thing. Some thoughts are legit others are up for debate. At the end of the day it's good to hear his views and how he sees things. Of course it's been a long 9 years in office and it's taking its toll.
    Any governor or president at the lame duck stage would do the same thing. He is right in some things about those who oppose and those who support, it's the nature of the beast. Interestingly enough he has left the door open to possibly run for another political office in the future. Which is it, no one really know. I really hope he comes up with a good and solid solution to the emergency situation at the hospital, our people will suffer and just today I saw a very empty parking lot at the hospital, meaning people are staying away because they cannot afford it. This one is critical, 'cmon Governor, solve this one for your people and their future. Do your thang!

  • Senator claims Gov made scene over security check   4 years 44 weeks ago

    What a chump. Who acts like this other than 12 year old girls?

    At least this long embarrassment to the Territory will be over in a year.

  • Immigration Chief testifies to 800+ overstayers here; most from Samoa   4 years 44 weeks ago

    What's the use of having a system when it doesn't work? Immigration is not the only division of ASG to invest thousands if not millions of dollars in computer systems that only work for awhile, then go haywire because they need to be maintained or updated. There's no excuse for this to continue - they should know by now. If 800 - 1,000 American Samoans decided to overstay in the Independent State of Samoa, I wonder how long it would take their immigration to track them down? Maybe we should look at what kind of system they use over there.

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 44 weeks ago

    I feel sorry for this store owner. Like all bullies, the main reason these kids are making his life miserable is because they know they can get away with it. Every time I read about incidents like this it makes me wonder what kind of homes these kids come from, and what kind of traditional organization exists in their village. If the parents of these kids don't care about them going out and causing trouble, and if the village chiefs and matais have more important things to worry about, then I think the Korean store owner should bring a marial arts expert over from Korea to give these kids the good ass kicking they're asking for, THEN watch how fast the parents, family, and village get involved.

  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Get a security guard for your store, maybe is cheaper to pay him instead of you replacing your glass door every time these teenagers break them. Next time one of these teenagers breaks your glass door or picks on you, file charges and take them to court and sue their parents for their kids bad behavior, that will teach them a lesson. Good luck to you.

  • Samoa News Editorial: Thank you Senator Tulifua Tini Lam Yuen   4 years 44 weeks ago

    1. If your elders meow to you at home, then do it or you get the cat's paw.
    2. Otherwise, earn a seat at the Senate chamber where the Honorable Senator speak his mind.
    3. Freedom of Speech(What made the U.S.of A. more greater.

  • Immigration Chief testifies to 800+ overstayers here; most from Samoa   4 years 44 weeks ago

    I don't understand why the immigration office have so many problem with these people overstaying on our Island. This is there job in and out everyday.When someone apply for a 30 days or have a visa visiting our Island, there is a time period limited on their stay here. So why don't they follow up on these people about a week before their time on the Island expired or their status. That way they can ask them if these people are leaving or extended their stay , it's not that hard if the immigration people would do their job instead off sitting behind their desk drinking coffee and read newspaper every morning. Am. Samoa is a small place and how hard it is find these people are overstaying on our Island.

  • American Samoa politician says girl died for lacking US$20   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Somebody is really pushing against Save&King’s party. Why not share what you really want to say? You vote for “ ??????” and your mom & dad are related how?! . This is about trying to fix things that are broken, while you are stuck on “frocks”. Same person to mention frocks earlier…..
    Next time, leave a comparison of what exactly YOUR party is doing, instead of shooting down somebody elses efforts to make a change. Your negativity reeks of a certain family name in this political running. You know very well who ya’are.


  • Local businessman fed up with bullies   4 years 44 weeks ago

    to the Korean man, don't give up.. those foolish kids are just there to cause trouble because that is all they know and do. they have no formal of an education whatsoever. they dont have smart parents that teach them the culture and way of life. the kids are as stupid as the people that raise them. those police officer are also non-educated people, they got their jobs from someone that knows someone. they don't know what to do but just take the kids to jail and they get out the next day and no other investigation into the matter will ever continue. i guess it takes for someone to get seriously hurt or die for them police people to act up. again, Korean man be strong and don't give in. those stupid kids will eventually give up because they see u there standing strong.

  • Senator claims Gov made scene over security check   4 years 44 weeks ago

    He said last year that there is some good in being arrogant! In this situation he is practicing what he preaches!

  • American Samoa politician says girl died for lacking US$20   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Were you concerned when you were a judge??? You of all people as a judge had free reign to bring LBJ's incompetence to light. Did you try to sway public opinion even with the veterans association on your concern for this persons death. Would you have had the courage instead of hiding behind your frock to address LBJ's issues? Your no different than anyone else pumping a smear campaign to promote yourself. Come on Sandra and committee, didnt anyone not try to dissuade this judge from stepping into an arena that promotes nothing but mudslinging. Dude your obviously not a very good warrent officer. Your tactics will get your entire force annihilated in combat just to promote yourself. Sa'o lelei toeaiina...e le fautuaina.

  • Be Advised: OMV enforcing tinting regulation, re-locating license sticker   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Ipu you wrote and stirred up about this very issue on tinting a couple of years ago. I think it was to protect the children from sex offenders and shooters hiding behined tinted windows.
    But yes I do agree, you should pay your own way to de-tint?? Same thing with the government windows...the funding should come out of their department or the directors pay. They should have known better instead of taking advantage of the ignorant.
    Windows that still should be allowed the legal tint-grade are DPS for surveillance etc......(not the patrol cars), DHSS to protect victims only, and the governors vehicles for security purposes.
    This whole thing is waste of time when there is no enforcement.

  • Op-Ed: PM Tuilaepa says PNG treading dangerous grounds   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Go ahead Mr.Tuilaepa you are doing good things for your country,help those in need and wait for results,we never know whats going to happen. If its good, great, if its bad then better luck next time. We all want to help someone when they are in trouble. But when it comes to our own we lose that battle,its a two way street not a freeway. If Mr. Tuilaepa wants to help let him,but he should cash in his savings first and the checking so we can be on the safe side of things here. I would like to know where my hard earn tax money is going too. Or maybe he does have more than $100,000. I got to see this.


  • Faataui David Iuli promoted to First Sergeant   4 years 44 weeks ago

    1SG Iuli, my congratulations to you and your wife Easter on your well deserve promotion. This is a true reflection of your hard work and devotion to duty, God, and your family. Army Strong! CSM (Ret) Iuniasolua T. Savusa

  • Togiola declares he will not run for Delegate’s seat   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Malo le tau. You have done a (great and worse)job ever hold in our island, its ok,, sometimes it rains sometimes it doesn't. I don't really like the govenrment but you've done your share its time to step down and let another greedy sucker take over where you left off. Thats how the cookie crumbles,I respect your service to our island, even tho Im the main supporter(hard working citizen)selling my taro and bananas on the street so I can survive or selling fish if the days catch is good.
    I alone want to thank you Mr. governor job well but not done yet, I will look from my ma'umaga where I can see your house on the hill and say to myself "Gee dat saka I use to spent money to keep this dude in office" I will continue to work my fields and take care my family until the day I rest in my grave, and wonder was it worth it? But till then my soon to be former I respect that. Come fishing with me and I will tell you about a well hard earn living and an exciting life I lived with minimum edumacation.

    ps.lets have tea,you bring the sugar.

  • Op Ed: Who is looking out for the children?   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Seems to me that people use alcohol as an excuse to escape from reality. What is the use of this toxic drink that people tend to loose themselves and do idiodic things. They go to church and act like theres nothing wrong. God don't like that and He hates it. Our own flesh and blood, we sometimes focus too much on(fa'alavelave) and neglect our childrens needs. You rather get notice and praised by your peers and family you forget what you brought in this world of sin by you and your significant others.

    Your children are not material things that you can just throw on the side like a can or a bottle of beer, You spent your whole life to try to score and Bam! responsibility hit your face like a bullet and you never expected. And now you wish you never have them, you have regrets cause suzzy or johnny down the road looks hotter than the one you left with all these years.

    I think we really Need self respect and self dicipline to control these wicked doings. The government enforce the law so we can live safer on the island. We should bring back the old punishment, whatever commit the crime (cut it off) just save his miserable life so he can live with shame until his last breath. Better luck next time.

  • Samoa News Editorial: Ua Tatau Ona Fa’ataga Tama Ta’a’alo Mai Fafo   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Manaia le manatu o le uso i le aumai o tama mai fafo. Peitai, e lelei pea lava le usita'ia o le tapu ua iai tulafono a le Iuni i Amerika Samoa. 'Aua le faatusatusaina fua A/S ia Samoa i sisifo, e le taitai tutusa. Na soifua mai lava le atalii i Sisifo kiki loa ma le polo. O tatou iinei, faato'a kiki nei le polo ua matutua. Taumafai i le mea e lelei ai le 'au. Matamata i le t.v. i taaalo a isi uso, ma pu'e mai le mea e tatau ona fai. E le faigofie le mana'o. E faaeteete foi ta'ita'i o le Iuni ma le Malo i lena mea. Na aumai foi le Lafali muamua e faia taaaloga ae tou nonofo foi ma fasi. Pau o le mea e tatau ona fai, aumai ma aami mai se tama e sau e a'o le tou 'Au, ae aua le taaalo fua, leaga e mafai e isi 'au ona la'u mai isi tama, ae le mafai e nai isi 'au. Ona o mai lea faataupepe ai ma nai 'au o loo tau amata. O le fesoasoa moni lena. Ae faifai la-mu le faiva.

  • Ivy Aiumu Taufa’asau is new Chief Procurement Officer   4 years 44 weeks ago

    IT'S ABOUT TIME THE SENATORS MADE A VERY GOOD DECISION TO CONFIRMED IVY FOR THIS JOB. CONGRATULATION! --TO (Anonymous) comment; DON'T BE A HATER! Why don't you apply for the job and see if you are WELL QUALIFIED like Ivy to handle it? instead, you loto leaga fua for someone else's achievements?? people like you are the ones that make samoans look bad...

  • Samoa News Editorial: Thank you Senator Tulifua Tini Lam Yuen   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Before you remove the 2by4 in your brothers eyes, remove the tree lumber in your eyes first.

  • Be Advised: OMV enforcing tinting regulation, re-locating license sticker   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Sure. Just keep your “personal property” in compliance with the law when NOT on personal property! If your “personal property” endangers the public…then maybe you should sit on your front porch and stare at your “tint” and funny looking “decals” while its in your drive way. Just like when you build a house… sure its “your” property, but there are still building regulations you need follow. We have a back-assward kinda island, so, if we are starting with the low-risk items first…so be it…it’s for everyone’s safety. Wouldn’t it suck if you made the first statistic of a casualty due to someone’s “black window” tint being too dark, on top of having a huge decal showing “follow the laws on the road” ? sheeze, the irony in that!

  • Togiola declares he will not run for Delegate’s seat   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Oh for god sakes somebody tell the gufnoor, the potholes are large on the streets. So large we can raise akules in them. Here fishy fishy fishy.

  • Togiola declares he will not run for Delegate’s seat   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Why go to Washington D.C? Isn't the territory already a mess?

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