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  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Sorry, I would really like to dignify your statement with a response, but, since you're one of those people that like to hide in dark corners and throw stones without signing your true name, I guess your remarks have no relevancy. Perhaps, when you can forgive yourself and right your ways with the Lord, we can start a mature and civil discussion as adults.
    Remember, don't take it so personally and emotional. I can see from your writing that you're practically straining to get your point across....relax. It's only one person's perspective against another person's perspective. No reason to get a heart-attack over mere words.

    Search your soul for answers before you throw the first stone my friend.

    JR Faaola
    (this is how you sign your name, care to do the same?….I didn’t think so)

  • Respectful of ‘freedom of the press’ Lolo trashes the News   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I too would like to add my thank you and a job well done to our hard working employees at DBAS for the excellent job in your relentless efforts to ensure that our people were privy to the 1602 program.

    I second Lolo's remarks to the recent Senate committee on Government Operations, to explore the so-called ASESRO draft report, that the employees, our son's and daughter's, of DBAS deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work. It's so sad that during this gubernatorial campaigning that there are those hiding in dark corners, willing to chastise and condemn the good work of DBAS for the entire community. Were these naysayer’s part of a conspiracy to disrupt the good foundation built on hard work by DBAS....I don't know.

    Were these naysayer’s rejected by the DBAS Board on their 1602 application....I don't know. Is this a conspiracy to attack the impeccable record of a man, who’s only ambition is to serve the people to the best of his ability?….again, I don’t know. What I can echo is the same thing that President of the Senate, Gaoteote Palaie, has stated in the recent hearing "ole fili leaga" or as I like to interpret "evil spirit"" lurking in one's heart.

    For a society that prides itself on being Christians with family values, it's so disheartening to know that there are still those out there that believe there is something wrong with the 1602 program. These are the same people that will not rest, they will not sleep, they will not be satisfied until the reputation of a good man is destroyed.

    I asked Samoa News to show me proof of Lolo’s guilt in this report, instead they show me allegations, innuendos, mere speculations and hearsay from a report that even the author, Pat Galea’i, of ASESRO, disclaimed as truthful. It came from the very horse’s mouth, but, did Samoa News care to investigate further….and disrupt the flow of papers sold daily, based on this draft….absolutely NOT.

    For the sake of argument, let me hypothesize this scenario to Samoa News and political opponents of Lolo. Lets just say that a common, everyday Joe saw a huge, pink elephant flying across the beloved village of Fagatogo with Rhonda Annesley riding on it’s back. Now lets hypothesize further that Joe drafted this down in a police report with the Fagatogo police precinct. Now, for some reason this report was leaked from within the police precinct in Fagatogo to Samoa News. Now, let me ask Samoa News this, would you buy into that report filed by a common, everyday person or would you file it if it was from the Police Commissioner personally? Of course, you would believe the P.C. over a common person any day of the week. Why, because it must be true if it came from a higher up, instead of someone walking the street of Fagatogo.

    But, based on Samoa News’ logic and journalistic purview, the sighting of Rhonda on a flying, pink elephant must be true. Allegations, innuendos, hearsay, speculations….do these even matter? The fact is, if it will sell newspaper to a news-hungry public, Samoa News will definitely sell it. It has and it will always be the bottom dollar. Hey, I completely understand….it’s basic economics. Hell with the truth, facts, proper investigation to find the facts….that don’t matter at all.

    So in essence, Samoa News committed a tomfoolery with the people of the territory in a vain attempt to sell newspapers. Nice. Perhaps, the next time I see Carlos Sanchez riding on a Lochness monster, swimming off Pago Bay, I’ll have to track down Pat Galea’i to confirm it’s authenticity, since you hold such high value on his reports and not someone like a “tama-faiumu” like myself.

    JR Faaola

  • Respectful of ‘freedom of the press’ Lolo trashes the News   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Thank you Rhonda and Samoa News staff for reporting/updating the community on this issue. Faafetai fo'i to the ASESRO staff and CEO Pat Galea'i for your diligent efforts and assessments to follow-up on the Section 1602 projects on-Island.

    Faafetai fo'i to the DBAS staff and board for sharing this program with the people of Amerika Samoa. Viia lava le Atua mo le faaogaina/valaauina o outou i a outou tiute i totonu o le malo ma le atunuu. O ala manuia ma tupe sa maua mai i le Porokalama Section 1602 e matua'i tele sona aoga mo lo tatou atunuu, ae maise lava mo nai tagata matitiva ma aiga e i lalo mai o latou totogi ma le $15,000 i le tausaga, pe na o le toatasi fo'i se tagata faigaluega i totonu o le aiga.

    There's a lot of "low-income" families on Island who are well qualified to fill the 1602 low-income housing but the **rent** is high and unaffordable for many who receives $500 - $1000 monthly gross income. (Taga'i tonu i le mafuaaga na ala ai ona faia lenei porokalama - "LOW INCOME" HOUSING - simply "we can't charge/overcharge people, example: $700 for rent w/utilities included if their monthly gross income is $800.)

    I filled a Section 1602 application back in 2010 but I'm so grateful to the Lord for not allowing my application to go through because the blue-print was declined twice at the Public Works, but interestingly enough the blue-print was provided by a gifted/certified architect on Island.

    It was with high hopes that as I was applying for the Section 1602, I have considered providing "shelters" for battered women and anyone who faced eviction from their sponsors or families on Island (as to which this is common in the neighborhoods).

    The Section 1602 stood out because non-profit organizations were also eligible to apply to aid the less fortunate, low-income families and whatever services they can aid those in dire need of a place to stay. Ae ui i lea, e lelei lava le Atua! Tatalo ia maua e le atunuu le agaga o le alofa moni mo tagata lima vaivai faapea e matitiva i totonu o lo tatou atunuu.

    There are vacant Section 1602 low-income homes on Island, and I'm hopeful that the landlords/property owners will help meet the needs of those who are eligible/well qualified to stay in a nice home until they can become prosperous one day.

    E faamanuia mai le Atua i se tagata e alofa atu ma le loto mama, ma e toe faamanuia le Atua i lou fanua, fanau, lau ato, ma lou ulufale ma lou ulufafo. Ia alofa le Tama i le lagi e faaali le mea moni ma ia faatupuina le fealofani i totonu o le atunuu. ***Samoa muamua le Atua! Faavae i le Atua Samoa!***

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Get off of that high horse you are riding on Jr Faaola and stop BLAMING, yes you are blaming, others for the report on the 1602 Program. Samoa News did a great job reporting the 'draft report' as is! The materials were drawn directly from the draft and there were no accusations made by Samoa News.

    As I have responded to your other comment, your responses seem to be targeting Mr. Afoa Lutu, when in fact, he had nothing to do with the reporting. You are also blaming Mr. Pat Galea'i, when he actually confirmed that the report was the most CURRENT DRAFT of another draft of the same report.

    You are blaming everyone.

    From the draft report, the take home message for me was to determine if there was any truth to the many instances of conflict and whether the DBAS Board exercised due diligence in reviewing ALL applications before approving grants/loans.

    You obviously need to go back and look up what "Freedom of the Press" before referring to news as trash.

    Again, I thank Samoa News for bringing this news to our attention because whether or not you like what was in that report, I'm sure you are bitter regardless. Maybe it's not the Samoa News that bothers you, or the materials in the report in general. Maybe it's because the report mentioned that Lolo has a girlfriend when he is actually still married...lol. Sorry about it.

    That last one was just for laughs because you seem to include nonsense comments in your responses as well.

    Good Day to you.

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I would be worried if you were in charge of the ASESRO report. You, Jr Faaola, is very biased. Your reasons in supporting/not supporting efforts made by HONEST people in the community are ridiculous. You can continue to speculate and call Faoa/Taufete'e and Afoa/Le'i camps on conspiring on this issue, but the truth of the matter is, SAMOA NEWS received the report. The aforementioned candidates had nothing to do it.

    As its obligation and due diligence to the Community of American Samoa, Samoa News reported the materials of the report, AS IS.

    From your comments, you have a personal issue with Mr. Afoa Lutu. You sound very bitter by making false comments about him have an ownership share in Samoa News. Maybe you should check your facts before you post your comments.

    As I recall, you were always very critical of the shipyard and how it was a bad idea for the government to take over the shipyard again.

    From last week's news of reviewing the budget and projections for 2013, it was clearly reported that the Shipyard was the only government entity that is projected to return profitable funds back to the government (Lemanu also praised Mr. Sanches for his hard work).

    The main issue is whether Lolo's girlfriend and her siblings ALL qualified to receive sub grants for the program. There are also those other instances of conflict that still need to be reviewed. No where in the reports was it mentioned that low income families were to own the low-income units, as you mentioned in your comment. It was clearly noted in the report by Samoa news that the program would provide housing for low-income families and those qualify and met all program requirements would be granted the loans.

    You need to take a chill pill, open your biased eyes and take a clear look at the issue. Samoa news reported on NEWS and they have every right to report this news.

    Thank you Samoa News.

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Junior are you really listening to what you were saying? Because all I can hear is that you are endorsing something that is illegal just because it has been done in the past.

    It is people like you that will continue to leave corruption in the government. Which goes to show why you were voting for a team that is under investigation at this very moment.

    Save and Sandra are not the ones doing the complaining its our people... people who are tired of corruption, people who want transparency and integrity brought back into our government, people who are tired of getting scraps while others in high position abuse their power and do things like....oh i dont know, grant their family and their girlfriends and their girlfriends family $100,000 plus each federal government money, people who are educated and highly qualified for government positions and return home but cant get a job, we are the ones crying out and Save and Sandra are actually standing up to these big shot families and trying to do something about it.

    I believe that they are doing a helluva job in their campaign... I hear them on the radio talking about issues, they are out in the community walking the villages, and I have personally seen them out in the early morning hours on the weekend cleaning up our land.

    This team has no integrity issues, unlike the camp that you are with. They will actually put people first, and not just people they are related to or know.

    Save and Sandra...you keep fighting the good fight and continue to do what is right, because if this the worst they can say is that you guys complain...well then, I think that you folks can handle that.

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Mr. Jr Faaola correct me if I'm wrong: It appears you are advising S&S that b/c we have "Unorganized and Unincorporated Territory" status we have an excuse for violating the law passed by the legislature of the "Unorganized and Uncorporated Territory".

    You also appear to be saying S&S are "frivolously complaining" and that neither they nor the voter electorates can be adversely affected by candidates who remain in their high govt positions and "actively campaign."

    If that's your thinking and I were Save or Sandra ...I would ask you to please stop dishing this kind of advice and sharing these little 'Sponge Bob" type secrets of yours with them.

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Hey Larry, not only is it "refreshing", your very words, but, it's a vindication of an innocent man, Lolo Moliga. His testimony at the Senate's Government Operations Cmte. put the truth of this entire, orchestrated dilemma, to rest once and for all. Now that his enemies have been rooted out by Senator Velega and his Cmte., the team of Lolo & Lemanu can proceed with their juggernaut march towards November's election.
    Despite all the political obstacles laid out as IED by their political nemesis, the team of Lolo & Lemanu have only one agenda that is the driving force of their campaign……to serve the PEOPLE FIRST, everything else is secondary

    JR Faaola

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Aren't you missing the other side of the coin? I'm betting that you are the type of person that wants the truth and facts to come out, am I correct? Or, am I wrong?

    You are looking at this from just one side, the side that this 1602 allegation can be true. But, what about looking at this from another angle, like perhaps that these so-called draft reports from ASESRO are merely based on unproven allegations, innuendos, mere speculations and hearsay from an unknown individual's perspective. Having no real base of truth or foundation, are you saying that you would rather err on the side of an opinionated allegation, which is exactly what this draft report is based on, no corrections or actual research from ASESRO as to it’s authenticity.

    As a matter of fact, Pat Galea’i, the Director of ASESRO, made a disclaimer in the Samoa News that this draft report was not complete and that there were still allegations that needed to be confirmed by his office. But, nevertheless, the draft report was somehow “leaked” to the public via Samoa News, as per Pat Galea’i’s claim. It’s ironic that this leak should suddenly happen during a critical moment in the gubernatorial campaign of Lolo and Lemanu.

    Despite the disclaimer by Pat, Samoa News decided to go ahead with this blasphemous report. And what they got in return was “disgust and frustration” from the Senate chambers of a once promising and pillar-model of a newspaper in the community. The leaders of the country called it “RUBBISH” or “LAPISI” in Samoan. Perhaps the time has truly come for the territory to entertain another newspaper in the islands. We need competition to avoid the corporate greed and monopolization of the media by just one mogul in town. We need honest reporting and journalistic integrity. I mean, who’s to say that just because Afoa Moega Lutu is part owner of Samoa News or Pat Galea’i is a member of the Publicity Cmte. for the Faoa & Taufete’e team or some woman by the name of “Gail” was the culprit who leaked the report to Samoa News, and who incidentally is a die-hard supporter of the Afoa & Le’i team, or a Mr. Petersen, a deputy at ASESRO, who is alleged to have helped draft this report, are said to be the main conspirators behind this political plot to assassinate Lolo’s chances of becoming the next Governor of our great territory. Certainly, not I.

    But that does not mean I do not have reservations of my own, as to who might be involved. If you put the puzzle together of the alleged conspirators in this fiasco, one can only imagine the spill-out this will do to their campaign for transparency and moral guidance. What does this say about how they fair in the election. One can only speculate, I guess. The bottom line, do your research and don’t depend on other people’s point of view for confirmation of the truth and facts.

    JR Faaola

    Editor's note:  As stated on other of your comments JR, Afoa does not have an ownership share in Samoa News and hasn't since Lewis Wolman bought the paper from Tolani Teleso, many years before the Annesley family bought SN from Wolman.

  • Pay or not pay cabinet for excess leave time ?   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Fa'amolemole ia, soia le gaoi. Vaai totogi a fa'atonu.............fa'apopo ai ma le totogi annual leave........excess ........alofa le atunu'u. Fai muamua le si'i a le aufaigaluega a le malo. Enough excess nonsense!!

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    The latest 1602 Low Income Housing Program initiative “sensationalism” campaign that Samoa News has been riding on since last week to sell a few papers and to manipulate the gubernatorial campaign of Lolo Moliga, can only be characterized as science fiction at it’s best. I applaud Lolo for taking the Christian path of forgiveness and the tofa mamao of a true Samoan chief. If this Bollywood(Indian version) style of journalism was committed in the states or in any other democracy in the world, there would be multi-million dollar lawsuits galore.


    The Government Operations Cmte. chaired by Senator Velega Velega, Jr., held a hearing in the Senate chambers on Friday, 9.7.2012 at 8:00 a.m., to address this devastating draft report that originated from the American Samoa Economic Stimulus Recovery Office(ASESRO) that has elevated the wrath of the public against the Development Bank of American Samoa(DBAS) and it’s former President, Lolo Moliga. It was my understanding that every member of this Cmte. was present in chambers. Every membership was given a chance to ask questions of the witnesses that were present: Lolo Moliga as former President, Jason Betham as current V.P. and Malemo as current chairman of the DBAS Board. From my perspective, the entire Senate membership considered the draft reporting from Samoa News as “trash” or “lapisi” to be discarded in the trash disposal.

    I applaud Lolo for not holding the rest of the hard working employees of Samoa News accountable, but, a few particular unnamed individuals that were politically motivated, especially the author of this article to print such trash in the territory’s only major newspaper. That’s not to say that Afoa Moega Lutu, as a shareholder with ownership percentage with Samoa News is responsible or to even suggest that a mysterious woman by the name of “Gail”, or something like that, who happens to allegedly be a strong Afoa supporter, was the culprit that leaked the ASESRO report to Samoa News or to suggest that Pat Galea’i, as director of ASESRO and an alleged chairman and member of the, Faoa & Taufete’e team publicity committee, had a political motivation to side-track the gubernatorial election by dismantling an impeccable and honorable record of a man who did nothing more than to serve the people of this great territory to the best of his ability. Nor am I blaming Pat's deputy at ASESRO...some palagi guy...lol. Am I blaming these people for their alleged wanton-attack against Lolo…..of course not. I am not here to judge, I am merely making a common man’s perspective of the events that led to this unethical and immoral act of personal debauchery.

    It was reported by Malemo that the U.S. Treasury did not find any wrong doing with the inner workings of the 1602 program. As a matter of fact, the auditors hired by the federal government reported that there was no misappropriation of 1602 funds by DBAS or it’s personnel….period. What these conspirator’s failed to realize was that Lolo cannot make any decisions on who gets a loan or not, that decision is left with the Board. The other failed attempt by these conspirator’s was the fact that they were banking on our people’s naiveness and ignorance in not understanding what the 1602 Low Income Housing program was about. Mr. Jason Betham explained to the Senate membership that the program was open to anyone that wanted to apply. It didn’t matter if you were poor or rich or whatnot.

    As long as a person was qualified and able to make their loan payments, was the requirement. The low income housing was intended for those who will build low-income housing units for our low-income families in the territory. It is NOT for low-income families to own a low-income unit. This is what the conspirators were banking on. They were hoping that our people did not know the difference. Well, it backed fire on them at the Senate chambers. Every membership was crying for justice and someone to be held accountable for this draft report. Yes, they wanted another hearing with Samoa News and ASESRO Director Pat Galea’i as witnesses.

    I think it’s safe to say that Lolo has been vindicated of all allegations, innuendos and speculations. There are still people out there that strongly believe that, although this draft report by ASESRO was questionable, they are still of the opinion that it must be true. Amazing how the mind works, when you refuse to allow the cerebrum, frontal lobe, of the brain to dictate right from wrong. These are the people that will always let rumors, innuendos, speculations and hearsay dictate their lives. So sad, but, unfortunately so true.

    Unless, you come to terms, despite your political affiliations or which political team you support, with what is truth and what is lies, you will never truly understand the goodness that politics has to offer….if you do it right. This stuff is science at it’s best. We need people that can analyze with methodical consistency, not supporting-actors for commercials.

    Let me ask Samoa News and Pat Galea'i a few questions. Besides all the fabricated allegations, was Lolo "guilty" of any wrong doing? Did he violate any local or federal laws with regards to the 1602 program? Did any employees of DBAS committed a crime, including the Board, in this issue? If the federal governemnt found no fault, how did you come to this alleged conclusion that there was fault in this matter? I'm sure Afoa Moega Lutu, as an investor to Samoa News, can answer that question, considering he is a well respected and learned attorney in the territory with years of legal experience.

    I don’t know about you people, but, I hope and pray that the good Lord will give guidance and somberness to these conspirators that have tried to roll the dice and lost. God bless our beloved American Samoa, the United States, our military men and women and especially our families. I pray that this election will bring our people together through these difficult times. JR Faaola (I'm not expecting Samoa News to print this, but, there's always hope)

    Editor's Note: Afoa is not a stockholder or investor in Samoa News. He had a financial interest in Samoa News many years ago when it was owned by Tolani Teleso. When the paper was sold to Lewis Wolman, Lewis was sole owner. The Annesley family purchased Samoa News from Lewis and they are now the sole owners of the newspaper.

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Complain, complain, complain.....that’s all the Save Sandra team has ever done since getting into the gubernatorial race. Our territory has been campaigning and politicking since well before we were given the right to elect our first Governor.

    If the Save Sandra team's complaint is upheld, then what does that say about past gubernatorial elections. This means every election since Coleman will be nullified and void, this also includes the House of Representatives(Fono). This will also affect the congressional office to Washington.

    Here's a bit of sound advice to the Save Sandra team, concentrate on your race and do the best to achieve your message of change to your constituents and the rest of American Samoa. Because if "complaining" is your main strategy in attempting to get votes in this election, then you are in the wrong business.

    I'm surprised your counsel, Charlie Alailima, didn't give you a few pointers and political advice in how politics is done in the islands. But, from a business perspective, I can understand where Charlie is coming from. He is definitely a legal asset to the Save Sandra team.

    Listen, you have less than 2 months left till election time in November. Why don't you use that time sparingly and go full throttle with your campaign. I'm not demeaning your campaign, I'm simply saying do the best you can. Our people are not naive or ignorant of their surroundings, especially local politics.

    Let me give you a little secret. What you seem to have forgotten is that there's a little thing called "Unorganized and Unincorporated Territory". As a layman, I'm not privy to the legal complexities of such rhetorical intricacies of governance, but, I'm pretty sure my ECE teacher told me it had something to do with limited interaction by the federal government with local governance.

    Hey, what do I know, I'm just a common "tama-faiumu" from Alataua. I'm lucky if I know how to operate a cell phone, let alone own one. I pray the good Lord to give your campaign guidance and tofa mamao. Good luck Save Sandra team.

    JR Faaola

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    The fono absolutely knew what they were doing when they passed this law require govt employees to resign "before actively campaigning." They wanted the gubenatorial electoral process to be free from the taint of a govt employee who might give away govt services, permits, licenses, grant awards in exchange for votes. A law absolutely needed here in AS.

    Election after election, it has never been enforced. The important thing is this "perversion" of the gubenatorial election process has to stop. Integrity has to be brought back into the gubenatorial electoral process as the fono that originally passed this law had intended. This election is as good a time as any. Given the other teams knew the matter was referred to the AG for a legal opinion, I venture these teams could have asked the AG come out sooner with his legal opinion so they could find replacements for those affected.

    Kudos, however, goes to the S&S team for raising this important issue at the risk of being condemned by those who would want this "perversion" of the gubenatorial electoral process to continue. S&S have played their political hand fairly and wisely on this important public issue. If they prevail, we all gain. It would show we had the "political will" to fix something that was broken. A better legacy to hand down to the next generation.

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Faafetai tele lava Samoa News for keeping the community updated on this important issue. We pray for God's will, peace and direction for He has already chosen a humbled leader(s) for American Samoa.

    We desire transparency, integrity, and compassion in our future governor & Lt. Save and Sandra are honest people, and the fruit of their good deeds and hard work speaks volume even if the majority of American Samoa have not spent time to know them in person.

    I haven't spoken nor endorsed this team, nor have I attended their previous events even though I'm committed to vote for a different team (yet I'm still open to God's leading until Nov 6). However, I applause their taumafaiga lelei to campaign the right way to provide facts and sharing resources to our Island nation.

    Faamalo atu lava Save and Sandra for exposing the truth because the community needs to hear/know the correct procedure to run for a leadership position in the gov't.

    ***Amerika Samoa, e tatau ona tatala o tatou loto i le Atua e fesoasoani mai ia i tatou e faaali le mea moni. Ia tatou maua le fealofani. O le palota e uma ia Novema 6, a ia tumau le mafutaga mafana a aiga, nuu ma Ekalesia i lo tatou nei atunuu. Samoa muamua le Atua! Faavae i le Atua Samoa! May the perfect will of God be done.***

  • Challenges: Dist. 7 & Gov’s race certification delayed   4 years 12 weeks ago

    The law is the law...even the Attorney Generals office agrees that their is a clear violation, Soliai, you are now in position to be held criminally if you dont enforce the law. Hmmmm...what are you going to do???

    The integrity of the election office is now at stake.

    It is so refreshing to have a courageous team stand up for what is right, for making those in office accountable for the positions they hold and the responsibilities that they have. I know that some people might think that this is a political stunt, but I think this is something that was long overdue. Save and Sandra wrote a letter of complaint months ago about candidates still working in the government and nothing was done by any of the candidates at that time. So obviously they thought they could get away with it. I am pretty sure none of them expected this to happen. Team Save annd Sandra is the team I am voting for.

  • Samoan PM slams forum critics   4 years 12 weeks ago

    “Commentators have raised concerns that the forum can no longer reflect the region's needs while Fiji remains suspended.” As reflected this day in the Samoa News Internet version. Please check out this website: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific/2012/07/201273083010385875.html Wikipedia is not a true source for what is going on with Fiji.

    Check out the non-citations within Wikipedia in which there are none to back up the historical claims it makes for Fiji military leader Vorege Bainimarama. Just cue in his name in Wikipedia, known as Frank Bainimarama. I thank you for this time to comment Samoa News.


  • With no cash infusion, LBJ set to lay off 200 workers   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Don't shoot the messenger. This is not the fault of the hospital or the people who run it.


    Any violation for the bus driver should reflect the bus owner. Perhaps the driver is tired because the owner doesn't want him to rest and to push for more cash.

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    why the big fuss about it being a draft??? Draft or not the allegations/concerns in the report did not just spring up out of nowhere. There is TRUTH to it. Anyone who has common sense knows that. Now if in the FINAL draft these concerns all of a sudden DISAPPEAR then TRANSPARENCY is definitely something to raise questions about.


    Is it us the local fishing people who is depleting the sharks or is it the commercial fishing industry? Why is it that the little guy who fishes to feed his family gets the whip and the rich guy in Chicago continues to total the resource?

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Lets not jump to any conclusions yet..its only a draft report..probably theres more to this report..thanks for all the comments..ya'll should go run for Governor if ya'll know whats right for this government..this government has been corrupted ever since the Samoans took over...Koe Faafo'i le malo a Amelika pe'a leiloa fai

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago







  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    So what did you want Samoanews to do with the report that was mailed to them? Obviously its VERY important news that needed to be published!! After all, Samoanews is supposed to inform the public of what is going on around them whether it concerns the government, economy, crimes and so on and so forth. The news they report should not be based on whether they support Lolo, Faoa, Afoa..etc!!

    Again, what exactly did you want Samoanews to do with the report? You're sounding like the senator that is talking about "disturbing the peace" during this election season... I guess being ignorant does promote peace in a way... After all, what you don't know never happened right?

    Please, for the love of all that is holy.. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    This will be fun to observe the Senators finding the real truth. How many Senators and Representatives received money from this 1602 program?

    The two top leaders, Senate President and Speaker of the House and how many more? Senator Mauga Asuega, Senator Alo Stevenson and the rest of them....When the truth is revealed what will happen? DBAS and ASESRO conduct your own review and initiate the corrective action before the Feds get involve.

    Enough speculation of the mismanagement of funds and conflict of interest. Take action. If someone didn't follow the regulations make them pay back the money or sell the apartments and return the money. If the finding reveals the individual was the project manager, Developer and Construction owner , is the project completed?

    If criminal charges are warranted......refer the individual case to the Office of the Attorney General. The AG is a 1602 recipient with an ongoing project. Do we need the Feds to come in again and put a check on our people?

  • 1602: Senate committee charged to find ‘real truth’   4 years 12 weeks ago

    To complain about whether or not this is a "draft report" or whether or not the Samoa News should have released it is to obfuscate and miss the point. Common in American Samoa. "We may be corrupt, but we don't want anyone to know it." Let's find out if these allegations are true or not. If they are, they would not be unusual behavior or activities for American Samoa. If they are not, that would be refreshing.

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