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Weather Update: More rain, more wind in the forecast


This is the forecast for American Samoa for the next 48 hours.
Since Tuesday, the territory has been experiencing a lot of heavy rainfall, already claiming one life in Fagaalu and resulting in the evacuation of dozens of people from their homes.
Roads have been flooded, mudslides and landslides have been reported, and a church has been destroyed in Gataivai.

DHS director calls Manu’a hiring policy “discriminatory”


The move by the Department of Human Resources to restrict any hiring and recruitment for any vacant position physically located on the Manu’a Islands to residents already permanently living there, has been heavily criticized by Homeland Security Director Utuali’i Iuniasolua Savusa, who calls the policy “discriminatory.”

Fono demands "hard copies" of the budget — or else


The Lolo Administration’s electronic copies of the fiscal year 2015 budget, which were submitted two weeks ago to the Fono, “is not acceptable” to many lawmakers and therefore the ASG Budget and Planning Office is being requested to provide hard-copies of the budget.
The Fono is threatening to cancel FY 2015 budget hearings until lawmakers receive hard copies of the budget, which is close to 1,900 pages.  It was sent electronically to the Fono in PDF format.

Body of SHS student found after being swept to sea


A 17-year-old Samoana High School student, who would have been a senior this coming school year, was swept out to sea from the stream in Faga’alu during Tuesday’s heavy rainfall. She has been identified as Vaeina Maualalo by Representative Vailoata Amituana’i Eteuati, who is the girl’s neighbor.

ASG and Red Cross come to the aid of flood victims


A 13-member Gatavai family evacuated from their home which had been damaged by flood water and mud following Tuesday’s heavy rain, are very thankful to the local chapter of the American Red Cross for their “very kind and gracious assistance” in providing necessities after they had to leave their home with only the clothes on their backs.

Fever and rash cases confirmed now in Samoa

Samoa's National Health Services has confirmed three suspected cases of Acute Fever and Rash disease, with blood samples being sent to Tahiti for testing.

One of the suspected patients is a thirteen year old girl who was in American Samoa two weeks ago.

Dr Tile Ah Leong of the National Health Service says the girl has been admitted for treatments.

The test results are expected sometime this week-end to confirm if she has symptoms of Chikungunva currently spreading in American Samoa.

Another case is a 15 year old boy who was recently in New Zealand.

Rain begins to let up, over 100 in emergency shelters


American Samoa Department of Homeland Security (ASDHS) has confirmed that there is one fatality from yesterday’s heavy rain. Additionally, nearly 100 people are have been housed at two emergency shelters.

Landslide in Gataivai puts families in temporary shelter

Close to 50 families forced to evacuate homes due to heavy rains, landslides
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Rain continued to lash the territory overnight with high surf, strong wind and flood warnings. At least two families in Gataivai were evacuated as of 3p.m. yesterday following a landslide, which also affected a church in the area. The families are being temporarily housed at Samoana High School until a complete assessment is conducted at the site.

One death reported amid heavy floods, landslides


Around 5p.m. yesterday afternoon, a report of a young girl being swept away in the waters as they thundered down from the Faga’alu waterfall-stream heading to the ocean was confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security Director, Utuali’i Iunisasolua Savusa.
At he time they were still searching for the 16-year old.
By 5:50 pm the body of the young girl was recovered from the Faga'alu Bay.  Her name has not yet been released.
Updates as more details are available.

Daughter Facebooks mom in Texas for help after father’s alleged attack in Kokoland

Mother emails Homeland Security to report assault

Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigation Division arrested a man over the weekend on allegations of assaulting his daughter in the presence of her minor children. The defendant made his initial appearance in the District Court yesterday morning with bail set at $500.
To protect the identity of the victim Samoa News will not name the defendant who is the victim’s father.

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