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Industry leader laments failure to protect fisheries

The Managing Director of a leading fish exporting company in Samoa has lamented what he describes as the failure of the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to protect the Pacific’s most valuable natural resource.

John Luff, of Apia Export Fish Packers Ltd., says that while the Commission had good ideas at the start, their focus on conservation and resource management has somehow shifted.

“I personally don’t think they’ve done a good job in that area, particularly when it comes to licensing issues,” he tells the Samoa Observer.

Active cyclone season predicted for territory


Weather should improve in the next few days, as the monsoon trough (band of clouds that move northwest to southeast resulting in heavy rains and thunderstorms) that has been hovering over the Samoan Islands continues to move southeast.
This is according to local meteorologist Carol Maafala-Baqui of the National Weather Station in Tafuna.

Fa'afetaia e ta'ita'i o le atunu'u le tautua a le aufai fa'atoaga


Na fa'afetaia e ta'ita'i o le atunu'u le mamalu o le aufai fa'atoaga sa mafai ona auai i le fa'aaliga o lenei tausaga, i le tulaga mataina ma le manaia o le latou taumafaiga, lea fo'i sa molimauina e le atunu'u i le taeao o le aso Lulu.
Na matua faatumulia le malae o le Su'igaula o le Atuvasa i Utulei i le mamalu o le aufai fa'atoaga, le atunuu na maimoa aemaise ai ta'ita'i o le malo ma le atunu'u, na lolofi atu latou te fia molimauina le fa'aaliga lona tolu a le aufai fa'atoaga mo lenei tausaga.

DOE orders re-assessment of Special Ed students

“I believe that a lot of students are miss-assessed in Special Ed.,” she says

It was because of “numerous complaints” from parents of children with disabilities, that Education Department director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau says she ordered a thorough “review” — not an ‘audit’ — of the Special Education Division (SPED), which has since been completed and ASDOE is working to address the problems cited in the report.

Election petition dismissed for lack of evidence


Allegations by Alataua losing candidate, Fatumalala L.A Al-Shehri against Speaker of the House, Savali Talavou Ale, Folole Fagaima, Ailini Asiata, Sinataua Misipati and Tu’ufuli Tu’ufuli alleging that there were violations of election rules listed in the 2014 candidate manual, have been dismissed by the Appellate Division of the High Court.
Al-Shehri asked the Appellate Court to “recheck” 14 names she provided in her complaint, wherein she alleges that some people who are off-island voted in the last election.

Le toe mana'o Siaumau Jr i lana loia fautua o lo o i ai


O le aso 22 Ianuari 2015 lea ua tolopo i ai le isi iloiloga o le mataupu a le malo ma Siaumau Siaumau Jr, ina ua talia e le fa'amasinoga maualuga i le taeao ananafi le talosaga a Siaumau Jr, mo se avanoa e toe tolopo ai lana mataupu, ae se'i tau saili e lona aiga se isi loia e tula'i mo ia.

LBJ 4th Qtr report yields bombshell


The hospital’s fourth quarter report has brought to light the fact that the previous Chief Financial Officer, Viola Babcock, advanced $4.3million from Medicare due to cash needed for payroll, a move labeled by the present Chief Executive Officer Taufete’e John Faumuina as a “mistake”.

ASG will take back Segaula airplane if not flying by Dec

Tasania Airline ready to step in to offer Manu’a air service

The Port Administration has given Inter Island Airways dba Manu’a Airways Executive President Barney Sene, up until next month December 2014 to get the Segaula operational, if not, the Port will take back the government airplane and revoke the memorandum of understanding signed between ASG and Sene, says Port Director, Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Tuia Poumele.



Manu'a se teineititi ina ua tauai e ni isi le pasi na malaga ai
E to'atasi se teineititi aoga na manu'a ina ua lavea i se ma'a na togi atu e se tagata aga'i i le pasi aoga i le aso To'ona'i na te'a nei, ina ua mae'a le ta'aloga e sailia ai le siamupini i le va o le 'au a le Aoga Maualuga a Tafuna ma Fagaitua, ma manumalo ai Fagaitua i 'ai e 24-22 i se ta'aloga mataina ma finau.

Governor unhappy with DOL threats to ASG


The move by the Wage & Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor — that has threatened to close down government departments that are in violation of labor laws — did not sit well with Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga, and he noted this during the ASG cabinet meeting Friday, when he spoke on the issue of overtime and compensatory time.
Lolo said that he “went hard on the labor people — but they were right.”

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