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Immigration boad abruptly disbands, businesses wait


The move by the Immigration Board to suspend its weekly hearings for the businesses who are sponsoring foreigners did not sit well with members of the business community yesterday, as they were told the Chairman of the Board, Frank Gaisoa Sr is seeking an opinion from the Attorney General regarding the status of the bill which was proposed to regulate the sponsorship of aliens by businesses.

More seniors upset over TAOA food distribution


“The hot food plates are cooked in accordance with the attendance from the week before.” That’s the explanation given by Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) Deputy Director, Kuresa Paopao, responding to Samoa News questions about the food handed out each week by TAOA.
Samoa News received several complaints from elderly residents who were picking up their hot plates of food from the TAOA Nu’uuli center. One woman said that when she and her husband arrived, the site was already closed.

PA’U: Fa’amoemoe suiga lelei i tupulaga o le atunu


Na oga totonu le saunoaga mai le Sui Fa’atonu o le Matagaluega o Tupulaga Talavou, Tina ma Tama’ita’i ia Pa’u Roy Ausage, i le tatala aloaiaina o le Fonotaga lona 4 a Tupulaga i le aso ananafi, i lona saunoa e fa’apea, e fa’amoemoe suiga lelei i le atunuu i tupulaga o le taimi nei.

Homeland Security, DoH sure they can handle Ebola


The men in charge of the territory’s First Responders — Director of Public Health Motusa Tuileama Nua and Homeland Security Director Utuali’i Iuniasolua Savusa have confidently told Senators that with the preparations that are in place, American Samoa is ready in case there is an appearance of the deadly Ebola virus in the territory.
The directors were testifying before the Senate Health Committee, which was chaired by Senator Mauga Tasi Asuega.

Man behind bond fraud that killed Whitehorn cuts plea

Faces 20 yrs in prison, fines and restitution

The instigator of a forged construction bond scam in which one of the victims was Whitehorn Construction — the original contractor of the multi-million dollar Airport Road project — has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors at the federal court in Atlanta, Georgia.
Eric D. Campbell, who is in federal custody, was indicted in May this year by a federal grand jury in Atlanta, charging him with three counts of wire fraud; two counts of aggravated identity theft and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Mana’omia malo fautuaga mai le aufai fa’atoaga


Ua fa’atulaga e le alii kovana ma le lutena kovana se feiloaiga fa’apitoa a le faigamalo ma sui uma o le aufai fa’atoaga i le vaiaso lenei, i se taumafaiga e tu’u fa’atasia finagalo ma manatu mai le aufai fa’atoaga, i auala e tatau ona faia e le malo ina ia fa’aleleia ma si’itia ai le tautua a le malo mo i latou.

Utu says La O Samoa is interested in working with ASPA, talks still on going


American Samoa Power Authority, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Utu Abe Malae confirms that Help U Solar LLC — a company based in Hawai’i — which has a division office on island called La O Samoa, is interested in working with ASPA on a distributed generation project. He notes that discussions are in first stages only, it needs to go through a procurement process, after the project is “defined and understood.”

Commish: “The hammer will fall where it needs to fall”

Re: Off-duty cops involved in nightclub scuffle

“The hammer will fall where it needs to fall,” said Commissioner of Public Safety William Bill Haleck in response to Samoa News questions on the status of the case involving two off- duty detectives who are with the Criminal Investigation Division, over an incident which occurred Saturday night. As a result of the incident, a night club in Pago Pago was damaged, but no one was arrested.

Sauni Amerika Samoa mo puipuiga o le ‘Ebola’


Na fa’amaonia e sui o le malo na molimau i luma o le Komiti o le Soifua Maloloina a le Senate i le taeao ananafi, e leai se itu e fa’apopoleina ai fua finagalo o le Fono aemaise ai le atunu’u i le fa’ama’i oti o le ‘Ebola’ lea ua pipisi solo i vaega eseese o le lalolagi, ua lava tapena Matagaluega uma a le malo o lo o gafa ma tulaga tau i le puipuiga mo le tali atu i le taimi e o o mai ai lea fa’ama’i i lau eleele o Amerika Samoa.

TEO tells solar company to end “false advertising”

Company CEO responds, it’s a misunderstanding

With concerns raised by the public about La O Samoa — a Division of Help U Solar LLC — a company, which is getting people to sign up for “free solar panels with free installation” the Territorial Energy Office (TEO) Director, Ali’itama Sotoa told the company to stop the drive and advertisements, and stop “signing the locals with false advertisements and contracts.”

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