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Ex Retirement Fund director gets big parting payout

Some board members unaware of his $50,000+ check

Chairman of the Government Employees Retirement Fund Board, Tofala Iafeta is adamant that “no matter what” former ASGERF Executive Director, Luatua Filisouaiga Ta’afua “deserves his pay out” from his annual leave. Chairman Iafeta told Samoa News the payout is from the annual leave he accumulated through his years working at ASGERF. He did not specify as to how much the payout came to, but according to several ASGERF officials, who wish to remain anonymous — it was more than $100,000+.

Chief of Immigration faces revocation of probation


The Trial Division of the High Court says Chief Immigration Officer Peseta Dennis Fuimaono’s self-contradictions indicate he either did not testify truthfully or he submitted a false affidavit. He was also made aware that submitting a false affidavit is a misdemeanor while perjury is a felony. With either charge he faces revocation of his probation, as he would be deemed in violation of the order to remain a law-abiding citizen.

Fautua Lolo Komiti Pone fa’ateletelegese isi ana galuega


E lua poloketi tetele sa fuafua le Komiti o le Atina’e a le malo e fa’atupe mai tupe o le Pone lea ua mae’a ona fa’atau, ua fautuaina e le ali’i kovana e fa’ateletelegese lona fa’ataunu’uina.

ASHSAA sports canceled after local funding depleted

FMHS principal to DOE director: Girls’ sports programs most affected!

The Department of Education has canceled all high school sports for the rest of the semester — effective today, February 8, 2016, says Department of Education Director, Vaitinasa Salu Hunkin Finau. The email was sent out to notify ASHSAA and principals of the public and private schools last week Tuesday.

Filifa’atali Mike Fuiava is new hospital board chair

First task to LBJ CEO: “desk audit” for possible overpaid top job positions

LBJ Medical Center’s newly selected chairman, Filifa’atali Mike Fuiava is a man on a mission given the numerous difficulties facing the hospital — especially with the budget — and he’s tasked LBJ’s CEO Taufete’e John Faumuina to look at conducting a “desk audit” of the hospital’s top positions.

Fautuaina Ale le Kapeneta ia tausisi tulafono Palota


Na fa’aaoga e le Loia Sili a le malo ia Talauega Eleasalo Ale le ulua’i fonotaga a le Kapeneta mo lenei tausaga i le vaiaso na te’a nei, e auala atu ai lana fautuaga mo sui uma o le Kapeneta o lo o fuafua e tauva i soo se tofi mo le palota tele o lenei tausaga, ina ia tausisi i le tulafono tau palota ua mae’a ona pasia ma toe teuteuina, ina ia mautinoa e maua e le atunu’u se faiga palota manuia ma le filemu i le fa’aiuga o lenei tausaga.

Mauga says the timing is wrong for Fono pay raises

ASG faces more important financial obligations

Secretary of Samoan Affairs, Mauga Tasi Asuega, who is a former Senator says while he believes raising salaries for the lawmakers is appropriate, however the timing is wrong, given that there are far more important financial obligations faced by the government. His comments were made during the cabinet meeting Thursday and this is the first time a member of the Lolo and Lemanu Cabinet has commented on the protests that occurred on Tuesday and yesterday morning.

Young and old turn out to protest Fono pay raises


“No, No to the pay rise” of the Fono, was again echoed yesterday morning as over 100 participants of all ages gathered at the Fagatogo Malae across the street from the Fono compound, as a sign of their opposition to the proposed salary increases for lawmakers.

Lolo dismisses rumors that Lemanu will run separately

“In God’s eyes we were not made to run separately,” he says

Rumors that Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga are running separately in the upcoming 2016 general election should be dismissed, the governor said during his cabinet meeting held at the Agriculture Conference Room in Tafuna yesterday morning.
Lolo said he had received a call from the media asking him to confirm rumors that he and Lemanu will be running separate campaigns. “Nothing like that will be happening,” he stated.

After complaints, lawmakers conduct site visit at LBJ

Cash flow is the “bottom line” problem, says CEO

Complaints from constituents have led House members to conduct a site visit at LBJ hospital this week and they were informed first hand about the cash flow problems and how the hospital’s pay scale is mirrored to the Federal Government’s payroll.

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