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Bumble Bee courts longliner fleet for Samoa plant


Bumble Bee Seafood vice president of resourcing, Kevin McClain (left) and vice president of loin operations, Brett Butler (right) last Friday after a courtesy visit and meeting with members of the local longline industry and others at the DDW restaurant.
The San Diego based cannery is working with the Samoa government to set up operations in Apia and Butler said,

Fono asks why airport gets most of proposed room tax


A hand full of House members are questioning why the Lolo Administration’s 5% room tax bill has targeted the Port Administration Department’s Airport Division to be the recipient of this new revenue source, instead of spreading out it out to all ASG entities.
The room tax bill states that 75% of revenue earned from the proposed room tax —which targets hotel, motels, inns, and similar places of lodging — goes to the Airport Division while the other 25% remains with the ASG general fund account.

What’s in stores, restaurants predicts our health

Of interest: US mainland has same trends

American Samoa is known for many things: the high number of US Army recruits, the exceptional amount of football talent, canned tuna fish, and sadly, having the highest prevalence of obesity (75%) in the world.
In the March 20 release of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), it was noted that “a nutritionally poor food and beverage environment of food retail venues has been suspected to be a community-level predictor of obesity.”

Manu’a wants its very own off island referral program

“…just like how they transfer Tutuila people to Hawai’i…”

Manu’a residents are saying that they too should have an “off island referral program” to pay for their travel from Manu’a to Tutuila when health care providers refer them to LBJ or the Dept. of Health for medical services that they don’t have available in Manu’a.

Fa’amaoni John Utu 2nd 1602 recipient charged by feds


A second court case stemming from the Section 1602 low-income housing program has been filed with the federal court in Washington D.C. and the defendant has entered a not guilty plea, according to federal electronic court records. The Federal Bureau of Investigation led the probe.

WestPac: Longliner fishing exemption does not infringe on "territorial jurisdiction"


The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council’s top leaders say their decision to allow a fishing exception for longliners in the current Large Vessel Protected Area (LVPA), does not infringe on territorial jurisdiction under federal law.

Finagalo le ali’i kov vaevae tuuga fautasi vaega lua


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  • New Immigration division named Overstayer Unit


    Chief Immigration Officer Tamasa Dennis Lutu has confirmed there is a newly established “Overstayer Unit” within the Immigration Office, and its purpose is to hunt down overstayers in the territory.
    Responding to Samoa News queries, Tamasa stated that since creating this division, they've deported close to 250 people who had remained in the territory even though their 30- day visitor’s permit was up. He also told Samoa News that the Attorney General has implemented a policy whereby there will be no more extensions on the 30-day permit.

    Senate hears pros and cons on hotel room tax

    "But what about our tourist industry?" some ask

    ASG Treasurer Uelinitone Tonumaipea doesn’t believe that American Samoa’s tourism industry will be affected by the government’s proposed 5% hotel room tax, which he says is estimated to collect about $200,000 annually, based only on a survey of the two major hotels in the territory.
    However, Sen. Galeai M. Tuufuli suggested the government look at a sales tax, which is paid by everyone— locals and visitors alike—instead of ASG imposing several taxes that will only give residents pains and headaches.

    Fuafua e le kovana se lafoga mo le malae va’alele


    O se tasi o pili tupe ua fuafua le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu e tu’uina atu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono, o se pili lea e fa’aee ai le lafoga mo le malae va’alele, lea e totogi e tagata e malaga ese atu ma le atunu’u (departure tax).

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