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Fined longliner is not a Tri Marine vessel, says agent


Tri Marine International, owner of locally based Samoa Tuna Processors cannery, says the longline fined this past week by ASG Customs for undeclared cigarettes is owned by a Taiwanese company, which supplies fish for the local canneries.
Samoa News reported Friday that Tri Marine paid a hefty fine of $10,200 for undeclared cigarettes that were uncovered during a search of the vessel by Customs agents.

Death by asphyxiation — but was it suicide or homicide?


“The cause of death is asphyxiation by hanging and I’m satisfied with the cause of death...,” said Dr. Agape Amituanai, during the inquest into the death of Ioane Ipiniu, a transgender person known as Jeanine Tuivaiki.
The inquest was held in the District Court and was presided over by the coroner and District Court Judge Vaepule Vaemoa Va’ai.

Kruse: Immigration Lookout List is “still broken”

Convicted rapist returns, caught 6 years later when applies for change of sponsor

After reviewing a special report filed by the Chief Probation Officer in the High Court yesterday morning, about how a convicted rapist found his way back into the territory, Chief Justice Michael Kruse told the court that according to the report, it seems like “our Lookout List under the supervision of the Immigration Office is still broken.”

Update: Post Office drug bust


The drugs — suspected to be crystal meth or “ice” — that were uncovered in a parcel that was mistakenly delivered to the Post Office in Fagatogo last month have since been returned to their original destination — Hilo, Hawaii.
The issue is not one that can be handled locally because the parcel was never intended for a local resident. Instead, the zip code as noted on the package was for the Aloha State.
Due to human error, the parcel was sent to American Samoa. But the mistakes didn’t stop there.

Drug intercepts go bust after “too much info” revealed


Chief of Customs Moetulu’i Sipili Fuiava says that because media reports jumped the gun and failed to heed requests to hold off on reporting about a certain drug bust at the Tafuna International Airport last month, it is almost certain that no criminal charges will be filed and no arrests will be made in the case.
Samoa News should point out that we did not report on the case — as advised by Moetulu’i at the time, when approached for comments.

Good News: Seven newborns from Zika infected mothers not showing any birth defects

But routine checks and screenings a ‘must’ for these babies

Altogether, seven babies have been born in American Samoa to mothers who tested positive for the Zika virus — while the total number of pregnant women who have tested for Zika is 16. The remaining nine women are still awaiting childbirth.
The best news is, none of the seven newborns showed any signs of microcephaly, a birth defect associated with babies born to Zika infected mothers. The abnormality typically causes incomplete brain development, as those affected are born with small heads.

Results of Jeanine Tuivaiki‘s autopsy released to court

Results not yet public knowledge

Apia, SAMOA — Jeanine Tuivaiki, a fa’afafine from Vaiusu was laid to rest at her parents residence on Tuesday, after an autopsy was performed by a pathologist from off island contracted by the Samoa Government to perform the post mortem on cases the police rule as a suspected homicide.

Only two gubernatorial teams in the race so far


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  • Republican Convention: Rules amendment to strip 5 US territories stopped


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  • Tuilaepa responds to Aussie TV coverage of tourist rape


    Apia, SAMOA — “This is the first time a case like this has happened in Samoa, and the outrage felt by viewers of the 60 Minutes television show is the same outrage and anger felt by the people of Samoa. This is an isolated incident, caused by a career-criminal, and from which many lessons for the future have been learned,” says Samoa’s Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi in a statement issued Monday evening (Samoa time).

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