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Family of 7-year-old ask for urgent help, please

Pemerika Sameli Tauiliili needs to be medivaced to Honolulu — life or death situation

The parents and family members of seven-year old Pemerika Sameli Tauiliili, an active and happy youngster, are praying and hoping for an emergency medical flight to medevac the youngster to Kapiolani Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Honolulu for urgent treatment not available in the territory.
And the family also needs financial support to pay for a medivac, which they have been told will cost $159,000 — which includes the medical team. And as of yesterday, the earliest the medivac can be on island is at least 48 hours.

Am Samoan jailed in Samoa for possession of ice pipe

While not illegal in Am Samoa, it is against the law in Samoa

Apia, SAMOA —A 37-year-old man from American Samoa was detained last week at the Tafa’igata Prison after the customs and police K-9 alerted near the defendant and during a search the police uncovered a glass pipe commonly used to smoke ice or methamphetamine — a drug that is slowly making its presence known in Samoa, according to Samoa’s Police Spokesperson Maotaoali’i  Kaioneta.

Poly Air passengers sat… and sat… awaiting their flights

Very poor customer service cited as main complaint

Apia, SAMOA — “The mechanics will not be bullied by commercial demands, they will never release an airplane if they know its not yet 100% safe... that is the reality of things,” says Polynesian Airlines, Chief Executive Officer, Seiuli Alvin Tuala. During an interview with Samoa News at his office, Seiuli expressed heartfelt apologies to Polynesian Airlines passengers whose flights have been delayed up to eight hours, as one of their two planes was grounded in Ofu, Manu’a.

ASG proceeds with lawsuit to overturn new LVPA rule

Cites one of NMFS official’s emails: “…some Am. Samoans think they own their EEZ?”

The Territory of American Samoa, through ASG, claim that American Samoans are “suffering irreparable harm to their traditional cultural practices and way of life” because of the federal government’s failure to among other things uphold its fiduciary duty to the people of American Samoa by allowing a new Large Vessel Protected Area (LVPA) rule to take effect.

Report shows rapist was never on “look-out” list


Almost a week after Chief Justice Michael Kruse ordered a convicted rapist from Samoa to serve the remaining three years of his sentence behind bars, Samoa News has learned, among other things, that Iosefa Lesa’s name was never on the “look-out list.”

DOH verifying recalled Bar-S corn dogs and hot dogs


Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) announced that Bar-S Foods Company had issued a recall on approximately 372,684 pounds of hot dogs and corn dogs made with chicken and pork, as a precautionary measure, as there is a possibility the items are contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
Bar-S hot dogs and corn dogs are sold in numerous local stores, both retail and wholesale.

Poly leaders alarmed over climate change meet

It “requires the involvement of all countries of the world”

The impact of climate change on the ecosystem and marine resources as well as homes that withstand a Category 4 Hurricane and the development of “tuna farming” in French Polynesia were some of the issues cited in a report following the Lolo Administration’s first participation at last month’s Polynesian Leadership Group (PLG) meeting.

Gene in Samoans is only part of the obesity problem


Genetic epidemiology research conducted in 2010 in the independent state of Samoa found a novel genetic mutation among Samoans that is related to increased risk of obesity and decreased risk of diabetes.
The gene, according to the study, promotes more efficient storage of more fat.
This is according to principal investigator Stephen T. McGarvey, PhD, MPH who is also a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

CCCAS bars media from last day of conference

Church does not believe church issues and development should be aired publicly

The media was denied entry at the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa (CCCAS) conference at the Kanana Fou compound last Friday afternoon, after a report about delegates questioning the use of church funds was aired on the radio, Thursday.


Fined longliner is not a Tri Marine vessel, says agent


Tri Marine International, owner of locally based Samoa Tuna Processors cannery, says the longline fined this past week by ASG Customs for undeclared cigarettes is owned by a Taiwanese company, which supplies fish for the local canneries.
Samoa News reported Friday that Tri Marine paid a hefty fine of $10,200 for undeclared cigarettes that were uncovered during a search of the vessel by Customs agents.

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