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Negotiations for Tuna Treaty crawling slowly forward

“Dissolution of this Treaty would be devastating to U.S. fleet”

Representatives of the US fishing fleet voiced their disappointment that no formal agreement was reached last week in Fiji, where the discussions took place for a new South Pacific Tuna Treaty between the US and 17 Pacific island nations. They are saying that while the meeting did “inch” them forward in negotiations, however much more needs to be sorted out. There is no new meeting for further discussions currently scheduled.

New business in Tafuna hard hit by burglar

SSAB warns other businesses, thieves are currently targeting the Tafuna area

Newly established business Samoa Stationary and Books (SSAB) on Tafuna Airport Road took a hard hit when someone broke into their store over the weekend, leaving with cash and smart phones, and damaging the store’s building and other equipment in the process — at an estimated total value of more than $6,000.

Steps must be taken or retirement fund will bankrupt

Gov: Explore other options before raising contribution levels

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga wants the ASG Employees Retirement Fund (ASGERF) board to assess other sources of revenue and current fund costs in order to ensure that other options are explored before implementing the board’s proposed hike in contributions from both employee and employer, says Iulogologo Joseph Pereira, the governor’s executive assistant.

Plan targets five growth industries for territory

Topping the list: fisheries and agriculture

With the private sector called upon to assume a leadership role in building American Samoa’s economy, a government board has identified five growth industries for support and development, and topping the list are the fisheries and agriculture industries, according to the American Samoa State Unified Plan.
The plan is a requirement for all states and territories through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, in which federal funding is provided to states and territories, according to Wikipedia.

DoH: LBJ Emergency Room packed with flu cases

American Samoa is experiencing an outbreak of flu cases which has prompted the Department of Health to issue health warnings.

The LBJ Hospital's Emergency Room has been filled with patients with symptoms of the flu after two weeks of wet weather.

The Director of Health, Motusa Tuileama Nua, said those affected should avoid contact with others and practice good hygiene such as regularly washing hands.

The Director said if people's symptoms didn't go away after three days or if conditions worsened patients should seek medical attention at any health center or the hospital.

Samoa warns unnamed disease can be deadly


There is a deadly disease spreading through urine of infected animals according to the Ministry of Health in a public announcement signed by M.O.H. Acting Chief Executive Officer, Frances Brebner, last week. The bacterial infection disease that has yet to be given a name and it is unclear if the local Department of Health was informed by the Samoa Government about this announcement.

USDOJ petitions feds to dismiss LVPA lawsuit


The US Justice Department has asked the federal court in Honolulu to dismiss with prejudice the Territory of American Samoa’s lawsuit, which seeks to overturn a ruling made in February this year by the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that reduces the Large Vessel Protected Area (LVPA) from 50 miles to 12 miles in the waters of American Samoa.
(A dismissal “with prejudice” would mean the plaintiff — in this case, ASG — would be barred from bringing action on the same claim again.)

Celebrating UN Int'l Jazz Day — Samoan style


Music as a force for good — what a concept. Yet, given its ability to bring people together in unique forms of cooperation and understanding, Bob Marley’s words may ring true — he said that if we let it, music could heal the world.
The iconic American jazz musician Herbie Hancock concurred. He said, “Music has throughout the ages proved to be a powerful vehicle for communication.”

U.S. tuna industry objects to new NMFS final rule

Increases operational costs to canneries, doesn’t give additional protection to dolphins

Tri Marine International, whose local operations include a tuna cannery, and National Fisheries Institute (NFI) both contend that the new interim final rule by the federal government on dolphin safety labeling is due to a recent sanction of the US by the World Trade Organization in a long standing case which pits the US against its neighbor, Mexico. They say it is an unfair and unproductive burden to U.S. seafood companies that does not resolve the protracted WTO litigation, nor improve on the existing dolphin-safe operational performance.

Independence Day Fautasi Race may be cancelled

Due to lack of interest…

Unlike the recent Flag Day Fautasi Race in the territory, which saw 13 fautasi sign up, making it necessary for the Flag Day Race committee to divide the boats up into heats to find which fautasi would race in the final, Samoa is facing the opposite problem with its Independence Celebration Fautasi Race. According to the Samoa Observer, there seems to be a lack of interest.

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