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Woman alleges harassment by Immigration Office

Immigration says woman overstayed, tried to bribe CIO

A Filipino woman feels she’s being "harassed" by Immigration officers after she refused to adhere to a demand by an Immigration official who paid her fare to go to Apia last year. This is alleged to have occurred after the official from the immigration office allegedly told her that her amnesty application had been denied in June 2014. According to the woman, the Immigration official told her that she had to go to Apia and come back.

Amata on Min Wage: We must fix the mechanism

Chamber of Commerce says Congress needs told of our plight, loud & clear

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has responded to Samoa News’ questions concerning the federally mandated minimum wage in American Samoa, which is set to rise another 50¢ this year on September 30. The local Chamber of Commerce has said they are “disappointed that there hasn’t been enough... action from our government and from our Delegate about what they may be contemplating to try and prevent this further increase from going on.”

Memorial Day: E taua fo’i le tautua a uo ma aiga


A o pisi ai le malo i ana sauniga e fa’ataua ai tautua a le toatele o alo ma fanau a le atunuu sa tautua i totonu o vaega ‘au a le malo o tele o Amerika, ua masa’a lo latou toto ona o le tautoga sa latou ofoina atu, na taua ai fo’i e ni isi o aiga i le atunu’u, lo latou fa’atauaina fo’i o le tautua a uo ma aiga i totonu o aiga ma le atunu’u i le Aso Tu’ugamau i lenei tausaga.

Disappointment over no publicity on min wage hike


The Stronger Economy for American Samoa Coalition have voiced with the Chamber of Commerce its disappointment over the lack of publicity on the minimum wage issue coming out of American Samoa as the next federally mandated wage hike takes effect Sept. 30 this year.
Chamber chairman David Robinson shared the Coalition’s concerns during a Chamber general membership meeting last Thursday evening where one of the issues discussed was the minimum wages.

LOLO: Ia manatua fitafita o le taua i lau tatalo


Na fa’ai’u le saunoaga a le afioga i le ali’i kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, i le feau fa’amanuia mo le Aso Tu’ugamau o lenei tausaga, i lona talosagaina lea o le atunu’u atoa, ina ia manatu i a latou talosaga fitafita o lo o tautua i soo se vaega o le lalolagi, atoa ai ma aiga o fitafita na maliliu i le taua.

DOT fines Hawaiian Airlines for baggage, ad violations

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The U.S. Department of Transportation announced on Thursday that it fined Hawaiian Airlines $160,000 after discovering the carrier violated federal rules on liability for mishandled domestic baggage and full-fare advertising.

A DOT investigation following a customer complaint revealed that Hawaiian was limiting reimbursement for damages associated with delayed baggage to $30 a day for a maximum of three days. This is far less than the $3,400 minimum level required by federal law, the DOT said.

IRS warns about reporting $10K cash transactions


The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is warning businesses in U.S. territories of federal requirements to file appropriate forms when they engage in cash transactions in excess of $10,000.
Form 8300 must be filed within 15 days of the transaction, the IRS said in a national news release this week, but it didn’t elaborate further as to the reason for the warning to businesses in U.S. territories — including American Samoa.

DPS head annoyed by HR transfer policies

Calls it “too much unnecessary work”

“That’s too much unnecessary work. It’s like stopping the police and it hampers our ability to do our work,” is how Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Save Liuato Tuitele describes the Human Resources’ policy on the voluntary and involuntary reassignment and transfer of employees. Save said he’s concerned about the policy and noted that DPS is different from other departments and agencies.

How can tiny American Samoa dominate the NFL?

When University of Washington Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton arrived for the NFL Draft in Chicago wearing traditional Samoan dress and almost choked the life out of Commissioner Goodell in an on-stage hug, it symbolized the amazing dominance that one tiny island and its’ Polynesian neighbors have in NFL football.

Talosaga se ali’i pagota ua toe fia fo’i i Savai’i


O le ali’i pagota mai Savai’i lea na sau i se pemita e 30 aso i le 2012, ma ia fa’atinoina ai le tele o solitulafono talepe fale ma le gaoi i le 2013, ua ia ta’utino i le fa’amasinoga maualuga i le taeao ananafi o ia ua toe fia fo’i i lona aiga i Savai’i, ona e leai ma se isi na alu atu e asi o ia talu ona taofia o ia i le toese.

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