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Good news: Copy of birth or marriage certificates can now be ‘ordered’ online


American Samoans living off island who are seeking a copy of the their birth or marriage certifricate can now order the documents online through a new service provided by VitalChek, which has provided such online services for some 20 years.
Samoa News found that the total fee for ordering through this online service is $19.75 — including shipping.

Three men in Samoa jailed for death of village matai

Samoa's Supreme Court has convicted and jailed three men from Savaii for the death of a 44-year-old village matai last June.

Tagaloa Teropika has been sentenced to eight and half years in jail, while Tuleaga Aiesi and Tavita Pauli will serve seven and a half years after pleading guilty to one charge each of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

According to the police summary of facts, the matai and two other men were swimming and drinking beer at a pool in Sapapalii.

No relief for Tualauta; Boil Water Notice remains

ASPA responds to one resident’s idea for new reservoir

“The original plan to manifold the Fagaima wells is no longer feasible, due to land issues, and the majority of the wells have now been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as GUDI (Groundwater Under the Direct Influence) of surface water,” said Reno Vivao, ASPA’s Chief Operation Office.
Vivao was responding to concerns raised by Tualauta faipule Larry Sanitoa, who inquired on the status of ASPA & EPA's plan to address the Boil Water notice still in affect in Tualauta county.

Tragic accident takes life of Mapusaga toddler


“It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the painful tragedy that occurred in our territory on the evening of Good Friday, that took the life of a 2-year-old girl from Mapusaga Fou,” said Commissioner of Public Safety, William Bill Haleck.
The toddler was run over by a vehicle driven by a relative, around 8p.m. At the same time, Haleck and the Traffic Division Commanding Officer, Lt Siaosi Aiono, issued a stern warning to every individual who has minor children in their home, to be cautious when reversing or driving into a garage or parking spot.

Sex ed should be part of health education in school


LBJ Medical Center’s program manager for the Family Planning clinic believes sex education, incorporated in health education, should be part of the public school curriculum.
Marilyn A. Pavitt-Anesi who also heads the division, says that data on teen pregnancy between 2011 and 2013 shows an increase of only point-three of one percent, but she believes there is more work to be done to bring these statistics down.

Finance Director explains DOE's Consolidated Grant


The local Department of Education has been awarded just over $17 million under the federal Consolidated Grant for ASG fiscal year 2014, which is the U.S. Department of Education’s federal fiscal year 2013, and the grant expires in the autumn of next year, says ASDOE deputy director of finance Russell Aab.
Based on a USDOE report to the federal Interagency Group on Insular Areas (IGIA), Samoa News reported last month that in FY 2013, the ASDOE was obligated $17.16 million under a Consolidated Grant to the Outlying Areas.

DPS Commish & Deputy go on record about Deputy job


Neither Commissioner of Public Safety William Bill Haleck nor Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Vaito’elau Laumoli agree with the attempted move by the Lolo and Lemanu Administration to dissolve the Deputy Commissioner position. Haleck also told Samoa News “the Deputy Commissioner position should not be a political appointee.”

FY 2015 ASG Budget Call goes out set for May 2

For the first time, must include utility & communications costs

The American Samoa Government’s budget call letter for fiscal year 2015, slated to begin Oct. 1, 2014 states that each Department and Agency will include their utilities and communications costs for the new fiscal year, and this is the first time this has been required of ASG entities.
Samoa News points out ASG’s ASPA bill is in the millions, and Treasurer Falema’o Phil Pili told Samoa News recently that ASG has been paying their bills.

Boxers from Samoa arrested for alleged assault


A man was admitted to the hospital for treatment after he was allegedly assaulted by two boxers from Samoa on the evening of Flag Day, and it is alleged the incident also involved money.
Henry Tyrell and Fiamaua Hala came to the territory for Flag Day boxing events, and they were arrested Thursday night on allegations they assaulted a man. It is also alleged the boxers attempted to break into a business where the incident occurred. Tyrell and Hala have been arrested and charged with Public Peace Disturbance and Third Degree Assault.

Slideshows: American Samoa Flag Day highlights

“Government and Business in Partnership”

The one-day 2014 Flag Day celebration officially closed Thursday when the flags were lowered by the police honor guard just after 6:30p.m. following a full day of colorful festivities and speeches that went on despite sporadic rain in the Tualauta area, although other parts of Tutuila faced a heavy down pour in the afternoon.

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