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Fono finds funds to pay Gov and Lt Gov salary hikes

House bill for raises still in committee

Money to fund the proposed increase in the salaries of the governor and lieutenant governor is the only major change that both the Senate and House have made to their respective versions of the fiscal year 2015 budget, which is scheduled to go through a third and final reading today in both chambers.
When the Fono Joint Budget Committee approved the final FY 2015 budget early last week, two major changes were made: $65,000 to pay the hikes for the governor and lieutenant governor, and $370,000 for Medicaid matching funds.

Revenue from General Fund used for Enterprise shortfall

Lawmakers find out that’s “nothing new”

A surprising pattern emerged during the Fono's Joint Budget Committee for fiscal year 2015 budget hearings — one in which money from the ASG General Fund was “transferred-in” to cover shortfalls for some entities under the Enterprise Fund, which are supposed to be self-generating revenue operations of government.

Ave fa’amuamua i aoga ma atina’e ae le o le sii o totogi


... o ta’ita’i

DOE processing applications for teachers from Samoa


The local Dept. of Education is currently processing applicants from Samoa who — once all the proper paperwork is processed— will take jobs as teachers in the ‘hard to fill’ subject areas of math, science, and English within the local public school system.

Vui granted right to intervene in election challenge appeal

Expedited hearing set for Oct 2

Associate Justice John Ward granted a motion allowing Tualauta Representative Vui Florence Saulo to intervene in the appeal to the election challenge brought by Tualauta Candidate Lucia Bartley against the Chief Election Officer that is currently before the Appellate Court. 

FEMA denies individual assistance for flood, landslide


The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has denied American Samoa’s request for Individual Assistance, which would allow federal aid to individuals and households impacted by the severe storm, flooding, and landslides between July 29-Aug. 3 this year.
President Barack Obama on Sept. 1h declared a major disaster occurred in American Samoa and granted Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation. At the time, Individual Assistance was under review by FEMA.

PULU: Aua tou te feita pe a muimui le atunuu


Ao lei fa’aleo e le afioga i le Matua ia Pulu Ae Ae Jr lona lagolagoina o le fuafuaga e sii ai totogi o ta’ita’i o le atunuu faapea ai ma le Fono Faitulafono, sa ia fautuaina muamua sui o le Fono, e le tatau ona latou “tete’e” pe “feita” i le fa’asea soo ma le muimui o le atunu’u e fa’atatau i si’itaga o totogi, ae tatau ona latou vaai i le mafua’aga e ala ai ona fa’asea le atunuu aemaise lava i tagata totogi lafoga e aofia ai ma ia.

Lolo declares support of veto override referendum


Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga says giving the Fono the authority to override a veto by a sitting governor is a positive move forward in self governance for American Samoa and urged voters to support the veto override reference on the Nov. 4 general election.
Lolo’s message was delivered on KVZK-TV earlier this week in a program moderated by Fofo I.F. Sunia. Joining the governor at the table were Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie and House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale.

Indonesian men released from jail; stop order lifted

Someone forgot to tell their attorney

The four Indonesian men who had claimed they were victims of Human Trafficking and filed a petition with the Trial Division of the High Court last month, have since left the island, leaving their attorney Mark Ude disappointed. Ude claims that he was left in the dark and was unaware when and how his clients left the island as the Attorney General’s office did not consult with him.

I’ugafona talosagaina ai fa’aauau siitaga totogi tagata faigaluega malo


Ua i luma o le Maota o Sui  se I’ugafono Malilie Fa’atasi a le maota, e talosagaina ai le afioga i le alii kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, ina ia toe fa’aauau le faaopoopoina o siitaga o totogi fa’aletausaga a tagata faigaluega tumau a le malo, lea ua tele o tausaga o taofia pea e lei toe faia.
O le agaga o lenei iugafono pe afai ae pasia, ia amata atu i le tausaga tupe fou 2015 ona toe faaopoopo siitaga i totogi o tagata faigaluega a le malo.

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