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Alleged sex crime victim under care of Child Services


Child Protective Services (CPS) has taken into its care a 12-year-old female, who’s alleged to be the victim in the sex case involving her stepfather that was dismissed recently by the High Court after being informed that the victim was leaving the island.
The victim walked into the police station with a family member, after concerns surfaced that the victim was living in the same house with her stepfather, who had since returned home after the case was dismissed. To protect the victim in this case, Samoa News is withholding the name of the stepfather.

Retirement Fund hearing canceled despite 8 thinking they voted to continue


Last week Senators were so outraged that Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie threatened to issue subpoenas when board members of the Government Employees Retirement Fund (ASGERF) failed to appear for a hearing they called following Samoa News reports on the “forensic audit” of the retirement fund. Now yesterday when the hearing finally took place, the hearing was postponed — with Senator Galea’i Tu’ufuli citing an on-going investigation into the retirement fund.

Record temperatures set


The National Weather Service in Tafuna has recorded “record high temperatures” over the last three-days — reaching 95 degrees, says meteorologist Carol Baqui, who also recommended that residents continue to drink lots of water.

ASPA to rent generators after heat cracks found

Repairs estimated to take 3 months

The American Samoa Power Authority will be renting 4.5MWs of Diesel Generators for 3 months and this is to improve the security of supply on Tutuila, says ASPA Power Chief, Wallon Young.
He told Samoa News this became necessary after heat cracks were found on the crankpins on two of ASPA’s largest generator sets, T-2 and T-6 at its Tafuna power plant. “These heat cracks rendered the crankshafts on both generator sets un-usable, meaning both crankshafts have to be replaced.

Senate hearing on Retirement Fund is today

A closed door hearing — “iloiloga fa’alilolilo” — not right Gaoteote decides

Senate President ProTemp Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga’s recommendation to hold a closed door meeting or hearing today with the ASG Employees Retirement Fund board of trustees, caused a debate on the Senate floor yesterday with some senators questioning the reason for reviewing issues pertaining to the Fund in such a manner.

Fa’ateia Masefau ina ua toe aveese Komiti Fu’a latou pese ma le siva


Na matua fa’ateia le afioga i Masefau ina ua faia le fa’aiuga a le Komiti o le Fu’a i se latou fonotaga sa faia i le aso Lua na te’a nei, o le a aveese mai le pese ma le siva ua mae’a ona tu’uina atu latou te tapenaina, ae tu’u atu i le afioaga o Nu’uuli.

New Retirement Fund chief proposes sweeping changes

First thing — destroy the signature stamps

Newly hired American Samoa Government Retirement Fund Executive Director, I’aulualo Talia Fa’afetai, said changes are necessary within the office due to “inefficient operation” and the “lack of checks and balances.”

High school sports back on

No final solutions yet for transportation problems

Director of Education, Vaitinasa Salu Hunkin yesterday, rescinded her decision to cancel all high school sports competitions and says that school buses will be used to transport the students. This follows a meeting she called with principals, PTA presidents, ASHSAA officials, coaches and parents after an outcry following Monday’s cancellation of all sports competitions for the second semester, citing transportation and funding issues.

Uma le onosa’i a le Senate i le Komiti Fa’afoe o le Litaea


I le fa’atele ai ona toe tolopo o iloiloga sa fa’atulaga e le Komiti o le Litaea a le Senate talu mai le lua vaiaso talu ai, ma totino o le Komiti Fa’afoe o le Litaea a le malo, i le tau sailiina lea o se finagalo o le maota maualuga e fa’atatau i fa’afitauli o lo o tutupu mai i le Ofisa o le Litaea, na saunoa ai loa le afioga i le ali’i Peresetene ananafi e fa’apea, afai loa e o o atu i le aso Tofi o le vaiaso nei ae tumau pea le le o o atu o sui o le Komiti o le Litaea a le malo mo le iloiloga, o le a fa’aaoga loa le malosi o le Fono e poloa

Ex Retirement Fund director gets big parting payout

Some board members unaware of his $50,000+ check

Chairman of the Government Employees Retirement Fund Board, Tofala Iafeta is adamant that “no matter what” former ASGERF Executive Director, Luatua Filisouaiga Ta’afua “deserves his pay out” from his annual leave. Chairman Iafeta told Samoa News the payout is from the annual leave he accumulated through his years working at ASGERF. He did not specify as to how much the payout came to, but according to several ASGERF officials, who wish to remain anonymous — it was more than $100,000+.

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