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Would Judicial finding for citizenship disrupt culture?

The Matai system, alienation of land and religious customs are three aspects of the fa’a Samoa, that American Samoa and Congresswoman Aumua Amata cited as reasons in their joint brief calling on the Supreme Court of the United States to deny a petition by the five plaintiffs in the citizenship lawsuit for the highest court in the nation to hear the merits of their lawsuit against the US State Department and senior State Department officials.

2 Aso Malolo:Aso Tuugamau & Tutoatasi a Samoa


O le aso Gafua, Me 30, o le aso malolo o le Memorial Day, po’o le aso o tu’ugamau, e pei ona fa’amanatuina i le Iunaite Setete ma ona teritori, e aofia ai Amerika Samoa.
Ma o le aso malolo i lenei tausaga e soso’o atu ai lava ma le fa’amanatuina o le 54 tausaga talu ona avea Samoa ma malo tutoatasi i le lalolagi. Ua toatele foi nisi i Amerika Samoa ua fa’atulaga e malaga i Samoa mo lea faamoemoe taua i le aso 1 o Iuni.

Dialysis staff may not be vaccinated for Hepatitis B


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report regarding  noncompliance of the Dialysis Unit (or Endstage Renal Disease facility) at LBJ  Medical Center indicates that the unit did not show evidence of vaccinations against Hepatitis B for susceptible patients and staff members.

Kruse tosses burden of limited facilities onto Admin

Third defendant in Gold Conda robbery sentenced to deportation, probation

“I just want to restate — the court’s jurisdiction on sentencing is not going to be curtailed at the executive’s convenience because of the lack of facilities. I don't want that silly argument again. If we give out a sentence and there is no facility, it’s on the executive to find one,” said Chief Justice Michael Kruse, during the sentencing of a robbery defendant last Friday.

2016 fishing day limits posted without prior notice

Says didn’t anticipate high level of U.S. fishing effort in the area

The US National Marine Fisheries Service, which has set for the year 2016 a limit of 1,828 fishing days — the same limit set in 2015 — for US purse seine vessels to fish in the U.S. exclusive economic zone (U.S. EEZ) and on the high seas area known in federal regulations as Effort Limit Area for Purse Seine, or ELAPS, according to an interim rule which became effective yesterday, although NMFS is accepting public comments up to June 24.

Au Malaga AS - Tulaga lelei mea uma i Guam


HAGATNA, Guam - E le o mafai ona fa’amaonia ni isi o ripoti i le tulaga fa’aletonu o le tausiga o au malaga a ni isi o atumotu o le Pasefika o lo o i ai i Guam i le taimi nei, e fa’apea sa i ai ni isi o fanau aoga mai le ausiva a Fa’asao Malisi na gasegase ma taofia i le falema’i ona o le fa’aletonu o taumafa, atoa ai ma le le lava o le vai e fa’aaoga e fanau aoga.

LBJ CEO finally told hospital assessed $2.9MiL fine

CEO hopes the public won’t panic, “Ua ou masani i mea taufa’afefe”

LBJ Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Taufete’e John Faumuina has confirmed that the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services assessed a $2.9million fine against the hospital and this was due to the delay in sending in their “Cost Report”, however he has also pledged that this matter is being resolved. Taufete’e apparently was not aware of the CMS fine when Samoa News first contacted him for comment.
Taufete’e calls upon the public not to panic, as he has it under control.

Teacher of Year calls trip to DC "a dream come true"


Meeting President Barack Obama in person at the White House was something local educator Rosita Esene Sola never thought would happen — and it was a dream come true, says the Territorial Teacher of the Year, who teaches at Tafuna Elementary School.
Recently returned from her trip to Washington DC, Mrs. Sola of Iliili, told Samoa News that the trip was very rewarding for her. Responding to Samoa News questions, she stated that the trip “felt like winning the Global Awards.” She said the best thing about the trip was meeting President Obama.

Governor serious about resolving ASG debts to locals

Deadline to provide details of outstanding unpaid invoices: May 31, 2016

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has given companies, which are owed money by the government until the end of this month to provide to the ASG Treasury Department details of outstanding unpaid invoices in an effort by the Administration to resolve outstanding ASG debts to vendors.

“Fa’afetai i le Atua ua toe maua mai si a’u tama!”

“E ui ina tiga i le loto le alu ese e le’i fa’anoi lenei teineititi, ae ua fa’afetai i le Atua ua toe maua mai si a’u tama, e le’o se va’aiga fita ua o’o i ai i ma’ua uma ma le tama o le aiga,” o se tala lea ma loimata o le tina o Ruta Lam Yuen.
I se tala ua maua nei Alana Lam Yuen ae ua va’aia lava ia te ia e le o i ai se afaina, peita’i, e ao ina talatalanoa vavalalata i ai le tina i se taimi paganoa e fa’asoa mai ona lagona ia te ia i taimi e mo’omia ai se fesoasoani.

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