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Thompson says he is again a Retirement Fund member

Senate still investigating his status

As of the last ASG pay period, Human Resources director Sonny Thompson says he is once again a member of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund and therefore, he is a Fund member.
Thompson, who is currently off island, is one of the board of trustees that the Senate seeks to question pertaining to his signing — as vice chairman — the bond-purchase-deal between the Retirement Fund and the American Samoa Economic Development Authority (ASEDA). 

Dept. of Parks & Rec director tenders his resignation

Will stay on to see budget approved by Fono

Department of Parks and Recreation Director, Tamaaiga Pili Gaoteote has submitted his resignation letter to be effective September 30, 2015. The letter leaked to Samoa News was submitted last month, after he returned from the XV Pacific Games in July.
In his resignation letter the Director stated that although he has decided to resign, he felt it was necessary to stay and get the Parks and Recreation 2016 Budget approved by the Fono. “After much soul searching I have decided to tender my resignation as of September 30, 2015.

Tumu afioga Senatoa i le le fiafia Komiti Litaea


O le tele o finagalo fa’aalia mai afioga i ali’i senatoa i lenei vaiaso, a o felafolafoa’i ai e fa’atatau i le mataupu i le pone ma le Komiti Fa’afoe a le Litaea, ua atagia mai ai le tumu o ali’i senatoa i le le fiafia i le auala o lo o fa’atautaia ai galuegaa le Komiti a le Litaea.

Retirement Fund board member tells Lolo to back off

The fund was successful long before his Admin took over, Aumua-Langford says

Retirement Board Member, Aloma Aumua-Langford did not mince words when telling the governor to “withdraw his plans for direct or indirect control of the (retirement) fund,” in a letter she sent to the governor following their meeting last week, where Lolo suggested having his legal counsel be his “eyes and ears” at the Retirement Office.

Fono delaying vote on new member while seeking facts

Magalei: Thompson membership on Retirement Board not in accordance with law

Questions over the composition of the current ASG Employees Retirement Fund board of trustees — in particular, questions about the trustee or board member, Sonny Thompson — has delayed the Senate confirmation vote for the nomination of Tony Togiai as a trustee who will represent the public sector.
It was revealed yesterday during a Senate hearing that Thompson’s membership on the board is also the reason the House has delayed its vote on Togiai, who went through a House confirmation hearing last week and a Senate confirmation hearing yesterday.

Felanulanua’i finagalo Faipule tulafono fai ai suega tagata


O le iloiloga lea na faia i luma o le maota o sui i le taeao ananafi e talanoaina ai le pili mo se tulafono, e faia ai suega i tagata faigaluega uma a le malo ina ia mautinoa latou te le o fa’aaogaina fualaau fa’asaina, na atagia mai ai le felanulanua’i o finagalo o afioga i ali’i ma tama’ita’i faipule e fa’atatau i lenei tulafono, e ui sa o latou fa’aalia uma le taua ma le aoga o le tulafono mo le malo.

Senate on warpath — says LBJ testimonies “pepelo”

Asks for name list of off-island referrals — and what happened to 2% tax

A name list of all off island referral program patients is being requested by the Senate for another hearing this week with LBJ Medical Center officials, whose testimonies during last week’s hearing were described by some senators as ‘lies’ (“pepelo”), while Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie says he was not pleased with the responses to his questions.

Senate looking closely at deal to purchase gov’t bonds

Sen. Galeai: “We have an obligation to protect the Retirement Fund”

Before any money from the ASG Employees Retirement Fund is released for the bond-purchase deal with the American Samoa Economic Development Authority (ASEDA), the Senate has moved forward to tomorrow a committee hearing to find out more about the deal. Meanwhile, Sen. Galeai Tu’ufuli has questioned why there is such a rush to purchase the bonds.

Popole Senate fa’aiuga Komiti Litaea e fa’atau Pone


Ua avea le popole o afioga i Senatoa i le fa’aiuga fa’anatinati a le Komiti Fa’afoe o le Litaea lea ua fai, e fa’amaonia ai le fa’atau o Pone a le malo ma auala ua fa’atulaga ai loa le iloiloga i le vaiaso nei, se’i fesiligia ai sui o le Komiti Fa’afoe a le Litaea i le mafua’aga o le latou fa’aiuga.

ANZ CEO says fees charged are “wholly justified”

Cost to bring currency here very expensive and loan charge offs very high

“It’s a function of the economy — the fact that a lot of people live from paycheck to pay check,” said the ANZ Guam Inc. CEO, John Wade regarding the many complaints about ANZ banking services in the Territory. His comment was made before the Economic and Commerce Committee hearing, chaired by Tualauta faipule Larry Sanitoa.

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