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DOE decentralizes SPED in effort to correct problems


A review by five Special Education professionals from the Hawai’i Department of Education, which cited lack of accountability and major non compliance in the services provided for local SPED children, has led the Department of Education director Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau to decentralize SPED — reassigning SPED leadership to specific high school districts “to better serve” their students.

Molia se ali’i faifeau fa’ao ’olima i se tamaititi tauaso


O le aso Gafua na te’a nei na taofia fa’apagota ai e leoleo i le toese i Tafuna se alii faifeau, ona o tu’uaiga i lona fa’ao’olima lea i se tamaititi tauaso sa savali i luga o le auala i le afiafi o le aso lava lea, e pei ona taua i fa’amaumauga a le fa’amasinoga.

ASG’s CPO faces sentencing in federal 1602 case

Defense says no pre-meditated misuse, asks for no jail time

A local couple, the first recipients to face federal charges under the federally-funded Section 1602 low income housing program, said they were “faced with growing financial pressures” including debts owed for another business operated by the couple, which caused them to use the federal funds as a “short-term loan”, according to the Sentencing Memorandums filed yesterday by the defense at the federal court in Washington D.C.

Tax Office Mgr alleges SSI numbers are being sold

No fraudulent refunds will not be processed on his watch

“People are selling their children’s social security number” and this is one of the biggest issues the tax office is facing. It’s wrong and it has to stop,” says Tax Manager Richard Jimmerson who also pointed out that up to 400 fraudulent tax claim cases occurred in last year’s tax season.

Fesiigia Galea’i malupuipuia puleaina Faletupe fou malo


Ua fesiligia e le afioga i le ali’i senatoa ia Galea’i M. Tu’ufuli le saogalemu o tupe a le malo lea ua fa’amoemoe e fa’atupe ai le Faletupe fou lea ua fuafua le malo e fa’atulai i se taimi o le tausaga nei.

Church ministers' “alofas” will be taxed says ASG


The Department of Treasury will be taxing the church minister’s salaries or “alofas,” said ASG Tax Office Manager, Richard Jimmerson in an interview with Samoa News over the weekend. He told Samoa News that church ministers are considered “self employed” and they need to pay their dues and taxes to the American Samoa Government.

Video: Tri-Marine CEO warns of competition from EU

“Celebrity Fish Cleaning” segment adds focus on skilled work force

While the canned tuna industry is already faced with the low price of fish affecting the cost of canned tuna products — and stiff competition from low wage countries — the local industry is facing a new threat that Tri Marine International chief executive officer Renato Curto says will “create for us a new power competitor” — referring to the European Union (EU).

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Update: 17-year-old Vailoa girl drowns in Sogi


A 17-year-old girl from Vailoa drowned after she and her two friends were swept into the ocean when they were struck with a wave in Sogi, say police officers, who are currently conducting further investigation in this matter.
There are conflicting stories as to the account of what occurred. According to reports from authorities, police received a call last Friday afternoon from a family member informing police that his sister and two friends who were taking photos on the rocks fell into the ocean when they were struck by a wave.

Governor nominates Save as new DPS Commissioner


Director of the Office of Fraud Prevention and Investigation (OFPI) Save Liuato Tuitele has been appointed Commissioner of Public Safety and his name has been submitted to the fono for approval. In a letter to the fono, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga asked the lawmakers to confirm him as the next DPS Commissioner.

Opening of Tri Marine’s STP operation fulfills CEO’s vision


Tri Marine International inaugurated over the weekend its Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc. cannery operations at the Atu’u facility and the ceremony has been described by a company official as the fulfillment of the chief executive’s vision to set up a canned tuna plant in the territory.
As previously reported by Samoa News, the company’s investment for the tuna canning plant is $70 million — the biggest one for the territory for some time now.

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