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Congress hears Thai Union connected to slave labor


The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Global Human rights and Health, heard yesterday testimony on modern-day slavery and human rights abuses that have occurred in Thailand’s seafood industry and other parts of the world.
Among the witnesses who testified at yesterday’s Congressional hearing was Mark P. Lagon, president of Freedom House non-profit group. Lagon is the former U.S. State Department ambassador-at-large for Trafficking in Persons.

Update: Results of 2015 Flag Day Fautasi Race now official

No boats disqualified, although rules were broken

While rules were broken, in order to keep the peace, they have opted not to disqualify any long boats from the race, says Chairman of the Fautasi Committee, Lualemaga Faoa, who announced that the results from yesterday’s fautasi race are the official results.
The announcement was made yesterday at the Governor’s Conference room by Luelemaga, who was accompanied by Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga. A closed-door  meeting took place before the public announcement, which was attended by captains and village representatives.

Paepaeulupo’o’s skipper Liufau publicly apologizes

“It was not our intention to damage Vatia’s fautasi”

Paepaeulupo’o’s Skipper Leonard Liufau has publicly apologized to the people of Vatia, their crew and their village council for what he called an “accident” as it was “not our intention to damage Vatia’s fautasi.”
Responding to Samoa News questions, Liufau stated that when Fuao’s fautasi passed them it was right at the time they changed their stroke, which is why they collided. He stated that it was not their intention to run into Fuao, but “for some reason we struck them.”

Aloaia le toe sola Manulele Tausala I ma le siamupini Tuuga Fautasi


Ua aloaia nei e le Komiti o le Tuuga Fautasi o lenei tausaga, le fa’aiuga sa molimauina e le atunu’u i le aso Gafua na te’a nei, ma ua faalauiloa aloaia ai loa le toe sola o le Manulele Tausala I mai Nu’uuli ma le siamupini o Faigamea i le Tai o lenei tausaga, atoa ai ma le fa’ailoga tupe e $20,000.

No changes in race results despite violations

Keeping the peace is paramount

It’s official now — there will be no changes from yesterday’s race results — the winner of the 2015 Flag Day Fautasi Race is Manulele Tausala  of Nu'uuli and they will take home the $20,000 top prize.
The rest of the prize money will be distributed as follows:
2nd place Segavao Don Bosco — $17,000;
3rd Fealofani Samoa, Fagasa — $15,000
4th Paepaeulupo’o, Aua, — $12,000
5th Fuao, Vatia — $10,000

Controversial start to race may alter results

Race results still “unofficial”
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The results are not official yet, said Chairman of the Fautasi Race Committee, Lualemaga Faoa, just minutes after the race, and he also said that a meeting would be held today to determine the status of the race, as there were “problems” before and during the race.
Samoa News has been told that a meeting has been set at the governor’s office, at 10 a.m. today.

Defendant in Futiga death charged with manslaughter


Erasi Valusaga, who’s held on bail of $100,000 made his initial appearance in the District Court yesterday morning in connection with the death of Namu Tuamasaga Aetui, 67 in an incident that occurred last week in Futiga.  Valusaga, 26 yrs old, is charged with manslaughter, negligent homicide, and assault in the second degree, which are all felony charges.

Iloilo Komiti Tuuga Fautasi se fa’aiuga o le tuuga


E ui na molimauina uma e le atunu’u i Amerika Samoa nei atoa ai ma atunu’u i fafo e aofia ai ma Samoa, le tulaga sa i ai le tuuga fautasi o le sisiga fu’a o lenei tausaga, lea na fa’ataunu’uina i le taeao ananafi, peita’i ua fa’amaonia mai e le Ta’ita’ifono o le Komiti o le Tuuga Fautasi, le afioga a Lualemaga E. Faoa e fa’apea, fa’atoa aloaia se fa’aiuga pe afai e mae’a sa latou fonotaga ma le afioga i le kovana ma le lutena kovana i le taeao nei.

Update: Manulele Tausala I of Nu’uuli takes first place

The Manulele Tausala I fautasi of Nu’uuli is the unofficial winner of the 2015 Flag Day Fautasi Race, held Monday morning after it was postponed twice due to bad weather, according to the Flag Day Fautasi Committee.  Manulele Tausala won last year’s race.
Perhaps the big battle, was between the Don Bosco 200 fautasi of Samoa and Fealofani Samoa III of Fagasa, once the race was inside the Pago Pago Harbor vicinity. The two battled for second and third place.

Fautasi race committee says today’s the day

Link to live feed here on the website — click on the "Big 2"

With traffic into town already at a crawl, the  first reports from the starting line of the fautasi race around 7a.m. say its a sem- rough seas, but committee chairman Lualemaga reaffirms the race will start at 11a.m. and if boats are in line before 11a.m. they will start early.
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga sayid on Saturday that this is the first time the fautasi committee has handled the race with honesty and fairness compared to many races in the past.

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