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Longliner exemption rests with U.S. Sec. of Commerce


The U.S. Secretary of Commerce will need to approve a decision made last week by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to allow locally based U.S longline vessels to fish in a certain portion of the Large Vessel Prohibited Area (LVPA), which is reserved  only for local alia, which are vessels less than 50 feet long.

Tele pili tupe fuafua malo fa’aulu i le Fono Faitulafono


E tele naua isi pili tupe ua fuafua le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu e fa’aulu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono i le vaiaso nei, e fesoasoani ai i tupe maua mo le malo ma ana galuega fa’atino.
O ni isi o pili tupe ua mae’a ona tu’uina atu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono i le vaiaso na te’a nei, ae o isi pili tupe ua fuafua e tu’uina atu i se taimi o le vaiaso nei, pe afai e mae’a ona iloilo e se Komiti Fa’apitoa (Tast Force) ua mae’a ona tofia e le ali’i kovana e gafa ma le iloiloina o nei tulafono tau tupe.

$1.7MIL in tax refunds ready for pick up says Treasurer


All taxes filed as of January 28, 2015 are included in the first batch of tax refunds that were issued last Friday afternoon and will continue today, according to a statement issued by ASG Treasurer Ueligatone Tonumaipe’a last Friday.
The Treasurer noted that to assist the public with tracking their refunds, to always keep in mind the filing date — because that is the “when and how” of the order in which tax refunds are disbursed.

Leone shooting defendant ordered to leave territory


The co-defendant in the drive-by shooting at the Leone Substation, Taliu Tuliese was sentenced to depart the territory of American Samoa for a period of five years, in connection with a separate case from last year, in which he was found in possession of marijuana and live ammunition.

Military veteran decries loss of communal land


Former Territorial Registrar Salote Star Schuster told a town hall meeting hosted by Congresswoman Aumua Amata that communal lands cannot be sold or converted to individually owned land without the consent of the family including the family sa’o (or head of the family clan) and approval of the sitting governor.

Langford enters guilty plea, sentencing set for June


The former director of the Department of Human Resources entered a plea at the federal court in Oakland, California on Friday and will be sentenced later this year.
Evelyn Langford was accused by the federal government of accepting more than $200,000 from an official of Native Hawaiian Holding Company (NHHC), which was awarded a multi-million dollar contract under the federal National Emergency Grant program of the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL).

To’atele o lo o fesiligia mataupu avea ma sitiseni Iunaite Setete o Amerika


O le avea o Nesionale o le Iunaite Setete na soifua mai i Amerika Samoa ma sitiseni o le Iunaite Setete o Amerika, o se tasi lea o mataupu o lo o fa’alogoina pea le tu’u fesili ai o le to’atele i le taimi nei, e le gata i totonu o le Fono Faitulafono ae fa’apea fo’i i le atunu’u lautele.

Tautai says WestPac vote gives longliners hope

Council says decision not ‘set in stone’ with annual review

Tautai-O-Samoa Longline & Fishing Association president Christinna Lutu-Sanchez expressed the association’s sincere and heartfelt appreciation to the Western Pacific Region Fishery Management Council “for hearing our desperate pleas for help.”

Nationals appeal to Aumua over Samoa's entry fee


While the $10 entry permit for U.S. Nationals visiting Samoa has been in place for several years, Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s town hall meeting revealed that there are still many American Samoans unhappy with the policy, which has been described as “unfair” and discriminatory.

Lagolago Ofisa Mataupu Tau Samoa suiga tulafono o suafa matai


Na fa’aalia e sui o le Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa lo latou lagolagoina o se pili mo suiga i le tulafono o suafa matai ua i luma o le Senate, e fa’asa ai ona umia e se tagata sa fa’amaonia i ni solitulafono se suafa matai o se aiga, po o lona taumafai fo’i e faila sana tete’e fa’asaga i se tasi ua soloai atu i le suafa.

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