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LBJ pediatrician warns of common practice that is dangerous for babies


“Diluting breast milk or baby formula, or even giving infants plain water, is dangerous, so dangerous it could kill babies,” says Dr. James Marrone, the head of Pediatrics at LBJ Medical Center, in response to Samoa News questions.
Last month a 10-week-old child died in Georgia of “water intoxication”, also called hyponatremia, and the story led to callers contacting Samoa News raising concerns about the danger of diluting milk for infants.

Starkist settled lawsuit, but denies claims and liability

StarKist press weight machines were not maintained in Pago and Ecuado

By reaching the settlement agreement as the result of a lawsuit filed in federal court, StarKist Co., says the company will focus attention on its core mission of “providing healthy and delicious seafood” to customers.

Talosaga Pule Aute’s Bar e fa’amanino ana fa’amaonia


Ua i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga se talosaga na fa’aulu e le tama’ita’i pule o le pisinisi a le Aute’s Bar ia Tumuatasi Lefatia, tauala atu i lana loia fautua ia Fiti Sunia, e talosagaina ai le fa’amasinoga ina ia poloaina le itu a le malo, e fa’ailoa ana mau fa’amaonia e lagolago ai tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia te ia, atoa ai ma le talosaga ina ia toe fa’afo’i atu lana tupe e $4,184 o lo o taofia e le malo.

Motion to suppress evidence filed in Aute case

“Money is not contraband” Search and seizure relegated to items in search warrant

The search warrant of Aute Bar permitted the search and seizure of firearms, ammunition and documents establishing the possession of ownership but it did not authorize the police to search and seize any other type of items, like evidence of possession of a controlled substance, says drug defendant Tumuatasi Lefatia in her motion to suppress evidence and to release $4,184 seized by the government.
The motion was filed by her attorney Fiti Sunia.

Starkist agrees to pay $12MIL in class action suit


Pittsburgh-based StarKist Co., whose local operation is StarKist Samoa cannery, will pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit filed against the canned tuna company, according to a motion for preliminary approval of a class action settlement agreement filed with the federal court in San Francisco, California.
The motion is set for a court hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. on May 28, while StarKist corporate office did not immediately respond to questions or request for comments on the proposed settlement.

Eseese fa’amatalaga e fa’atatau i le “Look out List”


O le iloiloga lona fa o le mataupu i le va o Pelenato Maiava, po o Pelenato Lino fo’i ma le malo i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga i le vaiaso na te’a nei, sa maitauina ai e ali’i fa’amasino le eseese o fa’amalataga e fa’atatau i le “Look out List” a le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga ua mae’a ona fa’afofoga i ai le fa’amasinoga.

Half a Mil for imported watermelon for School Lunch

SLP says it’s “peanuts’ when compared to payouts for local bananas

Assistant Director for the School Lunch Program, Christina Fualaau has downplayed the payment of more than half a million by the SLP for imported watermelons in the span of five months saying that it’s “peanuts”, when compared to what was spent on bananas in the same period of time by the SLP.
Documents leaked to Samoa News last week details the purchase of watermelons from only three vendors, starting in November 2014 to April 2015, with payments received up to May 6, 2015.

Polynesian Air offers special airfare for veterans


Polynesian Airlines is offering a special airfare for all military veterans, says Polynesian Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Seiuli Alvin Tuala. The PAL CEO was responding to Samoa News queries, after receiving calls from vets asking if Samoa News had any information on this.
According to Seiuli, PAL was approached by a group from American Samoa to see if PAL could assist the vets and their families find a cheaper alternative to get to Hawai’i and the US mainland for medical treatment and holidays, by routing through Samoa.

O Samoa ma ona Tapu- a- fanua mai aso ua mavae


E toeititi lava leai se afioaga i Samoa e le tofu ma sona Tapu-a-fanua mai aso ua mavae, ma o ni isi o nei Tapu-a-fanua, o lo o molimauina pea le tumau o lo latou malosi e o o mai i aso nei, o le mafua’aga lena e fa’alogoina ai pea ni isi o fuaitau i totonu o le atunu’u e fa’apea, “e le sala upu mai anamua”.

With charges pending day care worker leaves island

Services of the daycare center where she was employed suspended

Ieremia Lone also known as “Loge” has left the island while there are criminal charges pending against her concerning an alleged assault of an infant she was watching at a local day care center. In the meantime, the day care center, Airport Daycare, where she was employed has had its services suspended by the Department of Social Services.

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