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DPS officials identify DHR person involved in police test


Department of Public Safety’s head of the training division, Tauese Va’aomala Sunia testified before the Senate Government Operations Committee that the test for recruitment of candidates for the next police academy was in fact reviewed by a Department of Human Resource official assigned to work with DPS on recruitment process.

Final tally: $1.26MIL due ASG employees for unpaid OT


There were 111 American Samoa Government employees affected by the non-payment of overtime, and they should be getting their payment of back wages no later than August 27, 2014, says U.S. Department of Labor's Wage & Hour Division, District Director for Pacific Island Communities, Terence J. Trotter.
“An Administrative Agreement between the USDOL Wage Hour Division and the American Samoa Government was completed on August 12, 2014 to formally resolve a Fair Labor Standards Act investigation of the American Samoa Government,” Trotter said.

DPS test compromised; similar test in works


Remember the infamous police academy entrance test that only 10 out of an estimated 300 people passed when they took it last month? Depending on who you ask, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.
Police Commissioner William Haleck revealed yesterday that the same test will most likely not be offered for those who have and will be applying for the ‘police officer cadet trainee’ position that is currently being advertised by the Dept. of Human Resources.

Two groups formally oppose expansion of Monument


American Tunaboat Association (ATA) has joined the list of people opposing President Barack Obama’s proposal to extend the largest marine protected areas in the world and pointed out that such a move will not only affect the US fishing fleet but will have a “negative impact” on American Samoa’s economy.

Admin explores banking options with Charter Bank


As Bank of Hawai’i is still set to close local operations, Governor Lolo M. Moliga is looking at options to address local banking needs, and one of those options is setting up a “Charter Bank” which will be the correspondent for Utah-based Zions Bank, according to testimony by Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a, during his House confirmation hearing for ASG Treasurer. 

Two suspects arrested in Gold Conda stick up


Two of the three men who allegedly robbed the Gold Conda store in Faga’alu back in May — at gun point— leaving the cashier shaken, have been arrested by detectives of the Criminal Investigation Division led by Assistant Chief of Police, Lavat’ai Ta’ase Sagapolutele who’s also the CID Commander.

Senate calls for Obama to re-think expanding Nat'l Marine Monument


Senators have unanimously approved a Senate Concurrent Resolution requesting President Barack Obama to reconsider his proposal to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM).
According to the senators such an expansion will only hinder US and local fishing activities and it will yield minimally added preservation and protection efforts under the current successful management regulations.

Update from NTSB probe of Suleman plane crash


When the local search and rescue team found the remains of Haris Suleman, hours after the single-engine plane that he piloted crashed into the waters off American Samoa, the 17-year old Indiana teenager “was strapped to a seat cushion” and there were “burn marks on the body,” according to the report on a preliminary federal investigation of the July 22 crash.

Deadline for comments on Marine Monument expansion

American Samoa's fishing industry hangs in the balance, opposition say

The local Chamber of Commerce is calling on community members who oppose President Barack Obama’s proposed expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument to send letters of opposition to the President by this Friday, the deadline to submit public comments.

Road Marshal says he’s a Director; he’s on 24/7


“I consider myself a director for the Road Marshal’s Division with the governor’s office and the government vehicle assigned to me has a 24 hour pass,” was the response by Road Marshal Alu Fa’amasino, following accusations that he’s using the Road Marshal vehicle as his personal car.

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