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New Immigration division named Overstayer Unit


Chief Immigration Officer Tamasa Dennis Lutu has confirmed there is a newly established “Overstayer Unit” within the Immigration Office, and its purpose is to hunt down overstayers in the territory.
Responding to Samoa News queries, Tamasa stated that since creating this division, they've deported close to 250 people who had remained in the territory even though their 30- day visitor’s permit was up. He also told Samoa News that the Attorney General has implemented a policy whereby there will be no more extensions on the 30-day permit.

Senate hears pros and cons on hotel room tax

"But what about our tourist industry?" some ask

ASG Treasurer Uelinitone Tonumaipea doesn’t believe that American Samoa’s tourism industry will be affected by the government’s proposed 5% hotel room tax, which he says is estimated to collect about $200,000 annually, based only on a survey of the two major hotels in the territory.
However, Sen. Galeai M. Tuufuli suggested the government look at a sales tax, which is paid by everyone— locals and visitors alike—instead of ASG imposing several taxes that will only give residents pains and headaches.

Fuafua e le kovana se lafoga mo le malae va’alele


O se tasi o pili tupe ua fuafua le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu e tu’uina atu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono, o se pili lea e fa’aee ai le lafoga mo le malae va’alele, lea e totogi e tagata e malaga ese atu ma le atunu’u (departure tax).

Angry over longliner ruling, senators call to involve UN


The United States is ruling American Samoa as a colony without taking into consideration input from territorial leaders, and American Samoa should look at taking this issue up with the United Nations, which looks after the interests of the people of the remaining non self-governing territories of the world.

Amata and DOI asst. sec. Kia'aina spar over issues


Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina and Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s exchanged remarks in what could be viewed as ‘straight talk’ about the positions that the U.S. and American Samoa are taking regarding federal regulatory matters and policies, including funding, during a House Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing held last week in Washington D.C.

LOLO: E pule lava Samoa i a latou tulafono e fai


O le mataupu lea o lo o to’atele le atunu’u o lo o fa’asea ai, fa’asaga i le tulafono a le malo o Samoa o lo o i ai nei, i le totogi lea o le pemita fa’atoa mafai ona ulufale se tagatanu’u o Amerika Samoa i Samoa, na saunoa ai le ali’i kovana e fa’apea, o le tulafono lava lea a le malo a Samoa, e pule lava fo’i i latou i a latou tulafono e fai.

Lolo: ASG reduction of hours is “last resort”

All options will be explored for cash flow problems

The American Samoa Government’s cash flow has dropped more than 50% due to many factors, says Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga, which may lead to a reduction of hours for ASG employees — but not until the administration explores all the options they have.
Responding to Samoa News queries at his office yesterday, the governor stated that ASG’s cash flow has decreased tremendously and it’s affecting the government’s operation.

Longliner exemption rests with U.S. Sec. of Commerce


The U.S. Secretary of Commerce will need to approve a decision made last week by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to allow locally based U.S longline vessels to fish in a certain portion of the Large Vessel Prohibited Area (LVPA), which is reserved  only for local alia, which are vessels less than 50 feet long.

Tele pili tupe fuafua malo fa’aulu i le Fono Faitulafono


E tele naua isi pili tupe ua fuafua le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu e fa’aulu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono i le vaiaso nei, e fesoasoani ai i tupe maua mo le malo ma ana galuega fa’atino.
O ni isi o pili tupe ua mae’a ona tu’uina atu i luma o le Fono Faitulafono i le vaiaso na te’a nei, ae o isi pili tupe ua fuafua e tu’uina atu i se taimi o le vaiaso nei, pe afai e mae’a ona iloilo e se Komiti Fa’apitoa (Tast Force) ua mae’a ona tofia e le ali’i kovana e gafa ma le iloiloina o nei tulafono tau tupe.

$1.7MIL in tax refunds ready for pick up says Treasurer


All taxes filed as of January 28, 2015 are included in the first batch of tax refunds that were issued last Friday afternoon and will continue today, according to a statement issued by ASG Treasurer Ueligatone Tonumaipe’a last Friday.
The Treasurer noted that to assist the public with tracking their refunds, to always keep in mind the filing date — because that is the “when and how” of the order in which tax refunds are disbursed.

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