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Tuilaepa announces half-day holiday for historic test

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Samoans have been granted a half-day holiday next Wednesday to mark the historic first home rugby test against New Zealand at Apia.

Prime minister Tuilaepa Sa'lele Malielegaoi, who is also chairman of the Samoa Rugby Union, declared the holiday on Friday, saying "we have to have a half day. It's a day where everyone should prepare to support the boys."

Samoans have been clamouing for their government to declare a full national holiday on Wednesday, to ensure as many people as possible can be freed from work or school watch the game which kicks off at 3pm.

Hearing on green sea turtles slated for Monday at ASCC


The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service is hosting a public hearing at 6p.m. Monday, July 6 at the American Samoa Community College Lecture Hall to received comments and answer questions on the federal agency’s proposed rule to revise the green sea turtle listing under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA).
Currently, green sea turtles in American Samoa are listed as threatened under the ESA, according to NMFS officials Jennifer Schultz and Ann Garrett in a news release. The following Q & A was provided by NMFS in the release:

Team AmSam enroute to Games, despite rocky start


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  • AG reviews Supreme Court’s same sex marriage ruling

    Local gay community sends mixed signals: Great decision, but not for here

    The Lolo and Lemanu Administration is looking into the Supreme Court ruling issued on June 26, 2015 legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, and this has been confirmed by Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale, who said “we are reviewing the opinion and its potential applicability to American Samoa, and will provide comment when it is completed.”
    There has been a mix of emotions since the ruling came out, however some in the gay community who spoke to Samoa News on condition of anonymity say that this should not happen in America Samoa.

    Talosagaina pisinisi....latou manatu siitaga totogi amata

    Ua tuuina atu se talosaga a le afioga i le kovana sili, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, i le fa’alapotopotoga a le au fai pisinisi i Amerika Samoa, ina ua tuuina atu i le malo tulaga o a’afiaga tau tupe i pisinisi pe afai e fa’ataunu’u isi siitaga o totogi amata i le teritori.

    Surprise! “Tausani” conducts test flights to Fitiuta


    After being down for over two years, the N684AS Tausani plane — formerly the Segaula, the government owned plane that was leased to newly established Tausani Airlines— was seen landing in Fitiuta twice this week. Samoa News was questioned by the Fitiuta residents, who were surprised to see the N684AS Tausani plane landing at their airport, and they asked as to when it will officially fly to Manu’a on a daily basis.

    CoC prepares assessment of min.wage hike impact

    Maintains its position — min. wages should be set locally, not federally

    The Chamber of Commerce is preparing a response to Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga's request for an assessment of the financial impact of minimum wage increases, with the next 50 cent hike per hour effective Sept.30.
    In a letter Tuesday this week to Chamber chairman David Robinson, the governor requested an assessment, saying that the federally mandated minimum wage issue will go into effect and require a collaborative effort to develop a territory-wide position.

    Finagalo Lolo i totogi maualalo tuuina atu ia Aumua Amata

    Ua faasoa atu e le afioga i le kovana sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga i le faipule a Amerika Samoa i le Konekeresi sona manatu i le si’itaga i totogi amata maualalo (po’o le minimum wage), lea ua fuafua le isi siitaga e 50 sene i le itula ia Setema 30 o le tausaga lenei.
    O le manatu o le afioga i le kovana sili, ina ia i ai se vaega tupe mai le malo fetarale e faatupeina si’itaga o totogi maualalo, ae afai e le talafeagai lea tulaga ona toe faafoi mai lea o le mataupu lenei i le teritori e iloiloina e se komiti faapitoa e vaavaaia e le fetarale.

    Police officer charged with assaulting pregnant wife


    A police officer made his initial appearance on Monday in the District Court on charges of third degree assault and public peace disturbance on allegations that he assaulted his pregnant wife. He was summoned on misdemeanor charges, each one punishable with up to one year on jail, a fine of up to $1,000 or both fine and jail time.
    In the interest of protecting the victim’s identity Samoa News will not name the defendant in this case.

    Kruses’ attorneys object to transferring case to Hawai’i

    Say transfer “would be far from ideal” for their clients

    Defense attorneys for John Emil Kruse and his wife Elaine have objected to having the jurisdiction of their cases, currently under the federal court in Washington D.C., transferred to the Honolulu federal court, arguing that it's not in accordance with federal law, and “would be far from ideal” for their clients, as they have put considerable effort in “developing a relationship of trust and understanding with them.”

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