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Payouts: A ‘common practice’ and an ‘illegal practice’ that needs to stop


Sen. Galea’i Tu’ufuli has confirmed that the Fono legal counsel is drafting a resolution making an official request from the Senate for the Lolo Administration to look into the nearly $1 million in payouts to the previous Togiola Administration and asking that all money owed the government be recouped.
Speaking at a news conference he called Thursday, Galea’i said the resolution —which requires Senate approval — would be introduced in July when the Fono convenes for the 2nd Regular Session of the 34th Legislature.

Tuilaepa reflects on Flag Day Fautasi Race, Bumble Bee

A one-on-one with Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi

Savali Q&A with the Prime Minister: What do you think of the Long Boat Flag Raising Race at American Samoa recently and the chances of our own fautasi against theirs in future races?


Ta’utino Galea’i na te lagolagoina si’i totogi amata


O le vaiaso nei na taua ai e le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa ia Galea’i M. Tu’ufuli, “lona matua lagolagoina lea o le si’i o totogi amata i le teritori”.
I se faatalatalanoaga a tusitala ma le afioga a Galea’i, sa ia saunoa ai i le tatau lea ona laina tutusa tagata faigaluega uma i le atunu’u i se totogi amata talafeagai, fuafua lea i le tulaga ua i ai totogi o tagata faigaluega a le malo o lo o umia tulaga feololo i totonu o matagaluega.

2015 Flag Day expenses total up to $200,000+


The Lolo and Lemanu Administration spent $223,000 for the 2015 Flag Day festivities, which includes the prizes, food vouchers and funds to host the Don Bosco School that came to participate in the pese & siva and the annual fautasi regatta.
According to an official from the governor’s office, ASG paid $20,000 to the village of Utulei to assist in the hosting of the Don Bosco School, and a total of $30,000 was allocated for the food vouchers that were handed out to the public and each voucher cost $5 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium on Flag Day

Galea’i: Decision for fautasi race “unfair and unjust”

Recommends a private organization, like the Yacht Club, run it

Sen. Galea’i has criticized the Fautasi Committee for not upholding its rules set for the 2015 Flag Day fautasi race and describes the committee’s decision not to disqualify boats that didn’t obey the rules as “unfair and unjust”.
The outspoken Manu’a senator recommends giving the race to be organized to a private group that would take away any political involvement in future fautasi races. He was also critical of the governor getting involved in making the final race decision not to disqualify anyone.

To’atolu sui o Don Bosco ua molia e le malo


E to’atolu sui mai le au malaga a le Aoga a Don Bosco mai Samoa na malaga mai e fa’afiafia i le fu’a a Amerika Samoa, ua taofia nei e le malo i le toese i Tafuna, ona o tu’uaiga i lo latou faia lea o ni uiga mataga i ni tama’ita’i e laiti i lalo o le tulafono.

Fuao captain “disgusted” by decision of Committee

Says boats who broke rules should give the money back

Fuao’s Skipper, Gaoteote Tofau Palaie is “disgusted” (inoino) with the Fautasi Committee, as well as Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, given what he thinks is the dishonest and unfair decision by the Committee not to disqualify the long boats that did not abide by the rules of the 2015 Flag Day Race.

Congress hears Thai Union connected to slave labor


The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Global Human rights and Health, heard yesterday testimony on modern-day slavery and human rights abuses that have occurred in Thailand’s seafood industry and other parts of the world.
Among the witnesses who testified at yesterday’s Congressional hearing was Mark P. Lagon, president of Freedom House non-profit group. Lagon is the former U.S. State Department ambassador-at-large for Trafficking in Persons.

Update: Results of 2015 Flag Day Fautasi Race now official

No boats disqualified, although rules were broken

While rules were broken, in order to keep the peace, they have opted not to disqualify any long boats from the race, says Chairman of the Fautasi Committee, Lualemaga Faoa, who announced that the results from yesterday’s fautasi race are the official results.
The announcement was made yesterday at the Governor’s Conference room by Luelemaga, who was accompanied by Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga. A closed-door  meeting took place before the public announcement, which was attended by captains and village representatives.

Paepaeulupo’o’s skipper Liufau publicly apologizes

“It was not our intention to damage Vatia’s fautasi”

Paepaeulupo’o’s Skipper Leonard Liufau has publicly apologized to the people of Vatia, their crew and their village council for what he called an “accident” as it was “not our intention to damage Vatia’s fautasi.”
Responding to Samoa News questions, Liufau stated that when Fuao’s fautasi passed them it was right at the time they changed their stroke, which is why they collided. He stated that it was not their intention to run into Fuao, but “for some reason we struck them.”

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