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DOE Director concurs with head of Family Planning; Sex Ed should be taught in school


Education Department director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau said Samoan parents today may not be inclined to have sex education taught in classrooms, and that the issue of sex education is “still swept under the rug”. However, the DOE director said that she concurs with Marilyn A. Pavitt-Anesi, who heads LBJ hospital's Family Planning division, that sex education should be part of the health curriculum, and taught in a culturally sensitive manner.

DPS Commissioner determined to boost morale of police officers

Says Fuega Moliga will help him do so

In an effort to boost the morale of police officers, Special Assistant to DPS Commissioner Fuega Moliga has been tasked to work with personnel issues faced by the department, as officers are not getting appropriate salaries and promotions they “rightfully deserve” said Commissioner of Public Safety, William Bill Haleck.

Court Report


A young man who broke into a Vaitogi home and inappropriately touched a girl who was sleeping was sentenced yesterday to serve 28 months in jail, as part of his seven-year sentence.
During sentencing yesterday, Elden Sioka apologized to the court for his wrongdoing and pleaded with the court for a second chance to return home to care for his family, and at the same time straighten out his life.

Blue Journey — American Samoa documentary accepted to the 2014 Beneath the Waves Global Film Festival

Sharing the story of American Samoa’s ocean connection globally

Ocean City, NJ — Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive, Inc. is excited to announce that their 2103 National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Hollings Grant film project will reach a global audience in 2014 as part of the Beneath the Waves Global Film Festival.
The film is the first of what is planned to be many more Blue Journey endurance expeditions that explore our personal connections to the oceans and share the stories of ocean communities around the world. This is Bruckner Chase’s and the non-profit’s first documentary release.

Review: Next Goal wins: And so does the audience

Opens April 25 at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco

Set on the South Pacific island of American Samoa, Next Goal Wins introduces us to the survivors of a soccer match that ranks among the most misbegotten contests in the history of the sport.

In 2001, the team from American Samoa went head-to-head with the Australia soccer squad in a World Cup Competition match and suffered a loss of 31 to 0—the worst defeat in the history of professional soccer. With the 2014 World Cup approaching, the team decides to take a shot at redemption.

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Climate-change adaptation: Designer reefs

Biologists are directing the evolution of corals to prepare them to fight climate change

Off the coast of American Samoa, the tropical sun beats down on a shallow tidal lagoon, heating the water to a sizzling 35 °C for a few hours each day. Such temperatures would kill off most coral reefs, and yet the Samoan lagoon hosts courtyards of antler-like branching corals and mound corals the size of refrigerators.

“The fact that they're there means they've adapted to survive,” says Steve Palumbi, a marine biologist at Stanford University in California. “The real question is: how did they do that and can all corals do that?”

Court Report


A 48-year-old Fagaitua High School music teacher from Lauli’i, facing charges on allegations of having a sexual relationship with his female student at school, was arraigned in High Court yesterday. Rose ‘Lose’ Auva’a was released last week on bail of $25,000 on charges of Rape, Sexual Assault, Sodomy, Deviate Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse first degree.

Woman jailed for two years after scamming travel agency for tickets

Full restitution of $12K must be paid as well

An Aua woman, who claimed she worked for the American Samoa Government to purchase airline tickets from J&J World Travel, was sentenced to serve 28 months in jail, pay a fine of $1,000 and pay restitution of $12,368.

Community Bank of American Samoa (IO) seeking input on local banking needs

In order to gain better understanding of the banking needs in American Samoa, the Community Bank of American Samoa (IO) is conducting a bank survey. Representatives will be on-island until April 25 to conduct this survey and further research the banking needs of local organizations in American Samoa.
The information gathered will provide Community Bank (IO) with a detailed insight into the banking needs of the business community, which will be valuable as it progresses through the process of gaining regulatory approval.

Pacific Island gang member shot dead in court in Utah

A United States marshall shot and killed a Pacific Islander, who was a gang member, in the federal courthouse in Salt Lake City in Utah after he tried to attack a witness with a pen.

The FBI is quoted by USA Today as saying 25 year old Siale Angilau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, was shot several times in the chest after charging the witness in an aggressive, threatening manner.

The witness, a Utah prison inmate, was testifying about the gang and how it operated.

Angilau was on trial for racketeering, robbery and assault, including shooting two US marshalls seven years ago.

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