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ASG payroll deduction may be reinstated… with a fee for the service


Reinstating payroll deductions, which were terminated nearly three years ago, has not been ruled out by the Executive Branch, with Human Resources Director Le’i Sonny Thompson telling a House committee about the need for both sides to review the issue and come up with a solution.
Le’i pointed out that paying a person’s bills is not the responsibility of the government, and as such the employee will have to pay a fee for the payroll deduction service.

Retirement Fund expects to earn $9Mil from its 12-year bond investment

So far — 1st payment has been made

Retirement Fund Office executive director Talia Fa’afetai Iaulualo says the ASG Employees Retirement Fund will receive about $9 million from its investment in the government bonds, issued by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority (ASEDA).

Chief Customs Officer says their Port Office should open by October

Says focus right now is on bringing down rapi-scanners

The “inconvenience” to the business community and members of the public to go back and forth between Executive Office Building (EOB) and the wharf for Customs Division services and the lack of phone service at their main office (EOB) are issues the Chief Customs Officer Moetulu’u Fuiava is trying to “remedy.”
Responding to Samoa News queries, Moetulu’i said these are problems they are facing since relocating to the EOB, while their main office at the Port Administration building is being renovated.

Samoa Briefs


Apia, SAMOA — Samoa is moving forward with the Submarine Cable System, under the Samoa Connectivity Project, from Samoa to Fiji.
This week the Samoa Cabinet approved awarding the procurement contract to the Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) for the Submarine Cable System, under the Samoa Connectivity Project, from Samoa to Fiji. 

Tupe le fa’afitauli o le tele o galuega e le o mafai ona fa’atinoina


Ua manino i le molimau a le Fa’atonusili o le Ofisa o Galuega Lautele a le malo i luma o le maota o sui i le vaiaso nei, o tupe le fa’afitauli numera tasi o lo o mafua ai ona tuai le fa’aleleia o le tele o galuega i totonu o le atunu’u, e aofia ai auala, taligalu ma auala savali.

Taunu’u i Faipule fete’enaiga a le Komiti Fa’afoe Ofisa Femalagaaiga


O le vaiaso fou lea ua fa’atulaga e le Komiti o Mataupu Tau Femalagaaiga a le maota o sui, e fa’ataunu’u ai sa latou iloiloga faapitoa ma sui o le Komiti Fa’afoe o le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga, mo le fia fa’amaninoina o fa’afitauli e pei ona tula’i mai i le Komiti Fa’afoe, lea ua ala ai ona tuai le fa’atinoina o a latou galuega.

Airport Division once again projecting a loss in the millions for FY2016

Proposed FY2017 budget remains the same as FY2016 budget

Port Administration Department is projecting a nearly $4 million loss for current fiscal year 2016 for the Airport Division, which recorded a loss of over $5 million in FY 2015, according to the Airport Division’s profit and loss statement included as part of its FY 2017 proposed budget.

Fono News


Because there are no jet fuel tanks in the Manu’a islands, Polynesian Airlines has had to carry extra fuel on flights to both Fitiuta and Ofu airports. Because of the extra fuel, the airline can only take so many passengers and cargo on these flights because of weight requirements for the flight.
The Samoa government owned airline, operating under a federal waiver, flies four times a week to Fitiuta on Ta’u Island and once a week to Ofu.

ASBA 2016 Moso'oi Basketball Tournament: Registration deadline in September

Event is in collaboration with DYWA

          The American Samoa Basketball Association (ASBA) in conjunction with the Department of Youth and Women Affairs (DWYA) is hosting this year’s Moso’oi Basketball Tournament, which will also serve as one of the trials to select an All-Star Team to represent American Samoa in upcoming international competition.

E le o se galuega a le malo le fai o tiute a tagata faigaluega


Na fa’atusa e le Fa’atonusili o le Matagaluega a Tagata Faigaluega a le malo ia Le’i Sonny Thompson le mataupu o le ‘payroll deduction’ lea o lo o vavao ai afioga i Faipule, o se galuega ua atagia mai ai le manana’o o tagata faigaluega a le malo e fa’atino e le galuega tiute mo le totogiina o a latou pili, ae le o se galuega a le malo le fai o tiute e tatau ona fa’atino e tagata faigaluega.

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