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Interior provides nearly $2.4 million for regional efforts in the Pacific

Providing for climate adaptation and resiliency efforts, CFA migration, and training for natural disasters
Source: USDOI media release

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Friday, U.S. Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia'aina approved $2.4 million in grant funding for climate adaptation and resiliency initiatives, including food and water security, and Micronesian One Stop Resource Centers.

Tala otooto o Fa’amasinoga


O le aso 7 Iulai lea ua fa’atulaga e faia ai le ulua’i iloiloga a le ali’i o Reggie Va’avale i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga, i le mae’a ai lea ona ia teena o tu’uaiga ua tu’uaia ai o ia e le malo, e mafua mai i le fa’alavelave lea na ia taumafai ai e osofa’i se fale o se aiga i le vaiaso na te’a nei.



Court Report

Samoa News staff translation

A man in his 30s is facing three felony counts in connection with the alleged rape and sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, and information received by Samoa News states that the defendant is the victim’s uncle.
Because the victim and the defendant are relatives, Samoa News is withholding the identity of the accused, who remains at the Territorial Correctional Facility not yet able to post the $20,000 bail.

American Red Cross had 50 volunteers ready to deploy to the territory if Amos hit


The American Red Cross had some 50 volunteers ready for deployment to American Samoa in the event that Hurricane Amos, which was forecast to bring winds of up to 100mph, became serious for the territory, according to a Red Cross official.
A three-member Red Cross team was deployed ahead of the storm and arrived last Friday night along with a 34-member US Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) team and their federal partners.  (See separate story in today’s edition).

Construction underway at Pacific Mini Games site in Vanuatu

Games have been pushed back to December 2017

Construction of the main Korman site for the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu has finally begun 20 months out from the scheduled start date in Port Vila.

Work was meant to begin 13 months ago before Cyclone Pam caused widespread damage to the country.

In January, organizers pushed the start date back by three months to allow more time to prepare.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue, said with a permanent government now in place and work underway, it's encouraging to see some much-needed progress.

Samoa's notorious prison escapee recaptured

Notorious prison escapee Lauititi Tualima has been found.

The criminal who ran away from Tafa’igata Prison last Sunday is now under Police custody.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson for the Samoa Prisons and Corrections Services (S.P.C.S), Sagaga Galu Frost, yesterday.

Tualima was found at a family home at Lalovaea around 7:40pm.

“I received a phone call last night (Tuesday night) from a reliable source informing me about Tualima,” said Sagaga.

Sagaga said when they arrived at Lalovaea, Tualima was drunk and he looked like he was sleeping.

Tala otooto o Fa’amasinoga


E tolu moliaga mamafa o le faia o uiga mataga i se teineititi e 16 tausaga le matua ua tu’uaia ai e le malo se ali’i e silia ma le 30 tausaga le matua, e mafua mai i le fa’alavelave lea o lo o tu’uaia ai o ia i lona faia lea o uiga mataga i se tama’ita’i e aiga i ai.



Bluesky will turn down its 2G network on May 2, 2016

Customers asked to check on phone compatibility
Source: Media Release, Bluesky Communications

Bluesky announced on April 18, their network improvement project that will involve retiring older equipment to replace with upgraded equipment. The impact of the upgrade is that some Bluesky mobile customers, whose phones are only compatible with the older network, may find their phones do not work after May 2, 2016.
Currently, Bluesky operates both a 2G (2nd Generation or older technology) and 3G (3rd generation or newer technology) network. Bluesky confirms that most of their customers are already using their 3G network.

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