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DPS hangs out the help wanted sign

Lawmakers call for more police officers to combat what they describe as rising crime rate

The American Samoa government is recruiting twenty cadets for the Department of Public Safety police academy later this year, and the Department of Human Resources (DHR) has put out a notice about accepting applications.
This hiring is exempted from the governor’s order last year that puts a freeze on ASG hiring, according to the DHR advertisement, which outlines the responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities of a new recruit.

FFAS looks forward to Next Goal Wins

“It was one hell of a ride, I must say, it was unbelievable,” Thomas Rongen said in describing his feelings after watching a sneak peak of the Next Goal Wins movie.
“I think it’s very rare for a documentary to capture a sense of excitement.  This is a real sporting history made.”
On April 19, Next Goal Wins premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Court Report


A woman who has been labeled by the government as a threat to society was released by the High Court last week, with a stern warning that if she violates probation terms she will be taken back to jail. Etevise Tomasi was charged with first-degree assault, but in a plea agreement with the government, she pled guilty to second-degree assault after throwing a glass at another woman in a nightclub — the glass landed on the victim’s face.

Samoa youth camp organizers deny deaths

Media reports of demon possession killing two teens at a youth camp have been rubbished by organizers and attendees of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints camp.

The Organiser of “For the Strength of Youth” camp, Vi’iga Fuimaono, said nothing like that happened. He said it was “unbelievable” that people are suggesting children were being possessed after attending the camp, held at the L.D.S gymnasium in Pesega.

Contacted by phone, he said it was a case of the “kids being too tired and when they were supposed to be sleeping, weren’t sleeping”.

Easter on 4/20, pot holy day; pastors reach out

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Social media has been buzzing for weeks with jokes about how, this year, Easter Sunday shares the calendar with the pot-lover's highest holiday: April 20, or 420 in stoner lingo. Pot-smokers have long celebrated on the date by lighting up for reasons not quite clear.

Yet amid the online cracks about worshipping a "higher" power, tutorials on how to make a joint shaped like a cross and photos of Easter baskets piled with pot-filled eggs, a handful of churches nationwide are using the unfortunate coincidence to make much bigger points.

Samoa? There’s a new ‘app’ for that

Looking for that cute little restaurant that people talk about but you can never find?

There’s an app for that. A Samoan app.

The claim is made by Reverend Falefatu Enari, who says he met with representatives from Digicel in the middle of last year to discuss his concept of an online advertising website, called Poly Marketplace.

The Samoa Tourism Authority fale at Eleele fou was a place of celebration on Monday evening, as the country’s tourism industry got its hands on a new software ‘app’ or application that guides mobile users to the country’s attractions.

Senate President calls for cheers to celebrate Flag Day


In his Flag Day address, Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie paid tribute to American Samoa’s forefathers who ceded the Eastern Samoan islands to the United States and thanked the private sector for their contribution to the territory's economy.
Speaking to a crowd of over 2,000 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, Gaoteote took the podium with a call to the audience for cheers in marking the 114 years since American Samoa became part of the U.S. family.

Court Report


Judge John Ward will open District Court on Saturday, April 19, 2014 allowing those who are arrested on Flag Day (Thursday) and Good Friday to make their initial appearance, instead of waiting for Monday.
In a letter sent to Commissioner of Public Safety William Bill Haleck, last week, Ward pointed out to the Commissioner that it will be a four-day weekend, and the court will open on Saturday to minimize the traffic at the District Court and help it run smoothly on Monday.

ASCC Student Art Show opens next week

Visual artworks typically start off as just an idea on a drawing board, and a group of Art students at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) have expanded on that truism to come up with “Welcome to the Drawing Board” as the title of their student art show that will open on Monday, April 21st in the ASCC Cafeteria and will remain on display through Friday, April 25th.
The show will include the work of current and potential Art majors, and is open to the public.

Pope washes feet of elderly, disabled in rite

ROME (AP) -- Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people Thursday - women and non-Catholics among them - in a pre-Easter ritual designed to show his willingness to serve others like a "slave."

Francis' decision in 2013 to perform the Holy Thursday ritual on women and Muslim inmates at a juvenile detention center helped define his rule-breaking papacy just two weeks after his election. It riled traditionalist Catholics, who pointed to the Vatican's own regulations that the ritual be performed only on men since Jesus' 12 apostles were men.

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