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Former Congressman Faleomavaega speaks at ASCC

This past Tuesday, April 14, former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin accepted an invitation from the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Social Science Department to participate in a forum on the subject of American Samoa’s political status.
Before a standing room only audience in the Lecture Hall, the former Congressman discussed at length his experiences during his long years of service as American Samoa’s representative in Washington, and his views on the Territory’s relationship with the United States.

Calls for more talks on Samoan custom land project

A group of matai and high chiefs in Samoa are calling again on the government to adequately consult the country on its plans to promote the economic use of customary land.

The group formally complained in August last year about the lack of meaningful consultation and the possible alienation of customary land as a result of the government's Asian Development Bank-backed projects.

The ADB's independent Office of the Special Project Facilitator investigated the complaint, and recommended the Samoa government undergo meaningful consultations with the community and stakeholders.

Tala otooto mai le Fa’amasinoga


O le taeao ananafi na tatala ai i tua e le afioga i le ali’i fa’amasino ia Elvis P. Patea le tama’ita’i lea na taofia i le toese talu mai le fa’aiuga o le vaiaso, ina ua fa’ailoa e le itu a le malo i luma o le fa’amasinoga, le leai o ni moliaga fa’aopoopo e ono faila fa’asaga ia te ia.

Sunrise memorial at Tramway brings memories of fateful Flag Day

Service, friendship and loss bound together in memory

“O uo mo aso uma a o uso mo aso vale”  (friends for all seasons and kin in moments of crisis lends substance to the honorific) was the Samoan proverb used by his Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi describing the pain he felt, along with all of American Samoa, 35 years ago when a US Navy plane crashed during Flag Day festivities, killing seven people.


New Western Union location opens today at the Tafuna Airport


Pacific Holdings American Samoa Ltd (PHAS), operating as Western Union, is opening its Pago Pago International Airport location today.
The company offers foreign exchange services and money transfers worldwide and according to the company, PHAS will provide “core financial services to customers who are underserved by their banks, by offering rates and fees that are at least as good and often better than the respective local banks; and assisting in the development of the economy.”

2Samoas Trade Fair includes Scientific Research component


Two representatives from the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (Faalapotopotoga o Suesuega Faalesaienisi a Samoa) are part of the delegation from Samoa, here to take part in the 2Samoas Trade Fair at the Suigaula ole Atuvasa Beach Park in Utulei that ends today.
Mamea Samuel Ieremia, the group’s administration and finance division manager, along with his co-worker Pousui Dr. Fiame Leo, manager of the technical services division, are manning a booth at the Trade Fair until later today.

Fa’atauto afioga Mauga T. Asuega avea ma Failautusi Mataupu Tau Samoa


O le aoauli ananafi na fa’atautoina ai le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa ia Mauga Tasi Asuega, e avea ma Failautusi o le Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa, i se sauniga puupuu sa faia lava i totonu o le Ofisa o le Failautusi.

Aso mulimuli faaaliga oloa a Samoa e lua i Utulei

O le aso mulimuli lenei o le faaaliga o oloa a Amerika Samoa ma Samoa sa amata i le aso Gafua i le malae o le Suigaula a le Atuvasa i Utulei.


O nisi o pisinisi i le faaaliga oloa mai le malo o Samoa, e aofia ai,  “Niu Nina”. O lo ua latou mafai ona fa’aaogaina le popo ma lona peepee, po’o le niu fo’i ma lona sua, a’ano ma isi mea uma o lo’o ua mafai ona fa’aaogaina i mea tausami mo le tatou atunu’u ma ona tagata.


Flag Day 2015 to honor our men & women in the Armed Forces

For "heroic and exemplary service"

“The people of American Samoa’s deep rooted sense of patriotism is epitomized by our women and men in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, and all the Veterans of Samoan Ancestry who have made countless ultimate sacrifices along with their unwavering commitment to heroic and exemplary service to safeguard Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” was the message from Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga on the Flag Day program.

ASPA projects work toward "Environmental Justice"


Renewable energy for Manu’a, clean up programs by the Lolo Administration and implementing the “waste conversion” project, are some of the projects that the American Samoa Power Authority are working on, as it informally adopts “Environmental Justice” which is the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 Action Plan for fiscal year 2015.

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