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Samoan man now in custody in Washington state for beating wife


Manuia ‘Manu Bird’ Atualevao, a Samoan man who is a repeat offender charged with domestic violence, is alleged to have severely beaten his wife in Washington state before going on the run last month. He has since turned himself in, and is now in police custody.
The April 16 incident was posted by families and friends of the victim — a daughter of Pago Pago village — on Facebook hours after the alleged assault occurred and at that time, Atualevao was nowhere to be found.

A.S.I.A. training set for next week


The final training for instructors who will be part of the Aoga Samoa i Afioaga (A.S.I.A.) program this summer will take place next week.
A total of eleven centers (mostly church halls) are confirmed to host the program, which aims to promote mathematics, penmanship (writing), and reading in the Samoan language.
About 150 instructors are expected to man the centers which will educate between 400-500 youngsters in the next few weeks.

Amata’s SBA bill Included in Defense Authorization

Source: Media Release, Aumua Amata's office

Washington D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata issued the following statement on Friday regarding the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included language introduced by the Congresswoman.
“For nearly five decades, Congress has met its Constitutional duty, and provided for the security of our nation through the NDAA. This annual authorization bill provides our troops with the resources they need to defend the United States from a variety of growing threats around the globe”

4 meaalofa fa’apitoa taua’aoina aso fa’ataua TAOA

I le aso fa’apitoa mo Tama ma Tina matutua o le atunu’u sa fa’atautaia e le faigamalo i le aso Faraile ua te’a, sa i ai fa’ailoga fa’apitoa sa taua’ao aloa’ia, mo sui ua agava’a ai e tusa ai ma le filifiliga a le Malo ma le Ofisa o le Tagata Matutua, le TAOA.


Olaga Le Tumau

Vaega: 164
Fa’afeiloa’i atu ma fa’atalofa atu i le mamalu o le atunu’u i lou alafa’i mai i fanuga lelei o lenei aso. E ao ai ona o tatou fa’afo’i pea le vi’iga ma le fa’amanu i Lana Afio e fa’avavau, fa’avavau lava, amene.

Foa’i Asosi Toa o Samoa taumafa mo le au malaga AS


HAGATNA, Guam - E silia i le $100 le tau aofa’i o taumafa ma mea e fa’aaoga e fanau aoga o lo o fai ma sui o Amerika Samoa i le Fa’aaliga o Tu ma Aganu’u a le Pasefika i Guam, na mafai ona foa’i mai e tama fanau a Amerika Samoa o lo o galulue ma aumau i Guam.

ASVA Board Chair Tom Drabble: “Tourism is going to be Territory’s economic driver”

“We’ve got to work together”

American Samoa Visitors Bureau board chairman Tom Drabble says tourism is going to be the territory’s “economic driver” and urged the private sector “to work together” to make it happen.

Amata and Vets Committee hold hearing on preventing veteran suicides

Source: Media Release, Aumua Amata's office

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the House Veterans Affairs Committee conducted a hearing on Thursday to examine the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) efforts to reduce suicide among the veteran population.
“I cannot think of a more important subject to discuss here in this committee,” said Amata. “The staggering number of veteran suicides is heartbreaking to say the least, and we must do everything we can to not just reduce, but eliminate veteran suicides altogether.”

12th Festival of Pacific Arts opened in Guam

compiled by Samoa News staff

The Festival of the Pacific Arts (FOPA) is held every four years since 1972, and brings together artists and cultural practitioners from around the Pacific region for two weeks of festivity. It is recognized as a major regional cultural event, and is the largest gathering in which Pacific peoples unite to enhance their respect and appreciation of one another.

Sunday in Guam the stadium was full for the 12th annual event. Thousands of spectators unable to get into the Guam stadium watched the opening ceremony from giant screens outside the venue.

Olaga Le Tumau

Vaega: 163
Taeao manuia, taeao toto’a, ina ua alafa’i mai i le manuia si o tatou atunu’u i lenei aso fou, o se aso tatou te vivi’i ai ma fa’amanu i le Atua, ona o Ana fa’amanuiaga, lea o lo’o tatou oaoa ai pea i faleseu ma o tatou sa’a ai i ma’a o malie, i Lana tausiga alofa.

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