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Amata aloaia iloiloga so’ofa’atasi a le Fono mo le paketi i le vaiaso fou


O le aso Gafua o le vaiaso fou, Aokuso 29, i le itula e 9:30 i le taeao lea ua fa’atulaga e amata aloaia ai iloiloga a le Komiti So’ofa’atasi o le Paketi a le Fono Faitulafono, mo le iloiloina o le paketi a le malo mo le tausaga tupe fou 2017.
Ao lumana’i ai le amata aloaia o galuega mo le iloiloina o le paketi, ua tu’uina atu e ta’ita’i o le Fono Faitulafono se tusi i le afioga i le ali’i kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, e fa’ailoa i ai vaega uma o lo o moomia e le Fono mai le itu a le malo mo lenei iloiloga.

Samoa's medal a victory for hard work

The impending elevation of Samoa's Ele Opeloge to Olympic silver medallist is a victory for years of hard work by Pacific weightlifters, according to her coach.

Opeloge is poised to add an Olympic silver medal to her list of achievements after two of her competitors failed doping tests from the 2008 Beijing Games.

Opeloge initially finished in fourth place in the women's over 75kg division, one kilogram shy of the bronze medal winner.

Tala otooto mai le Fono Faitulafono


Ua i luma nei o le Fono Faitulafono se tulafono taufa’aofi ua talosagaina e le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu, e fa’atulaga ai fa’asalaga fou mo le tagata e maua ma fa’amaonia i le fa’a lapisi i soo se vaega o le atunu’u, atoa ai ma le tu’uina atu o le malosi i ni isi o Ofisa o le malo latou te fa’amalosia ai lenei tulafono.

Tele tupe maua malo i le suiga tulafono o lafoga ma laisene mo pisinisi


Na fa’amanino e le Teutupe a le malo i luma o le Senate i le vaiaso nei e fa’apea, e tele atu tupe o le a mafai ona maua e le malo, pe afai ae pasia e le Fono Faitulafono le tulafono taufa’aofi lea na talosagaina e le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu, e faia ai suiga i le tulaga o lafoga ma laisene pisinisi, lea ua taoto nei i luma o le Fono Faitulafono.
O le taeao ananafi na pasia ai e le Senate le tulafono lenei, ma ua taoto atu nei i luma o le maota o sui mo sa latou fa’aiuga.

SoCal school finally finds Week 1 opponent ... from American Samoa

It’s not uncommon for a high school football program to look farther afield for its Week 1 opponent.


Still, the lengths Los Angeles’ Dorsey High has gone almost belies belief. Thirteen hours, to be exact.


Still in need of an opening opponent, Dorsey officially booked a home contest against Tafuna High School from American Samoa. The schools are separated by roughly 13 hours … on a plane.


Toddler dies from severe head trauma injuries, DPS investigating


The Department of Public Safety is investigating the death of a toddler who was allegedly run over by a vehicle early Wednesday morning, in Nu’uuli due to severe head trauma injuries. This is according to Emergency Medical Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity noting that when EMS personnel arrived at the residence, the young boy was unresponsive.

Satellite pharmacy opens in Tafuna Community Health Center

Manned by LBJ personnel

It’s a dream come true, for the Department of Health to have opened their own pharmacy, albeit — it is manned by LBJ hospital personnel — as well as their very own laboratory, says DOH Director, Motusa Tuileama Nua. During the ceremony yesterday, Motusa said for the first time the DOH and LBJ have agreed on something — the opening of a pharmacy and laboratory at a community health center to improve patient access.

Bill to reduce corporate tax rate passes in Senate, now waiting for House action

Right now: AS has second highest corporate tax rate in the world

American Samoa has the “second” highest corporate tax rate in the world and reducing the tax rate, could help attract new businesses and investors to the territory, says Treasurer Uelinitone Tonumaipea during a Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee hearing early this week.

Tala otooto o Fa’amasinoga


O le ali’i lea na le usita’i poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga sa tu’uina atu mo lana nofovaavaaia, ua poloaina o ia ina ia taofia i le toese i Tafuna mo le 45 aso, o se tasi lea o tuutuuga o lana nofovaavaaia sa tu’uina mai e le fa’amasinoga i le taeao ananafi.

Tala otooto mai le Fono Faitulafono



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