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Overtime issue an old, old problem, says Gov. Lolo


Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga says the overtime issue is a problem inherited by his administration from the previous one and urged directors to make sure overtime is controlled, and suggested hiring more people instead of incurring overtime.
Speaking at Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, the governor first pointed out that there are still some issues with departments — such as Homeland Security and Health — in getting federal grant reimbursements.

Six deaths in one week in Samoa being investigated


Apia, SAMOA — The Samoa’s Police Service is currently investigating six deaths that happened last week, including a man who was electrocuted in Siumu, this is according to the Police spokesperson, Superintendent Su’a Lemalu Tiumalu during the weekly press conference last week.

LOLO: E le agava’a maua ma le Lutena Kovana i ‘payout’


Na fa’aaoga e le afioga i le ali’i kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga le fonotaga a lana Kapeneta i le vaiaso nei, e fa’amanino ai se tasi o mataupu na fesiligia i le taimi o le iloiloga a le Komiti Soofaatasi o le paketi a le Fono Faitulafono i le vaiaso ua mavae, e fa’atatau i le agava’a lea o le kovana ma le lutena kovana i totogi fa’ai’u (payout), pe afai o le a latou tuua le Ofisa ma galuega o lo o galulue ai.

Tala otooto mai le Fono Faitulafono


Na fa’ai’u le fonotaga a Komiti Teuteu a maota e lua i le taeao ananafi, i le taliaina lea e le Komiti Teuteu a le maota o sui o suiga ua mae’a ona pasia e le Senate, i le pili sa talosagaina e le faigamalo a Lolo ma Lemanu, e tu’u atu ai le malosi i sui o le Ofisa o Tiute latou te sailia ai uta mai fafo, e fa’aaoga i ai masini fa’ata (scanner), atoa ai ma le fa’ae’e lea o totogi mo pisinisi ma tagata ta’ito’atasi, mo le siakiina o a latou uta mai fafo.

Teacher of the Year with her elementary class work with TCF inmates

“Hope” is the motto behind the project

 “Hope” is the motto behind a project that American Samoa’s Territorial Teacher of the Year 2016 Mrs. Rosita Esene Sola worked on with her students who wrote letters sending messages of encouragement and bible verses to the inmates at the Tafuna Correctional Facility.
In an email to Samoa News, Mrs. Sola said this is a community service project that she came up with, following her summer trip to the Space Camp in Alabama.

AG to directors: “Our job is to let people exercise their right to vote” for whomever they want

Urges for a peaceful and safe Election Day

An individual’s right to exercise his or her vote for the candidate of their choosing and the banning of giving out free lunch plates — including the famous Samoan barbeque plates — on election day when polls are opened are some of the election issues covered in a presentation by Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale during Tuesday’s cabinet meeting at the Agriculture Department’s conference room.

ASEDA reviewing possible projects for $6Mil bond proceeds now floating

Proceeds are from relocation of airport jet fuel tank project, now funded by FAA

With the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pledging to fully fund the relocation of the airport jet fuel tank project, the $6 million in proceeds from bonds issued by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority is now floating and can be used for other government projects.
ASG is providing $2 million in local matching funds for two FAA projects — the jet fuel relocation and improvements to Pago Pago International Airport.

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Osofa’i Leoleo nofoaga sa faia ai fefa’atauaiga o aisa ma feusuaiga


Ua tapunia nei le nofoaga lea sa avea ma nofoaga e fai ai fefa’atauaiga o fualaau fa’asaina o le aisa ma feusuaiga ma tama’ita’i (tulou), ina ua fa’asea se tasi o tagatanu’u e ana le fale i Leoleo i le fa’aaoga e ni tagata o lona fale tu’ufua e aunoa ma se fa’atanaga, ma aga’i atu ai loa Leoleo e tali i le valaau.

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