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Court Report


A 48-year-old Fagaitua High School music teacher from Lauli’i, facing charges on allegations of having a sexual relationship with his female student at school, was arraigned in High Court yesterday. Rose ‘Lose’ Auva’a was released last week on bail of $25,000 on charges of Rape, Sexual Assault, Sodomy, Deviate Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse first degree.

Woman jailed for two years after scamming travel agency for tickets

Full restitution of $12K must be paid as well

An Aua woman, who claimed she worked for the American Samoa Government to purchase airline tickets from J&J World Travel, was sentenced to serve 28 months in jail, pay a fine of $1,000 and pay restitution of $12,368.

Community Bank of American Samoa (IO) seeking input on local banking needs

In order to gain better understanding of the banking needs in American Samoa, the Community Bank of American Samoa (IO) is conducting a bank survey. Representatives will be on-island until April 25 to conduct this survey and further research the banking needs of local organizations in American Samoa.
The information gathered will provide Community Bank (IO) with a detailed insight into the banking needs of the business community, which will be valuable as it progresses through the process of gaining regulatory approval.

Pacific Island gang member shot dead in court in Utah

A United States marshall shot and killed a Pacific Islander, who was a gang member, in the federal courthouse in Salt Lake City in Utah after he tried to attack a witness with a pen.

The FBI is quoted by USA Today as saying 25 year old Siale Angilau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, was shot several times in the chest after charging the witness in an aggressive, threatening manner.

The witness, a Utah prison inmate, was testifying about the gang and how it operated.

Angilau was on trial for racketeering, robbery and assault, including shooting two US marshalls seven years ago.

Hawaiian Air stowaway shows holes in vast airport security

KAHULUI, Hawaii (AP) -- Surveillance cameras at San Jose International Airport successfully captured the teenager on the tarmac, climbing up the landing gear of a jet. But in the end, the cameras failed because no one noticed the security breach until the plane - and the boy - landed in Hawaii.

Although the 15-year-old apparently wanted nothing more than to run away, his success in slipping past layers of security early Sunday morning made it clear that a determined person can still get into a supposedly safe area and sneak onto a plane.

Supreme Court justices debate case that will have far reaching effect on internet use

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Grappling with fast-changing technology, Supreme Court justices debated Tuesday whether they can protect the copyrights of TV broadcasters to the shows they send out without strangling innovations in the use of the internet.

The high court heard arguments in a dispute between television broadcasters and Aereo Inc., which takes free television signals from the airwaves and charges subscribers to watch the programs on laptop computers, smartphones and even their large-screen televisions. The case has the potential to bring big changes to the television industry.

OSHA opens investigation into death of employee killed by runaway truck


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has dispatched an investigator to American Samoa following an industrial fatality more than a week ago.
As previously reported by Samoa News, a 49-year-old truck driver from Vatia died after a container truck ran over him, as the vehicle rolled down a hill. The driver was employed by Reid Stevedoring, which owns the container truck.

Governor implores cabinet heads to get employees sick and annual leave under control


American Samoa Government employees can only accrue up to 480 hours of annual leave, or 60 days a year — and that’s in the local statute, says Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale. The AG was responding to Samoa News questions upon learning the AG has issued a legal opinion on this matter.
The AG, however, did not wish to release a copy of his legal opinion noting that it's “confidential”.

Red Cross sets aside day to thank and honor volunteers

Most Outstanding Volunteer given special tribute

On Saturday, April 5, American Red Cross of American Samoa (ARCAS) hosted a special Day of Thanks to acknowledge community volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.
The Volunteer Appreciation Day included acknowledgment of government First Responder agencies such as the Department of Public Safety and TEMCO/ Homeland Security, as well as the Fire Department and EMS.  A motorcade which included Miss American Samoa was organized in tribute.

Community Briefs


Every time a village group from Samoa participates in the annual Flag Day celebration, they are always considered the ones to watch during siva and especially during the “pese” which usually  includes criticism and advice, as well as words of appreciation to the host, American Samoa.

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