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Family scholarship fund awards deserving Pacific Islanders in Hawai’i & Cali

They hope to expand it to include Tutuila and Manu’a students in near future

The children of a Samoan couple who had placed emphasis on the value of a good education have banded together to form a scholarship fund to honor their parents.
The Taito and Ruta Alofaituli Scholarship is open to seniors who plan to enroll in college during the upcoming Fall 2016 semester. High school graduates who are Hawaii or California residents with at least one parent of Pacific island descent are eligible to apply.

USDOT grants Talofa Airlines’ request to operate between 2Samoas and Tonga


The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has granted the application by Samoa-based Talofa Airways Limited for an exemption to operate flights between the two Samoas as well as Tonga, and USDOT has tentatively approved issuing a foreigner carrier permit for the start-up airline, which has already secured two aircraft for the proposed air service.
In March this year, Talofa Airways filed an application with USDOT for exemption authority and a foreign carrier permit, pursuant to federal law. The airline plans to use small 9-seat planes for its service.

No mention of Australian victims in Samoa prisoner's apology

Samoa's Supreme Court Judge, Lesatele Rapi Va'ai, has adjourned the sentencing of prisoner Lautiti Tualima to next month, after hearing an apology from the defendant.

Tualima admitted raping an Australian woman at a tourist resort while on the run last September.

He has also admitted to several other charges including indecent assault, threatening to kill, and armed with a dangerous weapon.

The prisoner was given a chance to speak in court in which he apologised to the country for what he had done.

He admitted that his offences have painted a bad image of Samoa.

Lab analysis: April fish kills probably caused by a virus


Most of the small fish kills reported by the Department of Marine and Wildlife in April this year “were probably caused by a virus” and this was the conclusion of the laboratory analyses conducted by Dr. Thierry Wok and his colleagues of the US Geological Survey-Biological Resources Division, according to DMWR director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga in a DMWR news release yesterday.

To’atele ua fiafia ina ua fa’alogo kamupani va’elele fou mai Samoa


Ua fa’aalia e le to’atele o le atunu’u o lo o masani ona femalagaa’i i le va o Samoa e lua lo latou fiafia tele, ina ua fa’alogo i le fa’aiuga lea ua tu’uina mai e le Matagaluega o Fela’uaiga a le malo tele o Amerika, e talia ai le talosaga a le kamupani va’alele fou mai Samoa, le Talofa Airways Ltd, mo le fa’atinoina lea o lana tautua mo le fela’uaina o le mamalu o tagata faimalaga i le va o motu e lua.

Taofia se ali’i masalomia faia uiga mataga tama’ita’i talavou ao momoe


O le ali’i talavou lea sa masalomia i lona ulufale fa’amalosi i totonu o fale o aiga i le leva o le po i se vaega o Tafuna, ma le fa’amoemoe e fa’atinoina ai le solitulafono o le faia o uiga mataga i tama’ita’i talavou a o momoe, ua taofia nei o ia e leoleo i le toese i Tafuna, i le mae’a ai lea ona faila e le malo o moliaga fa’asaga ia te ia.

Samoa Tourism Authority responds to fallout in the wake of actions by escaped inmate


Apia, SAMOA — Actions by inmate Lauititi Tualima have given Tourism in Samoa a black eye.
Lauititi is an inmate who broke out of jail and raped an Australian tourist while her boyfriend was forced to watch. In a statement issued by Samoa’s Tourism Authority (STA) on Wednesday (Samoa Time), it says major changes have been implemented and continue to be implemented to ensure the safety of guests in Samoa.

CDC awards American Samoa $150,000 to help battle Zika

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Funding is stopgap measure to help states respond to emerging threat, protect pregnant women
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will award $150,000 to the American Samoa to fight the Zika virus. The award is American Samoa’s share of about $60 million CDC is awarding to states, cities, and territories to support efforts to protect Americans from Zika virus disease and adverse health outcomes that can result from Zika infection, including the serious birth defect microcephaly.

Community Briefs


Collections for the Customs Division of the Treasury Department saw a boost of over $10,000 yesterday after Tri Marine paid a hefty fine of $10,200 for undeclared cigarettes that were uncovered during a search by Customs agents.

Samoa govt cops flak over cigarette factory licence

There has been heavy criticism in Samoa of a government decision to issue a second cigarette manufacturing licence to a foreign owned company in Apia.

Veteran MP Falealupo Aeau Peniamina Leavaiseeta told the Samoa Observer this was a sad decision which would have a negative impact on public health.

However the minister of Public Enterprises Lautafi Fio Purcell last week dismissed concerns saying smoking was a personal choice unaffected by where a cigarette was manufactured.

He said the decision to approve the licence was consistent with the government focus on generating revenue.

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