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Public Health nurses celebrate Nurses Week


For the first time, the Public Health Nurses Association will be celebrating Nurses Week with a special schedule of events that will honor and celebrate the estimated 60 CNAs, LPNs, and RNs who serve the local community under the Dept. of Health umbrella in both Tutuila and Manu’a.
 Nurses Week started with a special church service held at the CCCAS Fagatogo Church this past Sunday and was attended by all nursing professionals for both DOH and the LBJ Medical Center.

ASCC science students picked for internships

Three students at the American Samoa Community College recently received the good news that they have been selected to spend eight to ten weeks off island this summer, as interns through two programs under the aegis of the National Science Foundation (NSF).
 Ernest Puletasi and Amber Ropeti will both spend ten weeks at Harvard University at the Center for Integrated Quantum Materials, while Faatoia Areta will travel to Costa Rica for an eight-week tropical agriculture internship at the Las Cruces Biological Station.

Observer’s short story competition comes here

joy@samoanews.com, tony@samoanews.com

 Samoa’s award winning newspaper, Samoa Observer is extending their newspaper’s regional short story competition to American Samoa. The competition was kicked off last month, and by launching the inaugural Samoa Observer Tusitala Short Story Competition the Samoa Observer is excited to extend their promotion of literacy to the adult population of the Pacific islands.

Amata masina mo Tautua Eseese a’afiaga o le mafaufau

E 9 lelei vaega o tautua eseese na o mai fa’atasi e tatala aloa’ia a latou polokalame i le masina o Me 2015, e avea ma masina e fa’alauiloa ai auaunaga eseese ua mae’a tapena e le Malo ma Sosaiete Tuma’oti, ina ia fa’auia atu ai fesoasoani ia i latou o lo’o i ai a’afiaga tau le Mafaufau i totonu o le atunu’u.


Sa faia lea fa’atasiga i le Maota oo le atunu’u i le Malae o Suigaula a le Atuvasa i Utulei, i le taeao o le aso Faraile na te’a nei.

Hawaiian culture embraces transgender

In traditional, Western culture, gender identity is often considered a binary concept: You are either male or you are female.

This restrictive and defining construct makes it difficult for our society to understand people like Bruce Jenner, who recently came out as transgender, because they don't always fit neatly into a box. While some transgender people move from one end of the gender spectrum to the other when they transition, other transgender people exist somewhere in between, embracing both genders, neither genders or a multiplicity of genders.

American Samoa makes European ocean debut


The Valley of Giants in the Manu'a Islands, one of the biggest coral colonies ever found, is being featured in an article published in Ocean 71 Magazine, using information and photographs captured by Richard Vevers and Christophe Bailhache. The images are used by Google to create an “Ocean’s Streetview”, a breathtaking trip to the underwater world.

O Faiva e Tapua’ia, E Manuia!

Sgt Misi Malu’ia:
O le ali’i fitafita o Misi Malu’ia mai Nuuuli, ua mae’a lelei lana BCT ma lana AIT ma ua fa’asolo i ona tiute i Fort Carson i Colorado.

Cool Stuff: Bill Hyman Magic

 The Moon, The Stars, & Bill Hyman are now in alignment for the Paquiao vs Mayweather Fight. Bill Hyman's magic allows for the pay per view showing, which will be held Saturday at Maliu Mai Resort from 2-7pm.

Tala Fa’asolopito manumalo e tauva i Amerika

I le tauvaga o Poloketi o le Tala Fa’asolopito a A’oga Maualuluga i le Teritori, na fa’ai’u i le fa’alauiloaga o i latou ua lautogia mo le auina atu i Uosigitone mo le tauvaga o le tala fa’asolopito a le Iunaite Setete, e aofia ai ma teritori, i lenei tausaga.


O le galuega na fa’atino e Keiloa Falefia ma Leusumanu Chrichton i le la’ua galuega e fa’aulutala: “Liliuokalani Legacy of Aloha” mai le a’oga a Leone High, ua mauaina le fa’ailoga muamua.


Mariota drafted by Tennessee Titans at No. 2

Despite a near constant stream of trade rumors, the Titans held onto their No. 2 pick and landed Marcus Mariota.

The 2014 Heisman Trophy winner was thought to be coveted by his former college coach, Chip Kelly, as well as higherups from the Browns, Bears and Jets.

In the end, though, the Titans liked him enough to decline any and all offers that headlined one of the busier pre-draft periods in recent memory.

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