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SPA 4th graders in the news, at the News


Elementary students from the South Pacific Academy visited Samoa News yesterday morning, where they had a quick lesson in the process of how a daily newspaper is put together.

If your school group would like to visit Samoa News, call 633-5599 and Evaga Tuna will arrange a tour for your.

Tete’e Fatulegae’e aumai faiaoga mai “Upolu”


e a’oa’o fanau ...
Na tula’i le afioga i le ali’i faipule ia Fatulegae’e Palepoi Mauga i luma o le maota o sui i le taeao ananafi, ma ia fa’aleo lona matua le lagolagoina o le fuafuaga a le Matagaluega o Aoga, i le saili mai lea i Samoa o ni faiaoga e fesoasoani i le le lava lea o faiaoga e a’oa’oina fanau aoga a Amerika Samoa.

Togiola kicks off Congressional campaign at Utulei Beach

"I will help find that contribution, that our generation should… give to our democracy"

Congressional candidate, former Gov. Togiola Tulafono, has called on the current generation to do more to contribute to American Samoa and “our democracy” just like our forefathers and ancestors did over the last 114 years.
Togiola was speaking last Saturday during his first public political rally, which was also part of his official campaign kick off at Su’igaula o le Atuvasa at Utulei Beach. Those in attendance at the rally included supporters, friends, and family members such as Togiola’s cousin, Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga.

‘Best Dance Crew’ finale is this week

Six groups remain, who will it be?

The six remaining groups competing in American Samoa’s Best Dance Crew (ASBDC) contest breathed a sigh of relief last week when the show’s host, DJ J-Smooth announced that all six of them will be moving on to perform this coming Thursday, during the ASBDC finale set to be held at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium in Utulei at 7 p.m.
Two groups were supposed to be eliminated last Thursday.

Cool Stuff: Goal Zero USB Fan

Goal Zero only hits home runs.  They are my go to guys on a daily basis. Last week’s East Oahu power outage was no different.
The Devine Mrs Cool Stuff, as usual was at 2% on her iPhone.  So I whipped out the Goal Zero Guide Plus 10, plugged her phone in, and walked out the door to shoot an apparent electrical power box explosion, or car crash, or boulder knocking out stuff.... who knew...it was a big noIse and no more power.  

Talia Fa’amasinoga le talosaga a Vui


Ua talia e le afioga i le ali’i fa’amasino ia John L. Ward II le talosaga a le afioga i le tamaitai faipule mai le Itumalo o Tualauta ia Vui Florence Vaili Saulo, ina ia auai o ia i le iloiloga o le talosaga e fa’asaga i le Komesina o Palota lea na fa’aulu e le susuga a Su’a Lucia Bartley.

DBAS dedicates new $3.1M building


Mrs. Cynthia Moliga, the wife of Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga, was given the honor of cutting the ribbon during the official opening and dedication ceremony Thursday for the new Development Bank of American Samoa building in Pago Pago. Standing behind Mrs. Moliga is Chief Justice Michael Kruse.

Health Awareness Fair draws dialysis patients


A Health Awareness Fair was held yesterday at Utulei Beach Park. The Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Health Awareness Fair was just one of the activities to celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week.
Yesterday was a day for the families of patients — especially dialysis patients — to help spread the awareness of the NCDs, which have taken over our health concerns.

Study: Artificial Sweeteners may promote diabetes

NEW YORK (AP) -- Using artificial sweeteners may set the stage for diabetes in some people by hampering the way their bodies handle sugar, suggests a preliminary study done mostly in mice.

The authors said they are not recommending any changes in how people use artificial sweeteners based on their study, which included some human experiments. The researchers and outside experts said more study is needed, while industry groups called the research limited and said other evidence shows sweeteners are safe and useful for weight control.

Bluesky Moana TV improves services for customers

(PRESS RELEASE)  – Bluesky Digital Moana TV customers will soon be enjoying new channels and premium packages. Here at Bluesky we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services for customers. Earlier in the year we had an open forum where we encouraged customers to offer feedback on what channels they would like to see Moana TV offer. The feedback was tremendous and we decided to try and bring some of the recommended channels to our customers.

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