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Onesosopo park set for a redesign


What was once the grandstand at Onesosopo Park is now just a pile of rubble, after employees from the Dept. of Parks and Recreation tore the whole thing down yesterday.
DPR Deputy Director Ken Tupua said yesterday that the goal is to open up the area, to accommodate different sporting activities.

Early Bird shoppers at KS Mart’s Grand Re-Opening

all photo: TCA

A crowd of early bird shoppers were seen waiting at the entrance of the KS Mart for the store to open its doors after a brief prayer service held at 6 a.m Wednesday morning, Nov. 19, 2014. The re-opening revealed the newest extension project in the back of the store that now houses a bakery, deli and meat department.

Obama to announce immigration steps Thursday

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sidestepping Congress, President Barack Obama on Thursday will announce steps he will take to shield up to 5 million immigrants illegally in the United States from deportation, defying Republican lawmakers who say such a step would poison relations with the new GOP led legislature.

Obama, in a video released on Facebook, said he would make his announcement from the White House at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, then would travel to Las Vegas to promote the plan Friday.

AS volleyball team makes the Quarter Finals at Oceania


Our American Samoa Beach Volleyball Team made it to the Quarter Finals in Manly Beach, Australia and reports from Iose Afu Muasau, the team coach, on his Facebook page, said, “Our players are very much eager to play against the Fijian side tomorrow. They managed to beat our tough Tongan brothers in our last game and elevated us to the quarter finals this year.”
Yesterday, local boys Sam Luaiva and Kamoko played against the Fijian Side for the Bronze, and the outcome of that will be in our next issue.

Carl's Jr drive thru blocked by fork-lift on fire


The Carls JR. drive thru was blocked off for almost an hour around 5pm Tuesday when a fork-lift that was transporting pallets in the Laufou area caught fire.

The drive flagged a vehicle that was standing in line at the drive thru to give way while he made his way over to pallets without realizing that the forklift which was now smoking had flames coming out of the bottom of the vehicle.

When alerted by the drivers standing in line , the driver of the fork lift jumped off the fork lift, ran into the Carls Jr. kitchen, came out with a mop and tried to snuff out the fire.

DHSS completes first ESL course

“Walks-the-Talk” to build workforce capacity

November 12, 2014 marked the end of the first course, which is part of the professional development efforts the Department of Human and Social Services (DHSS) has initiated in partnership with the ASCC Adult Education, Literacy, and Extended Learning Program, under the leadership of State Director Tauvela Fale.

Battle of the To’as head-to-head in ASHSAA title


This past Saturday were the American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Football Playoffs, which determined which two teams will be claiming a spot in the upcoming Championship game this upcoming Saturday – a rivalry between the To’as of the league, the Tafuna Warriors and Fagaitua Vikings will be the one, after they both conquered their opponents victoriously.


Asia Esther Kia’aina le aoga a Aua Elementary


O le suaina o le Eleele mo le fa’atuina o le faleaoga fogafalelua i totonu o le Laumua o Rainmakers po’o le a’oga Aua Elementary, na fa’ataunu’uina i le itula e 11:00 i le aoauli ananafi. O se mea sili ona lelei mo le a’oga, lana PTA ma le afio’aga atoa, ona ua talimalo ai i latou i le Malo o Amerika Samoa i ona vaega e tolu fa’atasi ai ma le Sui Failautusi o le Initeria, se tasi e aiaia ma fesoasoani e fa’apasia mai tupe uma o lo’o fa’agaoioia ai le Malo o Amerika Samoa ma ona tagata o alaalata’i ma soifua ai.

Movie Review “Big Hero Six”

Big Hero Six is a new and original Disney movie that is also based on a Japanese comic series with the same title. Though the plots and characters mentioned stray entirely from the comic it is still somewhat related. Big Hero Six is entertaining as well as emotional. If you do not count the way the characters are introduced, the movie is well thought up.

Executive Leadership program


Participants in this week’s Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) met in an initiative funded by the Interior Department’s Office of Insular Affairs to build and strengthen leadership potential of mid-level career officials in the territories and freely associated states.


Three ASG employees— Magdalene Petaia-Suisala, Leifiloa Tanoi and Salamasina Satele — are taking part in the weeklong ELDP session and Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina, who arrived Monday, spoke to the group.


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