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Derelict fishing nets are a death trap

Each year, at least 640,000 tonnes of nets and other fishing gear goes overboard and never comes back. But just because it’s lost to the sea doesn’t mean that derelict gear stops doing its jobs. The lobster pots, crab traps and dense thickets of nets that litter the sea bottom keep snaring fish and other animals for years or even decades after they go missing.

Cool Stuff: Bubi & Goofy Craig

Goofy Craig Madaus, the inventor and president of Bubi, grabbed me in the aisle of the Outdoor Retail Trade Show last January and said, "You gotta see this!"
When somebody hustles you like a carnival barker, you usually runaway, or kick him somewhere between the ankles and the waist. But on the other hand, the rascally gleam in Craig’s eyes kind of reminded me of looking in the mirror.

A lesson from Swains Island’s past

Kamutia te Nuku e Atua ki te Aliki. (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.) Ps. 33:12

It is a 3-square mile atoll 100 miles south of Fakaofo, [Tokelau] and 200 miles North of Tutuila, [Am. Samoa]) with no running water or flushing toilets, no shopping centers, grocery stores, or fast food restaurants.
Olohenga (Swains Island) is a place reminiscent of our past. The only communication is a marine radio that is situated so everyone can take turns talking to loved ones afar, while the rest listen. The only mode of transportation is a ship that comes every three months to bring supplies and transport the copra (dried coconut) to Tutuila.

500+ masalomia a’afia ‘chikungunya virus’


E ova i le to’a 500 le aofa’i o le atunu’u lea ua masalomia o lo o a’afia i ‘auga o le fa’ama’i pipisi o le ‘Chikungunya Virus’, e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le falema'i mai tagata sa aga'i atu, ae le o aofia ai le to'atele o tagata o lo o aafia i tua i aiga ma nuu, e le o maua le avanoa e asiasi ai i le falema'i.

Boxing between the 2 Samoas is on TONIGHT


The biggest boxing event ever to be held on island is tonight at the Samoa Sports Complex (Bowling Alley) in Tafuna.  The main event will feature New Zealand based fighter Clarence Tillman who is originally from New Orleans Louisiana, going up against the undefeated All Samoan Champion “Heat Man” Alapati A’asa that plus Elite Amateur bouts between American Samoa and Samoa start off the night.

Hawaii's Schatz wins in tough US Senate primary

PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) -- Incumbent U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz won a tense Democratic primary election in Hawaii, proving that he is no longer just a senator who was appointed to his seat - he has captured the confidence of Hawaii voters.

The dramatic race to finish the term of the late Sen. Daniel Inouye was tinged with emotional residue from the past. Schatz was challenged by U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, who at one point said that he wasn't a true incumbent because he had been appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie after Inouye's dying wish that Hanabusa replace him.

Tonumaipe’a avea ma Teutupe fou malo

Na fa’amaonia e le Fono Faitulafono i le taeao ananafi tofiga a le alii kovana mo le susuga ia Ueligitone P. Tonumaipe’a, e avea ma Teutupe fou a le malo, ina ua fulisia uma maota e lua e lagolago e ala i le palota fulisia.
E 15-0 le palota na pasia ai e le maota Tonumaipe’a, ae 13-0 le palota na pasia ai e le maota maualuga, i le mae’a ai lea o ni iloiloga sa faatautaia e komiti a maota e lua, e fesiligia ai agava’a ma le tomai o le molimau e tusa ai o le tofiga a le kovana.

American gIant fights Samoan undefeated champ

Another David versus Goliath story

The American Samoa boxing sensation and rising star, “Heat Man” Alapati A’asa, will be put to the test Saturday night when he meets an American giant.
Boxing Club owner Tole’afoa Henry Tavake is hosting what is being called the “Biggest Fight Ever” held on American Samoa soil at the Samoa Sports Complex (Bowling Alley) in Tafuna Saturday night.

Eight ASTA Players picked for Fiji Tourney

Eight American Samoa Tennis Association players have secured their places in the East Pacific Regional team that will travel to Fiji this evening. Three boys and five girls made the overall East Pacific Regional team through their good results from the week long tournament that ended Friday.
The boys are: Kevin Ma’ukoloa and Jummar Vigas in the 16 years and under boys group, and Larry Magalasin in the 14 years and under boys bracket.

Tu’uaia ni ali’i i le osofaia faleoloa o le Gold Conda Fagaalu


E to’atolu ni ali’i ua tu’uaia nei e le malo, i lo latou osofaia lea o le faleoloa o le Gold Conda Store i Fagaalu i le masina o Me na te’a nei, ae ave faagaoi se vaega tupe mai totonu o le faleoloa, i le mae’a ai lea ona fa’alala e se tasi o i latou o se fana i le fa’atauoloa.
O i latou nei o Samuelu Wright ma Alatuna Simi lea na pu’e fa’apagota e leoleo i le aoauli ananafi, ma le ali’i o Falefetu Asi e lei maua e leoleo.

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