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AP tracks slave boats to Papua New Guinea

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- From space, the fishing boats are just little white specks floating in a vast stretch of blue water off Papua New Guinea. But zoom in and there's the critical evidence: Two trawlers loading slave-caught seafood onto a massive refrigerated cargo ship.

Tapa le ipu a Mitch Shimasaki i le suafa Fano


O le fa’aiuga o le vaiaso na te’a nei na fonoa ai le maota i Vaovai i sui o le itumalo ma le atunu’u, e molimauina le sauniga taua mo le tapaina o le ipu a le Teioutaifeau Mitch Shimasaki i le suafa Fano.

Bluesky brand launches in the Cook Islands

Source: Media release Buesky

On Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (Cook Island Time), Bluesky launched the Bluesky brand in the Cook Islands. At this time Telecom Cook Islands will become known as Bluesky and customers will be introduced to a new logo and visual identity.
This milestone week for Bluesky commenced with the introduction of Bluesky into New Zealand on July 20, 2015, where they are now offering competitive prepay mobile cellular plans, and concludes with the introduction of the Bluesky brand into the Cook Islands. 


O lo ua fa’ailoa mai e le Kamupani Va’a a le Polynesian Shipping ua toe fa’atulaga malaga a le MV Lady Naomi e toe fa’aauau malaga a lea va’a la’u pasese i le va o Tutuila ma Apia, Samoa. O le aso ananafi sa toe amata ai malaga a le Lady Naomi mo aso Tofi o lo’o totoe o lenei masina.

Samoa and Fiji draw in thrilling encounter

Samoa and Fiji turned on the attacking flair but couldn't be separated as their tense Pacific Nations Cup encounter ended in a 30-30 draw on Saturday at Bonney Field, Sacramento.

Just as they did against New Zealand Maori in Suva recently, Fiji started with a scoring blitz but fitness and fatigue let them down with Samoa launching a storming comeback.

Leone Nakarawa, Metuisela Talebula and Gabiriele Lovobalavu all scored for the flying Fijians, who led 17-10 at halftime.

Samoa, however, had won the last three contests against Fiji and refused to give in.

“O Faiva e Tapua’ia, E Manuia!”

O se vaaiga lenei i nisi o alo o le atunu’u tautua i vaega a le militeri, e pei ona maua fesootaiga ma le Samoa News i lenei vaitau.




O lenei se tasi o alo o le atunu’u ua fa’amanuiaina fo’i lana BCT ma ua mae’a fo’i ma lana AIT sa auai atu ai i ona vaega e lua, ma ua tiute nei o ia i Hawaii, e fa’atino ai ona tiute ua fa’atulaga e le US Army.


Can breadfruit be a superfood of the future?

An unusual crop that was once a staple across the tropics seems to be making a comeback. Starchy and packed with nutrients, breadfruit isn’t a typical fruit. And while this cousin of the mulberry may not be at the top of anyone’s dream menu, it could be the key to food security in part of the world.

Clean up set to mitigate dengue outbreak

CDC official: “…it is a disease that needs to be taken very seriously”

The government launched yesterday a two-day clean up campaign to rid the island of mosquito breeding grounds, with the hope of stopping Tutuila’s current dengue outbreak. In the meantime, three more officials of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arrived on island to assist local officials with the outbreak, which has so far claimed four lives.


DYWA cleans up Bay Area coastline


Earlier this month, a crew from the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA) carried out a much needed coastal clean-up of the Bay Area, including the sami side of the new Pago Pago Youth Community Center, which is managed and overseen by DYWA.
The area is prone to strong currents that drag in debris and litter from inland streams and waterways that dump into the bay. During one of the cleanups, the DYWA crew came upon a dead turtle.

140 tagata i le MCH/OJT: faaletonu galuega

O le aoauli ananafi e tusa i le 2:30p.m. na fa’atulaga e talanoa atu ai le fa’atonu o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina ia i latou uma sa fa’afaigaluega i lalo o le polokalama a le Maternal Child Care i lona vaega sa fa’akonekarate ai o le “On the Job Training" - OJT mo le na’o le ono masina.

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