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Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Transform Aqorau has told a United States newspaper that the PNA is not interested in boats that cannot pay, as mixed messages have surfaced among the US players about who should pay for US fishing access.
“You come fish in our waters, you fish according to our rules and regulations,” Aqorau said. “We don’t tell the U.S. and Japan how to fish their waters.”

Guam Governor Eddie Calvo endorses Ted Cruz

HOUSTON, Texas – Last week the Cruz for President Campaign announced the endorsement of Governor Eddie Calvo of Guam. Calvo is in his second term as the elected Republican governor of Guam, the critically important U.S. territory in the Pacific. He will serve as the Guam chairman of Cruz for President.
“I'm honored to have the support of Governor Calvo," said Cruz. "He is a proven leader, who hasn't been afraid to fight Washington to ensure a better, brighter future for Guam."

SPC: No confirmed Pacific zika cases this year

The Pacific Community says according to information available to it, no Pacific country has reported confirmed cases of the zika virus infection so far this year.

The SPC said further investigation was underway to ascertain circulation of the virus in a number of Pacific Island countries and territories.

Concern has been raised about the possible link between the virus and congenital malformations in new-born babies, following reports about such cases in Brazil.

Vendors welcome Samoa govt's temporary relief

Small business owners affected by the fire at the Savalalo Flea Market two weeks ago have praised the government’s quick action to set up a temporary market.

Officially opened yesterday, the temporary Flea Market allows the more than 200 business owners affected to rebuild their businesses, earlier than expected.

The opening follows the government’s decision to pay each of them $1,000 assistance.

Samoa Health Ministry says no Zika cases discovered since October 2015


There have been no confirmed Zika cases in Samoa since October 2015, according to a press release issued by the Samoa Ministry of Health (MOH). This despite a recent travel advisory issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for people traveling to tropical countries including Samoa.

Hawaiian Airlines' earnings soar, but don't expect lower fares

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaiian Airlines posted record fourth quarter profits thanks to plunging fuel prices. But some interisland passengers said the airline should pass on its savings in the form of lower fares.

The state's largest carrier today reported net income of $37.9 million or 66 cents per share, a 41.4 percent jump from the year-earlier quarter. Hawaiian said its fuel costs tumbled from $150.8 million in fourth quarter 2014 to $88.4 million in the latest three-month period.

Temporary market empty, food stalls back in action

A temporary flea market being set up by the government at Savalalo is slowly taking shape but as of yesterday, no stall owner had moved in.

Instead, most of them were at the Vaitele market, trying to get their $1,000 assistance from the government.

The assistance was announced last week by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Lautafi Fio Purcell.

At Savalalo, on the other side of the bus depot and in front of the fish market, most of the food stalls that were in the market have setup their own tents.


Zika virus has already been linked to brain damage in babies and paralysis in adults. Now scientists are facing another ominous possibility: that on rare occasions, the virus might be transmitted through sex.

The evidence is very slim; only a couple of cases have been described in medical literature. But a few experts feel the prospect is disturbing enough that federal health officials should inform all travelers, not just pregnant women, of the potential danger.

Samoa, China look at multi-million-tala deal

The Samoa government is negotiating a multi-million-tala deal with China about the possibility of funding a 15-storey Central Government building at Savalalo, where the Flea Market was located.

The plan was confirmed by Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, during his weekly session with the media.

According to him, the government had been planning to build a 15-storey building at the location, years before the fire that destroyed the market two weeks ago.

“We were planning to build the 15 storey building there so we are negotiating with China,” he said.


Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi believes the fire that demolished the Savalalo Market could have been started by someone who was not happy with his boss.

“These days, bad people do things like that if they are not happy with someone,” the Prime Minister said.

“When they are (unhappy), they could start up something like that and it doesn’t end there. It spreads to the whole building…but things like this can be protected through insurance.”

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