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Chan Mow warehouse destroyed by fire

In the aftermath noxious odor causes many complaints including a school closing

Apia, SAMOA — People in the vicinity of Chan Mow Wholesale are holding their noses and some are even wearing masks because of the foul smell coming from the company’s warehouse that was destroyed by fire earlier this week. Located in Apia, the warehouse stores dry goods and frozen foods at Togafuafua. Employees of the businesses near by such as Blue Bird Lumber and people at the market were seen wearing masks due to the foul smell.


One of the biggest traditional Samoan houses to be built outside of the islands will be officially opened in South Auckland today.

The maota Samoa - or meeting house - is part of a multimillion-dollar complex on the corner of Bader Drive and Mascot Ave in Mangere.

The 5345sq m site belongs to the Government of Samoa and will house the new consulate-general offices which have been located on Karangahape Rd, in the central city, since the 1970s.

Police warn gang members terrorizing Apia town, “You will be caught”


Apia, SAMOA — Samoa’s Police Spokesperson, Maotaoali’i Kaioneta Kitiona has issued a stern warning to the gang or gangs that are creating problems in the town area of Apia that the police are trained to combat gang related issues that have surfaced in Samoa in the last few weeks. This was made known during the weekly press conference with the Samoa media.

Am Samoan jailed in Samoa for possession of ice pipe

While not illegal in Am Samoa, it is against the law in Samoa

Apia, SAMOA —A 37-year-old man from American Samoa was detained last week at the Tafa’igata Prison after the customs and police K-9 alerted near the defendant and during a search the police uncovered a glass pipe commonly used to smoke ice or methamphetamine — a drug that is slowly making its presence known in Samoa, according to Samoa’s Police Spokesperson Maotaoali’i  Kaioneta.

PNA Ministers: Looking at next steps for the tuna fishery

Source:: PNA media release

Kiritimati Island, KIRIBATI — The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Ministers gathered in Kiribati this week for their 11th annual meeting. Opening the meeting, Kiribati Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development Tetabo Nakara addressed the importance of building on the gains of the PNA and maximizing opportunities for the future through innovative approaches to management, conservation and development.

US accused of goalpost shift on Marianas military plans

A lawsuit against US military proposals for two Northern Marianas islands claims due to its military realignments, the US has shifted the goalposts on its plans in the territory.

Four local community groups, with legal representation by NGO Earthjustice, are suing the US Navy and government over plans to use Tinian and Pagan islands for live-fire war exercises.

American officials have conducted consultations on their plans, which have been in the pipeline for at least six years.

Samoa Court Report


Apia, SAMOA — Samoa’s Chief Justice, Tiava’esu’e Falefatu Sapolu has scheduled sentencing for a 52 year old man who broke into a home and stole a fine mat, small beer bottles, cell phone, slippers and canned food in Faleali’i, Samoa. Asuasuega Pati of Falealili is charged with burglary and stealing, which are both felonies.

Reports of sex crimes up in Samoa, says Justice Vui

Mainly in urban areas, where there's less policing by village councils

Apia, SAMOA — “Sexual violation cases are becoming an epidemic in Samoa,” said Samoa’s Supreme Court Justice Vui Clarence Nelson in an interview with Samoa News, pointing out that what has increased most is the cases being reported to the authorities, unlike before, when these matters were literally taboo.


“Tatau: Marks of Polynesia,” at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles July 30-Jan. 8, looks at the Samoan practice of tattoo and how the patterns and motifs of these works of art help preserve the culture. The show will feature examples of traditional Samoan tattoo, or tatau, along with contemporary Polynesian works and other pieces that have been influenced by the tradition.

Update: Samoa bus crash turns fatal


Apia, SAMOA — The driver of the bus that crashed Friday night in Taivi, Samoa will be taken into custody as soon as he is released from the hospital, says Samoa’s Police Spokesperson Maotaoali’i Kaioneta. The bus was carrying close to 60 people when it crashed and rolled.
The driver was admitted into the hospital suffering severe injuries and now police are saying that one of the passengers has died.

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