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Hannemann says his time as mayor trumps rivals' experience

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann said he has far more executive experience than the other two leading candidates for governor, but they said they have backgrounds that prepare them to lead state government.

Whoever becomes Hawaii's next governor will oversee 17 state departments and about 52,000 employees, so experience running a big organization is important.

Medical marijuana info pamplets to be sent to Guam voters

The Guam Election Commission will be posting out around 50,000 information pamphlets on the upcoming medical marijuana vote this Friday.

In November voters will go to the polls not only to elect their political representatives, but to decide whether the island should allow marijuana for medical use or not.

The GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan says in preparation for this, the commission is printing material showcasing both the Senate arguments for and against the move.

Ms Pangelinan says no one will have the excuse of being ill-informed.

Andrew Choe takes over at Starkist corporate

StarKist Co., president and chief executive officer Sam Hwi Lee is retiring from the Pittsburgh based company and the top post will be filled by Andrew Choe who has been senior vice of supply chain as well as the Director of Strategic Planning and Development for StarKist, a subsidiary of South Korean based Dongwon industries.

Escaped convict continues to evade Samoa police

The Samoa police need your help to find an escaped convict.

Hans Apelu was among four prisoners who ran away from prison on Saturday morning.

This was confirmed by Acting Police Commissioner, Fauono Talalelei Tapu.

“Apelu escaped from Tafaigata with three others who were also waiting for their court appearances,” he said.

“Two were found at Vaitele and returned to Tafaigata on Saturday while Apelu and Lima Lausefo of Satapuala were not found.”

Yesterday, Lausefo was captured and returned to Tafa’igata.

But Apelu remains at large.

Samoan soprano has done it again

A young Samoan, whose voice mesmerized hundreds at Leauva’a recently during the Opera Under the Stars Concert, has done it again.

This time, Isabella Moore, has won the Dame Malvina Major Foundation Aria Competition in Dunedin, adding that title to a string of other recent singing successes. "Winning always feels good," 24-year-old Ms Moore said. She won first prize, the NZ$5,000 (T$9,000) Dame

Malvina Major Foundation award, from six fellow finalists, during the Senior Vocal Festival 2014, at the Burns Hall, First Church, Dunedin on Saturday.

Samoa chiefs warn about ‘social unrest, conflict and violence’

“We wish to highlight that the A.D.B.-backed reforms appear to be in breach of constitutional protections of customary land. Article 102 of the Constitution prohibits the alienation or disposition of customary land or any interest in customary land. This includes prohibition of sale or mortgage of customary land or interests in it, and prohibition of land or interests in it “being taken in execution or be assets for the payment of the debts to any person on his decease or insolvency”

Big white 'mystery dog' baffles Samoa police

The mysterious disappearance of a “big white dog” the Police apparently caught at the Magiagi Cemetery at 3am last weekend has left the men in blue miffed.

So much so the Police Force has since changed the working hours for members of the K9 Unit so that they no longer work past 10pm.

Acting Police Commissioner, Fauono Talalelei Tapu, told the Samoa Observer that the mystery started when members of the Unit picked up the “big white dog” with three other dogs at Magiagi that morning.

Commonwealth welcomes back Fiji

The Commonwealth has reinstated Fiji as a full member following credible elections earlier this month, eight years after the nation was first suspended following a military coup.

Ministers from the 53-nation organisation made the decision on Friday after Frank Bainimarama, who had led a bloodless coup in 2006, was sworn in as prime minister on September 22 following a general election.

Samoa consumers warned not to waste water

Samoa's Water Authority is warning it could cut water supply to consumers if people continue to waste water on unnecessary tasks like watering gardens and cleaning vehicles.

Most parts of Upolu and Savaii have been experiencing a drought for about a month.

The water authority says the country is facing water supply problems as a result of the drought, caused by the El Nino weather pattern.

Two years ago the Water Authority rationed water supply because of the same El Nino weather conditions.

Samoa's Director of Health responds to cases of babies with growing heads

The medical condition for babies born with swollen heads is known as “Hydrocephalus.” Such a condition is not inheritable.

“This disease is a condition in which there is an abnormal build up of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) in the cavities (ventricles) of the brain.

So says the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri, whose opinion was sought following a spike in the number of cases in Samoa.

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