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Cool Stuff: Three Wise Cousins Hawai’i Rocks!

Hawai’i just caught up with the Samoas after more than a week of nearly all sold out cinema showings and guest appearances of the cast & crew of Three Wise Cousins.
Hawai’i based Samoans seemed impressed with the humility and accessibility of Three Wise Cousin's cast, Director and Producer.
There was selfies, and group shots galore at the Regal Dole Cannery, Pearl Ridge, Temple Valley's Stadium Theater, Maui, Kona and now we heard... maybe Hilo.

Australian woman bound, gagged and raped in front of boyfriend in their Samoa hotel

A woman who was bound, gagged and raped by an intruder in front of her boyfriend during a trip to Samoa in September is now seeking donations to help put her alleged attacker behind bars.

US Embassy funds project to document Samoa’s archeology, culture

“The fruits of this project will be a gift to future generations”

Samoa has a rich and diverse archaeological and cultural history spanning some 3000 years, and it is because of this history, that the US Embassy in Apia has given the independent nation funding to the tune of $650K.

Pew slams NOAA for ‘promoting Pacific tuna consumption’

NGO The Pew Charitable Trusts has accused the US government of turning blind eye in the protection of endangered Pacific bluefin tuna.

"While the US has rebuilt many fish populations within its waters and contributes to better international management of fisheries, the recent guidance on Pacific bluefin calls into question its commitment to protecting and rebuilding this troubled species," said director, global tuna conservation Amanda Nickson.

According to some reports, cited by Pew, overfishing has left the population of the species is at just 2.6% of its unfished level.

Samoa court releases students on bail

Four Avele students were released on bail this week after they appeared before Judge Vaepule Vaemoa Vaai in the District Court.

The four accused were represented by lawyer Semi Leung Wai while Iliganoa Atoa appeared for the National Prosecution Office yesterday.

The four students were, Jason Vitale, Shammah Peato, Peter Tauaana and Metai Fono who faced nine joint charges.

All the charges were not disclosed in court, but through their lawyer, they entered their not guilty pleas and the matter is now adjourned to the 27 and 28th July for hearing.

Pacific Climate Change Centre to be built in Samoa

The Pacific islands are one of the areas which are highly affected by the effects of climate change. To fight these effects, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (S.P.R.E.P.) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (J.I.C.A.) have now signed a contract to build a specialized Climate Change Centre in Samoa. The Centre will be located on the S.P.R.E.P. campus in Apia.

Ex-army man disputes Samoa court's report

An ex army man who did not appear in the Supreme Court on Monday when his case was called has disputed the scheduled date it was supposed to be called.

Mualia Salamo failed to appear before Chief Justice, His Honour Patu Tiava’asue Falefatu Sapolu this week and as a result an order was made for a warrant of arrest against him.

But Salamo who contacted the Samoa Observer yesterday, said he was only aware that his case was called on Monday when he read about it in an article in the Samoa Observer.

Samoan student pleads guilty to Facebook threats

A Samoan student has pleaded guilty to four charges of posting threats on Facebook and has been sent back to prison to await a July hearing on additional charges.

Setefano Taofia Toala has pleaded not guilty to five other charges relating to school fights between Avele College and a rival school which led to Avele temporary closing.

Talamua Online reports the National Prosecution office asked the court to deny bail for Setefano due to the seriousness of the offenses.

Tattooing — The generations-old tradition at Pacific Arts Fest

When it comes to tattoos, the Pacific has some of the richest history and traditions. Jodi Brooking with the New Zealand delegation at the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts told KUAM News, "Maori tattoo is an ancient art form that goes generations and generations back."

Maori tattooing consists of patterns and symbols such as the koru - symbols which often represent genealogy and history. "The one that I wear on my face, it's only worn by females - and it basically represents my rank and my family so I'm a younger of the female line, so I've got an older sister," she explained.

Samoa issues arrest warrant for ex- U.S. army man

The Chief Justice, His Honour Patu Tiava’asue Falefatu Sapolu has ordered a warrant of arrest for former United States army personnel, Mualia Salamo.

Mr. Salamo failed to appear before the Supreme Court yesterday where a hearing date was scheduled to be set.

He had previously pleaded not guilty to five charges against him under the Drugs and Narcotics Act and the possession of Unlawful and Illegal Weapons Act.

The former U.S. army man is accused of allegedly bringing in illegal drugs and weapons that were found in a container shipped into the country last year.

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