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PNA to New Zealand and U.S. tuna industry: ‘If you don’t want to play by the rules, fish elsewhere’

PNA media release

Auckland, New Zealand 21 March 2015 — The CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) today rejected criticism from New Zealand and United States fishing industry interests of the organization’s tuna management system, saying these are attempts to bully small island countries that are successfully conserving fisheries resources while increasing economic benefits for themselves.

Extreme weather in Pacific linked to climate change

A specialist in physical geography says there is a link between climate change impacts and the severity of weather events like Cyclone Pam.

However James Renwick from Victoria University's School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences says records do not show that extreme weather has become more frequent in the region over recent years.

Nor is it expected to become more frequent in the near future.

But Vanuatu's President Baldwin Lonsdale blamed climate change for the category five cyclone which has devastated his nation last week.

Mental state of man who threw hot water on sister questioned in Samoa Court

Justice Vui Clarence Nelson, of the Supreme Court, yesterday adjourned the sentencing of 24-yearold man who threw hot water on his adopted sister in January last year.

It follows questions about his mental health raised during the proceedings.

The accused man, Talalelei Fa’aulufalega, was initially charged with murder. But when the prosecution amended the charge to manslaughter, he pleaded guilty.

He was represented in court by his lawyer, Lei’ataua Jerry Brunt.

Prosecuting lawyer Rexona Titi, of the Attorney General’s Office.

Cook Islands purse seine allocations will open up economy

The Cook Islands' Ministry of Marine Resources says assigning further purse seine fishing allocations will open up the country's economy.

The Ministry has announced it will accept a second round of negotiations to assign the remaining half of its 1,250 purse seine fishing allocations for this year.

It has already signed a 400 day allocation deal with Korean company Silla Co.

The Secretary of Marine Resources, Ben Ponia says filling the allocation will bring in a further 10 million dollars and boost local activity.

Facebook threat costs Samoa teen $100

Don't threaten people – or your relatives – on Facebook.

That was the message from District Court Judge, Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma, yesterday when he fined an 18-year-old student for threatening a relative on Facebook.

Wilhehmina Mathew Lilomaiava, of Tauese, is a student at University of the South Pacific.

During the proceedings, it was revealed that the defendant had called her aunty names and threatened her on the social network.

The threats were the result of an internal dispute involving the bestowing of a matai title. Her aunty is 43-years-old. She is a mother of 10.

Not-so-smart thief filmed burglarizing Samoa shop

A not-so-smart thief may have missed being caught by the owners of one of the busiest shops at Vaitele-Uta, but in the process of his break in, he left behind incriminating evidence in film footage.

“Our shop closed around half past three on Saturday morning,” said the shop owner who asked for anonymity and also did not wish his business to be named.

“When my children came back to reopen the shop at about half past six that same morning, they found there was a broken window at the back.”

Pacific Quota registrations for New Zealand open in April

Immigration New Zealand media release

Citizens of Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Fiji are encouraged to register for this year’s ballot under the Samoan Quota and Pacific Access Category between 1 and 30 April 2015.

Immigration instructions recognize the special relationship between New Zealand and Samoa and the Pacific Access Category countries of Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji.


Two other tuna management measures recommended

HONOLULU — At the conclusion of its three-day meeting Thursday, the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council recommended three management measures for longline fisheries in American Samoa and other US Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.


These recommendations and others from the SSC and other Council advisory groups will be considered by the Council, March 16-18, 2015, at the Laniakea YWCA's Fuller Hall, 1040 Richards St., Honolulu.


Five students in Samoa expelled over bullying video

The management at Samoa's Saint Joseph College has expelled five students after a bullying video went viral on social media showing a year eleven student being assaulted by five other students.

he Director of the Catholic schools in Samoa, A'eau Chris Hazelman, says an investigation is under way with possible police charges against the students.

Our correspondent says teachers at the college are also being urged to own up if they had seen or were told of the incident, but did not report it to the principal.

A'eau says the teachers may also face expulsion if they would be found.

Communication lost as Cyclone Pam hammers Vanuatu

Tropical Cyclone Pam is edging closer to Vanuatu's capital, and there are already reports of deaths in the outer islands.


The category five cyclone has battered Vanuatu's northern provinces, however communication is down and the extent of the damage is not known.


Some news media are reporting gusts of up to 330 kilometres an hour and it is reported to be the strongest storm globally since 2013.


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