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Samoan soprano takes top opera honor

Samoan soprano, Marlena Ott Devoe, has won the Joan Sutherland Richard Bonynge Bel Canto Award in Australia.

In doing so, she has overcome fierce competition to secure the top prize, giving her another step up the ladder as she continues her journey to the top.

The award was established in the memory Sutherland and Bonynge's legacy to develop great opera singers for the future and ensure the sustainability of opera.

UH among 4 finalists for Obama Presidential Library

The University of Hawaii is one of four finalists for the Barack Obama Presidential Library, it was announced Monday.

The Barack Obama Foundation said it has issued a request for proposal to the UH, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Columbia University in New York, all of which submitted their qualifications to host the future presidential library earlier this year.

Video: 'Five-O' celebrates season five

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Despite heat and humidity, thousands turned out for the fifth season of a show that has as much staying power as they do -- "Hawaii Five-O."The cast and crew of the hit CBS television series also came out for what's become an annual tradition, getting a sneak preview of the first episode of the new season on a big screen at a "Sunset on the Beach" event in Waikiki.

US pilot missing in Western Pacific following crash

The US Navy is continuing to search for a missing pilot, after two of its jets crashed into the western Pacific Ocean.

A spokesman says the F/A-18C Hornets were operating off the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson when they came down.

The navy says one pilot was rescued and is receiving medical attention aboard the ship.

A search effort is underway to find the second.

The two jets, which cost $57m US dollars each, have not been recovered.

The crash occurred about 466 kilometers west of Wake Island, which is 3,700 kilometers west of Honolulu.

Strong winds detour voyaging canoes to Swains

Under the guidance of master navigator Nainoa Thompson, apprentice navigators Jenna Ishii and Lehua Kamalu used traditional wayfinding to guide Hokule‘a and Hikianalia since leaving Apia, Samoa, on Sept. 6.

Originally slated to voyage to Fakaofo,Tokelau, strong winds caused a course change to Swains Island — the destination planned for after the Fakaofo visit.

The crew is talking with community members about the effects of climate change on the area, according to a news release from the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

The Tokelau atolls are between 6 and 16 feet above sea level.

Title not registered but issue beyond Samoa’s jurisdiction

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Masinalupe Tusipa Masinalupe, re-confirmed yesterday that a matai title being used by a candidate in the New Zealand election is not registered in Samoa.

However, the C.E.O was also quick to point out that there is nothing Samoa can do about it.

The title in question is the Misa that’s been used by National Party candidate, Misa Fia Turner.

Pitcairn Islanders call for world's largest marine reserve

Pitcairn Islanders have unanimously called for the creation of what could become the world's largest fully protected marine reserve around their islands.

A leading natural history broadcaster, Paul Rose says from Pitcairn, 5500 kilometres northeast of New Zealand, that the 49 people who live there want the 830,000 square kilometre reserve.

They want only a small area around their island exempted for their own fishing.

Typhoid cases confirmed in Tonga

Health officials in Tonga have called for public caution after confirming 3 cases of typhoid.

Radio Tonga reports a senior medical scientist at Vaiola Hospital, Stanley Hoko, has confirmed the presence of typhoid.

He says the bacteria that causes typhoid can spread quickly if efforts are not made to control it.

Mr Hoko has urged the public to follow good hygiene rules, including ensuring food and drinking water are safe and clean for consumption.

Rain fails to ruin opera fun at Apia annual event

The rain failed to ruin a beautiful evening at Leauva’a on Wednesday night for the second show of the Opera under the Stars.

After several minutes of heavy drizzle, quick thinking by the organisers saw the event shifted indoors so that the crowd would continue to enjoy the evening.

Many of them had turned up for a second serving of the opera talents on show that included Daphne Collins, Isabella Moore, Taunoa Filimoehala, Juan Kim, Benson Wilson and Derek Wendt.

Doubt over NZ National candidate's Samoan chief title

National's campaign for the Pacific vote in south Auckland has suffered a serious blow.

The party's Mangere candidate is facing accusations from Labour of fraud and deception for using a Matai or Samoan chief title without having earned it.

Misa Fia Turner is fighting for National in the Labour stronghold of Mangere.

But the Misa in her name – the Samoan chief title – is being questioned, throwing doubt on Prime Minister John Key's campaign in south Auckland.

"I inherited it from my father," says Ms Turner. "It's an honour."

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