Op-Ed: Why climate-science denialism should disqualify anyone from holding office

Last night, an event rapidly transpired in Washington that, while routine, was also so utterly lunatic it bears reconsideration. During a series of votes on the Keystone Pipeline, Senate Democrats proposed an amendment affirming that “human activity significantly contributes to climate change.”

The amendment failed because only five Republican Senators supported it. Media coverage largely focused on the political machinations of both sides attempting to frame dueling votes in their preferred language. Yet the outcome of the vote reveals something profound and disturbing.


Dear Editor,
In reference to your article in Friday’s edition of Samoa News about the DOH Director’s recommendation to terminate the Director of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program, I offer the following:
Anyone who has worked with federal grants knows that these program resources (funds, personnel, equipment, supplies, etc.) cannot legally be used to “supplant” local programs or activities, particularly when they are not remotely related to the purpose for which the grant was awarded.


Dear Editor,
I am grateful that Gov. Lolo in his State of the Territory address has provided us with an excellent accounting for 2014 and review of future economic forecasts and concerns for the interest of American Samoa.


Dear Editor,
I refer to Mick McCuddin’s letter for my attention dated 13 January regarding the prospect of the demise of the penny in the territory and respond as follows.
I agree that a more simplified range of coins would be desirable particularly, as Mick points out, when the oldest marketing ruse in the book, selling an item for one cent less than the regular sales price is widespread amongst traders here.


(sent via Facebook)

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to you on a matter that is of grave concern to me. Am hoping you can put it on your facebook page so someone can do something about it before it's too late.

Tonight (Thrusday) during practice for our Leone High School Mr. & Miss Taumafai pageant at the Vailoa CCCAS Hall, a village argument broke out within the village as to who had the right to let us (Leone HIgh School) use the hall. The Church or the Village Matai Satele.


Dear Editor:
No one has been more critical of LBJ Hospital both publicly through "Letters to the Editor" and privately than I have for many years. With LBJ's reputation and growing older my mindset was if I suffer a serious medical problem I hope I can make it to Hawaii in time because if you go to LBJ it's most likely a one way trip!


Dear Editor,
I would greatly appreciate if you would publish the following open letter to the President of the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce.
Dear Mr. Robinson (Dave),
In almost every store I shop at, I continually see signs that state: “We Need Pennies”. I always give them the ones I get in change because I hate having to end up with a pocket, or drawer full of pennies, which I never take with me when I go out anyway.

GONG SHOW 2015 “You Talk Too Much…”

People have asked if I am not scared that I will be beaten up for the things I talk about in the Gong Shows. My reply: “No, because for us, Samoans — that’s what we’re all about — talk… talk… talk…”
“You talk too much, You worry me to death, You talk too much, You even worry my pet —You just talk,Talk too much.
“You talk about people, That you don't know, You talk about people, Wherever you go — You just talk, Talk too much.


Dear Editor,
Today’s article (December 18, 2014) in the Samoa News titled “U.S. Senate passes measure which includes tax break for canneries” needs some further explanation in order to quantify how Section 141 of the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 benefits the canneries in American Samoa.
The below is a simple explanation of the formula to calculate the tax credit to be taken on the U.S. Corporate Income Tax Return of the canneries operating in American Samoa. 


Dear Editor,
Your Monday, (12/08/2014) issue of Samoa News published an article entitled, "ASG gets a yes to request for Health Care coverage". I find the article to be great news, as it told of Governor Lolo' s untiring effort to pursue universal healthcare coverage for the people of the territory via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) .
The ASG and the people of the territory, in my opinion, must embrace and support this great vision of the Lolo administration in healthcare.

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