OP ED: Depression: Unspoken Thoughts

A mother’s nightmare seeking mental health services

The announcement of Robin Williams’ death silenced the world of comedy and put the rest of the world in a state of confusion with whispers of ‘suicide’. Unsure if it was a question or confirmation, many believed it just couldn’t be true. Just the thought of no longer seeing his robust energy make it difficult for a TV interview or watching him brighten up the saddest person, helping someone to grin just a little… he brought so much laughter into family homes all the while silently keeping so much within.  


Dear Editor,
I was very sad to learn that my old friend Harold Si'ufanua passed away Friday morning in San Leandro, CA. His daughter AnnIka told me his family was glad he was no longer in pain and at peace.

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GONG SHOW 4: Gov't business IS the people's business

Nothing came out and hit me over the head this week… not even Gov. Lolo and his cabinet yapping on about drawing a line in the sand on the type of information that should be released to the media.
According to Lolo, public information should be about issues approved by the administration and promoting its vision… otherwise he said, “You are selling your own vision… and if that’s the case, you don’t belong in this administration.”


Dear Editor,
Human greed certainly has no defined borders and taken to its predictable end as we are now witnessing, it is pitiful that after many decades of unrestrained harvesting of the once vast resources of the mighty Pacific Ocean, the remaining commercial combatants — old names with new faces —  are now squabbling over a few morsels left.


Dear Editor,
I am responding to the August 19 article 'Governor proposes increased pay for Cabinet members'.
I would like to first thank all the directors for their hard work for the people of American Samoa.  Raises should be given when earned. However, there needs to be some sense of equity across the board.


Dear Editor,
American Samoa owes a big thank you to Brett Butler, who has resigned from his post as General Manager of StarKist Samoa.
Brett was tireless in his efforts to make sure that corporate chieftains off-island did not mothball the local tuna plant. He fought with all the weapons at his disposal to prevent the loss of thousands of jobs, even if it meant the temporary and painful loss of hundreds of jobs.

Obama — Citizenship not a fundamental right for Virgin Islanders

ST. THOMAS - In a legal brief filed last week, the Obama administration took the position that citizenship is not a fundamental right of people born in unincorporated U.S. territories.

The federal government maintains that Congress has the legislative discretion to grant privileges to those born in the territories as they see fit.

The brief was filed in response to a lawsuit about citizenship rights for unincorporated territories that is pending before a federal appeals court.


Dear Editor,
The Ebola outbreak in parts of the world has me scared. I mean really scared. Here in our remote corner of the world, how safe are we?
In April 2014 our schools were shut down after some 3,000 students and teachers contracted “pink eye”.


Coming back from a foot infection, after two weeks off walking around like Quasimodo, I figured why not gong a couple of gongs …
To Genevieve (Gene) Brighouse, Superintendent of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa — Tauese P. F Sunia Ocean Center, who sent us an email cc’ed to 100+ Chamber Members — for an inadvertent mistake in our headline — where we called the move by President Barack Obama to expand certain Marine Monument areas, a Marine Sanctuary expansion: Really Ms Brighouse?

OP ED: Gagana Taumualua — Dual Medium Language approach

Sikola o le Gagana Taumualua/Dual Medium Language approach.
‘O le metotia aogā ma le lelei mo potu ā’oga a Tutuila ma Manu’a
Faiga Fa’avae – Tulafono na fa’ata’atia

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