In last Thursday’s front page story titled, ‘Senators plea with ASG scholarship board to change policy re student loans’, it states in part that Sen. Magalei Logovi’i graduated with a “C” GPA.
Samoa News should clarify that Magalei’s “C” GPA was during his Freshman year, but   the former Mapusaga High School student graduated as a Salutatorian with a 3.9 GPA in 1966. He went on to graduate with a Bachelors degree from BYU-Hawaii.


Dear Editor,

Op-Ed: It’s Already Too Late

It’s human nature. No one wants to hear bad news. Doom-sayers are especially suspect. How many times has the prophesized end of the world failed to arrive? And then there is the seductive power of denial. There is good reason Al Gore’s Academy Award winning documentary about global climate change was called “An Inconvenient Truth.”  And, oh yes, politics—if progressives claim something is true, it must, on ideological principle, be false. Finally, there is the nature of time itself: It will happen when? In the as yet uncertain future?


Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the editorial by your special contributor, Barry Markowitz, published in your April 8, 2014 entitled: “TMO American Samoa Marist 7s is a signature sports tourism event…”


Dear Editor,
I would like to offer an observation regarding some comments concerning pink eye, or conjunctivitis, that recently appeared in the Samoa News web edition. These comments were made by a certain doctor (who shall remain unnamed in this letter) working within the pediatrics clinic at the LBJ medical center.


Dear Editor:
In yesterday's paper (Tuesday, Apr. 1) it was the Director of Commerce calling the U.S. Governments OIG report untrue? In today's paper (Wed., Apr. 2) the Governor calls the U.S. Government's GAO study, "a meaningless waste of resources". Wait just a minute.


Dear Editor,



Dear Editor:
It seems that I can't get away from lines everywhere I go on this Rock anymore. The latest is the line at L.B.J.
I had some trouble with my knee and big toe and called LBJ for advice but their lines were busy and after several tries I decided to call LBJ's parent organization, the Weather Station.

Talavalu: On scene review

special for Samoa News

(Many know TriMarine President Joe Hamby as a contributor to the Territory's economy, through Samoa Tuna Processors. Joe is also a former Stanford University 15s and San Francisco Rugby Football Club 7s player. Joe shares his view on Talavalu's daily performance for the Samoa News.)


Dear Editor,
Your March 21, 2013 article “Update: Vessel owner fined for illegally manning U.S. Flag Vessels,” names Star-Kist, Chicken of the Sea, Bumble Bee and FCF Fishery Co. as owners of South Pacific Tuna Corporation (SPTC). This statement is not true, as none of these companies have any involvement in the ownership. I, however, am one of the U.S. majority owners — and I would like to publicly apologize to each of these fine organizations for this error.

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