Samoa News Editorial: The Gong Show returns

Last week, the FY2015 proposed budget was submitted to the Legislative Branch of government, with a 26-page cover letter that can only be described as a document that personifies that old adage: “IF YOU CAN’T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH BS.”
(My apologies to those who would be offended by the language.)
Some of the gems found within this 26-page cover letter, with colorful graphs and “$10 words”:


Dear Editor:
Our Governor, a taboo subject?
It is time for this administration to stop treating us as if American Samoa is a giant "Day Care Center" and they’re talking to children instead of the very adults who put them into office!


A Dept.of Health alert titled “Dengue-like Illness” that was issued to media earlier this week said in part, there have been “more than 100 patients with several hospitalizations and one death which have occurred on Tutuila in the past 20 days.”


Dear Editor,
I just wanted to say that throughout the week I have so enjoyed KVZK viewings. I discontinued our cable due to the terrible programming these days, not to mention the television being such a robber of precious time. However, I love watching KVZK.


Dear Editor:
Certain “bad news” — particularly news that impacts negatively on certain important needs of a community – must not be allowed to pass quietly into obscurity without comment.
Suffice it to say, as a fundamental truth: Educationally, we are all a product of all of our teachers; and when teachers fail, society suffers.

OP-ED: “NO means NO”

I’m disappointed that the Director of Health Motusa Nua, would assume a defensive stand against a victim, especially since his worker admitted to this offensive behavior. 
Regardless of the ‘horsing’ around, NO means NO.
Every Director should be well versed on investigators’ unannounced visits and powers of arrest if there is probable cause.


Dear Editor,
As a Samoan Soldier, I have the upmost respect for CSM (Ret) Nua and his service to our country and our people.
However, I disagree with him on the handling of his employees during a crisis that also grips the US Army to this day. Sexual Harassment/Assault has been a black eye for our Army in recent years and as a retired Senior Leader, he should’ve set standards within his department on the conduct of his employees, because ultimately he is the Director.

“2% —THE NORM”

Dear Editor,
Reading that only 2% of the people taking the Police Academy entrance exam passed the test shocked many readers but when you really think about it 2% is more of a norm here than realized. I'll give you some examples:
1. Department of Motor Vehicles. No license plates available to issue out. No drivers licenses issuance due to material shortages and equipment breakdown. A typical ASG operation — 98% budget for personnel and 2% for operations.

Liability issues keep students from sailing with Hokule’a crew


Hope Autele, who was named the Manu’a winner for the Hokule’a trip has pulled out and she will be replaced by Patricia Penitito, who will join Tutuila winner O’Riley Siona Le’au as VIP guests when the Hokule’a arrives in the territory next month.
Earlier this year, the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa (NMSAS) gave the opportunity to students of Tutuila and Manu’a to ‘earn’ a seat on the Hokule’a.


Dear Editor,

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