Op-Ed: The Supreme Court needs to settle American Samoa birthright citizenship

An injustice in American Samoa shows how SCOTUS can end this controversy

Soon, the Supreme Court will decide whether to take a case of astounding constitutional importance. Its outcome could alter the rules governing citizenship, equal protection, and the power of the federal government. And it centers around a tiny chain of islands that you probably cannot find on a map.

The question: Can Congress decide that an entire group of Americans—born in America, raised in America, allegiant to America—does not deserve United States citizenship?


In yesterday’s front page story about “Transgenders in the military,” Samoa News inadvertently quoted local recruiter SFC Miguel Diaz as saying that transgenders are being recruited locally in the US Army.

SFC Diaz clarifies that any person wanting to enlist in the US Army will be classified as one of two things: male or female, regardless of what sex they ‘identify’ with.
Samoa News apologizes to its readers for the misunderstanding.

Op-Ed: The United States has a moral obligation to give Puerto Rico the right to vote

Voting rights has become an increasingly partisan issue. In Wisconsin, new voter ID laws led to brutal lines at the polls in urban areas—a development designed, even according to Republicans themselves, to suppress Democratic turnout.


I love these national alerts on pedophiles, IS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SAFE? How can you determine if there are sex offenders’ activities being plotted in your community?

Samoa News bids farewell to Teuimaota Aloalii Alesana Sasa

(I was very saddened to learn last week Thursday that one of Samoa News’ contributors passed unexpectedly. Teuimaota Aloalii Alesana Sasa had written a weekly column for the Samoa News — “Thanks for Listening Be Blessed” — for the last six months; and while I didn’t know him personally, I found his columns to be inspirational and soul warming. He is missed.



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  • Op Ed: Quiet tolerance of sexual assault

    Refusing to accept the unacceptable is the motto for this age. Nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. Every year, too many women, men and boys are sexually assaulted and abused. This is an offense to our basic decency and humanity, and it must end. It is everyone's responsibility not only to speak out, but also to take action against this injustice. It is said, “sexual assault harms and weakens the foundations of a nation, and hurts those we love most.”


    Dear Editor,


    My name is Caroline Schuster and I am writing in the hope that Samoa News would publish information about one of the greatest students here at Missouri Valley College.


    Missouri Valley College, located in Marshall, Missouri is a four-year college that fosters great diversity among students. Before every graduation, Missouri Valley College hosts a banquet that honors only the top students from each major.


    Among those who were honored, was American Samoa’s very own Ricardo Gonzales.


    “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted“ — Matthew 5:4

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