GONG SHOW: Where’s the fun in that?


A short gong this week —I’m tired and need another 3-day weekend —fast.  
Hey  — I remember the good ole days — when going to cast my vote was FUN — as well as me exercising my right and doing my civic duty.


Dear Editor,
I appreciate Mr. Dave Haleck’s response to my media response to Mr. Sanitoa’s political comments on their [Faoa & Sanitoa gubernatorial team] radio talk show last week.  While I respect Mr. Haleck’s point of view, I wish that Mr. Haleck did not try to interpret Mr. Sanitoa’s comments and try to speak on Mr. Sanitoa’s behalf. I believe he totally misinterpreted Mr. Sanitoa’s comments and misconstrued the nature of my response to Mr. Sanitoa’s political comments. 


Dear Editor,
Because our name was mentioned in a story today (Friday, Sept. 16, 2016) regarding Senate President Pro Temp Senator Laolagi Savali Vaeao taking issue with Representative Larry Sanitoa’s comments on the Territorial Bank of American Samoa (TBAS), I feel compelled to respond.

OP ED: "American Samoa and US Presidential Elections"

Every ten years the US Census Bureau conducts a survey on the entire population of the United States. Included in the census count is the "unorganized" and "unincorporated" US Territory of American Samoa, This also includes Samoans living in the continental United States,
When it comes to the question of population, American Samoa is listed as among the least in number among US states and territories — 56,158 according to the 2016 US Census report.



One of the main vehicles of communicating in our community is now social media — Facebook, YouTube, Messaging, Twitter and websites seem to be the vehicles of choice for us.

GONG SHOW — Pre Election 2016

“No, No, No, No… Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes”


I’ve been watching this show on Netflix — Vicar of Dibley — one of those great British irreverent sitcoms, where the vicar is a female, in a small town of crazy characters —many of whom sit on the church’s board of directors. It’s hilarious, and gives me a pause in my day that I obviously, after watching this, take too seriously.


Clarifications and Corrections

In last Friday’s edition, Samoa News inadvertently deleted the headline for the local House race, Representative District #17 – Leasina. Samoa News is reprinting the candidates for this district:
Representative District #17 – Leasina
1. Atalina Asifoa
2. Gafatasi Afalava
3. Meafaiga T. Faoa
Election Office provided last Friday the correct spelling for three candidates from two House districts:


Dear Editor,
To: Samoa Counsel General (Hon. Auseugaefa Va'asatia Poloma Komiti)
(Ref. Samoa News article dated August 4th, 2016, Page 1&2)
Subject: “Non- Samoa Passports Expiring in Less then 6 months, not valid for travel to Samoa”
1. Page 1, Para 2, Line 3 — “effective Sept. 1 this year, all non-Samoan passports with less than six months validity after the scheduled date of arrival in Samoa “will not be accepted” for travel to Samoa."

Monument proposal would devastate California’s fishing industry

California’s fisheries provide healthy, sustainable food, but that could change under a dangerous new proposal being circulated, until recently, behind closed doors at the Legislature.

California’s fishing community – more than 40 harbors, chambers of commerce, seafood processors and recreational and commercial fishing groups – has united to oppose the proposal to declare virtually all offshore seamounts, ridges and banks off the coast as monuments under the Antiquities Act and permanently close these areas to commercial fishing.


Dear Editor:
Our present administration was elected on a" People First" platform but that was put on a backburner while they're agenda seemed to change to hiring as many voters as they possibly could including their political opponents to secure this election. To gain control of the Retirement Fund and to open their own bank.

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