Dear Editor,
Your March 21, 2013 article “Update: Vessel owner fined for illegally manning U.S. Flag Vessels,” names Star-Kist, Chicken of the Sea, Bumble Bee and FCF Fishery Co. as owners of South Pacific Tuna Corporation (SPTC). This statement is not true, as none of these companies have any involvement in the ownership. I, however, am one of the U.S. majority owners — and I would like to publicly apologize to each of these fine organizations for this error.

Op-Ed: Americans in territories have earned the right to pick president

If Americans in U.S. territories are good enough to serve in times of war, they deserve the right to vote for their commander in chief.

On Tuesday, President Obama will award the Medal of Honor (posthumously) to four soldiers from Puerto Rico and others who exhibited extraordinary bravery and personal sacrifice during the Korean and Vietnam wars. A military review concluded they were deserving of this highest honor after having been originally passed over because of discrimination.


Dear Editor,
Thank you for keeping the community informed about what is going on. I have not heard an update on the DOE director’s goal regarding more culture in the schools. I know that there is already a mandatory Samoan class.
I hope they are not trying to remove the “English Only” policy from the classrooms. I love our Samoan culture and I understand the importance of passing it on. That is the reason I moved my family here, but is it the duty of the school system?


In one of our Talavalu Team profile stories, “Take a Sad Song and Make it Better”, published on Monday, Mar. 10, 2014, Ryan Pa’aga is noted as being arrested when he was a juvenile “over a rock-throwing incident that injured some students from Faga’itua High School, some of whom were admitted to the hospital.”

OP-ED: What will it take to inspire women’s leadership in the Pacific?

International Women’s Day: The theme this year is “Inspiring Change”

On gender equality – it is no secret that the Pacific is lagging.
The region is home to some of the world’s highest domestic violence rates. Economic empowerment of women in many countries, particularly in Melanesia, is desperately low. Women lack access to finance, land, jobs and income. In my country, Solomon Islands, there is only one woman in parliament, and there are none in Vanuatu and FSM – a country which has never yet seen a woman elected.


As Christians, Lent is a special time for us, as it marks the 40 days of intense spiritual preparation for Easter. It is also a time of fasting as a way to exercise restraint and grow in spirit. During this time, we also intensify acts of penitence to remind us of our humanity and our weakness. This is a time to take stock of ourselves to become closer to our neighbors and to God.

Essay: I've discovered the Internet's most Internet sentence, and 'Your an Idiot' if you disagree

The Internet has no place for your grandmother’s commonsense communication aphorisms. That old standby “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” for instance, is laughably anachronistic online, where opinions need not be well thought out, facts don’t need to be checked, and rage needn’t be reined in.

Considering this reality, it might be useful to coronate an expression that best represents the status of Internet discourse in 2014—a symbol of our times. “The Internet’s Most Internet Sentence,” if you will.


Dear Editor,
While I applaud Governor Lolo for being so considerate in granting leniency for individuals applying for student loans, I do not see this being beneficial for anyone.
Who exactly are we helping by granting this leniency? The students? The community? Government? The answer is "no one."


Dear Editor,
I am here to express my sincerest and utmost form of gratitude to our workers in the government and community.
To the Department of Public Works: Thank you for keeping our roadsides and island looking beautiful and clean, despite the scorching sun and heat.
To the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unit: Thank you for your quick responses to the needs of the individuals within the community, despite being disregarded by some drivers when trying to rush through traffic.


Dear Editor,
Malo Velega! A man of integrity, a man of honor, a man of courage. Velega has never been afraid to speak up when he sees something that is not right. While I don’t always agree with his every point of view, I do support him on his decision to step down from the LBJ Board. As a member of the Board, he knew the difference between the governance function and the management function, and recognized that what was being asked of him, was not consistent with his role and responsibilities. 

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