Dear Editor:
Our present administration was elected on a" People First" platform but that was put on a backburner while they're agenda seemed to change to hiring as many voters as they possibly could including their political opponents to secure this election. To gain control of the Retirement Fund and to open their own bank.



Seeking closure for an untimely violent death of your child is a path no parent should be forced to travel upon.
A young woman died of fatal injuries sustained May 30, 2016. It was alleged she jumped out from a moving vehicle driven by her spouse. Apparently alcohol was involved. Pending investigations, the victim was finally laid to rest two weeks later.


Dear Editor:
In all my years I've never witnessed the American flag so abused as I have here in the past few weeks. ASTCA at half mast, VA at full mast, FAA at half mast, Stadium at full mast, McDonald’s at full mast, Sub-Station at half mast !!

Op-Ed: Puerto Rico’s rude awakening

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — IT’S official now. Puerto Rico has about as much sovereignty as a United States colony.

The word came down from Washington in mid-June, in two Supreme Court rulings that insult our pride as self-governing United States citizens.

One said our courts lacked the power of state courts to try local criminals separately after federal prosecutors weighed in. The other said we must go hat in hand to Congress if our public utilities are to get debt relief. Unlike states, we cannot help them seek bankruptcy protection.


Dear Editor,
The Front Page article in the July 8th issue of the Samoa News on the colonization of Oceania by early Polynesian mariners was quite interesting. As a student of Samoa’s ancient history I’ve always enjoyed reading about new findings involving the Polynesian migrations and the incredible knowledge those ancient navigators had of their natural world.


Dear Editor,
April 30,2015, a tragic accident occurred in Le Puapua. An accident involving a DUI. It claimed the life of a beloved mother, daughter, sister and friend.
Witness accounts, conjectures and suspicions are spreading like smoldering wildfire on what brought on this horrific incident. Pending investigation process, we wait, hope and pray for justice.


Dear Editor:
I thank you for allowing me to pen my respect to my friend, the late Peseta Lavea Margaret Malua. As CEO of SBEC, Peseta Margaret helped lead the Samoa delegation to the Two-Samoa Talks on Economic Integration since 2013. 
Peseta Margaret, along with CEO of Samoa’s Chamber of Commerce Ane Moananu, spearheaded the Two Samoa trade and fashion show in Pago Pago highlighting the American Samoa 2015 Flag Day.

Op-Ed: The Supreme Court needs to settle American Samoa birthright citizenship

An injustice in American Samoa shows how SCOTUS can end this controversy

Soon, the Supreme Court will decide whether to take a case of astounding constitutional importance. Its outcome could alter the rules governing citizenship, equal protection, and the power of the federal government. And it centers around a tiny chain of islands that you probably cannot find on a map.

The question: Can Congress decide that an entire group of Americans—born in America, raised in America, allegiant to America—does not deserve United States citizenship?


In yesterday’s front page story about “Transgenders in the military,” Samoa News inadvertently quoted local recruiter SFC Miguel Diaz as saying that transgenders are being recruited locally in the US Army.

SFC Diaz clarifies that any person wanting to enlist in the US Army will be classified as one of two things: male or female, regardless of what sex they ‘identify’ with.
Samoa News apologizes to its readers for the misunderstanding.

Op-Ed: The United States has a moral obligation to give Puerto Rico the right to vote

Voting rights has become an increasingly partisan issue. In Wisconsin, new voter ID laws led to brutal lines at the polls in urban areas—a development designed, even according to Republicans themselves, to suppress Democratic turnout.

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