Coming back from a foot infection, after two weeks off walking around like Quasimodo, I figured why not gong a couple of gongs …
To Genevieve (Gene) Brighouse, Superintendent of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa — Tauese P. F Sunia Ocean Center, who sent us an email cc’ed to 100+ Chamber Members — for an inadvertent mistake in our headline — where we called the move by President Barack Obama to expand certain Marine Monument areas, a Marine Sanctuary expansion: Really Ms Brighouse?

OP ED: Gagana Taumualua — Dual Medium Language approach

Sikola o le Gagana Taumualua/Dual Medium Language approach.
‘O le metotia aogā ma le lelei mo potu ā’oga a Tutuila ma Manu’a
Faiga Fa’avae – Tulafono na fa’ata’atia


In Tuesday’s edition in the story dealing with FY 2015 budget hearings, under the banner Fono Briefs, Samoa News misquoted Sen. Laolagi F.S. Vaeao on the total amount of local revenue. Instead of $92.47 million cited in the story, Laolagi did say that local revenue is$106.24 million. Samoa News apologies to the senator and our readers.


Dear Editor: 
Last Thursday I needed a little cash, rather than wait two or three hours sitting in the bank I decided to use the ATM.
The Tafuna ANZ bank ATM was not working— so off to Laufou I go… not working there either. OK, I'll go to Cost U Less, surprise, not working also. Last hope without having to drive to town in the storm was Haleck’s in Pava’ia’i.  No luck there— their ATM has been down a week. 


Dear Editor,
I think it’s time to clarify to the public that one of the important functions of the Department of Education is to collect data and seek educational research to answer important questions. In the coming school year, the Dual Language program will be piloted.


On a recent visit to American Samoa I was told by several persons that there was resistance to the dual language program that is being planned in which more use will be made of the Samoan language.
The resistance is due to the belief that the young of Samoa must be fluent in English in order to compete in the modern world. That is true and the evidence is overwhelming: AS high school graduates who are the most proficient in English get scholarships, get the best jobs and, in general do better economically.

GONG SHOW: Another word for politics — Samoan style


Insanity is just another word for “politics” - Samoan style. I stand by that thought when I hear things like:
The lawmakers want a hard copy of the FY 2015 budget, not that “pdf” copy that was sent to them by the Budget Office. In fact, they’re so serious about the request; they are threatening to cancel the budget hearings, until they get their “hard” copy.


Dear Editor:
The day your newspaper announced that the Governor had appointed the former LBJ CEO Faumuina to the LBJ Board of Directors I turned to my wife and said, "That's the end of CEO Fleming".  The die was cast. How many times have we seen this scenario play out during power struggles when local politics rears its head?

Op Ed: “The Hokulea”

The Polynesian Voyaging Society celebrates their worldwide voyage this year with two double hulled canoes: the Hokule’a and its sister Hikianalia. It all started in the 1970s where Hokule’a was just an idea by Ben Finney. He was concerned about the Polynesian culture slowly fading away. Therefore, the vessel Hokule’a was built and established under the Polynesian Voyaging Society to travel the world, especially within the South Pacific, to create ties and gather knowledge to revive the Polynesian culture that our forefathers once taught us.

Samoa News Editorial: The Gong Show returns

Last week, the FY2015 proposed budget was submitted to the Legislative Branch of government, with a 26-page cover letter that can only be described as a document that personifies that old adage: “IF YOU CAN’T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH BS.”
(My apologies to those who would be offended by the language.)
Some of the gems found within this 26-page cover letter, with colorful graphs and “$10 words”:

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