Op-Ed: Allegiance and Nationality, Citizenship and Equality

(Howard Hills was counsel for territorial status affairs in the Executive Office of the President and the U.S. Department of State during the Reagan Administration.)


 Dear Editor,
 Talofa lava. Oute mua’i fa’atulou atu Tutuila ma Manu’a ma lau fa’asausauga. Tolouna le pa’ia ole faigamalo a Tutuila ma Manu’a i vaega ‘ese’ese. Tolouna le pa’ia ile fa’afofoga’aga ile usoga ia Tumua ma Pule…tolouna lava. Tainane le pa’ia ole ‘au faigaluega totofi a le Atua i lea fata-faitaulaga ma lea fata-faitaulaga; o lo’o nono-manu, aua se manuia mo a taeao o Samoana-Lua…tolouna lava.


To:The Editor, Samoa News
Samoa News, in its Gong Show editorial entitled, "Mo' Money", noted that I had questioned DOI in front of Congress as to why American Samoa's operating grant has never increased. The response was that American Samoa is the only territory that gets an operating grant, which is somewhat misleading, because other territories have their own unique funding arrangements with the federal government.


Dear Editor,
My high school and elementary children have been telling me off and on throughout this school year about how sometimes the milk at school does not come in its own single serving carton — but is poured out from a litre sized carton into a foam cup for each child.
Is this what the vendors bid on when they turned in their bids for the School Lunch Program — milk that is poured from a litre carton into foam cups — instead of single serving sized milk — or both?


Dear Editor,
The Government, Fono, Alia owners and longliner owners on the 50-mile issue has gotten to the point that no one is thinking clearly anymore. Here are some points that can make this a win-win situation for all. A good businessman knows that a good practice for an investment is to know where, how and the feasibility of the project. Several factors are on the table, and no one is looking at them.

THE GONG SHOW: “Mo’ Money”


In the last Gong Show, I wrote of the latest round of government tax bills — it’s those pesky proposed revenue laws I was referring to — and pointed out that my simple solution is: “stop wanting to be billionaires… ‘so freakin’ bad…”


I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga, Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, Congresswoman Aumua Amata, Ricky Salanoa, Allen Lancaster, and the many others that made my visit to American Samoa to attend Flag Day activities an honor and privilege.


Dear Editor,
The military veterans came and left as the “ Darlings of the Pacific”. They were not known as Toa o Samoa back then. They were known as Fita Fita’s a le malo tele. They were just the “old soldiers that never die, they just fade away.” (General Douglas MacArthur)

Op-Ed: Earth Day 2015 — the 45th anniversary


Last Friday night’s Hawaiian Air flight from here to Honolulu turned back because a warning light was blinking as it neared the point of no return somewhere between here and Hawaii.
The decision was made to turn back by the pilot and, I assume with information from technicians and senior management.
That had to be a costly decision for the airline, which to their credit put the safety of the flight and passengers ahead of crossing fingers, or rolling dice, or gambling on the possible outcome.

OP ED: “US Citizenship from a HIstorical Perspective and Who Decides”

As we again approach another Flag Day it is appropriate to consider the issue of our lesser status of U.S. national by birth in American Samoa.
Recently our Delegate to Congress made the following statements about citizenship and our legal challenge in Tuaua v. United States during a Town Hall meeting.
“[Citizenship] is a question for our people to decide, and we don’t want those Palagi judges telling us whether we can be citizens or not.”

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