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Would Judicial finding for citizenship disrupt culture?

The Matai system, alienation of land and religious customs are three aspects of the fa’a Samoa, that American Samoa and Congresswoman Aumua Amata cited as reasons in their joint brief calling on the Supreme Court of the United States to deny a petition by the five plaintiffs in the citizenship lawsuit for the highest court in the nation to hear the merits of their lawsuit against the US State Department and senior State Department officials.

One case of dengue fever confirmed at 12th Festival of Pacific Arts

UPDATE: 12th Festival of Pacific Arts

HAGATNA, GUAM — While the first week of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts is almost over, many of the Pacific Islands delegations are now worried that dengue fever will make its way into the festival, as one case has been confirmed — and it’s a delegate.




The Kanana Fou High School Stallions Class of 2016 held its commencement ceremony yesterday morning at the Ua Taunu’u Chapel under the theme pulled from the Bible — Book of Proverbs: “O le mata’u i le Atua, o le amataga lea o le poto” (“Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”).


This year’s coverage of the 2016 High School Graduation Awards in the Territory is brought to you by Paramount Builders, a local company that prides itself in promoting education and investing in the territory’s children.


Kanana Fou High School graduates 39

Class of 2016: “O le mata’u i le Atua, o le amataga lea o le poto”

Kanana Fou High School “Home of the Stallions” held their 14th Commencement Exercise yesterday morning at the Ua Taunu’u Chapel in Kanana Fou, bidding farewell to 39 graduates of 2016. Their graduation theme was — “O le mata’u i le Atua, o le amataga lea o le poto”.


Bluesky Communications is the proud sponsor of the 2016 High School Graduation season in the Territory and wishes all graduates success and well being into the future.

Dialysis staff may not be vaccinated for Hepatitis B


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) report regarding  noncompliance of the Dialysis Unit (or Endstage Renal Disease facility) at LBJ  Medical Center indicates that the unit did not show evidence of vaccinations against Hepatitis B for susceptible patients and staff members.

Community Briefs




The American Samoa Environmental Protection (AS-EPA) played host to an entourage from the USEPA and representatives of other local agencies during a three-day training focused on addressing issues involving land-based sources of pollution.


Kruse tosses burden of limited facilities onto Admin

Third defendant in Gold Conda robbery sentenced to deportation, probation

“I just want to restate — the court’s jurisdiction on sentencing is not going to be curtailed at the executive’s convenience because of the lack of facilities. I don't want that silly argument again. If we give out a sentence and there is no facility, it’s on the executive to find one,” said Chief Justice Michael Kruse, during the sentencing of a robbery defendant last Friday.

2016 fishing day limits posted without prior notice

Says didn’t anticipate high level of U.S. fishing effort in the area

The US National Marine Fisheries Service, which has set for the year 2016 a limit of 1,828 fishing days — the same limit set in 2015 — for US purse seine vessels to fish in the U.S. exclusive economic zone (U.S. EEZ) and on the high seas area known in federal regulations as Effort Limit Area for Purse Seine, or ELAPS, according to an interim rule which became effective yesterday, although NMFS is accepting public comments up to June 24.

LBJ audit report shows increase of $2.6MIL for salaries

Also operating at a loss — $20.6million for 2014 and $20.3million for 2015

The LBJ Medical Center operating revenue reported for 2014 is $24.5million while the 2015 revenue stands at $30.4million — an increase of $5.8million, according to the hospital’s audit report by Moss and Adams for fiscal year ending September 30, 2015. On the flip side: there was also an increase of $2.6million for salaries of the hospital personnel, according to the audit. 
Salaries, wages and employee benefits for 2014 were $24.6million — however for 2015 it increased to $27.2million.

Insular Cases have no bearing on Citizenship Clause says attorney

Calls them rulings “infused with indefensible racial biases”

Lead attorney for the five American Samoans and a Samoan organization in California in the US citizenship lawsuit case have urged the Supreme Court of the United States to grant its petition for ‘writ of certiorari’ because the case “undisputedly presents a constitutional question of tremendous importance,” according to the plaintiffs’ brief filed on Monday.

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