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DPS head annoyed by HR transfer policies

Calls it “too much unnecessary work”

“That’s too much unnecessary work. It’s like stopping the police and it hampers our ability to do our work,” is how Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Save Liuato Tuitele describes the Human Resources’ policy on the voluntary and involuntary reassignment and transfer of employees. Save said he’s concerned about the policy and noted that DPS is different from other departments and agencies.

Police Report


The Department of Public Safety is currently investigating a traffic incident where a Lupelele Elementary School student was struck by a vehicle during the school’s lunch time on Tuesday, this week.

Gov Lolo to Decolonization Committee

Perhaps we should stay on UN list until we decide what we want

Until the people of American Samoa determine their own future political status, Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has suggested to the UN Decolonization Committee to perhaps keep American Samoa on the United Nation’s list of the world’s 17 non self- governing territories.

Community Briefs


The Home of the Lions will be graduating its 50th high school class this year and preparations are already underway for a week long celebration event for all the alumni and their families.
The festivities are planned for the week of Oct. 12

Aumua welcomes AS students to Washington DC

Source: Press Release, Cong. Aumua Amata’s office

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Aumua Amata welcomed students from American Samoa, who were in Washington, DC as part of the Close Up program.


“What a pleasure it is to have these future leaders of American Samoa here in Washington,” said Amata. “It always gives me such hope and optimism regarding our community’s future when I see our young people getting involved and learning about our system of government. As the Delegate who represents American Samoa, I am honored to have these young leaders here representing our island,” she added.

LBJ pediatrician warns of common practice that is dangerous for babies


“Diluting breast milk or baby formula, or even giving infants plain water, is dangerous, so dangerous it could kill babies,” says Dr. James Marrone, the head of Pediatrics at LBJ Medical Center, in response to Samoa News questions.
Last month a 10-week-old child died in Georgia of “water intoxication”, also called hyponatremia, and the story led to callers contacting Samoa News raising concerns about the danger of diluting milk for infants.

Starkist settled lawsuit, but denies claims and liability

StarKist press weight machines were not maintained in Pago and Ecuado

By reaching the settlement agreement as the result of a lawsuit filed in federal court, StarKist Co., says the company will focus attention on its core mission of “providing healthy and delicious seafood” to customers.

Immigration Lookout List drama continues to unfold

Latest: Only used for people who want a 30-day permit, not 14-day

The High Court heard last Friday from Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop that the Immigration office does not screen people who apply for a 14-day permit, to see if they are on the Lookout List, but does screen people applying for a 30-day permit.
This was revealed in court during the status hearing called by Chief Justice Michael Kruse on sex offender Pelenato Maiava aka Pelenato Lino who’s name was supposed to be on the lookout list, but was not.

Viliamu admits to receiving and disposing of stolen property

Second degree robbery charge dropped

Freddie Fa’aoso Viliamu was arrested on a public peace disturbance charge, and when he appeared in court, it was discovered that he had two outstanding arrest warrants from 2012 — both involving charges of robbery and receiving stolen property.  He entered into a plea agreement with the government this week, and has been charged in two separate cases.

Community Briefs


Effective April 13, 2015, the time frame to process a permit for travel to the independent state of Samoa is 24 hours, per a change that went into effect that day, and is enforced by the issuing authority —the Office of the Samoa Consulate General.

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