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Summer program focuses on empowerment for women

Source: American Samoa Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

A special program to empower American Samoan women’s effective participation and contribution to the development of families and local village communities was one of the main initiatives of the American Samoa Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (ASCADSV) held at its main office, located at Tolu Street, in Tafuna — across from Pala Lagoon-Lions Park.

ASPA projecting a decrease in revenue for three divisions


American Samoa Power Authority is projecting a decrease in revenue for three divisions under its proposed fiscal year 2017 budget, which shows that only the Solid-waste Division is forecasting a slight increase in revenue collection.
ASPA’s proposed FY 2017 budget totals $80.58 million with 471 employees compared to the approval FY 2016 budget of $124.59 million with 441 employees. ASPA’s budget is listed under the Enterprise Fund budget category, which includes ASG entities that earn revenues from their operation.

Tava’esina dies from oil spill at Malaloa dock


A hazardous oil spill was recently spotted in the ocean at the Malaloa dock, and Boating Access personnel Tovine Leifi from the Department of Marine and Wildlife (DMWR) noticed a bird struggling in the oil and immediately alerted the DMWR Wildlife Division.

Hearings on proposed FY 2017 budget start Monday

Again, the hearings will be a joint-Fono budget review

The Fono leaders have requested the administration for an updated financial report on revenue collection and expenditures for current fiscal year 2016, as the Fono prepares to begin next Monday, hearings on the American Samoa’s proposed FY 2017 budget, for two and half weeks.
And despite some House members’ wishes for each chamber to hold their own budget review, this year’s budget hearings, as in the past couple of years, will be a joint-Fono budget review.

Land Grant partners with DoA promoting healthy pigs

Over the summer, the Agriculture, Community and Natural Resources (ACNR, also known as the Land Grant Program) division of the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) has observed the first positive results of its ongoing effort to address major health issues among American Samoa’s swine population.

Toddler dies from severe head trauma injuries, DPS investigating


The Department of Public Safety is investigating the death of a toddler who was allegedly run over by a vehicle early Wednesday morning, in Nu’uuli due to severe head trauma injuries. This is according to Emergency Medical Service official who spoke on the condition of anonymity noting that when EMS personnel arrived at the residence, the young boy was unresponsive.

Satellite pharmacy opens in Tafuna Community Health Center

Manned by LBJ personnel

It’s a dream come true, for the Department of Health to have opened their own pharmacy, albeit — it is manned by LBJ hospital personnel — as well as their very own laboratory, says DOH Director, Motusa Tuileama Nua. During the ceremony yesterday, Motusa said for the first time the DOH and LBJ have agreed on something — the opening of a pharmacy and laboratory at a community health center to improve patient access.

Bill to reduce corporate tax rate passes in Senate, now waiting for House action

Right now: AS has second highest corporate tax rate in the world

American Samoa has the “second” highest corporate tax rate in the world and reducing the tax rate, could help attract new businesses and investors to the territory, says Treasurer Uelinitone Tonumaipea during a Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee hearing early this week.

Budget Director: ASG “on track” to balanced budget

LFO analysis projects over $11Mill deficit at end of year

With spending level in compliance with local law, the American Samoa Government is on “track to achieve a balanced budget” by the end of current fiscal year 2016 budget, which closes on Sept. 30, 2016, says Office of Program Planning and Budget director Catherine Aigamaua Saelua in her Aug. 11th cover to the governor and the Fono that includes the FY 2016 third quarter performance report — for period Apr. 1- June 30.

New budget has directors’ salaries remaining the same


The current highest salary level for cabinet directors of the Lolo Administration stands at $73,000 while the lowest is $60,000, and these are the same salary levels proposed for the new fiscal year 2017 budget.
Of interest is how many of the directors are actually getting the current pay, cited in the budget. During last year’s FY 2016 budget review, several directors — when asked by lawmakers — said that the amount in their budgets is higher than what they were actually receiving at the time.

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