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Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond has granted the motion by defense counsel to reduce bail for So’osemea Tinae, who’s charged in connection with raping a 15-year-old girl. Tinae, who’s been held behind bars on bail of $50,000 has been charged with rape and sexual assault. During the defendant’s pre-trial conference yesterday, Matailupe Leupolu asked the court for reduction of bail from $50K to $30K.

GAO report: FEMA gave $200 MIL to Territory over past ten years

FEMA obligates $170K for latest summer storms

Just over $170,000 in federal emergency disaster aid has been obligated to American Samoa as a result of the severe storms, flooding and landslides which affected Tutuila between July 29 and Aug. 3 this year, according to the latest update of U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) records.

ASPA Financial Report for FY2013: Total Assets increased by $8.4 Million


American Samoa Power Authority total assets increased by $8.4million with the most significant increase reflected in current assets of $1.4million and a utility plant of $6.9million, according to ASPA’s Audit Report for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2013. The audit report was issued in May 2014, and conducted by Independent Auditors Deloitte & Toiuche LLP based in Tamuning, Guam.

Gov. Lolo joins governors of Hawai’i and Oregon congratulating Mariota


Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has congratulated Marcus Mariota for winning the prestigious Heisman Trophy, which was announced last Saturday during a ceremony held in New York City.
Mariota, whose family is from Lauli’i, is the first Samoan as well as the first Polynesian to claim the top award in college football. Born in Hawai’i, he is the quarterback for the University of Oregon football team and he received 88.4% of the first place votes.

Parents of injured boy appeal for assistance


“With the hope of restoring my eight-year-old son’s right eye to its full potential”, a Tafuna High School teacher is reaching out to the community for assistance in the fight to restore her son’s full vision.
Pogai Filemu Fa’apouli-Coffin, a mother of three from Pago Pago, is seeking assistance through a website — gofundme.com — to help her son, Amaziah Coffin.

Reid Foundation donation to Hope House


Olivia Reid-Gillet of the Leala Reid Foundation joined with Bishop Peter Brown, and David Robinson during the foundation’s donation of $25,000 Thursday morning to Hope House  — Fatu-o-Aiga, American Samoa.
This gives a very Merry Christmas to Hope House residents and caregivers.
The Hope House is the only facility of its kind in American Samoa providing 24/7 care for the elderly, children with disabilities and terminally ill patients.

Ebola symptoms cleared for fishing boat crewmember


Local first responders, led by the Department of Health, quickly mobilized Wednesday morning on the north side of the main dock after receiving a report the day before that a fishing vessel was enroute to American Samoa with a crewmember showing symptoms of the deadly Ebola disease.
Although the fisherman ended up being cleared of Ebola, the mobilization also tested how ASG would react to a call when there is a vessel heading to the Port of Pago Pago with a persons suspected of having Ebola.

FBI defers Duke Viena case to local authorities


The Federal Bureau of Investigation Honolulu office has deferred investigation in the case of Duke Ueli Viena to American Samoa authorities, who have already filed a misdemeanor charge of public peace disturbance against the defendant.
The single charge against Viena stems from an incident which occurred onboard last Friday night’s Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu to Pago Pago. The defendant was allegedly already intoxicated when he boarded the flight in Honolulu.

Gov asks to be in federal amnesty college loan program — for health care profession


To entice medical and technical personnel to work in American Samoa, the Lolo Administration has asked the U.S. Department of Interior to advocate for including American Samoa in a federal program which would forgive college student loans in the health care profession.

U.S. Senate passes measure which includes tax break for canneries


In a vote of 76-16, the U.S. Senate passed Tuesday night in Washington D.C.  a  U.S. House measure which includes out-going Congressman Faleomavaega Eni’s provision for a one-year extension of the federal 30A tax credit benefits for American Samoa.
The measure, which Faleomavega says provides federal benefits critical to American Samoa’s tuna canneries and economy, now goes to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature.

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