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Lions hand out awards to special Lions


In his last official act as president of the Lions Club of Pago Pago before turning over the reins to new Lion president Tony Langkilde, Lion Chris King handed out some very special awards to members of the club.
Seen here are the recipients of those awards:
Standing next to Lion King on the far left is: Dr. Ernest Oo, who was given the Community Service award, for being the key person — year in and year out — in the Lions ‘Project Eye Care’. “Without Dr. Oo, there is no Project Eye Care” said King.

StarKist appoints new GM


Pittsburgh-based StarKist Co. has a new general manager and a new deputy general manager for StarKist Samoa Inc.
The company announced yesterday that Sangdong Kwon is being named General Manager of StarKist Samoa, effective August 1, 2014. Kwon previously held the position of Director of Operations at StarKist Samoa, and he brings nearly 25 years of operations experience to the StarKist Samoa facility.

Lemanu reminds Cabinet directors to pay their travel bills

“No more TAs will be signed” until bills are paid

Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, who’s also acting governor, has demanded that all directors of departments and agencies check with the Department of Treasury for a report of any past travel done by their department that has not yet been paid — and take immediate action to pay those bills. This mandate was declared during the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, which was the first cabinet meeting in two months.

Court Report


The Attorney General’s office has charged Fidelas Taumalua with second degree assault on allegations he put a knife to his ex-girlfriend’s neck. Taumalua was arrested last week and charged with Public Peace Disturbance with bail set at $1,000. The government is seeking more time to look into this matter to determine additional felony charges, and the AG’s office has already filed assault second degree with bail set at $5,000.

CCCAS Church service in Gataivai will still be held


Church members of the CCCAS church in Gataivai will have to start attending worship services inside the nearby church hall until work can be done to repair the damage caused by the heavy rains of Tuesday, July 29, which claimed one life in Fagaalu and caused the evacuation of several people from their homes.
Church minister Rev. Tini Filisi and Deacon Tafaoimalo Vele were inside the church when a landslide came crushing down not once - but twice - that day.

Local girl gets accepted to attend Harvard University


Samoana High School Class of 2014 Salutatorian Theresa To'o, 18, of Pago Pago has been accepted to attend Harvard University, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world.
In a letter from Harvard's Dean of Admission and Financial Aid William Fitzsimmons, To'o was informed that the admissions committee "has voted to offer you a place in the Harvard Class of 2018."

Weather Update: More rain, more wind in the forecast


This is the forecast for American Samoa for the next 48 hours.
Since Tuesday, the territory has been experiencing a lot of heavy rainfall, already claiming one life in Fagaalu and resulting in the evacuation of dozens of people from their homes.
Roads have been flooded, mudslides and landslides have been reported, and a church has been destroyed in Gataivai.

DHS director calls Manu’a hiring policy “discriminatory”


The move by the Department of Human Resources to restrict any hiring and recruitment for any vacant position physically located on the Manu’a Islands to residents already permanently living there, has been heavily criticized by Homeland Security Director Utuali’i Iuniasolua Savusa, who calls the policy “discriminatory.”

Fono demands "hard copies" of the budget — or else


The Lolo Administration’s electronic copies of the fiscal year 2015 budget, which were submitted two weeks ago to the Fono, “is not acceptable” to many lawmakers and therefore the ASG Budget and Planning Office is being requested to provide hard-copies of the budget.
The Fono is threatening to cancel FY 2015 budget hearings until lawmakers receive hard copies of the budget, which is close to 1,900 pages.  It was sent electronically to the Fono in PDF format.



The Lolo and Lemanu Administration on Tuesday began a new tradition in the American Samoa Government by honoring an employee of the Department of Parks and Recreation with a plaque and a $500 check directly from the governor’s office, given to him for his dedication and commitment to his job. The employee is Sulu Eliu, who works as a maintenance man.
The plaque was presented at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, the first held in more than two months. The check is to be presented and released at a later date.

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