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Our local Veterinary Clinic at the Department of Agriculture is in their second week hosting a Veterinary Student, Sabine Fischer Daly from Ithaca, New York – currently attending Cornell Veterinary School in New York.
She is supervised and mentored under the management of our local Veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Jensen who is herself a graduate of Cornell Veterinary School.

State Dept: Tuna Treaty reflects commitment to positive relations between US and Pacific islands


The US State Department says the newly proposed six-year South Pacific Treaty agreement will provide fishing access for the US purse seine fleet to waters of 16 Pacific island countries through the year 2022.

Amata joins Tri-Marine and A.S. Fisheries Task Force in support of purse seiners

Calls on “strongest government in the world” to support our fisheries

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, Tri Marine International, and the American Samoa Fisheries Task Force have joined in calling on the federal government to increase the number of fishing days on the high seas for the US purse seiner fleet, which continues to face competition from fishing fleets from other countries.

District Court dismisses all felony charges against Fa’aolesa Katopau Ainu’u


Based on a motion by the Attorney General’s Office, the District Court has dismissed felony criminal charges against a former local attorney who is now the Samoa government’s Minister of Justice and Court Administration, Fa’aolesa Katopau Ainu’u, who has been residing in Apia for several years.

Lolo responds to Faoa — Campaign 2016 underway

ASEDA bonds “a guaranteed investment, done locally,” Lolo says

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  • Lolo pleased with resolution of South Pacific Tuna Treaty

    Tri Marine now focuses on Am Samoa as regional tuna processing hub

    With a new six-year South Pacific Tuna Treaty agreement reached, Tri Marine International can now focus on making “American Samoa a regional tuna hub”, which is a commitment the Washington state-based company made more than three years ago when it first entered the local market with a US purse seiner fleet and later, as the owner of Samoa Tuna Processors cannery.

    Lolo: “Irresponsible” to keep lease, when BoH is leaving

    Adds: Termination of the lease was part of his commitment to BoH board chairman says

    Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga says the ASG Employees Retirement Fund is not losing any money with the government taking over the Bank of Hawaii lease at the Centennial Building. They have done so to house the new Territorial Bank of American Samoa (TBAS), set up to help the community after the previous administration did nothing to keep BoH on island.

    American Samoa included in research on climate change

    “America’s Eroding Edges” documents hard decisions of coastal communities

    American Samoa is being included in a series of national stories looking at the impact of climate change throughout the United States and its territories, in a series called ‘America’s Eroding Edges’, which explores the challenges of all those facing the impact of climate change on their homes, livelihoods, and cultures.

    Good News: So. Pacific Tuna Treaty reaches six-year deal — “in principle”

    Bad News: Not enough Treaty fishing days for all vessels & very expensive

    Negotiators of the South Pacific Tuna Treaty have reached in “principle” a six-year deal, starting in 2017, following last week’s meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, but how much the US fleet will pay is not known yet because fishing days available are “optional” according to Brian Hallman, executive director of the American Tunaboat Association, which represents the US fleet in the Treaty.

    Individual gov’t agency websites are up and running

    Not all — but some … DOC, DOE, DHSS

    There has still been no official response from the Governor’s Office, regarding inquiries that the American Samoa Government is ‘unknown’ in the cyber world, as the official <americansamoa.gov> website has been suspended and no other alternate site has been established. 

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