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A Don Bosco teacher Vaega Anderson and two students Falesefulu Susuga and Nomani Tepa made their initial appearances in District Court yesterday and each are held on bail of $100,000.

Senator Galea’i: looking for “one honest man” to enter the governor’s race


Although a staunch supporter of the Lolo and Lemanu camp in the 2012 gubernatorial race, the very outspoken Sen. Galeai Tu’ufuli is looking for someone who is honest, who has the guts to stand up for the people and practice transparency as a candidate for governor in the next general election.
Galeai’s comments come at a time when many in the community, including those in the public sector, have started talking about the 2016 gubernatorial race and possible candidates for governor.

Chairman of local Democratic Party, Aliimau “JR” Scanlan, passes away


Democratic National Committeeman and current Chairman of the American Samoa Democratic Party, former Director of the Department of Commerce in American Samoa; Chief of Staff for over two decades for former congressmen Faleomavaega Eni; lifelong musician and member of the Lions Club, Ali’imau Herbert Joseph Scanlan Jr. of Fagatogo — “JR” to his wide group of friends and large extended family — passed away in Seattle earlier this month with family and friends at his side.

StarKist, NFI urge updated FDA advice on seafood consumption


StarKist Inc., along with the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and others in the fishing industry, have urged the federal government for a clear and compelling advisory to ensure maximum health benefits of seafood consumption for young children, and women who are pregnant and breast feeding.
Local and off island industry sources told Samoa News that amending and updating the FDA advice “is crucial to the U.S. fishing and cannery industries, as they are faced with stiff global competition. Adopting new changes would increase sales for the canneries.”

2015 Flag Day expenses total up to $200,000+


The Lolo and Lemanu Administration spent $223,000 for the 2015 Flag Day festivities, which includes the prizes, food vouchers and funds to host the Don Bosco School that came to participate in the pese & siva and the annual fautasi regatta.
According to an official from the governor’s office, ASG paid $20,000 to the village of Utulei to assist in the hosting of the Don Bosco School, and a total of $30,000 was allocated for the food vouchers that were handed out to the public and each voucher cost $5 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium on Flag Day

Galea’i: Decision for fautasi race “unfair and unjust”

Recommends a private organization, like the Yacht Club, run it

Sen. Galea’i has criticized the Fautasi Committee for not upholding its rules set for the 2015 Flag Day fautasi race and describes the committee’s decision not to disqualify boats that didn’t obey the rules as “unfair and unjust”.
The outspoken Manu’a senator recommends giving the race to be organized to a private group that would take away any political involvement in future fautasi races. He was also critical of the governor getting involved in making the final race decision not to disqualify anyone.

Man 33, charged with raping and molesting two 9 yr old girls


A 33-year-old male has been charged in connection with six criminal sexually related charges involving two nine-year-old girls. Lolani Tamaleama’i was arraigned in High Court this week, where he denied the charges of rape, child molesting, sodomy, sexual assault, two counts of sexual abuse first degree and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.
If convicted on all charges defendant is looking at 40 years in jail.

DOH on the lookout for “Blue Bell” products — there’s a national recall


The United States Food and Drug Administration is investigating “listeria” contamination in ice cream products from Blue Bell Creameries, and the Chief Health Inspector for the Department of Health, Papali’i Marion Fitisemanu, says they are concerned about this product and are currently looking into where it may be sold on island — if at all.

American Samoa Legal makes legal services affordable and available to the territory

Source: media release American Samoa Legal

American Samoa Legal plans to bring innovative, affordable legal services to American Samoa via the Internet. Former American Samoa Bar Association President and Assistant AG Sean Morrison who returned to the mainland in 2012 is developing the concept.

JROTC hopes to break Guinness World Record with 5K run this Saturday

Cadet theme for this year focuses on “Healthy Living”

The Tafuna High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadets consisting of LET-1 to LET-4 who are actively involved in Service Learning will be taking part in a specific yearly project, with a cadet being selected from each LET level by their instructor to take part in the project.

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