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The Lolo and Lemanu Administration on Tuesday began a new tradition in the American Samoa Government by honoring an employee of the Department of Parks and Recreation with a plaque and a $500 check directly from the governor’s office, given to him for his dedication and commitment to his job. The employee is Sulu Eliu, who works as a maintenance man.
The plaque was presented at Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, the first held in more than two months. The check is to be presented and released at a later date.

DPS conducts search for missing man last seen at Sliding Rock- Le’ala


An Asian man, who is believed to be a local farmer, was last seen taking photographs and hanging out in the Sliding Rock area at Le’ala Beach in Vailoa earlier this week, and as of yesterday afternoon, he is still missing. It is uncertain if he was swept out to sea.
This past Monday, the Marine Patrol Unit of the Dept. of Public Safety was dispatched for assistance by the Leone Sub-Station to help locate the man, and a search was carried out in the Taputimu/Vailoa area, heading towards Leone and all the way down the coast to Asili.

Customs agents find marijuana with $15,000 street value in US mail


The Vice and Narcotics Division with the Department of Public Safety arrested a man in his in his 20s from Ottoville on Monday after he picked up a box containing a green substance which tested positive as marijuana, with a street value of $15,000.
The 24-year-old man went to claim a package that came throughout the United States Postal Service on Monday. However during procedural inspection of packages the Customs agents came across four medium sized Folger’s coffee cans.

DYWA's Youth Month celebration ends today


Recognizing July as Youth Month in the territory, the Dept. of Youth and Women's Affairs (DYWA) made sure there was always something going on.
Today, Youth Month ends and DYWA Deputy Director Tapumanaia Galu Satele couldn't be more pleased, saying the activities and programs were "a huge success," as far as the impact made by the programs and activities that were offered.

Completion of visual mapping set for Sept.


Two teams will be in American Samoa from September 1-15 to complete cutting edge visual mapping of the ocean and land view of sanctuary sites for American Samoa.
According to NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, “This trip will be a milestone accomplishment in providing virtual dive and site experience of Fagatele, Fagalua/Fogama'a, Aunu'u, Ta'u, Muliava (Rose Atoll), and Swains Island.”

Local students take part in environmental and cultural exchange program


Patricia Penitito of Manu'a HS and O'Riley Le'au of Faga'itua HS, along with three students from Maunalua, O‘ahu, participated in an environmental and cultural exchange last week.
According to a release from the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa (NMSAS), "The focus of the exchange program was to immerse the students in environmental and cultural education and awareness that is being promoted by the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Mālama Honua World Wide Voyage."

WIC National Breastfeeding Week starts tomorrow


Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga has proclaimed the week of August 1-7, 2014 as WIC National Breastfeeding Week "to express appreciation for all breastfeeding mothers; to thank them and all of their supporters for their efforts; and to encourage future mothers to breastfeed."

Body of SHS student found after being swept to sea


A 17-year-old Samoana High School student, who would have been a senior this coming school year, was swept out to sea from the stream in Faga’alu during Tuesday’s heavy rainfall. She has been identified as Vaeina Maualalo by Representative Vailoata Amituana’i Eteuati, who is the girl’s neighbor.

ASG and Red Cross come to the aid of flood victims


A 13-member Gatavai family evacuated from their home which had been damaged by flood water and mud following Tuesday’s heavy rain, are very thankful to the local chapter of the American Red Cross for their “very kind and gracious assistance” in providing necessities after they had to leave their home with only the clothes on their backs.

StarKist owner, Dongwon, at center of two fed cases

Alleged wrongful death and getting US fishing licenses through fraud

A federal judge has ordered the U.S. government to file a detailed response to a move by two companies allegedly affiliated with Dongwon Industries — owner of StartKist Co., and StarKist Samoa Inc. — to dismiss a lawsuit pending at the federal court in Wilmington, Delaware.
On the other hand, a federal judge in Guam has ruled that Dongwon’s representatives knew that a fishing vessel, which was contracted to supply the crew and maintenance, was unseaworthy before it sank off the waters of Guam in 2010 — killing the captain and an officer.

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